Pastor Ho refuse to meet JAIS Officers

At the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) morning mass today, Senior Pastor Daniel Ho was said to have admitted to the congregation that he deliberately refused to meet JAIS Officers at JAIS Head Office.

On the raid  the ‘Dream Centre’ on Wednesday night 3 Aug 2011 by JAIS Officers, Pastor Ho was also said to have been very adamant about  the event on was purely “Social in nature”. He was believed to be insistent about the program which involved Malay Muslims in DUMC was about ‘social service’ and “Helping the unfortunates”.

Malay Bibles are some the evidence found amongst the Malay Muslim at DUMC on Wednesday 3 Aug 2011

However, evidence obtained from the twelve Malay Muslims on Wednesday night suggests there was some sort protelyzation process ongoing. Amongst the items discovered are Bibles in Malay and other related documents. Reports also stated that Malay Muslims in dire financial state have been ‘befriended’. Berita Harian also reported that one of them admitted some 100 single mothers are amongst this group.

This admission of refusal to co-operate with JAIS Officers in the investigation demonstrate a blatant disregard for authorities and the administration of Islam, as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia. This is also reflecting the Opposition’s strategy of ‘Politics of Hatred’, with the consistent demonization of law enforcements agencies and authorities.

Amongst those who attended today’s service are Chinese Chauvinists DAP Leaders Secretary General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, ADUN for Kinrara and Exco in-charge of Investment, Industry and Commerce Theresa Kok and ADUN for Subang Jaya Hannah Yeo. The strong Chinese Chaunivist DAP patronage immediately after the raid by JAIS is evidently clear that they are indirectly using church as an apparatus for their politics.

On 5 May 2011 in Penang, DAP MP for Jelutong Jeff Ooi organized a dinner for some pastors as part of the post-Sarawak April State Elections. In the zest to that dinner event, they vowed “To have a Christian as the PM” and “Make Christianity as one of the official religion of Federation of Malaysia”.

*Updated 900pm

PAS Central Committee met today to discuss the JAIS raid on DUMC issue.

Published: Sunday August 7, 2011 MYT 5:03:00 PM
Updated: Sunday August 7, 2011 MYT 5:10:57 PM

PAS to help resolve Jais church raid controversy


PETALING JAYA: PAS is stepping in to help resolve the controversy arising from the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) raid on a church hall in Damansara Utama recently.

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said Sunday they were going on a fact-finding mission to seek the truth.

“We want to hear directly from both sides before offering a solution. We must be fair. We must hear from Jais and from the church,” he told reporters after chairing the monthly PAS central committee meeting.

PAS is sending letters to the Methodist Church in Damansara Utama and Jais, seeking appointments for meetings.

Hadi said party secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali would lead the fact-finding mission.


It is funny why PAS representatives should meet up with JAIS officials on the matter and not trust Dato’ Dr Hasan Ali, who is Selangor Exco in-charge of Religious Affairs which oversee JAIS. The fact that PAS has doubts on the professionalism of JAIS as a Selangor Government agency gives a strong message for DAP to fully use the incident as a political tool.

It demonstrated clear Anwarista-controlled PAS now panders

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  1. Why should he meet the JAIS officers at JAIS head office? Non Muslim is not subjected to Muslim law and certainly they have no authority in doing so. Moreover, accident or suicide may happen as well. It is better for the JAIS officers to meet him by making prior appointment at the pastor office. Afterall it is the JAIS officer who are rude and trespassing the church without any warrant.

    • Federation of Malaysia Constitution Article 11.4 “May control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief amongst persons the religion of Islam”.

      Section 10 of Islamic Syariah Crime Enactment 1985 allows such investigation and the provision allows JAIS Officers to enter any premise in their course of duty WITHOUT WARRANT.

      According to Dato’ Dr Hasan Md Ali, Exco in-charge of Religious Affairs in Selangor, AG validated the authoruty of JAIS with such provisions. That is why Dr Hasan is fully supportive of JAIS’s raid on DUMC 3 Aug 2011.

      Pastor Ho has been asked to JAIS HQ to facilitate the investigation of protelyzation to these 12 Muslims found attended the event at his DUMC on Wed 3 Aug 2011. Failure to comply, Pastor Ho could be charged for obstructing process of investigation.

