Bank Guarantee for BERSIH 2.0

The Police said that if the organisers of BERSIH 2.0 still want to go ahead on the planned demonstration on 9 July 2011,  then they must apply for Police permit.

Wednesday July 6, 2011

Bersih 2.0 organisers must abide by Police Act, says IGP

He added that the organisers must abide by Section 27 of the Police Act and apply for a police permit if they wanted to hold a gathering or rally.

“The police will adhere to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s decree in calling for the cancellation of the street demonstration and will wait for the organisers to apply for a police permit.

“Whatever decision we make will have to take into consideration the safety and security of the public,” he said.

Orderly inventory: DCP Tun Hisan (left) looking at the Molotov cocktails, parang and Bersih 2.0 T-shirts in Shah Alam Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the police are combing the city for hidden caches of weapons and explosives after the discovery of Molotov cocktails, machetes, and firecrackers stashed around the city centre.

The discovery of surgical face masks and Bersih T-shirts along with the weapons has led police to believe that these are secret stockpiles to be used during the proposed July 9 rally.

Acting City police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Amar Singh said there was a possibility that more such caches exist in the city.

He said police found eight Molotov cocktails, over 40 rolls of firecrackers, three machetes, a knife, a saw, eight surgical face masks and four Bersih 2.0 T-shirts from three locations.

“All three caches were within 150m of each other and were stashed by the same group of people,” he said.

The stockpiles were discovered after two vendors near a Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman shopping mall spotted three masked men in a silver Proton Waja acting suspiciously at 4.30am on Monday.

SAC Amar Singh said the vendors saw the men hide something in the bushes before driving up the road and stopping at a restaurant and another mall.

Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said the discovery of various items in Gombak, Selangor on Monday showed they were extremely dangerous to society.

“The police will ensure public safety is maintained,” he said here yesterday.

Internal Security and Public Order director Datuk Salleh Mat Rasid said police might enlist the help of the armed forces in taking action against illegal demonstrations.

He had earlier attended a joint exercise between the police and the armed forces on tackling illegal protests, codenamed Bersatu Aman, at the Sungai Besi army camp here yesterday.


On the same note, BERSIH 2.0 Chairman Ambiga Sreenivasan in a media conference today announced that the demonstration would be held in Stadium Merdeka between 200 and 400pm on Saturday 9 July 2011. However, it was said that Stadium Merdeka board of trustees rejected the application of these group.

Published: Wednesday July 6, 2011 MYT 7:49:00 PM

Stadium Merdeka turns down Bersih application


PETALING JAYA: The management of Stadium Merdeka has rejected Bersih 2.0’s application to use its facilities for the proposed rally on July 9.

“The booking officer for Stadium Merdeka said bookings could not be made because of an internal management sports event and renovations being done in the stadium,” said the Bersih 2.0 steering committee in a statement Wednesday.

Bersih expressed disappointment at not being allowed to booked the stadium and insisted that Stadium Merdeka was an ideal location for the rally.

“Bersih is strongly of the view that as part of the agreement to hold the rally in the stadium, a proper venue that reflects the scale and centrality of this issue to Malaysians throughout the nation must be selected.

“We have decided that Stadium Merdeka is the only location that appropriately meets this criteria, and the Prime Minister must as a matter of honour make good on his offer to let us use an appropriate stadium immediately,” said Bersih.


The Cabinet in its weekly meeting late this morning decided that Stadium Merdeka, Stadium Negara and Stadium Nasional in Bukit Jalil would not be allowed to be the venue for the planned Saturday event. Minister in-charge-of-Government-propaganda Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim Ph.D also said that  the stadiums within the Opposition controlled state should be the preferred venue for the event, which has not received any Police approval.

Hindraf illegal demonstration turned riot, November 2007

We would like to advocate the suggestion that the organisers of BERSIH 2.0 be required to put a deposit of RM 10 million in bank guarantee, at least two working days before the planned event. This is to facilitate any claims for damages and/or claims made against all the demonstration.

