Anwarista Melayu yang sebenarnya anti-Melayu

Kami tidak mahu banyak berbicara untuk posting kali ini. Biarlah video video ini ditonton dan dinilaikan oleh pembaca BigDogDotCom:

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  1. What a load of hog wash? dah macam mat salleh lah tu. Ada opinion on everything.

    • Tengok mukanya pun aku dah menyampah. Belum lagi klik play. Liberal Malay ni elok dibuang ke laut aja.

    • ini lah contoh melayu haprak.hopeless and desperate guy.

  2. The real cartoon speaks!

  3. The long-haired man does not even speak well, with his mispronunciations peppering and spattering his speech.

    His switch from Malay to English and vice-versa in mid sentences denotes a poor command of both Malay and English.

    His education must have been disrupted by his overly “active” mind. If he imagines himself as an intellectual, he’s sadly delusional.

    As for the liberalised Malay, well, tradition and culture, packaged with warts and all should be upheld as it forms a part of your self identity. England still has her royalty, as with many other countries.

    The cartoonist might feel anger if anyone were to express honest opinions about his wife, mother and children. If he truly believes in freedom of expression, he should be prepared for brutal views against his loved ones, sans all decorum and basic respect. Wonder if he’s okay with the term “keling”.

  4. mamat ni lepak kat Bangsar, campor ngan budak2 U dropouts… I know.. he might remember me.. and tian chua too… thought aku langsung tak sapa cina tu..

  5. These guys probably suffer from chronic low self esteem and had to run down other Malays to make them feel good. Not to mention that they , at some point , were surely beneficiaries of the DEB. They acted as if they were the final arbiter of the Malays. The more they put their own perspective about the Malays, the more they descended into the depth of their own spin and fairy tales. Their generalisation of the Malays are pseudo science or bad science.

    The one who told the story of Hang Nadim got the facts all mixed up. Actually, it wasn’t the Sultan who saw Nadim as a threat, but the advisers around him who pursuaded the Sultan that Nadim could be a future threat, thus he should be eliminated. This is pretty hilarious as a wrong fact about history made him not a credible speaker much less to talk accurately to the mainly Chinese audience, about Malay feudal system.

    And the whole affair looked shoddy and shady , putting the general Malays on trial by these Malay speakers. They remind me of the Sultan’s advisers who pursuaded the Sultan to pass judgement on Nadim and to eliminate little Nadim.

  6. Apalling. Disgusting. Denigrating and laughing at your own race in front of a largely Chinese crowd which joined in the fun, laughing and some probably believing what’s being said.

    The long-haired bloke is a lost soul. And a lost sole, too. He’ll walk about like a deformed person. Imbalanced physically and deformed mentally as well. Sad. Very sad. He is a very pitiful fellow.

    He is such an inferiority complex stricken chap. He should be given copies of – and made to read – the books published by the Historical Society of Malaysia (established since British colonial days) – “The Malay Civilization”, 2007, and “Tamadun Alam Melayu”, 2009.

    The books put out the scores of research and studies scientifically carried out since the mid-19th Century by linguists, anthropologists, archaeologists etc, showing that the Malays have existed some 6,000 years ago, originating in the Malay Archipelago (not in Yunan, south China as postulated by some and became current for about 30 years from 1932), could even have predated Chinese history and culture, and that the term Proto Malays (Orang Asli), Deutero Malays (the Constitutional Malays etc), Malayo-Polynesians and Austronesians refer to the Large Family of Malays known as Rumpun Melayu, having their own indigenous cultural excellence, like rice cultivation even earlier than the Chinese, boat, ship building an navigational skills that overawed even the ancient Chinese.
    Just because the chap disagrees with the politics of UMNO does not entitle him to betray his own race. In the days of Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, he would have been dragged to the beach, stretched face downwards on the sand, sodomized with a sharpened bamboo – a treatment called “di sula”. Alas, these days, only Anwar Ibrahim does the sula-ing. Of a different kind. Damn.