      • Bloody good reply, BD. I support the idea of him being charged upon failing to comply.

        It’s amazing the kind of ignorance and arrogance shown by fellows who sound to be Christians, like in the comment above.

      • Biggie,

        I believe Pastor Daniel Ho refusal to co-operate with JAIS, has a sinister political agenda. Esp for the opposition. When he is arrested for obstruction of an investigation & process of justice, he (And of course his flock which now consists of DAP bigwigs!) would cry foul for the benefit of the CNN/CNA/BBC tv cameras & AFP/Reuters/AP correspondents. “A Pastor been wrongfully arrested”, would be THE headline as “Christians are ‘persecuted’ (borrowing 5X Mom’s tweet) in a Muslim majority nation” as a substantiated supporting story.

        Guess what?

        It would naturally torpedo PM Najib’s ‘Moderate Islam’ agenda!

        No need to talk about ‘1 Malaysia’ anymore at that point…………

      • I think it matters not whether the world news wires will carry damaging news – they have been doing that all this while anyway, as the pengkhianat negara Anwar has started the ball rolling since a long time ago. Many overseas have now known what kind of a bloke he is.

        In any case we are sharing the news pages with stories on US critical economic woes, the new development of “multi-culturalism is dead” in Europe, and the US’ long-standing “draconian laws” of ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay and the infamous harassment of Asians and others under the post-711 law called the Patriot Act.

        DS Najib must be firm and assertive, else everybody would want to exploit his apparent accomodating nature endlessly, to our increasing frustration.

        Tun Dr Mahathir was firm and assertive, nobody tried to misbehave with impunity, and despite being so for a long period of 22 years, the country’s reputation remained intact. Firm and steadfast.

    • Is that so? I bet with my last dime that NOTHING will happen to pastor HO. I challenge JAIS to charge Jim immediately but I think JAIS is trying to intimidate the non Muslim only.

      • No. JAIS is being intimidated.

      • Don’t bet, edward. PAS would not like it. But then, since their connivance with DAP, they may close an eye. Or two. Or, disagree, then allow. Like they did regarding the issue of the entertainment outlets in Kedah.

        PAS is known for even doing U-Turn on State Government policies. Worse still, U-Turn at the highest party level. Discarded Negara Islam for the sake of DAP. Out went Hukum Hudud. You people must be lucky. But can they be trusted if they ever reach Putrajaya, do you think?

        But you might lose your bet on pastor Ho. Wait for the JAIS Report. Maybe you are so sure because Pakatan Rakyat will go mute after receiving the report. But then, there’s the Federal religious authorities to contend with. Let’s see.

      • One way for “No Further Action (NFA)” on pastor Ho is for Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government to ease Dr Hassan Ali out of his Selangor Religious Affairs portfolio. With cockish Theresa Kok and gansterish Ronnie Liu hounding Khalid Ibrahim endlessly, that’s possible.

        Or PAS sack Dr Hassan Ali from the party. But the PAS central cttee meeting yesterday decided to investigate themselves. They may believe the lies by pastor Ho. Pastors don’t lie? Look at the pastors of the multifarious evangelical churches in the US. Scientologists, Mormons and all. Unlimited polygamy and so on. Walloped huge donations from big film stars as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, etc.

        But should PAS or PR do such things, a lot of votes will run away from them. Many Muslims support PAS or PR out of their dislike for UMNO. But they would not tolerate attempts to convert Muslims to Christianity and those who commit or abet the commission of such acts.

      • With PAS central working committee now wanting a piece of JAIS instead taking Dr Hassan Ali’s 30 minute briefing at party top echelon special meeting yesterday, shows clearly this Erdogan-controlled-Anwarista-apparatus PAS at the moment wants to intimidate JAIS.

        The outcome;

        1. “It was all a miss understanding & found nothing conclusive in the protelyzing Muslims in the state. In fact we welcome Christians doing good deeds to our poor & mis-fortunate Muslims & Muslimahs”
        2. After MB Khalid Gagap, now PAS Selangor will apologise to the Christians
        3. Dr Hassan Ali will resign as Exco
        4. The stand-off between Selangor SUK Vs Selangor Exco would go into round two

      • If Dr Hassan Ali resigns as Exco, wd he still remain in PAS? If he cabuts, PR wd lose one ADUN. And BN wd probably gain one. Hopefully so. Though I like to think that Dr Hassan is made of sterner stuff than resign. I hope he is the fighting kind.

