Where was Lim Guan Eng in 1999?

The Penang Chinese Chauvinist DAP Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today trampled over his own tongue. He rubbished Deputy MITI Minister Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir for ”Failure to promote and bring FDI into Penang”.

Did Lim the ‘Lil’ Emperor of the fictitious ‘Middle-Kingdom’ substantiate his attacks?

Then again, like other Opposition Leaders Lim never do this. The just throw accusations incessantly. For argument sake, let say he is right. Mukhriz made it a point that he specifically avoided to bring up all the opportunities lie, let alone promote Penang in his usual trade and active missions.

Then again, it was Mukhriz’s party BN which managed Penang for forty years which brought upon infrastructure projects such as the Penang Bridge, upgrade of Penang International Airport and turn it into an important air cargo hub, Penang Port, well linkages of highways and of course, utilities such as electricity, high-speed broadband and internet and good water supply which perpetuated the industrialisation of Island state and the mainland other half. A proper ‘salesmanship’ program since the late 70s enabled Penang to achieve the economic growth.

Then again good governance and stability of the BN managed Malaysian system are definite plus factors that FDIs which include major digitial and electronics giants operate from Penang.

So where was Lim Guan Eng when Penang was the number one FDI destination in Malaysia back in 1999?

So “MITI under Dato’ Mustapha Mohamad and MIDA promoted Penang but not Mukhriz”. Can he substantiate his claims that the Deputy Minister consciously avoided “To promote Penang” but not the Minister?

Lim announced in the video “Why Penang is attractive to (FDI) investors? The availability of a strong supply chain, good infratsructure support, strategic location, talented human capital, a livable city and pro-business and pro-active Government. We became number one last year (2010). Under the previous state government, we’ve never ever been (No. 1) once. We are an honest Government. That is why investors are coming! “

The whole statement is a bloody white lie! All of those were ingredients mentioned were developed and the major contributory factor attributed to Penang’s success to bring FDI such as Intel, Dell, Western Digital, Motorola, Flextronics, Jabil, Plexus etc., which are already in business in the state long before the DAP Chinese Chauvinist came into power. How can he claim to be “An honest Government” when he simply lied in the same breadth.

Penang under Gerakan-led-BN Government did a termendous job to bring the state to the position as the second most wealthiest and industrious in the Federation of Malaysia. It was a holistic planning process and approach.

Let us give the loud-mouth Chinese Chauvinist his own foot for his mouth. Within the recent week, Lim confirmed to want to tag along Mukhriz for his trade mission to Japan next week. He even brought both of his Deputy Chief Minister on this trip, tagging along MITI’s Deputy Minister official visit to a very important electronics and digital nation.

Has he no shame?

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