RMAF radar can identify aircrafts

The recent postings on the “Eyes and ears” of Royal Malaysian Air Force radar grabbed the attention of the service chief. This is their response:

The title of the article “Zero Coverage of Malaysian Airspace” is misleading and ill-intended. The RMAF National Air Defence System (NADS) is currently divided into Sectors and are equipped with the Command and Control system. Each sectors in turn are equipped with Ground Based Air Defence Radars and together with the existing civil Air Traffic Radars are fully capable to cover the major portion of national airspace.

For someone to say that the RMAF has a serious flaw in the “eyes and ears” is also not correct as the fact remain the RMAF is able to detect all the flights, military or commercial, over Southern Johor.

The system is fully capable to differentiate between military or commercial flights, by using several means. Off course, through the course of continuous operations, some of these radars may undergo a period of servicing and preventive maintenance. The RMAF used other alternatives to cover these gaps.

The RMAF acknowledged that the availability of Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft will certainly make the NADS complete, especially in the detection of low level flights.


More additional statements are expected. Stay tuned.

*Updated Thursday 28 July 2011 1930hrs

Chief of Air Force Jen Tan Sri Rodzali “Rod” Daud TUDM  issued this additional statement this evening:

It is an issue with regards to Malaysia exercising it’s sovereign rights over the airspace of Middle Rock. This contentious issue together with some of others are currently being discussed by a Technical Team, set up by Malaysia and Singapore, post ICJ decision.

Meanwhile, flights by any foreign military aircraft transit over that airspace without prior approval can constitute a violation. These flights, however, have no direct impact on Malaysia’s national security as it is transiting.

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  1. Seriously, why the SIngaporean aircraft still invading our airsapce at countliess of time?

    • invading our airspace?is that the correct term to be used?by the way weren’t they detected by rmaf radars..

      • Or thr RMAF radar CAN detect those Singaporean aircraft but they are unable to do anything.

      • Our RMAF can do things, like shoot them buggers. But do you want a war between neighbours? Like Bersih buggers have always been edging for war with the Police, going on the streets despite being told not to?

        Those Singapore blokes have been testing our capability to detect. It’s part of their training by the evil minded Zionist Israeli military advisers engaged by the nasty-minded Singapore Armed Forces.

        Have you not read about them being detected to have “crossed” our air space and had even asked for permission from our authorities to allow them some leeway for training purposes as their air space, they say. is limited.

        There’s no such thing as limited air space when they can fly east to the South China Sea, fly till they run out of fuel and drop down in no man’s land (sea).

      • PS:

        Mind you, our Malaysian authorities don’t just keep quiet. They were not born yesterday, you know. They have various means of telling the naughty neighbour not to do those things again.

    • Who says “countless times”? Can you tell us verifiable details of just a few of those times?

      Free with your words, a loose gun, aren’t you? Like you Bersih people gone on the streets, loose actions as well?

      • Upon reading the link BD provided at the top of his post, I now find that the Defence Minister revealed in Parliament that 2,058 intrusions occurred over our air space. Although “bersih” did not reply to my question, I now withdraw my question if he were “free with his words, a loose gun ..”

        The clarification made by the Air Force Chief shows that such intrusions occurred over disputed territory. One wonders what the Malaysian side of the Technical Team is doing to prevent those recurring. It does give the impression that the Little Dot is flexing its muscle and even trying to bully us, and 2,058 intrusions do make the naughty boy and others watching the developments laugh at us.

  2. Sir,

    If the above is the official statement of the Air Force Chief, I’m concerned about the word “major” in the phrase “fully capable to cover the major portion of national airspace.”

    Is that a well thought-out and carefully selected word? If so, there is cause for worry. I’d expect the words “ALL sectors of the national air space”. In fact, it should be more, if national air space does not include some air space beyond our land boundaries facing the sea. With fighter aircraft speed faster than the speed of sound these days, the enemy can be on our shores in a matter of minutes from aircraft carriers if radar coverage is only of air space above our land boundaries.

    I would appreciate it if you or anyone with the links could get some clarification from our Air Force people on the words “major portion of national air space” and if radar coverage includes some space beyond our land boundaries. It’d make us sleep better if we know that ALL our air space, PLUS a bit more where we face the seas, are covered.

    And I hope the additional statements from the RMAF or MINDEF that you mentioned above would clarify these.

  3. Singapore will continue to engage in psychological warfare with Malaysia. It’d make comments to see our reactions – knee jerk type or definitive type. It is inconceivable that Malaysia’s air defence surveillance and trackking system would fail to differentiate between commercial aircrafts and military ones. All aircrafts have transponders and call signs to identify themselves, unless the aircrafts purposely turn off their transponders to make it difficult to be detected. In which case the aircrafts maybe considered to be ‘up to no good’ i.e spying.

