Apologetic Khalid is a minority puppet

Master and Slave: Theresa Kok, Puppet MB Khalid and Dr Xavier

Selangor State Government is actually a puppet for the minority. Even though they got the mandate from the majority, the act upon the interests of the minority. Apparently, Nizar Jamaluddin was not the only Opposition-controlled-DAP-puppet-Menteri-Besar.

Case in point is the JAIS recent raid against Damansara Utama Methodist Church and found Muslims during an event that was supposed to be Christian in nature.

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was said to have called Senior Paster Daniel Ho right after the Selangor Economic Action Council. This was done even before he received JAIS’s report on the matter the night before. In the MTES meeting, Selangor Excos Theresa Kok, Dr. Xavier Jayakumar and Elizabeth Wong was said to have strongly insisted that Khalid as the MB apologise on the raid.

This is very peculiar as Islamic affairs is not in the radar screen of the MB. On other issues, he kept out of it and let the Exco in charge Dato’ Dr Hassan Ali take the heat and the full brunt against all Non Malay banters whenever an action is taken by JAIS. Controversial case in point were the ‘azan’ issue started by Seputeh MP Theresa Kok, inappropriately dressed and speaking in front of a Mimbar by Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching last Ramadhan and of course the ‘beer sale near a mosque’ controversy saw a media spat between Dr Hassan Ali and Exco Ronnie Liu.

So why is that MB Khalid adhered to the ‘Trinity’ insistence that an apology be issued immediately, even before JAIS report was submitted to be perused carefully?

We here in BigDogDotCom are willing to bet that is has something to do with why there was a media gag instructions issued yesterday evening. It was about ‘damage control’. We think they are not sure and still unable to asses the full brunt of reaction if what really happened be made known, especially amongst the Muslims and moreover in this Holy Ramadhan month.

JAIS have had observed this particular church and other churches on activities ‘befriending’ Muslims. These churches were said to be very generous in providing a lot for the unfortunates which include Muslim single mothers and those who are in dire financial status. And the conveniently but continuously organise social events and these Muslims are invited and treated well.

Scene at Damansara Utama Methodist Church 'Dream Centre' as per Wednesday 3 Aug 2011

In the case of DUMC, the venue of the event was kept ‘hush-hush’ until a few hours before its started. It was organised in a suspicious manner where the attendees wore Muslim friendly attire like Baju Kurung for a social meet at a church. Even though it was said to be ‘Buka Puasa’ event, it was said that the itinerary started with songs and dances at 715pm.

JAIS Officers arrived and entered the church at 945pm. They had a report about an event as part of a process to proselytise Malay Muslims. When they tried to enter into the church main hall and do their investigation, they were stopped by a woman by the name of Sofia (according to another report, Nadia). They negotiated to enter and that took at hour. It was said during that time, one of the JAIS Officers heard in one of the lecture was about a Muslim and was talking about the beauty of Christianity, which was thought to be very peculiar.

Bibles in Malay were distributed amongst the Muslims who attended DUMC on 3 Aug 2011

The JAIS Officers maintained that they need not a warrant to do an investigation and enter a premise, as per provisions made under Section 10 of Syariah Criminal Enactment (1995) of the State Constitution.

By the time the managed to enter the main hall, the found some of the evidence like literature were destroyed and they were stopped from going through the rubbish. A pocket-size digital device which has a recording of bible both in English and Malay was also said to be discovered. After questioning the audience, twelve of them were found to be Muslims between the ages of 16 and 40s, and their particulars taken down. They have been asked to appear at JAIS Office on 9 Aug 2011.

A more interesting evidence was put foward to our attention. Apparent, one of the Malay ladies whose particulars were taken down by JAIS officers voluntarily admitted that the Holy Bible was issued to each of them.

DAP 'Trojan Horse

The Malays, who are the majority of Selangorians are unequivocally very unhappy with this. 56 Malay NGOs will be gathering in front of Istana Bukit Kayangan on Monday 1100am to submit a memorandum to HRH Sultan of Selangor.

It is very clear for MB Khalid to be a DAP puppet of the minority within the minorities and he is a ‘Trojan Horse’ for the minority propel and push for their agenda in the luxury of Malay Muslim majority mandate. After all, now that Anwaristas have strong hands in PAS Central Committee after the recent party election and Selangor PAS is now under the control of the ‘Erdogans’, this liberal-and-anti-Malay agenda would be seamless. His actions pandering to the Chinese Chauvinist and/or anti-Malay agenda should be deemed insulting to the Malays, HRH Sultan and position of Islam as the Religion of the Federation of Malaysia.

