Is Malaysia Airports for sale?

Now that Fernandes got 20.5% of Malaysia Airlines for almost a song and soon to call the shots, one wonders what his next prey would be?

Would he want to control Malaysia Airports?

That proposition would not be too far fetched. In a matter of fact, it would be very much up his avenue. After having a very successful low cost carrier and two days ago inked a ‘share swap’ deal which got him the controls of a much needed Tier-5 airline, controlling airports would synergise the whole Tune Group business-turned-empire. Especially he already tried to use Sime Darby and build a dedicated low cost carrier airport somewhere near Labu.

That failed.

And he did not stop there. He was said to try his luck using Perak Menteri Besar Dato Seri Dr Zambry A Kadir. Parit Buntar is the most commercially viable spot for the dedicated LCCT airport for the North.

Malaysia Airports is a very good corporation to go after. They manage 39 airports in the country and four others abroad. The annual turnover is RM 1.1 billion where profits are recorded at RM 266 million. The most prized asset of Malaysia Airports is the new KLIA II LCCT, which would be completed end of next year. Currently, KLIA (with present LCCT) is handling 34 million passengers with 244,000 aircraft movements annually. In five years time, it would be raised to 50% more, where KLIA II would be expecting 30 million travelers through the dedicated LCCT terminal complex. Thus, it would be best to go for the kill in the soonest opportunity arises.

For the record, AirAsia have been owing Malaysia Airports a lot of dues. In 2008, then Minister of Transport reported to Parliament AirAsia owed RM 110 million. As of earlier this year, AirAsia is still owing RM 103 million. That is almost 10% of Malaysia Airports’ annual turnover.

Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid

Of course, Managing Director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid would be needed to be rid off first. Just like Tengku Azmil. He was shown the door the hour they inked the ‘share swap’ deal. Bashir would be in the way of Fernandes, who would want to call the shots.

Now, wouldnt all these be realistic? Probably. Let’s see what will transpire soon. Or maybe sooner than some would never imagine. We are willing to bet that your guess is as good as ours; CIMB would probably be the deal-maker again for this.

*Updated Friday 12 Aug 2011 0030hrs

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  1. Salaam Tuan,

    Bashir and Tony sama sama Machar lah,

    • Not from where I’m standing. Not from where most of the people who knows both of them. Bashir cant tolerate an ular like Tony!

  2. good doggie,
    now slaughter makin and omar ong. I heard omar would be receiving a handsome cut from tony’s achievement.

    pls do some digging and tell me the sum

  3. Bro,
    That is a natural progression. Adding value to shareholders of the company with the help of those in the corridors of power. Make hay while the sun shines.
    With nobody powerful enough who dares to oppose, consider it a done deal.

  4. Tuan BD

    I suggest very strongly that the immediate past MD Tengku Azmil be interviewed. I think we have the right to know what really happened at the MAS, particularly in he last week he was there.

    When you have the appointment, let us know so we can send you a list of questions to ask him.

    Thank you very much.

    Economist Kampong

    • I support that.
      Call in the Marines.

  5. CIMB means …….. Bin Razak.

  6. Tony’s next target is Proton – heard he will team up with NAZA.

    • This keling got a bone to pick up with proton. But what he really want is lotus. In the process he could destroy a few people in proton

      • Actually, Tony want to be the first Christian PM,,

      • Fatso, exatly my thought.

        He could become a muslim ( in name only) and accordingly will becomw a melayu like a few black-looking malays around: join UMNO and become PM…QED…

        Then he can get all the GLCs he wants

  7. When those in power dismiss strategic and critical thinking in favour of dollars and sense only without looking at protecting strategic interest, their judgement become faulty and consideration become hasty. When it involves a national air carrier like MAS, any plans concerning it could have been made more transparent.

  8. Really miss the leadership, vision and courage of Tun Mahathir, our former PM.

    • UMNO must now look for and back leaders with vision and courage. And a strategy of winning PRU13 by other than pandering to the wishes of the greedy fellows.

      I suggest TS Muhyiddin.

      • *Comments deleted

        Since you prefer to use this comment section for your political propaganda instead sharing your thoughts in context of the posting, your privilege to share your thoughts in this blog has been revoked indefinitely.

      • Pakatan is not an alternative as it is more racist and chauvinist. It is not a choice at all. Pakatan will spend the 1st. 100 days squabbling for posts in the govt, and the rest of its mandate period blaming on others, except themselves.