    National airspace is the air space above Malaysia’s land and maritime territories and Malaysia has full sovereignty over it and any foreign aircrafts must get the permission to enter Malaysia’s airspace. In this regard, Malaysia air surveillance system is in place to prevent violations of its national airspace. A fighter jet takes just minutes to swoosh through a narrow airspace of another country and if it does that without permission it has violated the national airspace of another country. The question is whether the report refers to cases of swoosh in, swoosh out of fighter jets , so fast that it was out again before one could blink?

    I do believe in the statement issued by the RMAF on the capability of NADS.

    The question is, are those reports trying to taunt Malaysia into action?

  4. The psychological warfare here refers to a certain form of propaganda to influence views and opinion.

    • Agree with you.

      With the Zionist Israelis in their midst (as already mentioned up there), anything is possible by the Singapore blokes. A huge regret that T.A Rahman gave the island way FOC to LKY. Damn it.

  5. strategically, we wouldnt know everything that is happening in the ‘intel’ world… if every single info is released to the public that wouldnt be much of a strategy in the military world.

    Singapore could be testing our capabilities by inducing all these airspace breaching for many reasons… eg: our radar interceptions, our response time and so on…

    for the layman… we just wouldnt know whats happening behind closed doors..

    a good judgment will not get provoked by such acts..

    correct me if im wrong…

  6. BD,

    Have to agree with some of the comments here.

    I do believe the intrusions happened, our Defence Minister has admitted to as much. I don’t think he would make such a claim lightly.

    I work in Pasir Gudang where I can hear and seen fighter planes in the distance from time to time. I do not believe these are Malaysian fighter jets.

    I am not willing for the sovereignty of my country’s airspace to be violated in this manner. Why wait until numerous intrusions have occurred before raising the alarm?

    It could very well be an attempt to test our reaction time to such intrusions. This would give the Singapore forces an idea of our ability to respond in the event of war, God forbid.

    I understand from the latest update in BD’s posting that the issue pertains to the sovereign airspace of Middle Rock. This is in close proximity to Pedra Branca which was awarded to Singapore by the ICJ. The issue of multiple intrusions now become clearer.

    Question is, what is the RMAF doing about this?

    If the response by the service chief is accurate, why were the intrusions not brought to light earlier?

    Shouldn’t someone look into the claims made in the article ” Zero Coverage of Malaysian Airspace ”

    This is the website of a government appointed Defence Electronic Contractor?


    • Singapore is run by what has been referred to as the “ultra kiasu”, extremely selfish, never want-to-lose group, prone to finding loopholes in the law, locally and internationally. Heck, even in football, thy’d offer good foreign players citizenship to play for Singapore. It is no longer sports, it’s always a battle, even a war.

      The Government should have adopted a firm and steadfast stand like done during Tun Dr Mahathir’s time in all dealings with Singapore, even on the matter of water from Johor. When, under Tun Dol, the Government was seen as flip flopping, Singapore of course exploited it. They got hold of good international lawyers and pushed Malaysia to agree to go to the International Court of Justice on the disputed Pedra Branca/ Pulau Batu Putih, Middle Rocks and another rock formation called South Ledge. The ICJ sat in 2007, ruled that Pedra Branca was Singapore’s, Middle Rocks belonged to Malaysia but South Ledge remains unresolved. Following the decision, both countries said they would hold discussions to establish the maritime border around the area. The border may not have been established. This could be the crux of the matter.

      Having won before and confident of the performance of their legal team, Singapore may want to do the same regarding South Ledge and get a boundary to their favour. The motive behind the 2,058 incursions could well be to frustrate Malaysia into agreeing to go to ICJ again. I might be wrong but don’t mind to be proven so.

      Assuming I’m right, Malaysia should therefore start looking for, identify and assess damn good international lawyers, those with vast experience and contacts with the ICJ, dig more historical and other facts, ready its legal defence and play poker with Singapore militarily, then legally. The Little Red Dot must be taught a lesson not to poke us in the eye 2,057 times too often.