In the past, Opposition staged or advocated demonstration often result to destruction of public or private properties. With the exception of the ‘Lawyers’ March’ in month of Ramadhan almost four years ago, all other demonstrations met the fate of being a typical mob-street destructive mentality. This is often expounded especially when emotion is so easily raised and manipulated in these demonstration.

Since insurance does not cover any damages claim from riot or public destruction by mob, it is only fair the claimants go for the bank guarantee. The bank guarantee could be held in trust by the Accountant General’s Office and remain for minimum of 30 days where all claims must be submitted, for consideration.

Of course, the mechanics must be devised. The Police would naturally be there to ensure all participants behave and act in an orderly fashion.

We here in BigDogDotCom hope the Federal Government would seriously consider this proposition. This should be a model to be used whenever any other organisation wish to hold any form of demonstration and this is the perfect guarantee for the organisers to own up to their planned event that could easily turned destructive, for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. BD,
    Sounds like a good idea..

    However, if things turn sour.. and when it comes to the time making claims, who is qualified to make the assessments and more importantly, will the organizer and the claimant reach a good agreement on compensation sum..

    Silap hari bulan, demo lain pulak jadi sebab tidak dapat pampasan yang sewajarnya…

    ~ OnDaStreet

    • The usual procedure of any claims:

      1. Police report
      2. Assessment mechanism

      Of course like anything new, there would be some problems like disputes. Then again, it is a good problem to have. Much better if demonstration organised then like usual, turn bad, but without any BGs.

      • BD,
        I’m certain with demo turns bad, there will be disputes.

        Consider that the demo organizer (and followers) already acted in a violent way, It will be hard to believe a group that acted violently will easily condone and easily agree to such compensation.

        For example, let us imagine DS Anwar (since he loves to demo) as the organizer. Can anybody imagine, in the event his demo turn bad, will a worth compensation be paid to claiment?

        I know that the example a little bit extreme… but will he (or anybody)?

        ~ OnDaStreet

    • I don’t mean to be throwing a wet blanket to BD’s idea though I do want to do so to the Bersih people’s idea.

      But the question is still: would there be a rally on July 9?

      Thestaronile yesterday quoted DS Najib as saying “It is up to the police to decide on approving Bersih’s rally planned for July 9 in a stadium.

      “If an official application is made, then the organiser must abide by the conditions,” he told reporters.

      He pointed out that any party which made a formal application for an event must be a registered organisation. Other news quoted the IGP saying as of yesterday the Police had not received any application. How can they apply for a permit when they are not a legal entity?

      And Najib added: “Bersih remains an illegal entity as it is not registered with the Registrar of Societies.” Read his lips, Bersih remains an illegal entity so long as it’s not registered with the RoS.

      Now, is it possible for Bersih to apply for registration, approved and get registered, then apply for a rally permit and get approved extremely quicky? Remember, there are just only 2 days left. The RoS needs to vet the registration application to ensure no communists, criminals and bankrupts steering the organization. The Police also want to satisfy themselves of no bad hats involved, determine the relationship between the communist literature hogging blokes, the weapons storing buggers connected with Bersih before deciding on the rally permit application.

      All these can be done in 2 days? No way. Unless some one comes out with the magic wand. Does anyone believe in magic in this sort of situation?

    • RM10m is definitely not sufficient.

      They should also sign personal guarantee (signed and sealed) that they allow authorities to seize all their properties and lelong if need be, so as to meet all these claims.

      Same to also come from those NGOs (representing its members) who gave their support for this BERSIH fiasco.

      And as for claims, just follow the way they handled TBH’s funeral allocation, fast and with no fuss.

      Thank you

  2. “Internal Security and Public Order director Datuk Salleh Mat Rasid said police might enlist the help of the armed forces in taking action against illegal demonstrations.”

    This would be a good practice session for the army personnel. Ensure HIGH visibility so that the yellow brains and yellow hearts wrapped in yellow T-shirts will “kecut” just like their leader ambiga.

    Imagine her face, when she sees rows and rows of gagah berani police and army personnel, fully equipped and armed to the teeth, standing tall, straight and resolute STARING at her.

    Whoah … she might just do a wet scene like Sam ketot.

