MI writer to be Petronas Corporate Communications manager?

Using Raja Petra line from his infamous statutory declaration, we have been ‘reliably’ informed that a Malaysian Insider regular contributor would be appointed as Corporate Communications Manager of state oil corporation Petronas.

This story has not been verified yet. Then again, if is true it would be as damaging as it was when Former Parti Rakyat Malaysia Vice President and PR woman Sheryl Stoddard was appointed as General Manager of Corporate Communications almost a year and half ago. The news portal has been pandering into Oppositions’ overtone and in a flavour very damaging to Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leadership. In fact, Malaysian Insider Chief Editor Jahabar Sadiq had to apologise to PM Najib on 19 August for its story, which was seen as with political malice intent.

The PSM VP who had a very short stint in Petronas

MI has not been good to Petronas’s image. Despite it is fashionable to be transparent in disseminating information especially in public domain, MI prefers to spin for the subtle but strategic advantage of the Oppositions’ politics.

Since former CEO Tan Sri Hassan Merican’s contract ended early last year, Petronas made some strategic changes in their talent management. Personalities from outside were brought in for top management positions. This ‘liberalisation’ is a new practice, which should not extend towards people who are not supportive but instead is counter productive to the Leadership’s agenda of ‘developmental economics’, especially in the challenges of bringing the nation and rakyat to a high income economy.

Let us watch closely what develops next.

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  1. As far as I know, Sheryl is not a former VP of Parti Sosialis Malaysia but of Parti Rakyat Malaysia which by the way still exists as a rump party.

    Also, isn’t this story a bit old?

    I recall reading about it a year or more back.

    Anyway, people got to cari makan, you know.

    In the 1990s, Sheryl was editor of a rather yuppie magazine – Men’s Review.

    Also, last week I heard that a former critic of the MSC Malaysia initiative has joined the Multimedia Development Corporation in a senior position.

  2. All the top leaders(selected one) regardless of their party we’re socialist by default! fabianist, London School of Economics fabianist kind of species!G.H Wells wannabe… damn with their masonic brotherhood…may Allah s.w.t crush all this muslim elitist traitor….

  3. and yet these are the people who are commonly speaking against he govt and what naught…. who is deciding on all these appointments??

    jabar sadiq is nothing but has a mindset of a woodpecker… I dont know how someone can be a ceo or chief editor… sigh.

  4. How much does this guy from MI know about the oil and gas industry? How much does he know about production sharing contract, deepwater blocks, oil exploration , exploitation and production, joint venture investments in oil and gas in third countries? How much does he know abt the oil and gas reserves? Does he know abt politics of oil and gas? Come on, oil and gas industry needs an expert in this field to be its corporate communications manager. This sector doesnt need a spin doctor. Spin doesnt work in oil and gas industry. It requires knowledge on hard facts relating to the industry. You spin and the players in the industry be it local or international will not pay attention to a word you say because they know better.

    Trying to be inclusive where it may not be necessary is indeed strategically naive, even stupid.

    • Do I see the hand of the Fourth Floor fler Omar Ong?

      He was not “hammered” into Petronas BOD (after being rejected the first time) for nothing, I suppose.

      • Petronas was well managed, robust and functioned like clockwork under Hassan Merican. It was respected world wide. Now the notion that ‘new talents’ should be injected into Petronas is like trying to fix a pipeline that is not broken. There is no margin for error in oil and gas industry and if there is, it’d be disastrous. Putting guys who are still ‘ wet behind the ears’ to be core managers in Petronas is like throwing caution to the wind considering the fact that Petronas is the country’s cash cow.

      • I agree fully.

        And I simply don’t understand – don’t accept is perhaps an apt word – why Omar Ong was put in as a Director. Despite the fact that he was a Petronas loan delinquent. He cannot be a good chap and of the character fitting to be on the BOD of such an august body like Petronas.

        And the “appointer” cannot be seen as having honest intentions in insisting so. And an internationally reputable character like Hassan Merican removed, replaced by some one without much age difference from him.

        Now news of this possible square peg in a round hole. What the bloody hell is going on in this country these days?

  5. As always, bila nak fitnah orang, the best way is tulis fiction. This guy is not MI writer. Ex Petronas scholar, never worked anywhere except Petronas, thinks the world revolved around that company. Tapi this is all part of a bigger plan, ‘kan, bigdog? Jaga-jaga, nanti you kena lawsuit susah…sedangkan orang lain yang suruh you tulis “cerita fiksyen” ini

    • Bro…nak tanya sikit OMO n sekutu2 baru dari shell yg headhunter dptkan utk jadi org besar dlm petronas da berapa byk platform mereka bina n operates???kalu setakat ijazah bergulung2 mengahfal huruf memang ramai kat dlm university beribu lagi nak kuar….yg ada pengalaman n wisdom tak ramai lah…mereka nie dok diam tak perlu publisiti tapi kerja siap n berjaya.mengapa sekarang jadi bahan hentaman ramai org….pasti ada buat kerja yg tak betul….tak der angin masakan pokok bergoyang!!!!!

    • Siapa yang anda cakap “This guy is not MI writer. Ex Petronas scholar, never worked anywhere except Petronas, thinks the world revolved around that company” tu?

      BD kata “a Malaysian Insider regular contributor”. No.1: r u talkin’ about the same fler No 2: why the hell did he contribute regularly to MI, known for its anti-Establishment stand?

      Or r u “tulis fiction”?

      • Sheryl and Suhaimy are two same species..go ask people at level 70..

  6. Melayu melayu…….

    • Kamu takda akal ke? Takda idea apa pun ke?

      Haba haba.

  7. Lets not an MV Augusta happen in Petronas..

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  9. Correction – re.my first comment : should read ‘ this guy who regularly contributed to MI.’

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