  7. Zetro Services Sdn Bhd is both puzzled and appalled over the article “Zero coverage of Malaysian Airspace”. Zetro is puzzled with the title of this article, which seems to have very little relevance, if any at all, to the subject matter in the text and also as to why Zetro is implicated. Zetro is appalled at the misleading, inaccurate and often baseless information, statements and/or accusations contained in the article thus compelling it to put into the correct perspective, these serious and baseless allegations.
    The contractorisation program was initiated in 1998, with the aim to develop the local Aerospace Industry towards achieving the national aspirations of self reliance. Five local companies were identified and, based on their inherent capabilities, awarded maintenance contracts with clearly demarcated areas of responsibilities to ensure an orderly and healthy environment for growth. AIROD to maintain all RMAF aircrafts mechanical parts and Zetro to maintain all Avionics and Ground Electronic equipment. Prior to the contractorisation, Zetro had collaborated very well with AIROD. Although, Zetro pioneered the in-country overhaul of the T56 Engine it was handed to AIROD in exchange for the Avionics, inline with the demarcation. Unfortunately, Zetro did not take over the Avionics from AIROD immediately as it was not aware of the impending changeover of AIROD ownership. However, since AIROD’s ownership changed hands, the public domain has been misinformed as if Zetro had taken over the Avionics contract awarded to AIROD.
    In the case of the charges for the rate of transportation, Zetro would like to state categorically that the Government has not been charged even the RM50 in almost all cases as a sign of goodwill thus; Zetro is rather puzzled as to how the figures of 150 and 200 ringgits came about! Further, Zetro is also aware that the Government will not pay any rate that is outside the scope of the contract. The statements made by TnT are very prejudicial with collateral intention, the facts of which are only known to them and one would expect TnT to verify its statements prior to making them.
    Considering that currently, Zetro holds an inventory of over 4000 test equipment of all types, applicable to its scope of work, including a number of state-of-the-art Automated Test Equipment and facilities, some, the only one of its kind in this region, it could hardly be said that Zetro lacks a commitment to invest. Zetro did not procure the test equipment proposed by a particular OEM because it cost more than 240Million ringgit and the conditions of sale stipulated were unsatisfactory. It would require a100 years or more for a return of investment. Nevertheless, Zetro in the interest of the Government and as an evidence to its commitment did invest, resulting in more than doubling it’s capabilities at a relatively much reduced cost. The consequent increase in Zetro’s capability has slowly but surely reduced the nation’s dependence on OEMs and vendors for repairs, subsequently reducing the turn around time and saving millions of ringgits by getting them repaired locally at Zetro. A visit to Zetro’s Centre of Excellence in Subang will reveal the commitment and metamorphosis Zetro’s capability enhancement program has undergone since the early days of contractorisation in 1998.
    No MRO contract of a similar nature to Zetro’s contract is 100% perfect including those with the OEMs, who too are penalized for late deliveries. LDs occasionally do occur due to several factors affecting the turn around time. The number of LDs incurred by Zetro is very small and represents a small percentage when viewed with the total repairs carried out and delivered on time. LDs have been imposed on Zetro and they have been settled in accordance with the requirements of the contract. As for the no ceiling issue, both of Zetro’s contracts with the Government currently do have a ceiling.
    Contrary to the TnT’s statement, the program to upgrade the RMAF trainer aircraft to the PC7 Mark ll was initiated in 2007 and not in 1997, further no such contract was awarded to Zetro either. The Government, however offered Zetro the offset program and Zetro responded by sending its engineers to Switzerland for training at the OEM facility. Nevertheless, the Government finally awarded the contract to AIROD based on the demarcation of responsibilities and certainly not because of the reason stated by TnT, which is really far removed from the truth. Zetro accepted the Government’s decision in good faith. In another case, though Zetro pursued a contract for more than six years, investing in facilities and human resources. AIROD was once again offered the contract and Zetro accepted the Government’s decision with dignity and complained to none.
    Zetro went on an open bidding in the open market and several parties including MINDEF expressed their interest to rent the Zetro building. Zetro’s rates being very competitive and lower than prevailing market rate resulted in MINDEF opting to rent the building.
    Zetro is relatively a small company with an organic growth of over 30 years focused on developing an indigenous capability in general and in radar technology in particular. Zetro has successfully completed several modernization/upgrade programs for both Air Traffic and Air Defence Radar systems in the RMAF, competing with OEMs to provide solutions which are for the first time truly customized to the RMAF operations whilst at the same time saving millions in taxpayers’ money. Since the contractoristion program in 1998, Zetro’s commitment to the requirements of the contract, in particular to the investment and development of its capabilities and the local industry, has culminated in a number of positive bargains to the Government. Zetro has progressed to offer a viable alternative and has forced OEMs to provide competitive prices for their products thus indirectly saving the Government’s spending. Zetro currently is positioned to provide viable and cost effective alternatives, solutions and options to the Malaysian Government in a domain, thus far dependent on foreign OEMs. Zetro is focused and committed to ensuring that no single OEM assumes total responsibility and the local aerospace industry is given a greater responsibility in the management and defence of the Malaysian air space.
    TnT’s final claim to have had no positive response from ZSSB is indeed very surprising. Zetro is transparent and ever willing to ensure that timely and correct information is disseminated in the interest of all concerned. It seems to Zetro that the misleading arguments and information presented are the ill intentioned work of certain parties and is disappointed that a responsible blog like TnT did not exercise greater caution to verify their authenticity and has allowed itself to be used to serve the interest of such parties.

  8. I saw a very fast plane over selayang soil at 1.36 am 19/3 whille observing sky for comet pan stars and ison..its not conventional plane cause it can fly less than 15 sec horizon to horizon…please alert

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