    • Think about the repercussion. If the army does indeed fire at the rallies, who stands to gain and who stands to lose? 😉

      Think about it deeply….

      • Ciku,

        That’s moot. Ray can’t think.

      • That’s you fellows to boot. To be booted, really.

        And ray thinks very well, Jabba haba haba. Except to you and Ciku.

        You takut the Army ha, Ciku. Et tu brute, Jabba?

        Siapa cakap the Army will fire at the rallies? On the other hand, you tak tengok the photos of weapons discovered? Deadly Molotov cocktails, assortment of parang etc. Not just in WP, also in Selangor. Think about that deeply Ciku boy.

        I left some words for you Ciku and Jabba at the previous post, for the record, so to speak. Do go there and see. I won’t be going there any more as I wanna concentrate on this one when convenient later.

        For now, I just say I support BD’s suggestion.

      • How about this Haba….Let u do some more thinking.

        Who stands to gain most with this nonsense arrest of people wearing yellow t-shirts?

        Who stands to gain most with all the nonsense roadblocks?

        Who stands to gain from Najibtuya’s flip-flopping?

        Who stands to gain most from making Bersih illegal?

        Again…think about it deeply before putting ur foot in ur mouth 😉

      • So what?

        You mean to say only you fellas can gain? Only you fellas have right? Others don’t? The average rakyat doesn’t? The silent majority doesn’t? Wat are you talk, man? You talk thru your nose?

        Be careful, boy. You might get Police or Army boots on your arse. And watch out, it may be Anwar’s whatever on your arse, too. As implied somewhere, you are doing all these for Anwar aren’t you. Careful, he kebas depan belakang type.

      • hehe…think about it again. Remember, foot-in-mouth disease is bad.

    • ray,
      I am in opinion that the imagination is what they are looking for. Usually there will be provocation, and indeed when first blood is drawn, they will blame on the armed force. They will take advantage of any situation arises.

      Just look back at any demos where physical force had to be used by armed forces. What happened? Armed forces and goverment yang kena jugak…

      ~ OnDaStreet

      • “Usually there will be provocation, and indeed when first blood is drawn ..” –

        Doesn’t that justify mobilizing the Army? In case the situation turns into an uncontrollable riot?

      • Bersih is a peaceful effort. Any provocation is certain from those who anti fair and clean election especially the PERKASA as they already threatened the Chinese community with blood. It is a lose lose situation for the police. Their imaged will be damaged further.

      • Who said so? You? Who’s to believe in you? You are the kind who may not believe in the Police even.

        Who says “Any provocation is ‘certain’ from those who anti fair and clean election”? What makes you “certain”? Boleh caya lu cakap ka?

        Didn’t read Ibrahim Ali has explained about his words on the Chinese community ha? Or you just instigating? No good la, Malaysian.

        You use the name Malaysian, be exemplary lah. Don’t certain this, certain that and not believe in the Police. Wo la wei.

      • Malaysian,
        I can consider the BERSIH proposal of 8 matters to be peaceful IDEA.

        However, the EFFORT shown so far is not peaceful. See how the pro-BERSIH commented on things so far? Peaceful?

        ~ OnDaStreet

      • Ya OnDaStreet

        They plan to make the police and army appear BAD. So that the world can witness HIGHLY SELECTIVE snippets of the truth.

        The eveready foreign news agencies will edit and broadcast only scenes that portray the UGLY Malaysian govt with their “abusive” paraphernalia like the police and army.

        Ambiga resents anwar’s claim to have the power to call off the rally – this incident shows VERY CLEARLY that the guise of civil society NGOs is just a front. Mat Sabu is definitely a politician and anwar’s arrogance blew their cover away.

        So tuttie fruitie, jabba jaws et al, could be their propaganda officers who are (ahem) not doing a good job so far with their babbling of “adopt best practices” empty slogans and “think deeply” advice.

        Gaji tak cukup agaknya, kerja pun tak cekap, omong omong wong sinting opo wong gendeng, endas mu krewak hahaha …

  3. Hmmm….

    Is Perkasa required to deposit the money?