      • Yeah, where got Pakatan an alternative? They are just a bunch of racists (DAP), lembus cucuk hidung (PAS) and main belakang fellows (PKR).

        Aiyya boy, you don’t even realize DAP got dynasty ha? Talk about cronyism!

    • I had just watched the 1 hour program called EMPIRE on Aljazeera. Tonight the topic was the IMF. One of the panel a lady Dr Ann (something) was commending Iceland and now Egypt for rejecting the IMF loans and rescue plan.

      The did not mentioned Malaysia and Tun’s very courageous decision NOT to take the IMF ‘opium’. Suharto did. The Indonesians went to hell on earth. They decided to send him there.

      Thailand did take the IMF psychopathic pills. Today she is still reeling in political and economic withdrawals.

      YES we miss you Tun. Take care of your health. We hope to see you around for quite a while yet.

      Economist kampong

    • I had just watched the 1 hour program called EMPIRE on Aljazeera. Tonight the topic was the IMF. One of the panel a lady Dr Ann (something) was commending Iceland and now Egypt for rejecting the IMF loans and rescue plan.

      She did not mention Malaysia and Tun’s very courageous decision NOT to take the IMF ‘opium’. Suharto did. The Indonesians went to hell on earth. They decided to send him there.

      Thailand did take the IMF psychopathic pills. Today she is still reeling in political and economic withdrawals.

      YES we miss you Tun. Take care of your health. We hope to see you around for quite a while yet.

      Economist kampong

  9. How come giant company like MAS airline with lot of assets get to be bought by kancil company like Air Asia. Like ECM Libra. And CIMB is invoved again…oh my god, this same bank did the take over on Bank Bumiputra, This bin Razak guy is really a sell out. No feeling for nationalism and a terrible staunch capitalist.

    • He can be a capitalist all he wants. But not selling out the Malays. Not at the expense of Malay interests.

      Bloody hell, he and the likes of him don’t even seem to acknowledge the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. And it was bapak dia yang gubalkan DEB. What utter …

      • Don’t forget, CIMB was also involved with the MEGA merger of SYNERGY DRIVE = SIME DARBY. What a total disaster!

  10. BD,

    The Malaysia Airports deal is a bit of a stretch,but, then again, if you had said 6 months ago that Air Asia would come to own part of MAS, people would have laughed at you. So, who knows?

    I hope it becomes clearer to all your readers who are the hidden hands behind these mega deals?

    Who benefits most from these arrangements?

    Who are the few that will be laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of the majority?

    If there is any kind of VSS or head count reduction exercise after this deal is concluded, who do you think will be affected most? If we checked with the MAS HR department, would we find that the majority of the MAS staff are Chinese or Indian?

    I’m surprised that Ibrahim Ali hasn’t come out with some kind of statement on this deal. Isn’t there a Malay agenda to defend here?

    It’s easy to hurl abuse / blame / point fingers at Tony Fernandes, because he is the face of Air Asia, BUT, did he do all this on his own?

    Did this “keling” as one of your readers has referred to him, accomplish all this by himself? If that is the case, I would be most impressed….we should be calling him “super keling”

    No, this “keling” had a lot of assistance from behind the scenes as you are well aware of. And, I’m sure you will agree, that the people behind the scenes were not all “keling”.

    • “becomes clearer to all your readers” –

      You know something we don’t? Et tu brute? Just keep to yourself, not telling, eh?

      • @ Zen,

        I’m learning from BD’s postings just like anyone else. Nice of you to just pick one sentence in my comment to reply to.

        Does that mean you agree with the rest of the comment? Just asking….

  11. Biggie,

    This posting actually you telling us Malaysia Airports actually isn’t for sale. It’s a prize ship just waiting to be boarded by the marauding pirate captain Tony “Greedy Ular” Fernandes, isn’t it?

    Just saw his tweet calling Malaysia Airports of being a monopoly.

    If he is not a MONOPOLY (AIrAsia-MAS-Malaysia Airports), then who is????

    This is really classic case of POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK, literally!

    • If he’s “keling”, he’s already black, bro!

      Sori going on this line, fellas, but too much to bear hearing someone so monopoly-inclined as he is calling MA a monopoly.

      Btw, he’s of Portuguese descent, isn’t he? Same as Tun-Toh Puan whatever – Tun Dol’s wife. And he got a lot of boost during Tun Dol’s time, didn’t he?

  12. BD,

    Since we are on the topic of MAS / AIR ASIA and all things related, what do you make of the below article?


    Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz confirmed that it was the government’s proposal to settle all outstanding cases between Tajudin and the GLCs.


    Is it taxpayers’ dollars that will be used to settle the outstanding cases? If not, how exactly does the Government plan to settle the cases?

    It must be nice to be Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli……life is good.

  13. […] Read more here.  Rate this: Share this:ShareFacebookStumbleUponDiggTwitterRedditEmailPrintLinkedInLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  14. I think we have to stop blaming Tony and Nizar. These are businessmen. Their behavior is predictable. Make money. Nizar’s bonus is tied to how much money he makes for his shareholders.

    The real issues are with the Chairman and MD of Khazanah for NOT safeguarding our strategic national assets. And let us not forget the final decision have to come from PM Najib. He has the final say in all these matters.

    Recent events shows that he is NOT safeguarding our strategic political interests and sovereign rights.

    From the look of it — the the next GE (13) is already decided. It would be a bloody mess. Perkasa will have to field its own candidates and withdraw its support for UMNO. Its members will pressure PERKASA to field its own candidates. They feel that UMNO can no longer be expected to do anything logical or patriotic.

    If in the last GE UMNO lost because of protest votes, I think the same fate will befall PAS and the DAP. The cool headed Chinese that supported DAP would now have to think very very hard. The DAP is no longer fighting for the chinese. It had been hijacked by the DAP christian chinese yo serve their own narrow evangelical cause.

    You buddhists and taoists had been had. Your efforts to cultivate the support of the liberal Malays and thus your chances of going to putra jaya had been rudely cancelled out by these DAP christian zealots.

    I think independents will do well. Many will vote for you. YBs like Wee Choo Keong, Zulkifli Nordin, and many others certainly have my and my friends’ votes. We hope many of your types would be available to us to choose come GE13.

    Long Live thinking Malaysians

    Economist Kampong

    • Interesting views. But I doubt if the vast majority of us are thinking Malaysians. Fed up and frustrated Malaysians there’ll be aplenty. I agree that GE13 will be a bloody mess.

      I think it possible that BN majority will be further reduced. That Perkasa will field their own candidates and do well. So would independents. They might be bought over to strengthen BN majority. A lot of politicians will become rich overnight. Corruption will get uglier.The country will go to the dogs. I hope Najib will get ousted.

      If Anwar is not imprisoned by GE13, he’d cause havoc. The wily old fellow still has some unspent bullets and can pull some crowd. True, the thinking Chinese will get fed up with DAP but the sex video MCA President will not be able to pull the crowd. Not unless they go down to the ground in an intensive campaign starting right from now. But even they are supporting the Christians. And their politics of arrogance – no seats in government if Chinese don’t vote them – will not work.

      So, it’s getting extremely difficult to predict the results of GE13. What is becoming clearer is that Najib’s politics of acquiescence to non-Malay and non-Muslim demands will lose him many votes from the thinking Malays. I do hope Najib will be ousted.

  15. Tuan,
    It seems like since Bersih 2.0, Mister PM has been backpaddling and abit lost.
    IMHO, he is fast becoming Pak Lah 2.0 with all these (in)decisions.
    How many votes from MAS staffs will BN lose?
    How many votes from observers such as myself who – although thinks Airasia has help alot of people to travel, but still thinks MAS is a national pride that should be guarded- has he lost?
    If I am not mistaken, he did mention once that politic is a game of perception.
    The perception that all of our treasures are up for sale, and that the PM is either helpless to do anything or worse – in cohorts, are terrifying.
    There are only so much duit raya he can give out as PM, but this deal really hurts.
    The AIRAsia – MAS swap deal could possibly be the final nail on the coffin

    • Perhaps the PM could listen less to his advisors around him and use his own judgement call. He should step up to the plate and tackle head on, simmering issues that affect the strategic balance of this country. Just look at how David Cameron used his executive leadership to resolve the UK riots and hauled the perpetrators to justice.He did it decisively and swiftly without fear of being criticised by rights group etc. People are watching and the oppositions are probably rubbing their hands in glee to see people are pretty confused about what’s going on in the country.

  16. […] instead of being cannibalised by Fernandes and friends in this ‘share-swap’ deal and the fear of Malaysia Airports would be next. Let us all eye ball the game at […]

  17. Kepada PNB dan Bank Negara,

    Anak syarikat PNB dirompak lagi. Jika dahulu Sime Darby dirompak oleh
    Special Vehicle, kini Maybank pula menjadi target dengan menjadi Special Vehicle untuk memberi wang tunai 6 billion kepada Syahril Shamsuddin dan Mokhzani Mahathir. Ye anak Mahathir akan dapat wang tunai dari pembelian oleh Maybank syarikat Syahril dan Mohzani.

