RMAF radar can identify aircrafts

The recent postings on the “Eyes and ears” of Royal Malaysian Air Force radar grabbed the attention of the service chief. This is their response:

The title of the article “Zero Coverage of Malaysian Airspace” is misleading and ill-intended. The RMAF National Air Defence System (NADS) is currently divided into Sectors and are equipped with the Command and Control system. Each sectors in turn are equipped with Ground Based Air Defence Radars and together with the existing civil Air Traffic Radars are fully capable to cover the major portion of national airspace.

For someone to say that the RMAF has a serious flaw in the “eyes and ears” is also not correct as the fact remain the RMAF is able to detect all the flights, military or commercial, over Southern Johor.

The system is fully capable to differentiate between military or commercial flights, by using several means. Off course, through the course of continuous operations, some of these radars may undergo a period of servicing and preventive maintenance. The RMAF used other alternatives to cover these gaps.

The RMAF acknowledged that the availability of Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft will certainly make the NADS complete, especially in the detection of low level flights.


More additional statements are expected. Stay tuned.

*Updated Thursday 28 July 2011 1930hrs

Chief of Air Force Jen Tan Sri Rodzali “Rod” Daud TUDM  issued this additional statement this evening:

It is an issue with regards to Malaysia exercising it’s sovereign rights over the airspace of Middle Rock. This contentious issue together with some of others are currently being discussed by a Technical Team, set up by Malaysia and Singapore, post ICJ decision.

Meanwhile, flights by any foreign military aircraft transit over that airspace without prior approval can constitute a violation. These flights, however, have no direct impact on Malaysia’s national security as it is transiting.

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