    • Yes, the Rumpun Melayu of about 350 million people altogether. Stretching from the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu (Malay Archipelago, from Semenanjong Tanah Melayu, Borneo, the Indonesian and Filippino islands), right up to Madagascar, South Africa, west to Christmas Island, Austratlia, New Zealand, Polynesia and the Pacific islands right up to Hawai.

      Now politically and religiously divided by imperialism, colonialism and religious expansionism.

      But what the bloody hell. Fellows like the long-haired son of a so and so and Anwar would not care two hoots so long as they think they can get some votes. One wonders if they’d sell their mothers for the sake of votes.

  7. My friends , this MeatHead named Hishamuddin Rais is a distorted figure . He has always been in detachment of his freedom from being pro Establishment . And after few decades he has now turned into an extremely ANARCHIST minded .

    I am imagining him in a cartoon portrait of a person who wears beard , horns on his head and with a seedy figure . With that discomposure , he indiscriminately and horridly ready to beheaded by guillotine anyone who happen to be on his path of radicalism . He administers us to confusion and creates misunderstanding in our thoughts to be in emulation .

    His negative sense is deeply rooted . A person who has no sense of authority and rule . An Anarchist claims , ‘ stands for liberation of human mind from dominion of religion ; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property ; liberation from the shackles and restraints of government ‘ .

    He is an extreme attribution of a senseless radical . His radicalism of an Anarchist denounced any type of social order , neglect the order of Government , public morality and disregard of law . To him that he is born good and his goodness is corrupted by the the power structure of the Government . Therefore , any form of Government of today or the next is illegitimate and by that the Government is not entitled to demand obedience from the people . This is because an Anarchist believes in individual autonomy by that he is branded as an Atheist or Agnostic . To him , it is alright ?

    • Pls don’t discount the possibility that he has been afflicted with one or more of various types of mental disorder.

      A man of many moods and strange ways of thinking. Manifesting themselves when he forgot to take his pills. Or deliberately chose not to, planning to get high and amuse himself at the foreign influenced and partly foreign-financed nasty Malaysiakini.

    • Well said Mr GM, its sad to hear this lost soul condemned his own race in his own country…… The Malays should castigate him for his insensitive remarks!!

  8. What they say make sense. The comments above are from the type of people speakers were talking about. Blindly obedient to government and cannot think outside the box

    • You have a box? What box, pray tell.

      Box bocor one, ha?

      Haba haba.

    • The speakers are only obedient to their masters, and dancing to a tune played by a mad man. Their take on the Malays were made to please the audience who wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. A silly game of vote buying that embarasses the tenets of democracy.

    • Yo obe

      They may gain some respect if they could come up with a 5-year plan of concrete measures to “liberate” the Malay mind/psyche.

      As it is, they are just condemning UMNO specifically. That in itself smacks of a political agenda. True activists never just condemn and relax one corner. They take proactive action.

      These pseudo-intellectuals have flawed arguments – factual errors, mocking tone, shots in the dark, masuk bakul angkat sendiri – definitely not leadership material.

      They are however good loudspeakers for a narrow political agenda, akin to stand-up comedians.

    • Oi, Kartunis Zunar tu buat sindiran murder kpd PM. Sama dgn tuduhan. Bukan tu political? Menuduah orang murder tanpa bukti dan berselindung disebalik kartun. Banyak cantik punye muka. Katun bukan lesen kebal buat tuduhan macam-macam.

      Apa, 4 sekawan tu cakap gospel truth ke? Kita tak boleh terima jadi kita blindly follow goverment, is that it?

      Sedih saya tengok melayu cerdikpandai menghina bangsa sendiri depan bangsa lain. Audience yang kebanyakannya cina tepuk sorak. Seronok betul kutuk Melayu dengan cara baling batu sembunyi tangan. Kalau anak jantan betul mari cakap depan perhimpunan UMNO, atau pi Kampong Baru cakap benda sama. Berani? Melayu cerdikpandai pundek.