        I also hope there won’t be a Selangor Exco vs SUK stand off. But war. Of the silent kind. Sabotage. On the quiet. Work to rule or whatever. The Head of JAIS is also a Federal Officer, isn’t it? If not mistaken, the current SUK was holding that post before the appointment. And the Sultan had a preference for him as the then SUK candidate.

        And I hope the Sultan will exercise his function as Head of religious affairs in the State proactively. He certainly is head of the Islamic religion. He is duty bound to protect and promote the interests of Islam, “the religion” of the country. And he does not take lightly his role and functions as Head of State.

        My hopeful thinking is that this will blow up into a humongous fiasco for the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor. And lead to the demise of their rule.

      • Hah, non Catholic pastors don’t lie? Even Catholic priests did worse than lying. They Anwar-ise boys in the US and elsewhere. Read the papers or watch the TV news. Havoc they caused about a year ago. All over the news.

        And yet Catholicism is the oldest form of Christianity, ain’t it. The Pope had no place to put his face when the Anwar-ising Catholic priests did their thing all over the place. The Pope had to make overseas visits to reassure Christians that such things won’t happen again. Yet stories of covering up more Anwar-ising stories by the Catholic higher ups did not cease for a long time.

        If the Catholic priests can do lying and sodomizing, what more the pastors of these offshoot organizations such as the DUMC. He probably told his flock of refusing to meet JAIS Officers out of bragging his being berani. He probably rang Alex Lim Guan Eng to come to the Sunday mass in PJ. To exploit the situation and make political propaganda out of it. But I think it’ll boomerang on them. Right into their faces.

  2. never before minorities has the power to shake selangor political landscape in terms of religion. this being said, never before a small band of Chinese chauvinist, can control the religious (so it seems) party called PAS. and never before, few excos of non-muslim and non-malays can actually asked the MB to issues a gag order.and never before an enactment on protelyzation (1988) can now be questioned.

    ahhhh.. these are the reasons selangor chose PKR/PAS over BN.
    good luck selangor people. you deservered it!!

    • Thats right. This happens for the reason of:

      1. MB Khalid Gagap is an Anwarista
      2. MB Khalid Gagap is also a DAP puppet
      3. The Exco with the exception of Dr Hassan Ali is a bunch of Anwar-worshipers
      4. PAS, be it central working committee or Selangor is now controlled by Erdogans, who are Anwaristas in spirit & doctrine
      5. Half of Selangorians think Anwar is a saviour
      6. Unfortunately, UMNO in Selangor is too fucked up esp under Noh Omar & MCA in Selangor now is too oblivion with a spent-bullet leader like Donald Lim

  3. No one can be cpnverted to Christianity, unless they really believe in Jesus Christ. In my opinion, the whole problem falls back on the issue of WHY the poor single mothers need to be helped by a Christian charity. Why isn’t the Government & Muslim agencies doing more to help such people? Pastor Ho as a non-Muslim is not subjected to Muslim law or JAIS. If he is indeed wrong than take the case to Court.

    • No. The issue is why the distribution of copies of the Bibles, even (perhaps especially) to the 12 Muslim dinner guests.

      Help and be charitable to whatever extent you like, but handing out Bibles to them means either you are insensitive to the feelings of Muslims in the country, and/or ignorant of the laws as pointed out in BD’s reply above, or you have some nasty motive.

      As has been pointed out earlier, the Pastor can be charged in Court before he can take the case to Court.

      • why are we having this type of muslims? going to church during fasting month, accepting bible when handed to them (if this allegation is true, by the way)…bcoz the people who was suppose to look after them did not..probably incompetent..

        can’t they refuse the invitation..better to stay at home or mosque to break fast then perform magrib, isyak and terawih.

      • The pastor should have come out clean, explaining who were the 12 Muslims, how come they were there, etc. But the fellow does not even want to see JAIS. Let alone explain why the dinner with Muslims during a fasting month and held in a Church. That in itself speaks volumes of the complicity of the pastor.

        I agree with the view that Christian pastors can lie, too.

