Mukhriz: Let’s come together for Masjidil Aqsa

First Al Quds Foundation Malaysian Full Board of Trustee Meeting

Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir is his capacity of an activist for the Palestinian cause, today attended the first regional Board of Trustee meeting of the Al Quds Foundation Malaysia. It an apolitical NGO where the objective is to help the cause of the Palestinians, who have been under Israel occupancy for the past 63 years.

He called for persons from all walks of life, profession and abilities to come forward and help the cause in any way they can:

Dear respected guests from head office/Beirut-Lebanon

Dear honorable brother Dr. Mohammad Farid the second vice-chairman of QFM Board of Trustees

Dear honorable brother Y.B. Ustaz Nassarudin Mat Isa the chairman of the QFM Board of Directors

Dear honorable brother Ustaz Hasanudin Younis vice chairman of the QFM Board of Directors

Distinguished brothers and sisters members of the board of trustees
Our respected guests

It is my honor to meet you today in the first regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia. I really feel privileged that you have answered my invitation to embark on a long and fruitful journey safeguarding and serving one of the most important cities in human heritage, a Muslim and Christian sanctuary and one of the holiest places ever, that is Al-Quds city, better known in English as Jerusalem.

For almost a century, Al-Quds has been under foreign occupation that never relented in changing its identity, tempering its landmarks, planting exotic buildings, preventing both Muslims and Christians to maintain or even reach their holy places in a clear attempt to Judaize the holy city. This move comes as a main step to dominate the whole region, creating a buffer zone that disrupt its unity and entice enmities among its inhabitants. The wicked Zionist scheme, has always aimed at disjointing Muslims and sawing the seeds of diversity among them to keep them week and ultimately rule over them.

We here in Malaysia, are privileged by Allah (SWT) with stability, security, safety and a prosperous economy, which enabled our fellow citizens to lead peaceful lives; nonetheless Malaysians have never been forgetful of the holy city’s owes and its inhabitants sufferings. Founding Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia is not an isolated move in this direction, it is rather a continuation of a long march started by our politicians, Ulama, Intellectuals, academics scholars common men and women, decades ago.

Today, we meet overlooking our political and ideological differences, to be united for a higher cause, not an earthly one but a moral and religious obligation. Our major interest is to safeguard and regain Al-Quds. No matter how small our contribution may be, the important thing is that it represents our commitment and passion toward our holy city. When these efforts are combined with other efforts form many parts of the world it is bond to build a great momentum and ultimately change the injustice that has shrouded the holy land for a long time.

As members of the board of trustees, you play vital role in taking the support to this holy cause, to a higher level, each in his or her field:
Politicians: in rallying political and public support, legally, financially on local and international levels.
Ulama: Educating Muslims on the importance of this holy cause, and relating them emotionally to it, through lectures and writings.
Businessmen and women: in donating money and providing other means to support the cause.
Academics: Organizing conventions, conferences, research work, writing articles, books and delivering lectures on this issue.
Professionals: Extending their arms to the people of the holy land in training, cooperation, building schools, hospital and financial support.

This is only to name a few, for I am sure there many other ways that you may think of.

Finally, let us show the whole world how Malaysians stand for their conviction and religion. May Allah (SWT) bless you all.

Thank you.


The list of the QFM Board of Trustee:


Board of Trustees:

# Name Designation Post Phone Address
YB Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir Chairman BoT Deputy Minister


15thfloor, block 10Government offices complexJalan Duta50622 KL, Malaysia
YB Dato’ Abdul Hadi Awang Vice-Chairman I President of PAS

& MP

Dr. Mohammad Farid Vice-Chairman II President of Ikram
Abdulaziz Abdulqadir BoT Umno
Dr. Zulaiha BoT PGPO
Prof. Chandra Muzaffar Vice-Chairman III Academic
Dato Rameli Musa BoT Businessman
Dato’ Rezal Merican BoT Umno
Haji Azmi Abdul Hamid BoT PAS/MAPIM
Dr. Syed Azman BoT PAS
Dr. Mohammad Nor Manoti BoT PKR
YB Saifuddin Nasution BoT PKRGeneral Sec

& MP
Ustaz Wan Sobki Wan Saleh BoT Vice-President Ikram
Dr. Zairul BoT Ikram
Dr. Zain Kandar BoT Ikram
Dr. Selamat Hashim BoT Ikram
Dr. Musa Nordin BoT Viva Pal.
Dr. Abdullah Sudin BoT Chairman of Halaun
Dr. Abdullah Zaik BoT Aman Pal.
Wan Hisham BoT Aman Pal.
Naji Alsarhi Sec. of BoT PCOM
Mahmoud AlAdam BoT Media
Ustaz Nasaruddin Mat Isa Chairman BoD MP &Member of Central Committee of PAS
Ustaz Hasanuddin Vice-Chairman of BoD Ex -Chairman of Aqsa Syarif
Mohammad Makram Exe. Director Q.F.M
Muslim Abu Omar BoD Secretary PCOM
Ustaz Abdul Ghani Shamsudin BoD اتحاد علماء ماليزيا
Dr. Syed Halim BoD member Pre.Halaun Pal.
Dr. Fauziah Mohd Hasan BoD member Ikram
Prof. Hafizi BoD President of Aqsa Syarif

The Board of Trustee of QFM is clearly apolitical.

"Lim Guan Eng should apologise to all Malaysians!"

In his chat with media covering the event after the QFM media conference later, Mukhriz  repeated his demand yesterday that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng must apologise to all Malaysians. This is despite yesterday the latter issued an open apology to HRH Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar of Johor and Johoreans for his remark at the luncheon with Singapore Foreign Correspondent Association on 12 August.

“Lim Guan Eng apologised for his remark but he still has not apologise for lying”. Mukhriz was referring to Lim’s response when Bernama reported on the Q&A last Sunday and denial after TV3 aired the footage.

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