    • Would PERKASA and/or PATRIOT do their gathering on 9 July if there was no BERSIH 2.0?

      • I guess your answer to my question is yes.

      • Besides, Perkasa will always hv their gathering/rallies with or without Bersih.

      • Hoii Ciku Banggang

        Ada ke mana mana pihak buat laporan polis terhadap Perkasa atau mana mana majlis yg mrk anjurkan?

        Bandingkan dgn BerSHIT ni! Lebih 2,000 laporan Polis!!!!!!!!!

        Gila ke apa…?????

  4. I think Stadium Merdeka is purrfect!

    Very close to Petaling street, Jalan Imbi, Pudu, Bukit Bintang.
    they can buy ciplak Bersih shirt at Petaling Street maa!

    What say you!!!!

  5. Tn BD, I think your idea is commendable and novel indeed. But I think the concept of BG may not be ideal. The organizer of any planned and approved rally should submit a premium to a consortium of insurers that covers general insurances and PA for a specified route A to B.

    That said your idea has its pros and cons. Since time immemorial we have to take cognizant that it is the nature of man to express dissent. Paying a premium should not stonewall any genuine dissent especially from the poor and hapless.

    Your idea may not work for “spontaneous and unplanned social eruptions” such as the Arab Spring for e.g.

    That said, since we are a relatively young nation trying to practice democracy it is best that the government think of a wise way to allow dissent at the same giving time to groom a matured society.

    Anyway, a few weeks back I watched this video, maybe you guys might like it; its called the 4th World War; not an incitement to dissent but to show you some examples of some “spontaneous and unplanned social eruptions” which was waiting to erupt:

    • Arab Spring is not relevant to Malaysia. Arab Spring situation does not exist in Malaysia. The reasons for Arab Spring are not valid in Malaysia.

      For goodness sake, Malaysia has been having elections every 4-5 years. The Arab countries don’t. Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt for 30 years under Emergency regulations – when he held so-called elections, only his name appeared as the sole candidate, a sort of referendum only. Muammar Ghadafi has been ruling Libya for 40 years also under Emergency powers. And the same with Assad senior and junior who rule Syria for about 40 years.

      And remember, when Tun A Razak had Emergency Powers in the aftermath of the 13 May 1969 riots, he held it for only 18 months, handing over powers to Parliament so soon after that. When Tun Dr Mahathir ruled for 22 years, he had elections held every 4-5 years, too. What Arab Spring do people talk about in the Malaysian context then? It’s a misnomer, it’s just nonsensical to do so.

      And it’s been repeated here, there, everywhere that Bersih wanting to bring up election issues need not be by street demos. Four out of their eight points have nothing to do with the EC anyway.

      Btw, did anyone say in the last post that I have strange views or something? He must be from the Planet of the Apes.

  6. Now , it appears that a stadium dispute is brewing. How about Shah Alam stadium? Cheras stadium? Know what? Am sure foreign diplomats in Malaysia are having a field day sending reports to their capitals about the ‘stadium dispute’.

    • Don’t worry. The ex-US Ambassador what’s-his-name close friend of Anwarul what’s-his-title is no longer in the US Embassy here or anywhere to be sending bias reports on the goings-on in this country to their governments.

      The Turkish Ambassador to Malaysia may also be a new one. One wonders whether Anwarul would run into his compound prior to Court decision on Sodomy II.

      Jebat Must Die blog carries a number of links at the end of his current post pointing to the belief that the Bersih rally was designed to boost Anwar’s sagging popularity as shown by a poll conducted by Merdeka Centre (operated by his close associate). Foreign diplomats would be reporting those, too.

      Who knows, a few might be following BD’s blog (remember, his is a popular blog with many million visitors) and may want to recommend to their governments to donate the millions of Ringgit BD proposed as Bersih deposit or something.

      • It’s John Mallott. His strange support for Anwar is proverbial. He is quite irrelevant now as many things have changed in Washington DC.

