Penangites short-changed by ‘migrant’ streams of politicians?

Penang is the most industrious island in the nation. Apparently, after the ‘Political Tsunami’ on 8 March 2008 Penang State Government has been filled by ‘migrants‘ instead of indigenous Penangites as per under Barisan Nasional.

Penangites then had so much hopes when they gave the Opposition the mandate and kicked out Koh Tsu Koon’s BN out. DAP having the most seat in the tri-party-unholy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-strange-backstabbing-bedfellows assumed the Chief Minister position. One of the Deputy Chief Minister is also a DAP man.

Unfortunately, some of the strategic post in Penang are filled with Non Penangites. The most apparent is Chief Minister is Lim Guan Eng. He is a Melaka born and had been serving Melakans for a long time. He even speak with the wrong Hokkien twang to blend seamlessly with Penangites.

How and why Penangites allowed an outsider to manage them and their affairs is baffling. Appearing at Damansara Utama Methodist Church in Petaling Jaya semalam is a proof on suspicion by many that Lim is a closet Christian. If it is true he had embraced Christianity, then he is now a CEO of a state where the majority Chinese are predominantly Taoist.

Penangites should have insisted that a DAP Penang veteran Wong Hon Wai to be the Chief Minister.

Then there are Non Penangites in the Exco like P Ramasamy who was born in Sitiawan, Perak, Chow Kon Yeow who is from Kuala Lumpur and Mansor Osman, who is a Kedah born man.  MP for Jelutong Jeff Ooi who is Chief of Staff in the CM’s Office is a Pendang-born chap and Bukit Bendera MP Party Strategist Liew Chin Tong hails from Selangor.

These Non Penangites are actually causing a lot of issues if not problems for Penangites. The recent spat between Ooi and Exco in-charge of Housing Wong Hon Wai is reflective of the DAP team attempting to manage Penang isn’t really working well together.

Jeff Ooi let off with warning

2011-08-06 11:24

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 (Bernama) — DAP central committee member and Member of Parliament for Jelutong, Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun was let off with just a warning by the party’s Disciplinary Committee (DC) today for attacking a fellow party member, who is also Penang state Exco member Wong Hon Wai, in the media.

DC chairman Tan Kok Wai said after listening to Ooi’s testimony at the party headquarters here, the committee has decided to issue a “stern warning” to Ooi, who is also chief of staff of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

“He has breached party discipline by resorting to the media without exhausting all available internal avenues. This in turn has tarnished the party’s name and image,” Tan told reporters after the hearing.

Ooi had previously been involved in exchanging bards with fellow DAP colleague, Wong, in the media over the latter’s purported failure to get sufficient data on applicants for low cost apartments in Batu Lanchang, since he was the state Exco in charge of housing.

Ooi even went a step further by calling for Wong’s resignation over the matter.

The feud came out in the open when Wong claimed that Ooi did not do his homework when submitting a name list of 178 people who applied to buy low-cost houses in his constituency.

Ooi then retaliated, saying it was a “baseless claim” and called on Wong, whom he labelled as a “little Napoleon,” to resign from his post. Explaining the DC’s decision today, Tan said Ooi’s was given a warning because of the uncalled-for name-calling of Wong which the DC deemed as something that “does not sit well with the public.”

“His remarks will only lead to party’s disrepute” said Tan while stating that the Penang administration has been receiving praise for being a “model state” and the matter Ooi raised did not help solve any grievances of the people.

“Jeff as an MP (member of parliament) and Lim Guan Eng’s chief of staff should act as a party leader who knew how to demonstrate unity among colleagues and use proper channels to raise the matter.

“DAP’s reputation, which has been painstakingly built over 46 years, could be easily destroyed by this kind of action,” he said.

Earlier, Ooi when meet by reporters after giving his testimony said he was ready to face any decision taken by the DC, if they found him under any offence and hoped the DC would also have the “wisdom” to haul Wong for his explanation.

However, Tan explained later it was not necessary to call up Wong


This suspiciously looking that DAP Secretary General who is also the Chief Minister is applying some degree of favourtism and ‘intervention”, so that one of his own is not reprimanded too hard. Even at the expense of Penangites. The fact that Ooi was just let off with a warning is reflective of the fact that Penangites have been short-changed with this migrant politicians running their administration business.