  4. It’s interesting to note that Lim Guan Eng was at this morning DUMC service and that he is a Christian. But one wonders why he has not used a Ronnie or Ean or Jimmie Christian name. Neither has his father who idolized Lee Kuan Yew, who, during his university days used the name “Harry”, dropped it and detested his friends calling him that in his DAP “common-people party” life. Maybe it was not fashionable or politically correct to have a Christian name for LKY then as it is for LGE now.

    With LGE a Christian, no wonder that many of the Chinese school dropouts, who mostly end up being members and ardent supporters of the DAP, carry such names as Bobby, Robbie, Wendy and Wimpey. They must be the ones busy arranging the chairs and tables, serving the food and staple at such functions as the DUMC “social dinners”, having Muslim guests at Ramadhan break-fast time. What manpower they have, what a “social service”. What an affront to Muslims.

    But what the hell is the arrogance shown by the Pastor for? If it was genuinely for a social service for the community, helping the poor and needy, spreading goodwill and understanding among mankind, why the arrogance in deliberately refusing to meet JAIS Officers when asked to do so? Who the hell is he? A man of Heaven? And why the revelation of that to the congregation this morning?

    I think it’s time the religious authorities at the Federal level step in and sort this intransigence over the authority of the body set up to administer and enforce the relevant enactment made in pursuit of the Constitutional provision that Islam is “the religion” of the country. I therefore urge the Federal Government to do so and, if necessary, the Rulers and the YDP Agong to weigh in.

    • Its a perfect time for MCA to strike & win the hearts of the Chinese, esp those who are on middle ground.

      MCA more conservative methods would be more palatable to the bigger Chinese population. Its a good opportunity for MCA to relaunch its Selangor campaign & demonstrate clearly this DAP-PAS relationship is actually a myth.

    • Correction:

      DAP in the 1st para above should be read as PAP.

  5. Biggie,

    Interesting enough Mini Emperor LGE is a Christian. I think he is a closet Christian. I think many Penangites are not even aware that he is a Christian. This might not add more points to the predominantly Taoist Penangites.

    His abrasive methods don’t actually come down well with Penangites. As a ‘migrant’ politician, his methods deemed not good by many traditional Penangites.

    Just to share a point.

  6. Just be careful not to play into the hands of the invisible hands which perhaps want to see JAIS being criticised and falls into a defensive mode. Showing respect and sensitivity towards others religion should occur on all sides. Till now no one has really answered as to why the muhibbah dinner where Muslims were invited, was held in a church instead of a neutral place i.e not in a place of worship. That in itself showed insensitivity towards how Muslims would feel.

  7. it’s a pity that Islam is attacked from all corners nowadays…even from people who claim they are from an Islamic party!! Muslims are being helped from time to time by the government through many Islamic foundations. it’s just that the implementation has some faults in it when the religious offices ignore the needs of poor people because of their own doings…

  8. When is the police investigation papers into the Penang event going to be released?

    I’m waiting for Big Dog to be charged and thrown into prison for lying and inciting anti-Christian postings.

    For DUMC case, if JAIS and Big Dog think Pastor Ho has been guilty then please charge him in court immediately.

    Please don’t delay and allow liars to spin, spin and spin this anti-Christian hate to poison our society.

    Still waiting for PDRM for their investigation papers into the Penang event…

    • It’s difficult to imagine a grandma (Opah) stubbornly pursuing her demand for the Police to make public their findings on the investigation of the Penang Red Rock Hotel wanna-Christian-PM and Christian-as-official-religion dinner meeting organized by the DAP Jeffry Ooi group. This person has come out saying this here and there. And a supposedly Kampong grandma at that.

      This could be a DAP activist masquerading as a grandma to get sympathy for his cause. Or a PAS fanatic doing so to prove to the DAP their kow-towing and plugging the DAP line. But I refuse to speculate his link with PKR as PKR is just not worth to talk about.

      In their usual Opposition style, this bloke accuses Big Dog of lying and writing anti-Christian postings without any justification. No explanation as to the word “inciting” he uses, no mention of the fact that the Police investigation itself justified such a posting, and, of course, no reference to the Police report made by the DAP ADUN who bolted from the party in disgust with such DAP tendencies.

