Malaysian Insider being sued?

It is believed that former Malaysia Airlines Chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli is taking news portal The Malaysian Insider to court.

Details are cloudy at the moment. However it is believed to be about the alleged RM 8 billion losses accumulated during Tajudin’s time controlling and managing the national carrier. The Oppositions continued to harp on the matter with a malice political intent against the Government.

On 31 March 2011, The Malaysian Insider published “MACC clears A-G of graft allegations”. It can be seen that in the article, the writer put it as:

“Tajuddin was MAS executive chairman from 1994 to 2001 During his tenure the national airline experienced losses totalling RM8 billion — its biggest ever — which led to complaints being lodged against him”

This could be deemed as slandeorus as during Tajuddin’s time, Malaysia Airlines recorded an aggregate of RM 753 million in losses before tax. Of that, RM 1,398 million was attributable to losses caused by foreign exchange. It is yet have been proven anywhere on the arithmetic how the RM 8 billion losses are calculated and derived

Pre TR 31 MAR 1993 3,735,952 157,896 145,424 18,559 3,143,225 2.59
Jul 94 31 MAR 1994 4,081,150 16,135 7,679 -47,082 5,693,925 2.68
31 MAR 1995 4,780,087 149,892 139,269 -17,887 5,186,354 2.53
31 MAR 1996 5,713,312 251,161 233,030 -7,105 5,933,661 2.53
TR 31 MAR 1997 6,484,950 349,409 333,975 37,456 6,108,941 2.48
31 MAR 1998 7,051,326 -225,362 -256,639 -718,401 10,653,290 3.64
31 MAR 1999 7,471,861 -669,735 -696,696 -392,765 10,295,987 3.80
Feb 01 31 MAR 2000 8,160,737 -236,890 -255,703 -546,908 10,339,912 3.80
31 MAR 2001 8,956,145 -386,635 -413,318 294,631 9,150,875 3.80
52,699,568 -752,025 -908,403 -1,398,061
31 MAR 2002 8,377,901 -846,493 -831,595 112,584 8,968,009 3.80
31 MAR 2003 8,674,578 333,935 338,952 -118,871 0 3.80
31 MAR 2004 8,587,826 345,165 462,708 27,585 0 3.80
post 31 MAR 2005 10,950,882 364,453 328,746 15,690 0 3.80
TR 31 DEC 2005 8,850,810 -1,241,177 -1,261,188 17,874 0 3.78
31 DEC 2006 13,171,838 -73,092 -133,737 -42,469 1,050,000 3.53
31 DEC 2007 14,686,130 840,911 852,743 -65,482 859,672 3.31
31 DEC 2008 15,035,303 264,661 245,697 -82,653 1,418,988 3.46
31 DEC 2009 11,309,855 461,990 493,106 26,620 2,319,580 3.42
99,645,123 450,353 495,432 -109,122

The amount for the suit is sketchy but it is strongly believed to be in the nine-digit range.

Malaysian Insider Chief Editor Jahabar Sadiq

We were told The Malaysian Insider Sdn Bhd, Chief Editor Jahabar Sadiq and writer Syazwan Kamal were named as defendants.

MI has been on a stream of rogue reporting and stirring up issues lately. They prefer to take a perspective which will stir up the majority’s emotion further and make the essence of the story for the Government and any of its associates to look bad. When the story about Malaysia Airlines-AirAsia share swap broke, MI skewed the story with a sinister agenda and instead, was harping on the lies of demonising Tajudin.

These former disciples of Kalimullah “Riong Kali” Hassan also manipulated facts for the very maluce intent, which include to confuse the public at large. Even statements made by Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak. So much so, Jahabar had to publish an apology to PM Najib Tun on 19 August.

This would be a landmark case for online news reporting and commentary in Malaysia.

*Updated 900pm

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  1. MI is not publishing anything since 2 days ago. is it true or soemthing wrong with my internet connection.

    • If true they are being sued and not publishing since 2 days ago, it serves them right. I wish it’s true for I long to see the bloke with the Taliban hat put down. He has been allowing all sorts of inaccurate, malicious and incendiary reporting and comments in MI.

      Wasn’t he ex-Reuters? Was he sacked by Reuters, I wonder. Reuters is an old and established British news agency, built up on a long list of experiences and traditions. I wonder if such an organization would have tolerated that kind of reporting in their organization. And since the Taliban-like fellow ran MI, such reporting and some pretty wild comments get published by MI.