This is thinning of the wedge. May God help us all.

*Updated 1000pm

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  1. I am bad at political punting.

    However, I wonder whether this DUMC manufactured-intrigue and “Mismah foul play & trickeries” (and perhaps many more upcoming saga) stir Abdul Shukor to opine that BN will win Selangor by 20-seat majority.


    • This punky fellow gain. “Manufactured-intrigue” he now says. And left it at that. No justification, no explanation. Again, he thinks he can get away with it. No, he can’t. Because I’ll be hounding him now that I’m around.

      For now I’ll just show readers that this chap is prone to accusing without supporting facts and valid arguments. And laugh at him from time to time.

      Haba haba punk baba.

      • Haba haba Shirdi Sai Baba

        You are welcome to hound me forever. However, along side insulting and all that, please provide some input k. Boring la reading your same slant. Add something relevant or pseudo-relevant, as long as it’s new knowledge. Fine with me.

        Haba haba hup hup and away

      • punkterung,

        Don’t complain about being insulted because people can also put out a list of the insults you make on them here and on Malays as a race.

        What “relevant” do you talk about when I see none of it in your comment at 17:34? For goodness sake la, the post is about JAIS, the DU Church and Khalid – why the hell do you talk about BN winning Selangor? You want to hijack the post ka?

        What “new knowledge” do you mean when all you produced here are allegations without the proper basis, this time merely quoting an “Indian friend” and merely stating you know of the so-called conversions. Not stating the how when and where, if not even the who.

        Like that I can also say all sorts about the nonsense you do or omit to do. Amacam, boleh ka?

        Lastly, apa cakap boring in one breath and you like it in another – your comment on Haba’s comment on Opah’s. You loose gun, shooting from the hip type ka? Amacam orang mau caya lu?

  2. Gawd, what else they wanna do man!?

    Still ungrateful and trying to turn the Malays into Christians some more……..that ‘iftar’ thingy was just a screen.

    Come on Malays, don’t be so gullible. They will not act nice if they don’t have an agenda. It is part of their ‘campaign’ to turn Malaysia into a Christian country.

    You’re right Big Dog. Keep on writing…..go BD go!

    Selamat Berpuasa Big Dog and Friends.

    • I am sorry to pollute the air wave with another post. My turn to babysit today and I am bored waiting for iftar.

      I find it rather interesting that after so many years of co-existence, the drum beat seem to appear and beat louder on this proselytizing thing in recent months. That observed, nobody is naive of the fact that every faith wrongs each other and tries convert one another on a daily basis.

      Being an average, practicing Muslim like me, I find it very, very strange indeed that I will ever be converted to Xtianity. Burn me alive a thousand times and more, and I’ll mathematically still say 1 plus 1 equals two and not 1.

      Don’t get me wrong. An Indian bassist friend of mine is a staunch Xtian who told quite a number of stories how Xtians try to convert Malays. One fine example is how they take care of drug addicts at Chow Kit: give them shelter, food and money. My bassist friend told me that they were indoctrinated into believing that their Malay brethren never bother to care for them. Eventually some really got converted.

      My bassist friend even disclosed to me two children (one of an ex-PM and another of an ex-Minister) who are secretly Xtian. He told me that the inner Xtian circles know this fact very well. Personally I don’t give a toot.

      My point is I do not believe that it is easy to convert any practicing Malays into Xtianity. So I am personally baffled by it.

      There are instances of it, of course, but it may not be statistically significant. You can easily imagine that any Malay who is easily duped and converted must be someone very. very loose and lacked proper guidance and good parenting. When I was overseas I know of two Malay students who converted, but then they came from an upper-class family who are westernized and very loose on matters of faith.

      Then, if such are the cases, who do we blame? Our parents, our ulamas or our own Malay society?

      I used to keep a Bible in the house before the internet was born. I do not know where it is now. Anyhow, I can still reach the Bible over the internet if I need to refer for any debate in my religious forum I usually frequent to.

      If any Xtian walk to me and hand to me a Malay Bible, I ‘d probably ask for ten more and smiled back. This does not mean I encourage such an affair. I do care for the young and vulnerable.


      Instead of pouring the issue into a unnecessary religious and political spat, I’d suggest our Islamic institutions to “cordially” study the tactics that Xtians use to convert, disseminate them properly to society, and at the same time find practical ways to counter and safeguard our young ones who are most vulnerable.

