The Malaysian Insider did defame Tajudin Ramli

This came out in the front page of The Malaysian Insider today:


October 04, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 — In the article entitled ‘MACC clears AG of Graft Allegations’ published on or about 31.5.2011, on the ‘Malaysian Insider’ website, it was stated that:

“Tajuddin was MAS executive chairman from 1994 to 2001. During his tenure, the national airline experienced losses totalling RM8 billion – its biggest ever – which led to complaints being lodged against him.”

The Malaysian Insider is satisfied that the above statement is defamatory, is wholly unfounded and is without any factual basis and therefore desires to express its regret to Tan Sri Dato’ Tajudin bin Ramli and apologize to him for all embarrassment and inconvenience which has been caused to him by the publication of the defamatory allegations.

Further we hereby immediately retract and withdraw circulation of the abovementioned article and the statement from the Malaysian Insider website and agree to refrain from further repetition of the same or any words imputing the same or a similar meaning.


That probably saved them the RM 200 million plus legal cost. YB Salahuddin Ayub, are you catching all these? You’re probably next.

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  1. Please do a survey in MAS. I think over 90% of the employees there feel Tajuddin and Mahatir and Daim were the reason why MAS is now in the doldrums .

    So, you can say what you want

  2. I don’t think so. I know Malaysia Airlines people.

    The fact remains the first few years of Tajudin Ramli’s stewardship of the national carrier, they made good profits and they expanded; new routes and more aircrafts. The aggregated profits of Tajudin’s first four years in Malaysia Airlines is RM 714 million, after tax.

    Loss came only after the Asian Financial Crisis. Tajudin did not have enough time nor space to recover the losses due the financial crisis.

    Tajudin took care of Malaysia Airlines people. At least much better than his successors. Unlike Mohd Nor Yusof and Idris Jala’s time, no one got canned during TR’s time. They may be grumbling then but now in retrospective, Tajudin Ramli’s helm was a bliss to many.

  3. Big Dog,

    I noticed M.I. published the “apology” at the “sideview” column. Kalu kita tengok main page MI, memang tak dapat cari…..this is half-hearted apology macam the one from our friend at Pearl of Orient itu…..

    Anyway, syabas Big Dog for drawing this to public attention>


  4. It’s good that Malaysian Insider has apologised to Tajuddin Ramli. I hope that Malaysian Insider will realise that Jahabar Sadiq is not matured enough or wise enough to be their editor.

  5. Why dont u just bend over u useless fuck

  6. So much for credibility of pro-PR alternative media vis- a-vis so called main stream or pro-BN media. In less then two weeks you’ve got Lim Guan Eng and his dolak-dalik backed by PR cybertrooper then this. Wonder how much more thats unknown to us – yet.

    Kata Dulang Paku Serpih…..

    By the way, funny how Astro Awani called this bugger one of the most accomplished journalist or something like that just recently.

  7. I had wished that MI be sued to bankruptcy. That Editor with the Taliban hat has a menacing look on his face when you last published his photo in here.

    Very nasty against the Establishment that MI under him. A lot of wild accusations allowed in there. Hardly any editing of the comments the Pakatan Rakyat supporters usually write.

    And the bloke won’t publish hard-hitting counter comments.

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  11. […] has now becomes a pattern for TMI. This time two years ago, they had to take advertisements in NST, The Star and Berita Harian for perpetuating a lie about form… Ramli who was alleged to have aggregated a loss of RM8.1 billion when he was heading the national […]

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