      Cuba kalau orang melayu kutuk cina dalam forum sebegini. Di tuduh rasis, bigot etc etc lepas tu semua cina baik MCA DAP dsbgnya dengan 1 suara gempak gempita.

      Aku dah lama bengkak dengan Amir Muhd. Ingat dia sorang pandai sangat. Mai ke UMNO, kita debat. If you dare come to the Lion’s den. Lets see how smart you are then. Macamlah filem kamu tu bagus sangat.

      So we are feudal. So fuckin’ what. Tell me which society isn’t feudal. The chinese? Mainland China may be communist, but don’t kid yourself. They are feudal but with communist labels. India? Pakistan? European nations? okay, maybe the Greeks aren’t. See where they are today. Bankrupt nation.

      kalau tak suka jadi melayu tak ngapa. pi-lah Singapore. See what happens when Malays abandon feudalism. Go on, I think you would be welcome there. Mat Salleh punggung hitam.

  9. They must be very proud because most Chinese and Indians support them.
    Wonder whether most Malays also support them.

    • Haaaa, Pak Malau. Laik dat one, they’ll sure win PRU13 hands down, man.

      But most likely pants down, Pak Malu (check spelling). Especially when Anwar is around. Tak boleh pants down.

      Haba haba.

      • Hisham would proudly declare that he does not belong to any NGO,,, but he is an NGI, non govt individual,,, hello brader,, all non civil servants are NGI, a.h.

      • NGI? How about NGOK? Bongok. Sombong bongkak.

        Think they are something when they are nothing. How can they be anything when they damn their own race. In front of those of other races. For the sake of undi. There’s just no bloody decency. To say the least. No person of any integrity or maruah would do that.

        Then again, these are not persons. They are persona non-grata. Not acceptable even among their own kind. They are really pariah. Social and racial out-castes. Of the highest degree. What can one expect of a film maker – isn’t that what the long haired bloke is described?

    • The Hishamuddin Rais fella has a website call Tukar Tiub. After 3 years it has 16,500,000 hits. Quite impresive for a simple website. I see a lot of the people who visit and comment are Malays.

      This guy Obefiend has a few blog. I read some of his blog, and sometimes he is on forum like Cari. People has called him a Melayu Liberal/Murtad/Atheist/Freethinker/Komunis, but he has many many follower and supporter, almost all Malay (31 million hits)

      Maybe it is a fenomena with the young Malay ? Maybe because of internet they have become “influence” by this “budaya kuning” or “budaya songsang”?

      • Do you know how many of the same blokes hit the sites? How many times each such blokes does so? Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands?

        Of curse when you call your own race bodoh, other races who do not accept the Ketyanan Melayu and the other sensitive clauses of the Constitution would cram in and clamour for more and more. That’s the cheapest and most satisfying form of entertainment for such blokes.

        Malays also go in just for curiosity, like Anwar had good audience turn out but did not get the equivalent number of votes.

        Wasn’t the long-haired fella called the “professional student”? One who never qualified but kept registering in one college after another in UK to ensure he doesn’t get thrown out by the UK government. Perhaps even registering to study in a bicycle repairing college. Hence the apparent large following he has in the tukar tiub blog.

        And some one has noted above his lack of both Malay and English language skill. Sad specimen of a so-called Malay. Or Malaysian.

      • PS:

        Were the hits genuine? Could the numbers have been rigged?

        Remember Anwar was said to have called for a group of hackers to meet on a certain agenda some time back.

        And the Government said that the hackers of sites doing mischief in a co-ordinated manner some months ago was 85% local.

      • “And some one has noted above his lack of both Malay and English language skill. Sad specimen of a so-called Malay. Or Malaysian.”

