Opposition will not support Najib’s new laws

On the eve of the 48th celebration of the formation of Federation of Malaysia, Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak shocked the nation. He did something so many thought it would never happen in our lifetime.

He would abolish the much dreaded Internal Security Act and Emergency Ordinance, which in the past have provided the power to detain suspects who are up to serious no good and threatening internal security. Of course, he said new laws to safeguard the security of the nation against terrorists and persons deemed trying to disrupt peace would be introduced and enacted in place of the abolished laws.

ISA and EO are laws which have been proven to be effectively safeguarding the nation’s security. Countless numbers of criminals against the state were incarcerated. Amongst them are terrorists, extremists, religious deviants and persons found indoctrinating the outlawed communism ideology movement.

The most wanted man in SEA: Mas Selamat Kastari in different looks

The recent most internationally known bandit detained under the law is Mas Selamat Kastari. He was one of world’s most wanted terrorist.

Civil servants who treacherously sold away identification papers to illegal foreigners such as identity cards and international passports and forge entry/work permits were also apprehended and detained under the same law.

EO has been found to be very effective against the Lords of the Underworld Vices. They are the masters of vices such as illegal gambling, drug smuggling, human trafficking and prostitution and Ah Longs. Naturally, to funnel these proceeds they do layered money laundering activities under the pretext of legitimate retail businesses.

None of these activities could be traced back to persons, in cases like the alleged Vice Lord Khoo Tee Yam. They were unable to pin him for Anti Money Laundering Act. They covered their tracks very well and even their subordinates refuse to co-operate in any investigation, most likely for fear of their lives.

The Police have little choice but to invoke EO and RO against persons like these, to curb their operations.

These new laws would be expected carry the same spirit and purpose of the ISA and EO they replace. But not without more stringent controls and limited power of authority. Abuse of power for political purpose is the main reason, along the strong global voice against the infringement of human rights.

It is unlikely that Opposition would support PM Najib, when they are ready to present these bills in Parliament sometime next year. PM Najib is unable to enact these laws without the Opposition as Barisan NAsional no longer have the 2/3 majority in Dewan Rakyat.

Opposition would make it very difficult for these laws to come through. It is expected all sorts of drama would be staged prior or during the process. Their ‘associates’ such as ‘like minded’ NGOs would conduct all sorts of activities for these said purposes. The longer they can drag the enactment of these new laws, it is politically more beneficial from them.

It is not a big mystery why they would do so. The Opposition would lose out from these new laws.

DAP for one, rely a lot of their financial support from these bandits. With ISA and EO, they have played these ‘habeas corpus’ games whenever their backers are detained.

Now that ISA and EO are to be repealed and new laws in place, the interregnum period is the perfect opportunity for the vices to operate without the fear of being detained. Police would not dare to do the ‘politically incorrect’ actions during this period.

PAS in the past have immensely benefitted from the extremists and religious deviants created from their strategic continuous ceramahs demonizing the authorities and ruling party. For instance, ‘Amanat Haji Hadi’ in 1981 was the basis of Ibrahim Libya and his bandits bloody stand off against the Police, ‘Memali Incident’ in November 1985.

The longer they can stretch this game, the more BN would stand to lose. The Opposition would manipulate the delay due to the complexity they create.

They said the leg work of these new laws were already set in motion even before the bold and decisive announcement on 15 Sept. Never the less, all these preparations are open for probably an unwinnable debate when the time comes.

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