      This chappie ought to be sent to the US Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre on an Island where at the last count there are about 200 prisoners held without trial for years. Or told to get lost to the US mainland where the post-WTC-destruction Patriot Act will make him cringe for having brown skin and carrying a Muslim name.

    • They keep it open-ended so that they can capitalize on the mileage. This blog is no where credible that those lying on the other side.

  9. Heard of the riot in London? It seemed the immigrant over there wanted to take a small piece of london and call their own.

    Here the immigrant aready controlled the economy and now eyeing putra jaya

    • Yes, they may be eyeing, bro. But they’ll never reach. Don’t let them reach. Or even be near.

      Their making use of religion for political purposes, in cahoot with the supposedly Islamic party PAS, is one of the many barriers to their reaching Putrajaya.

  10. The Church, the pastors and organisers of the event must have somehow innocently ignorant that the Ramadan month is the time when Muslim are suppose to go to mosques instead of a church. It was after all, a purely charitable event that devoid of any religious connotation.

    During the event, the organisers must have also gave kind reminders to the Muslims to perform the Maghrib prayer with special spaces allocated to them to perform ablution and prayers. You don’t expect nothing less from people who respect the faith of others.

    Chances are our Pusat Zakat and its workers and other Muslim NGOs are now busy looking for those Muslims that are in dire-straits and not receiving any aid other than those kind help from the church with the view to help them out.

    • If the organiser had inadvertantly overlooked on matters such as the Ramadan month and the venue being in the church, they could have quickly apologised. But no, it’s Dr.Hassan who had to take the fall and JAIS being criticised. Respect and sensitive towards others’ religions must occur on all sides. There is a saying that goes – ‘ If one wants a person’s house to be clean, make sure one is clean before entering the person’s house.’

      • Precisely.

        That’s the whole essence of the episode.

        1. MB Khalid Gagap apologize even BEFORE reading JAIS report
        2. DAP was surprisingly very quite about the whole thing
        3. Ostracization of Dr Hassan Ali by Exco, Selangor PAS & now PAS central working commitee
        4. Sr Pastor Ho refusal to meet JAIS Officers & blatantly stating that clearly in his Sunday morning service, which was attended by DAP Sec Gen & bigwigs

        All pointing towards, ‘POLITICISING THE EPISODE’!

        Just like the sudden death of Teoh Beng Hock. Just ‘Kalimah Allah’ episode. Just like the ‘torching of churches’ episode. Just like ‘sale of beer’ episode,

        They are systematically stirring up emotions so that anarchy could come our way!

    • Lordship,

      If the pastors were “innocently ignorant”, why don’t they say so? Why pastor Ho refused to meet JAIS Officers? And arrogantly, perhaps also braggartly, told his congregation on Sunday morning so?

      Surely the pastors knew. They were not born yesterday. And did not come to preach in this country like expatriate priests and nuns of colonial days. One simply wonders how come they got to become pastors in this country. And how politically minded they are.

      How can you say “don’t expect nothing less from people who respect the faith of others”? How precisely do they “respect the faith of others” under those circumstances? More likely a case of arrogance and insensitivity to the religious practices of other faiths. And Islam is “the religion” of the country as stated in the Constitution, mind you.

      And don’t you now say, without justification, that Muslim religious authorities/ NGOs start “looking for those Muslims that are in dire-straits and not receiving any aid other than those kind help from the church with the view to help them out.” What do you mean by saying that? What is your intention in saying that? Remember, I’m asking you, not accusing you .. not yet, unless you don’t provide satisfactory statements.

  11. BD,

    Obviously a heated discussion on this posting, similar to other related postings by BD in the past.

    Since no one has yet come out to say this, I will:

    As a Christian and a Catholic, I DO NOT agree with any attempt by any party to propagate the Christian faith to Malaysians who are Muslim.

    Our Muslim brothers and sisters must be allowed to practice their faith. It is their right and enshrined in the Constitution. Offering them assistance is one thing, but, it should just be assistance and not more.

    I will leave the issues of political agenda etc to other readers to comment.

    • Thank you, bro, for saying the above. And declaring you are a Christian. Now I accept your sincerity in using that name. Though I do wish you’ll also venture into condemning the buggers who politicise religion for their own ends. We must have a peaceful Malaysia. And responsible citizens.