        For one hippie who lack English + Melayu language skill he sure has written a few books, some were best seller. And famous enough to be considered as poisioner of young peoples minds.

        And the Bahasa Melayu used on his comments section is so ‘pasar’ & ‘rempit’, obvious those commenting are the young Malay people

        Maybe we need more patrioitik kempen to semaikan nilai patroitik in young people. lol

  10. Hang jgn peduli lah tu mat king leather…better watch the musuh dalam selimut bacalah dan …ini pasai hishammuddin sepupu pm bersubahat dgn si mahyuddin tpm tu utk menjatuhkan PM kita…

    • This biometrical scandal thingy , who ever wrote the article has the motive to distract attention away from the real issue. Its motive is to laga-laga the no.1 and no.2. The 6P is security in nature, to eradicate the illegal immigrant problem in Malaysia and should some agents or companies benefit from it, well, that’s the economic spillover from projects. And if there indeed is a move from within UMNO to push the no.1 out, which is not likely, it is naive to think that the no.1 would sit back and watch. The concerns are issues outside of UMNO.

    • Mamat Ariffin,

      Tak masuk akai nak kata Hishamuddin bersubahat nak jatuh kan sepupu dia. Awat hangpa goreng semacam saja nih.

      Aku nak pi baca link hang bagi tu pun rasa meluat. Hang tak tau langsung politik ka? Hang tak tau langsung pasai adik beradik anak anak Tan Sri Noh Johor dulu tu ka? Cucu dia tu ada symbiotic existence hang tak tau ka?

  11. How dare they talk about Malays being such and such. Didn’t they enjoy the privileges of being one in Malaysia? They wanna change what exactly? These species are what I call the forgetful type, the ‘tak bersyukur’ type.

    More you give, more they take and more they bite your hand.

    • Worse than “tak bersyukur”, bro. That term refers to the nons who got citizenship yet don’t respect the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Those fellows would defend their own kind staunchly.

      But these blokes shown in the videos are much worse. They condemn their own kind. They are like animals. The kind that cannibalize. Eat their own kind. Damn them.

  12. Who let this crazy, long-haired piece of s*** back into the country? Wasn’t he exiled to somewhere in Belgium, or something sometime back? This is the kind of character that the authorities should do something about. Who let him loose on the streets of Malaysia spewing racial venom against his own race – not to mention fueling the hatred of others against them! I thought they have a provision in the Law or Act for offenders like him…and the rest of his kind lined up there!

    He should be made responsible for poisoning the minds of the young people, many of whom are teenagers and college kids we saw in the Bersih demo. I hear he has a penchant for the rebellious young and he will be instrumental in turning the youth of this country into the youth that burned down London some days back. He’s just a (MCKK linked) bum whom Anwar hired (bet he doesn’t have a real job) to become his campaign dog and howl for Pakatan. Good! I’m sure he has insulted enough Malays to have Pakatan especially PKR be VOTED OUT in the next election!

    By shooting down the Malays, he’s really shooting HIMSELF. He’s actually lamenting about his own woes as a failure Melayu and venting his anger on the more successful, intellectual and fulfilled Melayu he is not! What could be worse than a person demonising and criticising his own race – and in front of other races pulak tu! Majority of which are Chinese, laughing and clapping, urging him on and having a hey day laughing at his racial/racist jokes.


    • This is the result of half measures taken by the authorities. There are all sorts of laws that this kind of blokes can be hauled in, including the Sedition Act and the ISA. But the authorities have to take the cue from the political masters.

      The political masters have half wanted to show liberalism, somewhat unlimited freedom, democracy and all. Since Tun Dol’s time. So, we have to suffer fools like those spineless species shown in the video clips.

  13. It took you almost a whole year to find these?

    Hope it won’t take you as long to get my next book SEJARAH MELAYU RELOADED. It will be added to this line-up in December, insya-Allah:

    The things I want to say about feudalism are in there. Speech is not my first language, alas.


