Guru ganggu bicara: Agenda Chauvinis Cina?

Banyak pihak sering mengatakan akhbar The Star merupakan wadah agenda Chauvinis Cina, kerana memilih pemaparan berita yang bukan sahaja tidak tepat malah dilihat memanipulasi keadaan sebenar dengan memberikan konnotasi negatif. Beberapa guru telah hadir ke Mahkamah Magistret Ampang untuk memberikan sokongan kepada rakan mereka dan diberitakan sebagai penyumbang kepada penangguhan kes yang melibatkan seorang guru Melayu.

Tuesday July 19, 2011

Crowd forces molest case delay

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ampang magistrate’s court was unusually crowded during the case of head discipline teacher Ismazi @ Megat Ismazi Ismail, who was charged with allegedly molesting 11 female students, when more than 10 of his colleagues turned up to give him moral support.

Ismazi’s case before magistrate Azaraorni Abdul Rahman had been fixed for hearing from yesterday but it was postponed to tomorrow.

Lending support: Ismazi (right) and other teachers standing outside the Ampang magistrate court in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. — RAYMOND OOI/The Star

It is learnt that some parties were unhappy with the teachers’ presence, saying it could intimidate the students who were to testify in the case.

On March 4, Ismazi, 48, had claimed trial to 11 charges of molesting the students, aged between 15 and 16, by putting his hands on their chests at a school here.

He is charged under Section 354 of the Penal Code. If convicted, he can be jailed up to 10 years, fined, or whipped, or face any two of the punishments.


Apakah benar kehadiran guru guru ini semata mata untuk memberikan tekanan kepada pelajar pelajar yang bakal jadi saksi keatas kes ini?

Laporan tersebut bukan sahaja tersasar malah boleh memberikan implikasi negatif terhadap orang Melayu dan profesyen perguruan. Mungkin penulis sebenarnya tidak hadir dan mengumpul maklumat dari pihak ketiga yang mungkin lebih berminat menemuramah ADUN DAP Teratai Janice Yee.

Laporan menyebut bahawa kes terpaksa ditunda kerana kehadiran beberapa orang guru yang menyokong tertuduh (seorang lelaki Melayu yang merupakan ketua guru disiplin). Laporan menyiarkan gambar tertuduh dikelilingi beberapa orang melayu yang cuba ditonjolkan sebagai guru-guru dan penyokong kepada tertuduh.

“Mangsa” adalah 11 pelajar perempuan Cina yang telah ditangkap oleh pengawas kerana ponteng program sekolah yang sedang berjalan pada masa itu.

Kes tersebut telah ditetapkan untuk bicara pada 18 – 21 Julai 2011. Namun terpaksa ditangguh di atas bantahan awal barisan pembelaan terhadap kesahihan proses pertuduhan. Majistret yang mengendalikan kes telah mengarahkan pihak pembelaan dan pendakwaan menyediakan hujahan bertulis dan akan menghujahkannya pada 20 Julai, 2011.

Kehadiran guru-guru pada hari tersebut bukan sahaja tidak mengganggu perjalanan mahkamah, sementelah lagi menjadi punca kes ditangguh. Malah mereka juga turut berkhidmat pada hari itu dengan tampil memberikan maklumat mengenai tarikh peperiksaan percubaan dan PMR kepada mahkamah.

Kesemua pihak yang hadir, termasuk tertuduh, barisan pembelaan dan guru-guru prihatin mengenai keadaan pelajar-pelajar. Mereka berhujah panjang untuk memberikan ruang yang paling selesa kepada pelajar-pelajar dan tidak mengganggu jadual pembelajaran dan peperiksaan mereka.

Tohmahan The Star seperti merendahkan martabat profesyen perguruan dengan menggambarkan sifat tidak professional dan berdendam yang ada pada guru-guru tersebut (yang ditunjukkan didalam foto yang disertakan merupakan guru-guru melayu). Artikel itu juga seperti memperlekehkan sistem kehakiman dengan menggambarkan bahawa Mahkamah terpaksa ditangguhkan kerana gagal mengawal kehadiran ‘penyokong tertuduh’.