In business terms, the current DAP didn’t do much better for the state compared to when it was under BN. In fact, under BN Penang saw a steady economic growth and investment. Then again Chinese Chauvinist DAP Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is unable to do math very well.  There are more complaints against the Penang State Government now as compared to the aggregated complaints against the BN Government for almost 40 years.

In hindsight, Penangites are better having one of their running their affairs.

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  1. Salam Bro. Being let off easily proves that DAP is biased when it comes to one of their own.

  2. A CM in penang cannot be a CHRISTIAN ? as most of penang people are taoist ? Religion ? what is that got to do with politics ?

    • It is hypocritical to dismiss the role of religion in politics. Politics incorporate ideologies which in turn are synthesis of an array of values and beliefs which may or may not include religion as one of its core struggles. In Scandinavia there exists the Christian Democrat Party and in Malaysia there is PAS. Having said that, religion may not necessarily be the key influencing factor that determines the acceptance or rejection of a political leader, if there exists other factors such as race, a desire for change, or accidental victory due to the sudden surge in support , albeit temporary support from certain section of the society or even support from a party that ironically is religious-based.

  3. DAP had a good chance to show that they are a party of fair governance.
    Alas, LGE fell for his affection to Jeff Ooi, just like Badawi to his Khairy or Nik Aziz to his SIL.
    In may be natural for LGE without knowingly hurting other parties to favour his friends, just like his father favouring him and his wife in party matters, that these lines are blurred.
    We hope that the members of DAP can strengthen their leadership and bring true democracy into DAP, to inspire the people to truly support the DAP.

    • How clueless can a politician be if he ‘without knowingly hurting other parties to favour his friend..’ ? So, being clueless cannot be ‘ a priori ‘ to fair governance, can it?

    • In a party that has favouritism, cronyism and dynasty-ism, how can members “bring true democracy into DAP”? And they have the gall to accuse others of such!

      How can they “inspire the people to truly support the DAP”? No such thing. Those who support DAP are only the frustrated, the disaffected, the non-Constitution respecting fellows. And they are
      frustrated because they don’t respect the Constitution. How can they be Constitution-respecting when they do not accept the National Language, the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, and lately, even Islam as the religion of the country.

      Someone wrote in Ridhuan Tee blog about a 62 year-old retired Universiti Pertahanan Professor (Idris?) joining DAP and counted the number of Malays joining that party in the last 46 years. He could give only 3 names, including a dead one. Like Tengku Aziz and others before him, Idris joined conceivably because of the chance to get a party position quickly, though what responsibilities given him may not be meaningful.

      DAP has been racist and anti-Malay since its inception. They are skillful, intriguing and adapt at manipulating (calling their scheme Malaysian Malaysia etc) such that whatever pro-Malay thing they adopt is only apparent and not real. Jeffry Ooi, as the chief of staff of MacDonald Lim Guan Eng (he has become Christian, hasn’t he?), is there to promote the semblance of Malay help to the people of Penang. One wonders how many Malays there were in his list of housing beneficiaries that was said to have caused the spat with the fellow DAP in-charge of housing in Penang. Alas, spit and spat, Ooi got away with just a warning because he is MacDonald Lim’s tool for promoting DAP policies.

  4. Thank God for the fact that people have woken from political slumber after the 2008 tsunami to really smell the DAP coffee which BTW is not brewed in Penang.


    If LGE stays on in Penang and insists on Harry Pottering his personal interests, DAP will not win Penang in the next GE. The murmur on the ground by many Penang Chinese who supported the DAP to get Pak Lah out are more then happy to see the Melaka kiddo go home.

  5. […] to apply land parcels for themselves, when they initially said they would never do so. There are ‘separate rules’ for migrant politicians being brought into Penang, just to strengthen the DAP ‘inner circle of the circus […]

  6. This articles only prove that BN supporters are only “see-through” mirrior coated with race, religion, politics and state.
    Wake up please, we are now in 21 century, we are talikng above globalisation.
    Believe me, DAP will still win handsomely in Penang and Penang people still LOVE LGE

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