Mukhriz: LGE no qualms about lying, for unscrupulous agenda

Lim Guan Eng: Busted!

Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir demanded that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng also apologise to the whole of Malaysia, instead just to HRH Sultan of Johor. He questions the credibility of the Chinese Chauvinist DAP Secretary General and the immature but sinister political games that he played.

Mukhriz’s statement this evening in response to Lim’s apology nine hours earlier:

While its appropriate that Lim Guan Eng apologizes to DYMM Tuanku Sultan Johor & his subjects, he must also apologize to all Malaysians, for arrogantly stating that he said no such thing about Johor, only later to admit & apologize that he did. Lim’s threat to sue the media for incorrectly reporting that he had made disparaging remarks in an interview with an Australian radio station and his claim that the remarks were in fact “made privately in a closed-door session” with the Foreign Correspondents Association of Singapore are moot points and designed to divert the attention away from the main issues. Is it not an oxymoron to have a “private” session with the media that is not to be reported?

What the rakyat are disgusted about is the fact that Lim had denied he had rubbished Johor overseas when it was later proven irrefutedly that he did. Lim must not only apologise to the foreign journalists that he misled, but also to BN for his latest unfounded accusation that the so-called BN controlled media misrepresented him. His brand of politics gives the country a bad name.

Is this the governance he means when he talks about what great things DAP is doing for Penang? With this latest episode, the rakyat should be wary of all Lim’s statements as he has absolutely no qualms lying to further his unscrupulous agenda.


Mukhriz made a remark against Lim when he refused to admit the statement and in fact resorted to lie instead. Her lied about Johor being a more dangerous place as compared to Penang. He lied about making that statement at the Singapore Foreign Correspondent Association luncheon.  He even attempted to lie but claiming  what he had said at the luncheon was a “Private conversation”.

Previously, Lim rubbished Mukhriz in capacity as the Deputy Minister MITI in a personal attack about the agenda of discluding Penang in his tour for investment and trade missions abroad. ‘Failure to bring in investment into Penang”, was Lim’s ‘best-defence-is-to-attack sordid political tactics, for his administration’s failure to convince not only new investors but retain existing investors in the state.

He obviously lied about his success to increase FDI for the past three and half years. Worse still, he manipulated facts and spin on how under BN, the whole industry eco-system was plannned, created, built, expanded and maintained to be conducive to what Penang is today.

Then again, what could we expect from someone who was once a convict and whose lie, landed him in jail.

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  1. Well BigDog,
    Guan Eng will lie again because it has become a habit for him….and we will catch him again. The same goes with the other crooks. Cheers.

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  3. […] Mukhriz: LGE no qualms about lying, for unscrupulous agenda […]

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