        In any case the stadium dispute is still not resolved. Bersih still insists on having its do at Merdeka Stadium, despite Khalid Ibrahim offering Stadium Shah Alam. As predicted, it is not about rallying for something this group believes in, coz if that’s the case, any stadium will do. But no, it wants maximum impact right in the heart of KL near to commercial centres and high rise residential areas. It wants symbolism. It all reeks of an agenda beyond electoral reform issue. It is apparent that the police has taken preventive measures which is the standard operating procedure under the existing laws.

        By the way, it is the task of diplomats to file political.developments of their host countties back to their capitals. I wouldnt worry about that, just a tongue in cheek comment on how the dispute over stadium would be an object of interest to them and different diplomat will interpret it differently.

  7. I remembered the football matches between Indonesia vs. Malaysia in those days, i guess now still, we can always see fans throwing chairs. I wonder did the football association of the two countries did put down any deposits? If not, then who is paying for the maintenance?

    • Apa la lu ciku.

      Apa macam lu mau compare football match crowds with highly charged supporters of political parties where communist literature have been found together with Bersih T shirts and weapons found stashed here and there.

      And you say those have nothing to do with the Bersih rally? Wise up man, wise up.

      • Nope…Like I said, I was just wondering. Do you hv an answer to my question?

      • Your questions (plural) re not relevant. Mine (singular) is.

        Because your football match analogy is not relevant. Faham ka? Aiyya, manyiak suuuusiah ciakap sama lu, la.

      • Zen,

        Great. Let’s bring those corrupt people, PR and BN/UMNO to justice. Do you want to lead the way?

    • It is relevant. It bersih is required to deposit RM10 million, then other organizers are required to do the same. This is to be fair. Double standard is a culture of UMNO/BN.

      • Yeah, like PR says BN is corrupt, they are not. BN is crony, DAP is dynasty. Anwar is videoed, Sodomy I & II, Others are not. Etc etc.

  8. Haba..

    Deadly Molotov cocktails????..I just saw a yellow liquid in a plastic bottle (with Putri UMNO caps)..It would not explodes when you burn it…Read Arnachist Cook Books..ha ha ha.

    Real Molotove cocktain in the glass bottle, have mixture of sulfuric and petrol (Ron 97 for better results ha ha ha)..when your burn it and throw to the target…breaking the glass bottle and spilling the liquid, the fire will catch the liquid and engulf the target…then it become deadly…can Police ensure that this evidance planted by people aginst Bersih 2.0?…simply because it looks stupid..ha ha ha

  9. Since I’m up and about here now, I’d like to respond, Wak.

    Who says your definition of molotov cocktails is correct? It may be a cock and tails and still deadly. And you won’t know that, would ya?

    Nobody has said that these are planted by or against Bersih people. You see, the Police are a responsible lot, trying their best to cope with a crazy lot. Yet they have been careful not to point fingers. As has been pointed out a few times, they have got the training for some 100 years since even British colonial times, la.

    They merely stated the facts. Like that the communist pamphlets about Malayan Communist Party buggers were found together with Bersih T shirts carried by the PSM fellows. Were they not preparing to attend the Bersih rally? You draw your own conclusion la.

    • Zen,

      Those stuff could be prepared by the police. Anything is possible.

      besides, the police have not arrested anyone nor charge anyone yet. So dun blame the innocence.

      • Did somebody say you have warped thinking and demented mind? I agree fully.

        Are you used to the thinking of communists say, in China or Russia?

        Or you are plainly subversive living in Malaysia? You anarchistic DAP are you? Don’t believe in and question the Police, want to put down authority or anything that represents established order?

        You should not be around in this country, man.

        Btw, did anybody assign blame to any group except the perpetrators of the crime? You are just trying to sow seeds of distrust and create havoc don’t you?

      • Hey Zen

        This ciku fruitie is working overtime to brainwash anyone who is brainwashable to participate in the Bersih rally. But what he needs first is Bersih 9.9 to cleanup his IQ, EQ and SQ.

        By his efforts, looks like, he will not get any performance bonus.