Jika penulis rencana tersebut hadir diluar mahkamah pun, sudah tentu laporan beliau tidak sebegitu tersasar. Tambah lagi kalau berada di dalam mahkamah mengikuti perjalanan kes tersebut.

Atau adakah ianya disengajakan dan merupakan satu agenda berterusan untuk memperlekeh atau memperlecehkan orang Melayu?

Mungkin Ketua Pengarang The Star perlu hadir sendiri mengikuti perjalanan kes tersebut untuk melihat betapa berhemahnya pihak-pihak yang terbabit, melainkan The Star mempunyai agenda tersendiri.  Agenda ini memberikan baur baur bahawa akhbar harian Bahasa Inggeris ini memang sebenarnya alat tidak langsung agenda Chauvinis Cina.

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  1. Jelas ..ada unsur unsur Chauvanistic Cina. Usaha untuk memperlekehkan orang Melayu dan Institusi Mahkamah. Cina ini ingat dia bagus sangat. Orang melayu mesti memulakan Nasionalisme Ekonomi dengan hanya menyokong pengusaha Melayu. Baru cina cina ini ada akal. Mereka kaya dan kemudian menyombong sebab kita pagi pagi hari lagi hantar duit ke Kedai dia.

  2. Orang Melayu biasa-biasa tak payah berkokok la. Pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu tak ambik pusing hal-hal kecil macam ni.

  3. Anwar punya penyokong hadir by the BUSLOADS, boleh pulak? Siap bertempik, maki-hamun dan mencarut depan mahkamah. Siap bawa bekal makan nasik lemak sambil bercangkung macam orang hutan depan mahkamah, boleh pulak?

    Ini kes putar belit sama macam kes a Malay pengetua allegedly calling her pupils “pendatang”, padahal the exact word she used in her analogy was “penumpang”. She stated to her pupils: “kita sama-sama penumpang dalam satu kenderaan”, or something to that effect of promoting unity and togetherness. Tapi sebab keturunan pendatang ni memang fail bahasa Melayu atau buat2 BODOH, “penumpang” diputarbelitkan jadi “pendatang”. Nak sangat jadi pendatang, maka pendatang lah kau orang sampai bila2!

  4. I got the impression that The Star had been mild like the MCA was before they lost their tails to the DAP especially at PRN Sarawak. MCA went gaga and either before or after that started asking the Malay equity target be abolished, drawing calls for their citizenship right be also abolished.

    Since about that time perhaps, they have been brazen in putting out views supposedly meant to attract the likes of DAP supporters to the MCA camp. After all, isn’t the Star owned by the MCA?

    But really, MCA should be trying to win back lost votes and new votes by a systematic campaign conducted in person by specially appointed and specifically designated batches of canvassers going round the country doing nothing else but persuading targeted Chinese groups to support the MCA from now until GE13.

    They have the funds to do it and should not continue getting free bus rides on UMNO and contesting in Malay dominated constituencies. And, instead of being grateful, they started being chauvinistic and racist towards the Malays. It’s nothing less than racist asking for the Malay equity target be abolished. When they do that, the calls for the abolishment of their citizenship right appears quid pro quo.

    • You mean that the Malays are not capable of earning their way on MERIT, but need allocated targets and preferential treatment?

      Man, I’d love to see this in international trade where Malaysian companies demand special treatment because they are “under-privileged” or as some form of “payback” from being colonised!

      Hey, Matrade and MIDA – have you got the guts to stand up and proclaim this in international trade negotiations?

      As for this particular case, you don’t trust the Malaysian courts to be strict and impartial in meting out justice?

      Or are you saying that molestation and rape are ok if you are of a certain persuasion (note that I have not used the “e” or “r” words)?

      • Hasn’t it been pointed out that this is the fellow who always glorifies Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore and in the process puts down the Malays and Malaysian leaders?

        Although it’s not a LKY ball-licking comment this time, I don’t think I’ll “glorify” him with a response here. Merely write in the reply comment to show that this comment is about the bloke.

        I’m tempted to use the “f” word on him but I’ll respect this blog and its other readers.

      • moron

        Let me share a secret with you, a mandarin-speaking Malay once told me that he overheard the chinese saying that they are wary of the Malays coz they are capable and could carry out any work given to them.

