Mat King Leather met with financiers

It was believed that Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim met with several international NGOs on Thursday morning. It was also believed that the meeting was at the Canadian High Commission. PKR Communications Director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad was believed to be present.

The full list of NGOs which were represented in that meeting has not been ascertained yet. However, the usual suspects such as NED, NDI, OSI, Konrad Adenauer, Freidrich Neumann etc. are the top of the short list. These are the same NGOs which funded the recently failed BERSIH 2.0 ‘revolution’. They are also the funder for PKR’s source of income.

A Bangkok based journalist Tom Cartalucci wrote about this. Earlier Nile Bowie also thread along the same lines.

The Former-Abuse-of-Power-Convict needed to update his backers. The two most important agenda should be on the discourse; the ongoing Sodomy II trial and post BERSIH 2.0. The Oppositions’ political position have not been very encouraging of late. Each party’s internal issues have left much to be desired. Today’s announcement of Royal Commission of Inquiry finding on Teoh Beng Hock’s suicide will not do much for them as they want to carry on the ‘politics of hatred’ agenda against the law enforcement agencies; Police, MACC, AG’s Chambers etc. An earlier Anwar’s campaign against APCO was deemed anti semitic and ‘back-fired’ by the American Neo Con Jewish funders.

Yale trained Bridget Welsh

They have to get a new strategy, faster then the momentum of the upcoming 13th General Elections which would be expected to be held within less than 12 months. They are intensifying their efforts.  Professor Bridget Welsh of Singapore Management University has had the Opposition as her political observation agenda. Considering she could be observing for CIA, she has been very active in Malaysian Oppositions’ political scene and discourse.

The Oppositions’ desperation is very apparent. Especially Anwar personally.

In the minds of many, as a darling of the Washington D.C.-based Neo Con Jews Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim is the apparatus of certain Western’s agenda of re-colonialisation. For almost thirteen years now, he has been systematically creating trouble and stirring all sorts instability which include ‘politics of hatred’, challenging the decisions of HRHs openly, stirring the emotions and instigating the rakyat with all sorts of manipulation and deceit. All with the explicit intent to distabilise the society and manipulate his way to use democracy in the sinister manner of  him to assume power.

Undoubtedly, he would be a Neo Con Jewish puppet Prime Minister of Malaysia if that ever happens.

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  1. The fact that the Bangkok-based journalist and Nik Bowie also wrote about this lends additional credibility to this post.

    What is abhorring is the extent of the ignorance of those so-called democracy-promoting organizations as to how undemocratic the Opposition parties in this country are. The bull-dozing that went on at the last PKR party elections is clear proof of the undemocratic practice of Anwar. They need just read the statements made by Zaid Ibrahim who bolted out of PKR in disgust.

    What the heck are those organizations funding Anwar and such law-breaking organizations that took part in the Bersih rally for? The problem may be the kind of reporting by the locally based journalists representing the various foreign news agencies. Yet the Government has been lenient, wanting to portray the practice of democracy in this country, except the rare action like demanding the blacking out of certain paragraphs of the Economist (?) report announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs recently.

    This has been going on since Tun Dol’s time. DS Najib should have known by now. I urge him to be firm and assertive in dealing with these wayward fellows breaking the law on disallowed street demonstrations and unchallenged allegations made in the newspapers and in the Internet. The Ministry of Information must do more not just to explain but also to specifically counter-argue those wild and unfair comments.

  2. DS Najib should have known by now. I urge him to be firm and assertive in dealing with these wayward fellows..

    So..DS Najib is being very careful “pulling strand of hairs from a pot of flour?”. Having a grandious plan to be revealed at the right time later which will make Anwar, Ambiga and the croonies shit in their pants, running wild and never again dare to set foot in Malaysia?


    DS Najib simply…….. DOT..DOT..DOT…?

  3. Yes, why indeed does Bridget Walsh choose to Professor in Sangapore? If she wants to specialize in Southeast Asian politics, why focus on Malaysian Opposition politics?

    She needs not be the eyes and ears of CIA – the US Embassy in KL surely has several fellows doing the job, running agents, declared or otherwise. That’s the norm of behavior in civilized international relations for quite some time already.

    But she could jolly well be a spy / analyst for the Singapore Government. Remember, Singapore cannot be ruled out as being aggressive but appearing quiet with their designs on Malaysia. They are being influenced by, even directly advised by the Zionist Israeli Military, even civilian Mossad Secret Service Officers working in Singapore for many years already.

  4. If it is true that the meeting was held in the Canadian High Commission, then Canada has violated the diplomatic conventions not to interfere in the internal political affairs of Malaysia. Watch out the Canadians. They are so wannabe and oftentimes want to show that they champion certain issues on rights and on moral grounds. The latter sure sends cynical smiles around the globe. Take a walk Canada. We are not some backwater democracy who dont play fair to all parties. NGO means NGO, so for Canada to hold the meeting in its Chancery in KL is an official endorsement of the meeting by the Canadian Govt.or isnt it? Use your brain Canada.

    • Agreed, Postgrad.

      But in terms of interference in the internal affairs of other countries, the US has been the biggest scoundrel since Iraq War and before. In the name of so-called defence or promotion of democracy. I have no problem of getting rid of the rouge Saddam Hussein but to attack Iraq because of Weapons of Mass Destruction was simply preposterous. No WMD has been found until today.