      Heck. Now that I am more sober than before I have to admit that our own society is also very loose on so many things: we condone real-live satanic TV programs such as AF, Idol Kecil, and allowing youngsters going to concerts and miss their prayers. Man, we could go on.

      Xtians do what they do. What are we doing on our part?

      Thank you for reading.

      • Now he tries (note the operative word – “tries”) to say he is “a practicing Muslim”. In the previous post(s) he was asked and he didn’t answer. Even when it was said that he was, as a result of that, assumed to be a non-Muslim, he did not response.

        I thought he would have been of some principle. Not to respond to the assumption of his being non-Muslim because he didn’t want to lie. But now he did it. Can anyone believe him? Not me, punky.

        Again he’ll claim all sorts. Burn him a thousand times, he’d say. Knowing that nobody’d do that sort of thing. As has been pointed out, he claimed of being in US and handling big projects. Now he claims knowledge of Malays converting “when I was overseas”. Yeah, yeah, say what you like, punky. Your credibility is gone as far as I’m concerned. I think also a few others here.

        Now he comes out again with so-called information out to discredit Malays. Quoting his Indian friend, alleging the sons of two big guns have “secretly become Christians”. And he saying he knows of two “upper-class” Malay students converted. All these are cock and bull stories along the communist belief that the more you say it the more chances of 1-2 people listening. And doesn’t matter whether it’s rubbish that you say, so long as you say it.

        Well, it’s not just your name, punk. It’s also the way you say it. It’s all rubbish. Of course, I’d expect you to mention huge projects and being overseas every so often from now on, ha?

        Haba haba punk baba.

      • Apa masaalah kamu ni sebenarnya?

      • A lie that is being told repetitively and persistently will eventually accepted as fact.
        The same goes to this dastard act of trying to convert Muslims.
        You and Theresa Cock might say “Some Muslims feel so vulnerable and cannot hold strong to their own faith, thus they view all Christianity-related events as tools to convert them”. Well, it has nothing to do with that.
        It is just that in Koran, Allah has remind us that Christians will never be satisfied until Muslims stray away from Islam.
        If you are a true practicing Muslim, you’ll believe that.

      • mr homo sapien

        Aik, sejak bila pulak aku bersekongkol dgn Theresa Kok pulak ni. Depa ni x reti baca B Inggeris ke? Heran pulak den. Tibo2 je.

      • Seriously, I am feeling quite baffled and confused right now. This is Ramadhan and I wrote a piece before iftar today sharing my mind and perspectives about a serious issue. These people come around and create fitna against me esp. haba who has a reputation of not writing anything constructive at all.

        Although I am light-hearted and humorous, I think this is serious on my part. Creating fitna in this holy month and creating aspersions on my personality, sorry folks I don’t think this is appropriate. I am serious.

      • Aiyoyo, Mister Punk. Orang boleh tangkap lu lagi lah. Melayu tak cakap “fitna” la, Melayu cakap “fitnah”. Nobody would believe you if you say it’s typo.

        The only masalah people have is you. What you talk, the way you talk. You are out to give the impression that it’s OK to be Christian because sons of big shots also converted, betul tak?

        Jangan itu macam lah Mister Big Projects, Mister Always Go Overseas. You think by saying you handle big projects and always go overseas people will believe what you say ka? Mana boleh itu macam. Especially when you say things without justifying or substantiating.

      • You crazy or what, punk? You said, “I used to keep a Bible in the house before the internet was born.” Without saying why you did that.

        Then you appear helping the Christians’ propaganda by saying sons of big shots and upper class Malays became Christians. Without proof or justification.

        And then you say you are a practicing Muslim. Apa daaaaa …..

        You’re really hijacking this post, punk, because you make us deviate from the subject of the post.

      • Now I think I get it. These people here do not have the culture of entertaining different ideas, perspectives or ways of looking at things. Even though ideas don’ t kill over the internet, as long your ideas do not go against them, they are fine. If not they turn nit-picky and destroy your personality. Man I am not in politics. Doesn’t this remind you what politicians do? If nothing else, destroy the personality.

        I am cool man.

        I’d say I am brave to share my thoughts although they might wrong. I never say I go overseas always. I share with you that I study in the States; and so what, many people do. I even share with you my profession, and what is wrong with that. I work for an MNC, so what. I am just sharing it with you.

        I hate to name names. Some people here just come on board, look for differing opinion, then bite. C’mon la. Blogs are meant to exchange ideas; if not, might we all become op-ed contributors or columnists. I hop from blog to blog because I want to learn new things and find teh truth of matters.