  12. I am a Christian and I want to ask u guys a question, do u all think properly before u all critic Christianity openly in a blog? Please show some respect to us. Even with all the invasion that JAIS did in DUMC, I never see any Christian blogs or anything who puts up comments that shows how we hated Muslim, NOT EVEN ONE. Want to know why? Because the bible says to love our enemies. So there is no need to critic anyone like that. We Christian all these while respect you all(Muslim).

    The more you guys critic openly like this, the more I see the insecurity in all of you. I am challenging you all, if your Allah is so great, prove it through your lifestyle. There is no need to comment certain religious issue with such anger. I don’t think in Al-Quran it teaches you to rage war against other religion and causes strive in this nation.

    I am sorry if my comment is spoken harshly but this is what I feel. So I urge you all please watch what you say in blogs. One little mistake can cause a lot of tension and problem and I don’t think you all want that to happen, right?

    I want to end by saying this : No matter what accusation or hatred you all might have towards us(Christians), I represent all Christian in this nation, and I just to say, we love you all and we are not using our own strength to love all of you, but we know our God loves you all and we are loving all of you as and act of telling our God we love Him and we fulfilling His desire. May God bless all of you. 🙂

    • Thank you.

      This is a Malay Muslim majority nation. For hundreds of years the Malay Muslim majority have been open and tolerant of immigrants and their freedom to practice their faith and religious beliefs freely.

      Even though the nation’s Constitution profess freedom of practicing one’s faith openly and freely, there are specific prohibitions that inhibits and restrain the religious doctrine and/or faith be professed to Muslims.

      Also there are laws against apostasy.

      Yes, Christianity professes ‘love’ in their gospel. All of these negative messages in these comments are not about against Christianity. It is about going against some particular Christians (probably just a minority) who are deliberately breaching the social norms and specific provisions with the Federation of Malaysia Constitution prohibiting of professing the Christian faith and religious doctrines to Malay Muslims.

      If these particular Christians stop all these, then the Malay Muslim majority would not go against Christianity or Malaysian Christians as a whole.

      There is a saying in Malay; “Sebab nila setitik, habis susu sebelanga”

    • Quote: “Because the bible says to love our enemies”

      – are you declaring that Muslims ARE your enemies?

      P.S. is that the freudian slip of the pen (tongue)?

      • i am not saying muslim are our enemies. bible says to love our neighbours(which you guys are) and also our enemies.what is meant here is to love people who are not lovable, not literally enemies. enemies can be define in many ways. For example, it can be someone who has a different thoughts on certain issue. that is what i meant by loving enemies. is my explaination acceptable?

    • Allison, the origin of the problem was when organisers invited Muslims to what they called a social event, held in a church during Ramadan. This in itself is a blatant disrespect to the Muslims. It was like a disaster waiting to happen. Why not held it in a place that is not associated at all with a place of worship? Really, cari pasal. It smacked of a political trap which has indeed worked.

      So, before you even jumped into your ill-conceived and abusive phrasing namely ” if your Allah is so great..’ ( how dare you), please see things in context and dont rush to judgement that we are criticising the Christian religion, because we have not. Show proof that the criticisms have been directed against your religion. In other words ‘we didnt start the fire.’

      • first of all…i am sorry for being a bit harsh on my word..

        to the information i got from a reliable source, it is suppose to be a thankgiving dinner to appreciate those who help make the Dream Centre a success. it is not even held in a church. and is a spirit of 1 malaysia. it is nothing to do with politics. this sort of raid happens not once but twice already and proven that we didn’t have any intention to make this nation a christian nation. that is the reason why nobody actually being put to prison.

        before you say you all didnt start the fire, i want to ask u a question. do u heard of any stories which says other religion(in this case christians) raid into a mosque? no right? but why do JAIS raid into a centre for HIV/AIDS(which the newspaper says is a church) without a warrant? You a may not have the intention to start the fire, but that action as a result start the fire. i have seen so many blogs( which majority commentators are of muslims) criticizes worst than this blog. so there is no way i jump into concluson when i say muslim criticizes openly.

        is very ashame that nation, which use to be a nation everyone honours, have something like that happen. i am deeply concern of what our nation will turn into if this kind of issue keeps coming up…

    • Allison

      Then why were there bibles in Malay and quizzes on Islam, if it is meant to be social in nature?