  10. “Did somebody say you have warped thinking and demented mind? I agree fully.”

    yeah u. Like I always said freedom of expression. u know, watever makes u happy

    “Are you used to the thinking of communists say, in China or Russia? ”

    Good question. Actually, I do not know wat is Communism. Can you explain a bit? I’ve been told that Chinese and Russian Communism is different. So does North Vietnamese and North Korean. My American fren told me the US mistaken that Vietnamese communism = Russian Communism. I really dun know…

    “Or you are plainly subversive living in Malaysia? You anarchistic DAP are you? Don’t believe in and question the Police, want to put down authority or anything that represents established order?”

    Like I said, freedom of expression. When we read something we hv to be critical. Ask around, how many people believe the Police? How many people believe in Najib now that he flip-flop on his words? Taib Mahmud said back in 1995 that he will quit in 5 years time. UMNO/BN/Perkasa are collectively going against the order of the King.

    “You should not be around in this country, man.”
    Again, I respect your argument. I will consider it but I cannot guarantee that I will not be in Malaysia. Besides, my nationality is Malaysian.

    “Btw, did anybody assign blame to any group except the perpetrators of the crime? You are just trying to sow seeds of distrust and create havoc don’t you?”

    Yes. The Police, UMNO/BN, and pro-BN people. One of the many reasons they disallowed the Bersih rally is due to the weapons found and Communism pamphlets. I am not trying to create problems. I am just expressing my views. I believe everyone here are educated and they can think for themselves.

    • p/s: haba said he knows very well (about Communism). maybe he can explain a bit.

      • Or was it isa…i dun remember

  11. Let me help explain what communism is. But before that, let me say that freedom (of everything) has its limits and responsibility. Nobody can just say or do anything they like thinking they can get away with it all the time. As can be seen in blogs, those who do so, do get whacked from time to time. Those against the law, do get dealt with by the Police as and when the Police choose to do so.

    The theory and the practice of communism (main points):

    The theory says –

    1. Communism is about a classless society. It did not work because even among communists there are classes of people e.g party cadres and leaders who get extra benefits and do belong to a class(es) different from the masses.

    2. Communism believes in everything is owned by the State, no such thing as private ownership. But, as some one has pointed out in an earlier post, this means no incentives for citizens to work hard. Economies of communist countries suffered, China was even regarded as a pariah until 2 decades ago when it embraced capitalism, which is anathema to communism, and became strong, respected.

    3. Communism believes in power being centralized, held in the hands of only a few. They may have so-called Parliament or national consultative congress or what have you, but they are merely a rubber stamp, endorses whatever have been decided by the Central Committee of the Communist Party or the Politbureau, as it is often called.

    The practice –

    1. Russia, China and other communist countries have become like capitalistic countries of the West. Many classes of people, many levels of leaders, many categories of rich and poor, even billionaires, like the Russian owner of the Chelsea Football Club or the oil billionaire put in jail in Russia for daring to go against then President Vladimir Putin.

    2. China allowed private ownership since the time of Teng Hsiao Peng and the incentives spurred Chinese to work hard and their economy boomed until it is the second largest in the world now. So communism failed especially in this respect.

    3. Despite their claims, there is no democracy in communist countries. Certainly not as per the Western concept of democracy. You don’t have freedom of expression like there is in any democratic country Western-style. The words of the communist party boss was law and nothing else mattered.

    Mao Zedong, the founder of the Chinese Communist Party and ruler of China for a few decades, in the 1960s even tricked the citizenry into believing there was democracy, encouraged them to speak up, identified those critical of him, later had them dragged out on the streets, hand-cuffed, tied one to the other walking in a procession, spitted at, thrown stones at, hurled all sorts of abuse by youngsters called the “Red Guards”, tried in the open by the masses (kangaroo courts). Various factions of Red Guards developed, friction, fought one another all over the country and a total of about 30 million Chinese died as a result, in what was dubbed the “Cultural Revolution” ” that was actually political, that failed miserably and was devastating to the country.

    4. Things went so bad in a communist country like China that they imposed very stiff penalties until to-day, draconian laws so much worse than our ISA that fellows cringe at the thought of corruption bringing the death penalty. Yet, corruption has been so rife in China that here has been no sign of it abating.