      I have ceased going into MI a long time ago because of their kind of “democracy” not publishing comments contradictory to their views and thinking. Apologizing to the PM for their kind of continually malicious reporting is insufficient. The Taliban must be put out. One way is a huge and hefty legal suit against him. He is no longer an anonymous, can’t-be-sued cyber entity when he owned up and apologized to the PM.

      • Hah, BD, good news:

        Former MAS chairman sues Malaysian Insider

        Sin Chew Jit Poh – ‎8 minutes ago‎

        KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 26 (Bernama) — Former executive chairman of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli has filed a RM200 million suit against The Malaysian Insider news portal over the publication of a article on the airline company suffering ..


        Waaah, kudos, bro. You got the scoop there.

      • Does Jahabar Sadiq actually have that much say in The Malaysian Insider or is he more of a figurehead there?

        Also, does anybody actually know who investors in TNI are, depite much speculation.

      • He is the Editor, man.

        And what does it matter whether he has much say or not?

        Btw, is the Jahabar fler related to Riong Kali? Something in the name maybe, and the Riong fler wrote somewhere fuming that the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara refused to put his race as Malay. Is Jahabar Malay? He doesn’t appear sympathetic to the Malay cause.

    • TMI has been publishing things, like whose sperm was in Saiful’s anus, the standard of English, the Lynas issues, etc but nothing lately about Tajudin.

      • Whoever says the suit is about Tajudin? Isn’t it about MAS headed by Tajudin then?

  2. Salam Tuan,

    Well if it’s true it’s due to the editor’s lack of monitoring it’s swashbuckling reports, intentionally or otherwise.

    Thank you


  4. Effin’ about time someone put the charlatans of journalism out of business.

    • I’m hopin’ they’d next go for Malaysiakini. Receiving money from Washington-based so-called promoters of democracy. Like that which gave money to the Bersih fellows. Who don’t even know their own country has ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay. Let alone know the actual facts about democracy in Malaysia. And don’t bother to check. Preferring to listen to traitors like Anwar Al Jabri.

      Damned Malaysiakini has foreign sounding names of writers of articles, etc. Critical of Malaysia. Home Minister Hishamuddin has warned them for wrongly reporting what he said not too long ago. The authorities may not want to appear drastic in hitting at them hard. A hefty legal suit by an individual or an organization would certainly do the job.

  5. “Whoever says the suit is about Tajudin? Isn’t it about MAS headed by Tajudin then?”

    Yes it is about MAS when it was headed by Tajudin but that still is about Tajudin. If it wasn’t about Tajudin, he would have no basis to sue, would he?

  6. If you publish an article without the facts to back it up, then, you should be prepared for legal action to be taken against you. It’s as simple as that.

    I have followed BD’s articles on the RM 8 billion issue, and, it looks like the RM 8 billion figure is difficult to justify. Yes, MAS did perform poorly when Tajuddin was at the helm, but, I can’t seem to find anything that justifies the RM 8 billion amount.

  7. […] little over a month ago, former Malaysia Airlines Chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli took online news portal The Malaysian Insider, the Chief Editor Jahabar Sadiq …. It was for spewing continuous lies that Tajudin aggregated a loss of RM 8 billion during his […]

  8. […] losses under the father of Celcom’s watch. It was a landmark act by a news portal, after Tajudin Sued MI, Editor Jahabar Sadiq and writer Syazwan for RM 200 million. We also wish all the best for Malaysia’s premier blog-aggregator/commentary portal The Mole […]

  9. […] a plc and all major activities and annual returns have to be disclosed for public access. As such, Tajudin took The Malaysian Insider to court for an amount of RM 200 million for perpetuating a lie about him based on the story concocted by Ramli in his unsubstantiated letter to PM […]

  10. […] It would be a strong statement by Ramli against erroneous if not lies perpetuated by news portal stories with an agenda, probably a sinister one. After all, two years ago Former Malaysia Airlines Chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli took Riong Kali dot com to court for RM 200 million. […]

  11. […] Insider and/or Jahabar Sadiq are being sued. Two years ago, Former Malaysia Airlines Chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli sued TMI, Jahabar and another writer for RM200 million for slander and false […]

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