      I think you should get your facts (from whatever source) RIGHT first before accusing Muslims of openly criticising your religion.

      Islam is the official religion, in case you’re unaware.

  13. Allison

    If you feel that the discussions here were against Christianity as a whole, then those few desperate politicians would have been successful in creating a culture of suspicion and hatred.

    The expressions of disgust here are targetted at the minority of politicians who is trying to use religion to grab power, not against Christianity at all.

    We don’t thnk that all Christians are bad just because several pastors and nuns have sexually abused the boys and girls in their care.

    So when these errant politicians abuse their positions for political mileage by going against the proselytizing laws, then Muslims have the right to express anger.

  14. Allison, you have failed to see things in perspective and had used too much obfuscation and euphemism which underscored the point that you just don’t get it.

    Firstly, please see the comments made by BD concerning Article 11.4 of the Federal Constitution and you’d understand why JAIS entered the premise. Even then, it had to negotiate to enter the premise. Yet you and people like you, used the word raid to sensationalise things. Raid is when one stormed forcibly into a premise with a modus operandi of a SWAT team. This smacked of another form of a politicisation of the issue.

    And now the DUMC which stands for Damansara Utama Methodist Church has suddenly become according to you ‘not a church’. The attempt at discrepancy is very telling.

    Anyway, I can think of an example of a group of boisterous opposition supporters from various religious background entering a mosque to prevent a certain person from taking a ‘sumpah laknat’. You have a very short memory, then.

    The nation is ok, just like it has always been unless there are certain groups who deliberately try to defy the Federal Constitution and upset the strategic balance that has been founded by the drafters and framers of the Federal Constitution.

    • Great
      I agreed with you Mr. Postgrad. they is certain group of peoples living here always not sincere and no thanksgiving. I wonder why British Colonial not screen them first before entering Tanah Melayu during that century. May be can minimize negative virus spread over here and this land peacefully living by the right peoples.


  15. Hello hello, calling calling allison

    Are you there?

    Any final say?

  16. […] ditangkap dan kitab injil berbahasa Melayu diedarkan antara mereka. Disamping itu, ketua gereja ini Paderi Kanan Daniel Ho secara lantang enggan hadir ke ibu pejabat JAIS apabila diminta untuk bekerjasama bagi melengkapkan […]

  17. Every races in this country must hear about Jesus…go on pastor daniel,fear God only not human

  18. Whatever the rattling going back and forth..two issues must pass the stamp of truth and transparency which hopefully LGE will come away absolutely tall with being:-

    1. Would LGE please speak out as to whether he was in the Church attending the event with Teresa and Hannah?

    2. And do they know the difference between the usage of Allah in the Bible and in Quran?

    Well by Lord we will leave it to LGE or the many LGE proxies in the comment thread to pick up on this.

    Nice day to all.

  19. […] Khalid sebagai MB Selangor begitu pantas memohon maaf kepada Pastor Kanan Ho kerana siasatan JAIS keatas DUMC itu, sedangkan Ho enggan bertemu pegawai JAIS untuk membantu siasatan. […]

  20. […] the record, Sr Pastor was very reluctant to co-operate with JAIS to facilitate the investigation of the protelyz… under the auspices of […]

  21. Only God knows the heart of a man, one can profess to be a good this and that but it doesn’t matter because
    “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness.” Turning the things of God into politics is wickedness and suppressing the truth of how things are really in this country is also wickedness. But judgement day will come.

  22. […] the immediate Sunday mass at DUMC after the ‘Ops Sita’, DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng, Selangor Exco and DAP ADUN for Kinrara Theresa Kok and DAP ADUN …. The message is clear. Any attempt for minority to challenge the majority, is very much inline with […]

  23. […] Church dimana dipercayai hampir 100 orang Melayu sedang menjalani proses pengKristianisasi, Lim bersama pemimpin DAP lain Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor Teresa Kok dan ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Y… untuk menyatakan sokongan kepimpinan DAP kepada […]

  24. magnificent issues altogether, you simply gained a new reader.
    What may you suggest in regards to your put up that you just made some days in the past?
    Any positive?

  25. […] on the DUMC and combative on the JAIS discovery of the protelysation activities. There on, they use political platforms to manipulate any actions taken against what ever and whenever any attempts to weed out any protelysation of the Malays is […]

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