TUDM fly back slain journo

Bernama TV journo Noramfaizul Mohd. Noor, in memory (1971-2011)

The Royal Malaysian Air Force will be flying back slained Bernama TV cameraman Noramfaizul Mohd Nor and the remaining members of the Kelab Putera 1 Malaysia contingent on the humanitarian mission to Somalia, this afternoon.

Noramfaizul Md Nor lays lifeless on the gurney, after the shooting

The extraction mission would be carried out by a C130H transport aircraft, commandeered by Lt Col Zahani Zainal Abidin TUDM. It is the same aircraft which flew the team on morning 28 of Sept 2011.

No 14 squadron TUDM, based in Subang Air Base

After unloading the team and its cargo in Mogadishu, the aircraft was flown to Seychelles and parked there. The aircraft remained parked at Seychelles as a staging base, throughout the mission.

The aircraft would today fly back to Mogadishu and pick the team and remains of Noramfaizul to back to Seychelles. At this very moment, they have already uploaded all 54 members and baggages including the coffin carrying the remains of Noramfaizul. They are waiting for documentations final clearing and clearance for departure from Mogadishu airport. The flight from Mogadishu to Seychelles will take three hours.

In Seychelles, it is expected the remains would be prepared for the long flight home across the Indian Ocean.

The C130H would make a technical stop at Male, Maldives before the final leg to Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft is expected to arrive at TUDM Subang Sunday 4 Sept 2011 0900hrs. Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is said to be receiving the remains and the Kelab Putera 1 Malaysia team at the Air Movement Command in the airbase.

Allahyarham Noramfaizul is expected to be bathed and wrapped in burial shroud kafan at TUDM Subang, before prayers are offered. Then, the remains expected to be laid to rest in Bangi tomorrow.

*Updated 1430hrs

The said C130H has already departed Mogadishu Airport enroute to Seychelles. The turnaround rate is very impressive, considering TUDM had to evacuate civilians and materials in hostile environment and without proper ground support.

TUDM has shown their capability to serve and protect Malaysians abroad, even the most hostile situation. It was the repeat of the recent Ops Pyramid where TUDM evacuated out more that 3,482 Malaysians within 8 days from Egypt to Jedda, Saudi during the anti-Mubarak riots in early February.

However, the attitude of Opposition Leaders is appalling. Instead of being good Malaysians and demostrate their care for the 54 volunteers in the humanitarian mission to assist famine-stricken Somalians, they rubbished Kelab Putera 1 Malaysia’s initiative of the mission and took the opportunity for their cheap political-publicity stunts.

In her tweets, PKR Latheefa Koya took potshots against UMNO for this humanitarian mission with very condescending tone. Since the shooting of killed Noramfaizul and injured a TV3 newsman, the Opposition did nothing to show that they cared for these 54 Malaysians.

Latheefa Koya's tweet at noon

It is grossly distasteful of her to politicize the misfortune where Malaysian life is lost, for global humanitarian initiative and demonstrating to the world that we care for others.

*Updated 1800hrs

The said C130H landed at Seychelles 1720hrs (Malaysian time) for a technical stop over for a few hours. It will depart back to TUDM Subang via Male, Maldives.

*Updated 2035hrs

The said C130H just departed for Male, Maldives on the way back home. Expected time of arrival at Male is 0130hrs Sunday 4 Septmber 2011 (Malaysian time).

*Updated Sunday 4 Sept 2011 1100hrs

TUDM C130H of No 14 sqdn arrives from Male

The C130H carrying the remains of Noramfaizul Md. Nor and 54 other Malaysians on the humanitarian aid mission to Somalia landed at TUDM Subang 1010hrs. Receiving them were Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Md Yasin, Defense Minister Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Foreign Minister Dato’ Anifah Aman, Chief of Defense Forces Jen Tan Sri Zulkefli Md. Zain and Chief of Air Force Jen Tan Sri Rodzali Daud TUDM.

Streams of media practicioners, members of Kelab Putera 1 Malaysia and families of the affected travelers were present also.

The casket bearing the remains of Noramfaizul Md Nor drapped in Jalur Gemilang

The remains of Noramfaizul which was placed in a wooden coffin and drapped in Jalur Gemilang, was taken to the TUDM mosque to be bathed, covered in burial shroud kafan and prayers held. Then, the cortege would leave for his family’s home near UPM and then onwards, burial.

During the media conference, PM Najib said he is waiting for the full report on what had happened before giving his statement. He also said that he would be discussing of the nature and value of assistance for Noramfaizul’s children.

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