        I have to say I sincerely salute Rocky Bru. He entertains all ideas. Not even one of my posting there he did not post. Some of my posts are against his train of thought, yet he posted ’em. He even responded to two of my posts which I get kinda “moxied”. Hehe

        OK guys. This is Ramadhan. I wrote nicely today after iftar and you guys destroyed my personality. There is a limit to everything. Not in Ramadhan.

        So I am saying goodbye to all of you here. I stick to my opinion that life has to be looked in different ways. Ideas do not kill.

        All the best. Salamualaykum to you if you are Muslims and Selamat Hari Raya in advance.

      • Punk Terung,

        I never said that you’re “bersekongkol” with Theresa Cock.
        It is from the gist of your “intelligent” writing that you are saying that we Muslims are afraid because we are vulnerable, just like Theresa Cock’s comment recently.
        And what about the insult you are saying that I don’t understand English? You whine about others, but show the same trait. A case of pot calling the kettle black? Your hipocrisy and level of “intelligence” does baffle me and others.

      • Now to get back to the post BD put out, let me state my opinion:

        Khalid is indeed a minority MB because PKR has less DUN seats than DAP. And he knows that anytime he can get ousted by DAP and PAS. So he scurries around, listen intently to what Theresa Kok and the others who always crowd around him say, those wanting to be photographed as influencing him and ensuring his decisions are in line with what DAP wants.

        After all, apart from Theresa, there’s also gangsterish (remember banging MACC and Klang Hospital doors and said to meeting the Underworld?) Ronnie Liu. So Khalid would always be seen in photographs hounded by them like Nizar the short-time Perak MB did. Not because the papers print them that way but because, like Speedy Gonzales, the DAP goons will always be there crowding him.

        And Khalid therefore rang up the Christian boss even before he received the Report from JAIS. What utter stupidity, compounded by serendipity (hah, big word, eh – no worry, punk has said his goodbye!), Khalid could have told pressmen that he’d study the Report and comment thereafter. But noooo, Theresa Kok, Xavier etc were hounding him to sorry the Christian bossman. Where got integrity, where got decency, Only his Muslim apathy. If any.

  3. When is the police investigations papers from your Penang event coming out?!!!

    I’m waiting for you to be thrown into jail for lying and inciting anti-Christian postings…

    Please pressure PDRM to release the report pappers ASAP!!!

    • Opah Nyanyuk, what about Namewee’s anti-Islam and anti-Malay acts? Has he been hauled up and jailed? Have you ever commented in any blog that exist in this blogsphere to pressurise PDRM to take action on Namewee, wahai Opah Nyanyuk?

  4. Grandma (Opah = Grandma, yeah?),

    Impatient, aren’t you? Why so, ma’am? DAP has been at it for over 40 years. Still shouting and yelling but PDRM is still solid and strong. At its worst, Lik Kit Siang got to stay in Kamunting Hotel.

    You people don’t give PDRM too much work la, grandma. You should have told Ambiga and Bersih that. Then perhaps you’d get the report early.

    • Haba haba

      Your spinning response mesmerized me. Siyesly, I like that! You are so very cleber one!

      • Now you really sound chinese.

  5. Come on you still need the help and votes of non Malay. Just admit it. The gov even need tiny of airasia to help MAS, there is no capable Malay to resurrect MAS. so what’s wrong trying to maintain non Malay votes. This is for the good of Malay.

    • ANy malay helm company is not gonna get any help from anyone except the government, Period. Comprende?

      • PS, unless that company has Anwar Ibrahim at the helm.. then the whole US administration will prop it up.

    • edward,

      Nothing wrong at all about trying to maintain non-Malay votes. But not by kow-towing to non-Malays to the extent of, say, dropping the Negara Islam or Hukum Hudud that PAS had been striving for so long. Or allowing any attempt at proselytizing Muslims.

    • Indeed, the opposition Parti Rocket does need the votes of Malays too. Incidents like this, should send signals to PAS that it’d be better off on its own, stand alone and independent from the tight clutches of DAP and PKR which used it when they needed it and abandoned it in a jiffy when they didnt need it. PAS could be a strong and credible party acting as a power-broker in Parliament, without the need to hinch its struggles onto DAP and PKR. Should PAS leave the PR along with its grassroot and hardcore supporters, PKR and DAP can collapse like a house of cards and will have no teeth to upset the strategic balance that has kept this country on an even keel for more than 50 years.

