Butchers of Malaya: A franchise of an international organised rebellion

So many said so much about the ‘Butchers of Malaya’lately, after PAS Deputy President Mohamad Sabu proclaimed that the rebels were the true heroes of Independence in the brutal and bloody attack on Bukit Kepong Police Station near Muar, Johor in the early morning of 23 February 1950.

The fact is that, Malayans (later Malaysians) were being fair to the ‘Butchers of Malaya’ despite their atrocities. During the 1955 Baling Talks, they were offered amnesty if they were to lay down their arms and give their armed struggle via communism as Malayans were set on their moving forward towards Independence via negotiations. However Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng summarily denied the offer.

It clearly depicts his brutal attitude.

Lets recap that Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim tried to use the notion to bring Communist Party of Malaya Sec Gen Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng back, and repackage this brand of ‘politics via anarchy’. This is as one of the component of the ‘politics of hate’ strategy of demonising the law enforcements agencies such as the Police, Armed Forces, MACC, Attorney General and others. Of course, it is very much up the Chinese Chauvinist DAP’s anti-Malay agenda to wrestle power.

Malaysians, across the board rejected the notion.

Around the blogs, there are some really ravishing reads on the history of these ‘Butchers of Malaya’. Batu Pahatan Another Brick in the Wall wrote about what happened in the 14 days in his hometown when Japanese surrendered and the British Forces had not arrived from India yet. Former officer in His Majesty’s Armed Forces Captain John F Seademon did his take on the international connection of the communist armed rebellion, in his Part I and Part II.

Soon, there would be a Part III.

IGP Tan Sri Abd Rahman Ismail: Gunned down by communist assassins on 7 June 1974

This 54 years armed rebellion saw the assassination of  British High Commissioner Sir Henry Gurney in 1951, IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Ismail on 7 June 1974 and Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong on 13 November 1975. Malayans’ (later Malaysians’) perseverance and resolve not to submit themselves under the global communism, amidst its growing influence around the region (China, fell in 1949), Vietnam (fell in 1956), Cambodia (fell in 1973), Laos (fell in 1975) and Indonesian and The Phillipines communist insurgency and rebellion (1960s and 70s).

Peoples’ Republic of China and the regional communist ring played active role in the Communist Party of Malaysia’s armed rebellion throughout the 54 years. Monies were even channeled for the cause. Theory has it that as the nations within the region fall under communism, which include armed rebellion like in Malaysia, it would have a trickle effect to its neighbours. However, the ‘Domino Theory’ failed.

These Min Yuens now take up a different form. Their spirit and objective is still remain the same.

Communism as these armed rebels subscribed, brought more pain and hurt to a point of 120 million deaths globally in the past century, in their ideology of seeking ‘equality and power to the people’. For the Opposition to use these universally-correct proposition to capture the imagination of Malaysians, especially amongst the young, educated and more sustainable to pander into concepts such as ‘social justice’, ‘liberty’, ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ proven that they are unable to do so with their current strength.

In the final analysis, the Opposition are politically bankrupt to manipulate in the strategic effort of distorting the Malaysian history, to suit their sordid and sinister political agenda. Their desperation of their own  ‘Politics of Hatred’  as the only basis to assume power is getting very lame. The Chinese Chauvinists DAP’s racism and anti-Malay agenda, which was very much form one of the fundamental base of communist rebellion and the war against His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong and his subjects for 32 years (1957-1989) should be stopped.

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