      Yet Hillary Clinton was reported to be saying a few things about democracy in Malaysia as well, wasn’t she? What do these Americans know when they have the likes of a former US Ambassador friendly to Anwar became biased and kept spewing out hate comments about this country. Damn the bloke and those like him.

      Indeed, if the meeting was held in the Canadian Embassy or High Commission in KL, our Foreign Ministry must summon the High Commissioner to explain. Give him a verbal slap or something.

      • Malaysian,


      • Actually americans have lost the moral authority to preach to others about human rights.

        We still remember Abu Ghaib, Guantanamo Bay, Iraq’s non-existent WMD and the perpetually imaginary Palestinian State.

        They have blood on their hands – and they should LEARN human rights values from both the Malaysian government and her people.

  5. Salam BigDog,

    The ex-con poltical career will be lying with the fishes. If it’s any consolation, the opposhit supporters are wise to the X rated actor. I posted about a TMI report. Comments in that TMI article confirms why the ex-con is desperate, tense and past tense.

    Thank you for your kind indulgence.


  6. BD,

    Interesting enough observations indeed and worth closer study to allow readers to make up their own minds. Personally I believe DS Anwar is a spent force and the baggage that he has accumulated is just too much to mount any kind of serious challenge for the PM’s position.

    Here’s something a little closer to home – A French lawyer, William Bourdon has been detained at KLIA after flying from Penang. He had attended a dinner last night in Penang and briefed the audience on the progress of judicial investigations in France into the controversial RM7 billion Scorpene submarines that Malaysia bought.

    I wonder what his crime was? Making some people nervous?

    Ah, Malaysia……..we censor the Economist magazine with black pens, we ban satirical cartoon books and we detain and (soon to deport?) French lawyers who dare to speak on certain oh-so-sensitive topic.

    You gotta love this country!

    • Why, you have some reservations about this country? Didn’t read the Ministry of Home Affairs explanation on why the blacking out was done – the outright lies and untruths in the paragraphs blocked out?

      I don’t know much about the cartoon books so I shut up. But on the French lawyer (one, singular) being detained, wouldn’t you wait for the explanation rather than cast aspersion on people and on love for the country?

      Note that if you are tiredofhypocrites, unless you explain yourself, others may be tired of you putting out unsubstantiated or provocative views.

      • Yeah Adam

        I had the same suspicions about this t.o.h. The tone appears cordial and cheerful but the insinuations are toxic, like candy-coated arsenic.

      • @ Adam,

        When did I mention that I held any reservations about this country? Kindly don’t misquote / misunderstand me in any way. The things that happen sometimes in my beloved country only cause me to smile and shake my head.

        My point : Censoring articles so callously only generates curiosity and will encourage readers to actively search for the article on line to find out what was so offensive. In this day and age, with the Internet, censorship is close to impossible. That’s the point I’m trying to put across.

        With the French lawyer(yes, noted, it is singular, but, it didn’t fit with the structure of my sentence. No intention to mislead anyone), believe me, I am extremely eager to hear what the authorities have to say about the incident. I was just sharing what I read on line and putting it forward for discussion. We know he came, we know what he spoke about and we are waiting to see what will happen. After that, we will wait for the official word on “why”. In my comment, I was merely wondering and thinking out loud. That hasn’t been made a crime, yet.

        Too many readers on too many blogs(not referring to this blog) resort to harsh and sometimes profoundly vulgar statements to make their point? Why the need for this? We can agree to disagree as civilized human beings. Where BD has a point, I give him due credit.

    • Who is this French lawyer anyway. Doing dinner and gave a briefing on the submarine purchase issue. Is he a representative in the case and for whom? So, he was detained perhaps for questioning by the Malaysian authorities, but so what. The thing with some Malaysians is that they seem to be projecting that they are more righteous than rights and more democratic than democracy and more liberal than liberties, to the extent that authorities cant act without being criticised and chastised. You see, it is those who value rights, freedom and democracy who would ensure that they are balanced with responsibility and respect for the rule of law. For those who inveigle and obfuscate and hide behind rights, freedom and democracy, they should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if they really represent those causes or whether it is a political trend to damage their opponents. The big question is are they themselves the clean practioners of such ideals.

      • Yes, they are forever on the lookout for any tiny “mistake” and they will pounce on these “golden” opportunities to paint an ugly image of all Malay-led agencies.

        Perasaan diaorang ni macam bangsa dia aje yang bagus. Yang amat menyedihkan adalah orang Melayu Islam diperalatkan untuk mencapai tujuan mereka.

        … sampai ketahap menipu, menghasut, memfitnah, berpura-pura (jadi OKU/mati), mencaci, mengherdik, berludah, hingga termakan duit haram …

        Sedih jika melihat rakyat bertudung, berkopiah, terlari lari lintang pukang, terjerit jerit, terlantar berlakun ditepi jalan, hanya untuk “RM300”?

        Manakah maruah orang Melayu Islam sampai dicuci otak, sabegitu rendah ahlak mereka. Budaya jalanan tidak seharusnya menjadi adat budaya untuk keturunan Melayu Islam.

  7. […] Malott is trying to salvage what ever shred of support his ‘pet project’s Neo Con Jewish backers still left to support the ‘sinking ship’. After the backfired -anti Semitic’ slug Anwar tried against PM Najib on the APCO issue, Anwar lost a lot of ‘valuable’ friends. Getting noticeable into mainstream international attention is very important for Anwarista to sustain its financial backing. […]

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