HRH Sultan Johor is displeased?

In not so many words, Johoreans are pissed with Penang Chief Minister and DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng.

It was said that what had been highlighted in the media, which include his denial to Bernama report and later the full transcript of what Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said to the foreign journalists in Singapore on 12 Aug, caught very negative attention of HRH Tuanku Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Sultan Iskandar, Sultan of Johor. He is said to be furious.

DYMM Tuanku Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Sultan Iskandar, Sultan Johor dan Ketua Turus JMF

Word from Johor Bahru that HRH would make a statement on this, at 200pm.

HRH Sultan of Johor previously issued titah murka against the Opposition for very unhealthy and destructive politics. Even the ‘Datukship’ of PKR Vice President Chua Jui Meng, who was a Cabinet Minister and long time MP for Bakri was unceremoniously revoked.

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  1. Hope that opposition will takeover the Johor and improve the security of johore state.

    • I hope opposition will be wipe out of johor in the next election

      • Opposition takes over Johore? You wish. True blue Malay Johoreans regard UMNO not only as a political party but a cultural-political entity. A sense of belonging and an anchor. They accept all political parties aligned to UMNO with open arms. In fact Johore delivered to the Federal Parliament a 99% victory in the 2008 General Elections.

        If oppostions were to take Johore, one can expect the mushrooming of gambling and vice dens, just like what they did to Selangor. It would be safer by opposition stds, huh?

      • My above comment was meant for ‘bersih’ not Joepublic.

    • dream on…

    • he he he..
      aku ingat nik aziz je nyanyuk..

  2. i hope to see more pakatan adun’s and mp’s after the next election in johore …..

    • Pakatan MPs will only pollute Johore with their sick rhetorics. The more they try to make inroads into Johore, the more Johoreans will reject them. The truth is they dont know the psyche of Johoreans and they never will. Johoreans look at the social and racial structure in Singapore, and they have long understood what that means. And this is just one example.

  3. Keep on hoping, fellas. I simply don’t think it will materialize.

    You see, Johorians as a whole simply do not like DAP because they are perceived as chauvinist, racist, anti-Malay and anti-Islam.

    Bersih? They got only 6,000 attending the rally last time. Only a smattering few from Johor.

    • you are in self denial,,it is not ,,6000 but 50000 ,,so u must either live in a cocoon, ,or in the forest,,,,or mayb e u are one of those umno paid for goons

      • No one is in self denial. 50,000 or 100,000 explains nothing. It is tautological and serves no empirical basis for voting pattern.

  4. jb city compare with singapore ….do i hv to say more…..

    • you dont have to compare the whole island with an old town jb. singapore is a country you know that?

      • Why are you so defensive? Chin up…JB is so much better than Singapore what…in terms of crime rate that is..he..he..(Jokingla..dont be so sensitive…JB is Iskandar, Legoland, Danga Bay…ok la tu..he..he..)

      • Penang compares with JB – do i have to say more? ask penangies how many investor pull out in Bayan Lepas

  5. Dont drag HRH Johor’s name for your political mileage la..UMNO..UMNO…

  6. Me thinks Sultans and other royalty members should not have an active role in business dealings.

  7. hope mrs teoh beng hock stand for election against chua junior in labis.. we will support mrs teoh in drove , in our cars, our petrol , we pay our own meals

    • Just a waste of time.So much of Rakayat money been spent on Royal Commssion just to investigate her “husband” death which ny now a very clear case of dirty works of DAP to cover up their corrupt deeds.

    • mrs teoh beng hock? was he married before he killed himself? not!


  8. “what……. oposition intent to takeover Johor…….!!!! heyy bersih…. come kiss my ass and ask your mama to suck my dick.

    • Takde pikir lain…UMNOPorn betul la…dah habih bulan posa…semua sapu…

  9. If DAP can rule Johor,Johor will become another Republic like Spore.LKS will become the President while his son LGE is the Prime Minister.Johor will then become part of Spore separated from malaysia.What about that?

    • Sarawak pun dah jadi Negara sendiri la..headed with your beloved King Taib Mahmud ha..ha…He’s so powerful, even PM can’t make him to step down…

    • Ya, berangan dulu.


  10. hahaha….sape yg prono….UMNO ke PKR……tanye nuar lobang kunyit, video prono yang tengah tibai china doll dgn video yang tengah masuk lift tu gambar sape…..hehe. Kenapa sampai sekrg tak saman…..ekekeke

    • Ha..ha..sama2 hancuss..PKR buat aksi, UMporNO tukang obsess & distribute porn,,,ramadhan habih semua sapu…melayu…melayu…

  11. matanglah sikit nak komen pasal politik. facts n figures (kalau ada) entah cekut dariapda mana. yang banyak, komen ala kedai kopi, penuh khurafat karut marut carut carut. UMNO ka PKR ka DAP, PAS ka, tunjuklah kebijaksanaan kalau nak orang pilih.

  12. […] was not the first time the Opposition displeased HRH Sultan Ibrahim. He issued titah murka against PKR last year. HRH Sultan Ibrahim even revoked PKR Vice President […]

  13. Bila Sultan dah murka, Bendahara, Mamak-mamak Menteri, Hulubalang serta rakyat jelata buat apa?

  14. […] already on the wall. UMNO’s power base and electoral fixed deposit is being Sino-nised. The insults made by DAP leaders towards HRH Sultan of Johor depicts how arrogant they […]

  15. […] same category of rogue politicians being lambasted by Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, in the company of Chinese Chauvinist Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and former MB Perak Mohamed Nizar […]

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