  14. Many readers with the same feeling about the contents of the videos….you may disagree with what they are saying, but, we have to allow them the opportunity to say it.

    After all, even DS Najib admits that media censorship is ineffective. So, why not give them the chance to air their views?

    Surely, there must be some room for dissenting voices….at the end of the day, the voters will decide.

    If what the majority here are saying is correct, and that these videos will alienate / insult Malay voters, then, by all means, play up the issue and make the videos available to as many as possible. This should serve to expedite the demise of Pakatan Rakyat / PKR according to one of the writers above.

    Perhaps we can heed the example of DS Hishammuddin Hussein when he stated that Ibrahim Ali “does not represent the Malays and Muslims in the country”

    I am sure that the individuals in the videos posted by BD do not represent the Malays and Muslims in the country, no matter how scandalous their views may be.

    I expect the response to this comment to be negative, but, at least, let’s try to keep it civil.

    • Hah, expecting negative response, eh? Do I detect a note of guilty conscience there?

      Like this lah – why don’t you give us an honest opinion what you think if some Chinese speak at an Utusan Malaysia forum saying that the Chinese, as a race, are bodoh etc.

      Btw, did you read about the research findings of Professors, archaeologists, etc that the Malays have a longer history than the Chinese in China? That the Malays domesticated padi plants and were a rice eating culture earlier than the ancient Chinese? That the ancient Chinese knew about metallurgy later than the Tais of Indo China? Let me know if you want to know more.

      • @ Haba,

        No guilty conscience at all. I have been following BD for a while and I know how, sometimes, it’s easy for emotions to get heated, especially on a topic as sensitive as this one.

        I have yet to find a Chinese who will say those things about his own race, but, when that day comes, I will gladly let you know.

        Dr Ridhuan Tee has made some pretty controversial statements, and he is ethnically Chinese, although by religion he is Muslim. So, I can’t really compare apples and apples in this situation. If a Chinese person was running down his own race, I would like to know what exactly his points were.

        I’m not downplaying the achievements of the Malays that you have highlighted. Perhaps the people in the videos would benefit more from the facts that you have to provide.They are the ones making the statements.

      • “why not give them the chance to air their views?

        Surely, there must be some room for dissenting voices …”?

      • tiredofhypocrites not tired of Malay hypocrites?

    • To tiredofhypocrites ,

      You have certainly acknowledged a topic of sensitivity arouses emotions and be responded by negativities and resentments . As much so , these sensitive issues and topics will keep on popping out from time to time and may become the dominance topics . It will be unhealthy for our multi ethnics society . In much so , we must defuse and hope to bring some sense to the arguments and his representation .

      In a Malay environment , it is sensitive for someone who is a Malay by birth speaks against his Malay community . He must have the ‘ Bahasa ‘ or articulation in propagating his opinions . In turn , if he is not , please do not expect that he would be receiving flowers and perfume . This is not the ethical meaning of the freedom of speech and opinion .

      When Bigdog posted the video clips , Many of us were sudden . We could hardly believe that this Malay guy could start calling names to his own community . It is absolutely unnecessary . And to take Allah SWT in vain is sad . Please understand and respect the culture of the Malay community as well as respect of each other culture .

      To those non Malay , you should not be influenced by Hishamuddin Rais mentality . He is an Anarchist . For that matter , you should not succumb to ethnic Chinese or Indian who belittle your communities . Anarchist with Schism kill our goodwill and understanding .

    • brader tiredofhypocrites.

      ini bukan soal dissenting voices. Ini soal kurang ajar melayu kacang lupakan kulit. nampak sangat cina rasis. Kutuk melayu pakai (upah?) melayu kutuk melayu. Soal baling batu sembunyi tangan. Soal crying to the world that the chinese are under systematic victimisation but cleverly disguising their own racist/ supremacy and getting self-styled Malay liberal intellectuals to do their dirty work.

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