      • Hear, hear.

  6. Muslims attending a dinner at a church during ramadhan? Does this make sense? Nice try of the christians to cover up. Why just not come out in the open and admit to what you are really doing and what really went on two nights ago. But thank you for doing us all a favour. In tough times, help from you comes strings attached. Now the muslim community know what kind of muslim leader TS Khalid Gagap is. And the true nature of PAS islamic tenacity. Or now known as Partai Kebajikan SeMalaysia.

    • Agree with Dicky Zane. A rose by any name still smells.

  7. same tactics christians have used in Indonesia all these years. the poor needs money and shelter. the govt is stupid and corrupt so doesn’t help.

    so here comes brotherly christians to offer money and shelter.
    well, if u need more money to continue having a shelter, come come to church during ramadan.
    no, no, we’re not trying to convert u.

    just that the event is at 7.15pm in a church – no need to do ur muslim prayers. we will have song and dance instead at the event, fun what!
    yes we will have halal food cos we’re not trying to convert u.

    come we have good news for u, no, no we’re not trying to convert u.
    we will tell u about how great life is with money and shelter.
    next time, do bring ur children to church too, so that they, too, can become familiar with this house of god and not so scared to enter a church.
    no, no we’re not trying to convert u.

    after a few years of money and shelter, and with no help from muslim organisations or the govt, u can see where this will lead.

    • Kabare wong jowo,

      Setuju dengan apa yang kang omong.

      Jangan kasi depa buat macam itu diMalaysia. Kita desak dan gesa pihak berkuasa supaya ambil tindakan yang sewajarnya.

  8. Terima kasih BD kerana mendedahkan perkara yang sangat penting dan dekat di hati orang Melayu-Islam ini.

    Saya cadangkan saudara turut menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu dari semasa ke semasa khususnya apabila ia bersangkut-paut dengan isu akidah dan kepentingan kaum Melayu. Saya berpendapat pendekatan ini akan dapat menarik minat lebih ramai saudara Melayu-Islam kita untuk memahami perkara pokok yang dibincangkan dan seterusnya turut memberi pandangan dan berdebat di sini.

    Semoga mereka mempunyai lebih banyak maklumat untuk dipertimbangkan sebelum mengundi kelak. Kalau tidak sekalipun, sekurang-kurangnya mereka tahu belang sebenar puak DAP dan PKR ini. Yang satu memang bijak memperkudakan orang Melayu melalui tipu helah dan mengambil kesempatan ke atas keadaan kita yang ibarat retak mencari belah. Yang satu lagi dasar hidung belang, tidak jemu-jemu mensabotaj negara sendiri hingga tergamak bersekongkol dengan segala macam pengkhianat kerana nafsu serakah dan gilakan kuasa.

    Selamat berpuasa.

  9. While you guys debating here

    110 muslim rape their daughter at home
    110 muslim became the statistic of mat rempit/snatch thief
    110 new mat pet around the corner
    110 stupid enough to spend time to read this post

    Selamat kantoikan puasa korang ye… Mengutuk x henti2 kerja x buat. Typical lazy malay

    • Does this kind of comment deserve any reply? Naaah, not a bit.

      But while my pen is down, and before my pants are down for this fella, let me say a few more words about this “breaking of the fast in the Church” matter.

      Missionary activities have been going on since the Jew called Saul picked up Jesus’ message and preached it over 2,000 years ago. Over the years, like all religions, they broke up into various sects and denominations. Until the Protestants alone had some 180 denominations. And they competed with one another. In the US all sorts of evangelical organizations mushroomed, including those allowing polygamy and one ended up in a mass suicide.

      Many collected donations in the name of the Church and the leaders enjoyed themselves to the large till living in luxury and opulent lifestyles. It’s not clear what hold the the Roman Catholic Pope in Rome has, if any, over those so-called churches but many of their activities would surely have made the Pope cringe. And the Damansara Utama Church is said to be Methodist.

      One also seriously wonders the influence the Catholic Archbishop in this country has, if any, on the Methodist Church. He certainly has been silent on the issue and it perhaps lessened the impact. It appears that, though the kalimah Allah issue has been brought up by the Catholic Church, it’s these non-Catholic organizations that have been busy in trying to Christianize people. I may be wrong but would like to hear other opinions on this.

      • Sdr Haba

        I wrote about my personal experience in the previous posting “Where was Dr Hassan on the Red Rock Hotel controversy?” I was offered a red drink, which I think is the holy communion drink representing Jesus’ blood.