    And this is important for you know, the message that I think they want to get across to you:

    5. In trying to establish communism, the communist buggers resort to anything and everything they can think of. They don’t respect the law, they go against the law, they find each and everything to make people not respect the law, not respect authority, the Police, the Government and anything that constitutes authority. They tell lies, twist facts and spread hate, accuse without any proof or justification, hit and run by making 1-2 line derogatory comments and run away. They even resort to force, violence and armed struggle. Like the communist terrorists of the Malayan Communist Party in the pamphlets that the PSM members carried. Like the fellows stashing weapons reported by the Police.

    Sorry folks, such a long comment for the benefit of Buah Ciku who I think needs to understand that attempts at communism have always failed the world over..

    • Good info. thanks.

      Btw…hv those people ‘suspected’ of spreading Communism been charged in court? If having Communism pamphlet = spreading Communism, then wat about carrying Communism books? Or selling Communism books in the shopping mall?

    • And u failed to mention that Russian Communism and Chinese Communism is different in many aspects. No offense, just to spread the knowledge so that people here can appreciate wat communism really is. Dun just link Communism with killing and bombing and what not.

  12. Oh ya on your point:

    Things went so bad in a communist country like China that they imposed very stiff penalties until to-day, draconian laws so much worse than our ISA that fellows cringe at the thought of corruption bringing the death penalty. Yet, corruption has been so rife in China that here has been no sign of it abating.

    Non-Communist countries like Malaysia is having the same problem, i.e. rampant corruption. Just to let u know.

  13. The communists should be thankful that it is not up to me. If it were, I would have instructed the police and military to shoot those motherfuckers till their bodies could not be recognised anymore for being communists cohorts.

    • Dun be rash. It will only benefit some parties 😉
      I am sure u can guess who.

      P/s: Najib is in danger

  14. Ciku,

    I think you are a communist. Hiding behind “the freedom of expression”, saying anything you like to weaken the Establishment. Why don’t you admit it.

    You are not scared to admit at, are you? Come on, I challenge you.

    • haha…I am not that influential la. My words are not going to weaken UMNO/BN. However, the words of the likes of Perkasa will weaken UMNO/BN. We have seen this from NEM (Part 1) vs. 10th Malaysia Plan. Frankly, Najib is turning into another Badawi except that Najib did not fall asleep. All the flip-flopping are mainly due to Perkasa. How can the nation progress when the PM flip-flops in his policies after being challenged by his party members?

      The PM and DPM in waiting are Muhyiddin and Mukhriz respectively. Perkasa will remain an NGO. Frankly, even with these two guys up there, the country is not going anywhere as long as the current affirmative action policies are in place. Perkasa will do whatever it takes to ensure this policy remains.

      What about the King? Well, UMNO and Perkasa will continue to use the monarchy as their tool. They said everyone must respect the King. But when the King favors the Oppositions, they are not happy. Perkasa even publicly questioned the King’s decision. How hypocritical.

      Another example is the Interlok fiasco. The owner of this blog claimed that Malay Literature must be protected, i.e. must not amend anything in the novel. But do you know that the Government had already committed ‘adulteration’ or worse ‘molestation’ of the novel even before the fiasco occurs, i.e. compare the 1971 version with the school version. When A. Samad Said was being questioned by the Police, not a single word from this blogger and Perkasa defending the Malay Literature, which they claimed “part of their much protected culture”. Isn’t this hypocritical?

      So u see I am not a communist. I do not fit into any of the description mentioned by Adam above. I am just an ordinary citizen. I hope to see a better Malaysia.

      • Haiya ciku fruitie

        Care to define your definition of a “better Malaysia”??

      • Not convincing, Ciku.

        I see that you are capable of explaining, though not necessarily convincing.

        Can you explain why, for example, “One of the many reasons they disallowed the Bersih rally” cannot be “due to the weapons found and Communism pamphlets”? And why there was the suggestion that the Police could have planted them?

        I know you’ll come out with I might call communistic reasoning or view points, but let the readers also see what you have to say about those. Convincingly, I hope.

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