        The chinese used to label the Malays as lazy and stupid. Now that the Malays prioritise education, there are more and more qualified and talented Malays out there.

        The NEP which you resents so much is the very reason why the Malays TOLERATED the chinese fast rise to wealth.

        If not for the “insurance clause” that the govt will implement proactive policies to level the playing field, I personally feel that what happened in Indonesia might just have happened in Malaysia.

        And the rich chinese might just have suffered an erosion of that wealth.

      • In international trade and investment preferential treatment usually refers to preference given to Malaysians over foreigners in certain sectors. But with the WTO rulings and all such as the TRIPS and TRIMS , international trade and investment have become open and competitive. Trade and investment negotiations are about what negotiators from both sides can offer and lay all offers on the table to be negotiated until both sides reach a deal. Matrade and Mida know what they’re doing and they know much about WTO rulings and trade laws of countries they negotiate with – more than you can ever imagine Skilgannon. Cynicism on special treatment of Malaysian companies as an analogy to Malay special rights will remain as cynicism as these cynics will not rest until they get what they want. If they cant get what they want, then they blame the Malays for everything, like as if this country is founded on thin air, without a Federal Constitution , Parliament or a Constitutional Monarchy.

  5. Bagi sesiapa yang ingin tahu penangan fitnah pelajar terhadap profession perguruan, sila tonton filem tahun 1961 dibintangi oleh Shirley MacLaine dan Audrey Hepburn bertajuk “The Children’s Hour”.

    Pohon jangan lepaskan dari mendapat pengajaran dari filem ini.

  6. And the Star should know better than to tag such a caption to the story. I wish those teachers who were there to give statements to the court but instead mentioned by the Star to be lending moral support to the accused, would send the strongest rebuttal to the Star.

  7. Izinkan pakcik bercakap dari kacamata seorang ahli media, pengalaman banyak tahun dalam beberapa suratkhabar di Malaysia, termasuk memegang jawatan bureau chief sebelum bersara tahun 2006.

    Sebelum ini pakcik tak sedar pun kesemua 11 mangsa dalam laporan berita The Star adalah berketurunan Cina. Sekali pandang, ini kes jenayah cabul guru-pelajar. Dua kali pandang, ini dah jadi kes social Melayu-Cina. Pandang banyak-banyak kali, ini dah jadi kes akhbar The Star cuba memalukan institusi perguruan dan sekaligus bangsa Melayu (gambar menunjukkan cikgu-cikgu bertudung). Kalau orang luar negara pandang-pandang cerita ini, tak hairanlah kalau mereka boleh berkata, “Look! The muslims rally behind child molestor.”

    Gambar pula disertai caption: “Lending support: Ismazi (right) and other teachers standing outside the Ampang magistrate court in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.”

    Bila pakcik membaca cerita ini di dalam The Star sebelum ini, pakcik terasa sangat geram. Binatang betul Melayu ni. Tertanya-tanya pulak pakcik kenapa cikgu-cikgu ini datang nak beri support dalam kes yang memalukan seperti ini? Lepas tu kehadiran mereka pulak mengakibatkan kes mahkamah terpaksa ditangguh. Kurang hajar betul Melayu! Begitu sangkaan pakcik. Sangkaan itu rupa-rupanya meleset.

    Sekarang pakcik marah dengan The Star kerana telah menipu pakcik sebagai pembaca. Tetapi sebagai pengamal media massa pakcik boleh maafkan perbuatan mereka. Pakcik dulu pun seorang wartawan yang banyak muslihat dan ‘unwritten agenda’. Pakcik dan gang editors beserta gang publishers suka buat-buat ‘tak sengaja’ bila terkeluar laporan berita yang memberikan impression tak baik terhadap sesetengah pihak yang kita tak suka. Alasan kita — Subjective Reporting.

    Agak-agaknya apa ‘Unwritten agenda’ The Star dalam kes ini? Pakcik cuba buat-buat tak faham. Dan kalau pakcik boleh sarankan satu ‘subjective reporting’ kepada The Star, cuba yang ini — “Assimilation” — kalau berani!

    Saranan seterusnya — “Don’t give Malaysian Chinese premature deaths. You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind!”

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