        If I’m not mistaken each working Christian/Catholic donates 10-15% of their monthly salary to the church. That’s how financially strong they are.

        They target the undergraduates, trainee teachers, or single mothers, drug addicts and dropouts, collectively the ‘influential’ group or the ‘vulnerable’ segments of society.

        They can’t form the majority by race alone, so they now attempt to claim majority by religion.

    • PokuriNothing

      While we wait for you to do an intellectual upgrade:

      1001 chinese gangs run life-destroying drug syndicates
      1001 chinese mafias run family-destroying gambling dens
      1001 chinese loan-sharks operate brutally violent lending business
      1001 chinese pimps run deadly human trafficking and flesh trades
      1001 chinese criminals run credit card fraud business
      1001 chinese cheats run pirated optical discs/entertainment software

      P.S. typically myopic kiasu-ren

  10. Diperkudakan tepati analogi Khalid dan nizar menyerupai. Penyokong tegar tidak sedari. Hakikat kuasa DAP menerajui

  11. Salam Saudara Sekalian,

    @ Saudara Ray (Aug 7, 22.32): Catholics are not compelled to donate any amount of their salary to the church. If we give, we give out of love. In Christianity, nothing is forced upon us. Instead, we are compelled to speak up against the likes of you when you accuse us and our religion of trying to install a Christian PM, trying to take over the helm of the country, and other nonsense cooked up to stir s**t. Put yourselves in others shoes, won’t you. And fitnah during Ramadhan… tsk, tsk, tsk… isn’t that just WRONG??

    @Saudara Haba (Aug 7, 19:28) : No need to sound smart talking about the history of evangelism in Christianity. Was Islam not spread through evangelism as well? Or was it by force? Hmm.. Btw, don’t equate polygamy and Christianity. Polygamy is openly practised by Islams in Malaysia, but true Christians (and certainly not Catholics) do not practice it. It is the people, not the religion, geddit? And btw “One also seriously wonders the influence the Catholic Archbishop in this country has, if any, on the Methodist Church” Please don’t drag the Archbishop or the Pope into this.

    Selamat Berpuasa dan Beribadah di Bulan Puasa yang mulia ini. Speak kind words, don’t fitnah people. Tak baik tau…

    • sunflower sunflower

      Did I say “compelled”? My my, you should heed your own advice – do not FITNAH.

      Quote: “you accuse us and our religion of trying to install a Christian PM, trying to take over the helm of the country” – this is another great FITNAH.

      The accusation was not against the whole religion and its practitioners – just a handful of desperate politicians who are bent on dividing and creating a culture of suspicion and hatred.

      There you see, YOU are the one GUILTY of fitnah.

      Fitnah anytime is WRONG, not just in Ramadhan – in fact, in this holy month, it is critical that we expose the TRUTH.

      Ada faham??

    • Quote: “If we give, we give out of love. In Christianity, nothing is forced upon us.” – so lovey dovey.

      Is these folowing news fitnah as well? Mind you, they originate out of Malaysia, heh heh, tsk tsk ….

      MALU NYA … tak tau mana nak letak muka, dibulan Ramadhan yang amat suci ini …

      Abuse Tracker is now brought to you by BishopAccountability.org – http://www.bishop-accountability.org/AbuseTracker/

      P.S. not one case only, sooooo many cases of abuse, do read and digest very carefully, ok.

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  13. Why JAIS do not go after Mat Sabu and others? He is a Shiah. Very big different than Sunni. Do you want our children to convert to Shiah? Why only raid the churches and the xtians? How about if Shiah are about 10% of malaysian population? Will Jais still keep quiet?

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  15. […] Khalid sebagai MB Selangor begitu pantas memohon maaf kepada Pastor Kanan Ho kerana siasatan JAIS keatas DUMC itu, sedangkan Ho enggan bertemu pegawai JAIS untuk membantu siasatan. […]

  16. […] was an event to protelyze 12 Muslims, guised as a “Buka Puasa event”. This discovery proven the fact that MB Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is a puppet of DAP-PKR Non Muslim leaders when the former apologized to Sr Pastor Daniel Ho on JAIS’s investigation on the Wednesday […]

  17. […] up of Muslims prosetlyzation’ is a serious breach of these PAS hardcores. They see Anwar’s leadership compromised Islam. However, their staunch adherence to PAS leadership who is bent on Anwar, made them […]

  18. […] is clear that they were very defensive on the DUMC controversy and combative on the JAIS discovery of the protelysation activities. There on, they use political […]

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