    Ini bukan pertama kali Syahril menipu bank dengan menaikkan nilai syarikat yang hendak di beli ber puluh kali ganda dari nilai sebenar. Semasa membina Sapura Crest juga dia telah bekerjasama dengan Nazri Razak siapa lagi untuk menilai syarikat minyak yang dibelinya lebih tinggi dari pendapatannya.

    Yang menjadi tandatanya adalah apakah keuntungan keatas Maybank dan pemegang saham PNB yang dipunyai oleh orang Melayu dengan memberi berbillion ringgit kepada anak Mahathir dan Syahril? Sudah lah begitu, Mohkzani siang2 lagi kata keuntungan tidak dijanjikan lebih dari sekarang!

    Jadi kenapa Maybank beria-ia meminjam wang untuk diberikan kepada Mahathir? Diharap PNB dan Bank Negara dapat membantutkan kedua penyamun ini dari mengambil duit dari syarikat Melayu. SPRM juga perlu mengkaji siapa dalang nya.

    Kekayaan Petronas perlu dikhaskan untuk Melayu seperti dalam Perlembagaan. Dan ini memerlukan pendekatan nasional supaya dividen dapat dirasai oleh semua umat Melayu
    bukan hanya anak Mahathir dan kuncu-kuncunya.

    sudah tiba masanya umat Melayu bangun dan menangkap Azman Mokhtar, Nazir Razak kuncu- Binafikir Tengku Zafrul yang sekian lama merompak MAS, Sime Darby dan Maybank dan lain2 GLC kepunyaan Melayu.

    • Anak Mahathir tu Melayu juga so apa salah mereka dapat kekayaan yang besar, asalkan ini untuk Melayu maka tiada salah dari konsep NEP.

  18. That is why Najib must GO !

  19. Najib must GO! I agree.

    UMNO is too riddled with corrupt people like Nazir Razak, Azman Mokthar Nur Jazlan Mohamed, budak2 Binafikir who thought of the ingeneous MAS rescue sic.

    The kampung Malays dont understand it. So this Raya go back and explain that corrupt Malays have taken over UMNO leadership.

    The top 40 richest people are Chinese, Indians and Mahahtir sons. They own more than the national reserve.

    Malaysia is very rich with oil but Petronas contract only benefits Mahathir sons and Sharil Shamsuddin.

    We Malays should have a new start with a new party. If not Perkasa even KITA.

    Najib love his family too much. His wife as Education Minister coming with education policy. His brother Nazir Razak acting as Transport Minister deciding on MAS and flight routes.

    Acting as Finance Minister as he gobbled up commission giving unwanted Special vehicle which cost many malays to lose their CEO post so that he earn millions from Sime Darby and MAS Air Asia.

    How could a CIMB manager decide what is good for Malaysia air transport.

    So it is obvious that Najib is making Malays a laughing stock.

    A new party will get rid of all the UMNO hangers on. Aku bukan cari harta..says pak lah solemnly but aku cari food for oil untuk menantu ku. and Najib and I seek commission for my brother.

    And Mahathir, if the Malay share everything equally then we would only be sharing poverty. Therefore let my son be the richest men.

    UMNO as a special vehicle has done its job. There is nothing it can contribute anymore. Budak2 bodoh dah hijack UMNO.

    Sekarang Melayu has more intellectual and with the internet wie can govern and share Malaysias wealth more evenly.

  20. […] Whether this could be done or not (the fact that Jauhar’s been appointed) is not a material fact in this. Fernandes has been trying to bite more than he could chew. Almost three hers ago, he attracted a lot of attention when he tried to use Sime Darby to develop a purpose built low cost carrier airport in Labu. After able to convince Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, sources within talked about the proposal of Tune Air Group talking over Malaysia Airports Holdingd Bhd. […]

  21. […] alone. Sources within said soon after able to pounched onto Malaysia Airlines successfully, he was ultra quick to make his moves on Malaysia Airports. This is expected of him as once, he harboured to intention to control his own airport and wiggled […]

  22. […] 11 August, we scooped a story about the intention of a particular conniving businessman, who tried his best to …). The attention raised foiled the attempt. At least, to many it was a situation where ‘a […]

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