JCorp Mumbo-Jumbo

Johor Corporation (JCorp) made a surprising announcement yesterday. ‘New bloods’ were injected into the group, having strategic position in some of the listed companies under their stable.

Thursday November 10, 2011

Young blood for Kulim and DRealty boards

PETALING JAYA: Two companies in Johor Corp’s (JCorp) stable Kulim (M) Bhd and Damansara Realty Bhd (DRealty) saw the entry of fresh faces on their boards, with Kulim adding four new directors and DRealty, three.

Three of Kulim’s new directors have also been appointed to DRealty board. Plantation giant Kulim’s new executive director is Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid, 44, the former executive director of Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd who left the property group in October.

Ahmad Zaki has been appointed Kulim executive director.

Zaki has had stints at Booz Allen Hamilton and the Securities Commission and was once the special assistant to then prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Zaki is now also DRealty managing director.

Another new face to the board is non-independent and non-executive director Wan Mohd Firdaus Wan Mohd Fuaad, 28, who is currently the special officer to Mentri Besar of Johor.

The other two appointed to Kulim board are independent and non-executive directors Edward Leung Kok Keong, 44, and Natasha Kamaluddin, 39. Natasha, a management consultant stalwart and current partner and director of Ethos & Co, is the only one of Kulim’s four new directors not appointed to DRealty board.

Leung holds two other directorships in Tebrau Teguh Bhd and ACE Market-listed Asia Bioenergy Technologies Bhd and is a chartered accountant.

All four board members are relatively young. Insiders said part of the rationale for bringing in the new board members is for them to provide new perspectives and ideas on how to restructure the companies under JCorp.

State-owned JCorp is an asset-rich and diversified group but is saddled with mounting debt problems. By mid-next year, it will have to settle up to RM3.6bil of its debt obligations. The group has been mulling a number of options on how to use its vast asset base to solve this problem, resulting in the recent sale of oil palm estates and mills to its 53% subsidiary, Kulim, for RM700mil.

Listed companies under JCorp include New Britain Palm Oil Ltd, QSR Brands Bhd and KFC Holdings (M) Bhd.


Why did JCorp make these movements?

Zaki is a notable and very senior ‘Level Four’ character, who played very significant role in PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s failure as the Fifth Malaysian Prime Minister from November 2003 to April 2009. Zaki managed to conveniently ‘place’ himself in MRCB when PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah was ‘pushed out of office’ in UMNO’s post 12GE party election. He started with Securities Commission before joining Booz Allen Hamilton and later appointed into then Youth and Sports Minister Dato’ Hishamuddin Hussein after the November 1999 both General Election. Then, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah asked Zaki to join him as a Special Function Officer when the former was the Deputy Prime Minister.

Nastaha is someone who is a very close associate to Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s own ‘Level Four’, Datuk Omar Ong.

Firdaus is Menteri Besar Johor Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman’s special officer in IRDA. Ghani is a joint Chairman of IRDA. Firdaus is also a founding member of ‘libertarian think tank’ IDEAS, which recently came into flak when they worked closely with notorious former academician Aziz Bari.

Kelantanese Wan Mohd. Firdaus Wan Mohd. Fuaad

How and why all of these personalities were brought into JCorp’s Kulim and Damansara Realty is a mystery. Neither any of them have relevant experience in plantations, property development nor FMCGs, which include powerful inflation-proff brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut and Ayamas. Besides being the Special Officer to IRDA Joint Chairman and literally assuming the role of ‘consultant within’ (talk, talk, talk and theoretically summarisng a conceptual idea without proper role out and actual implementation plan and timeline), 28 year old Firdaus has very little experience in operations let alone senior management position.

Zaki and Firdaus are neither Johoreans. Zaki’s family hail from Kedah where else Firdaus is a Pasir Mas Kelantanese. Neither both have any affection towards Johor. Zaki played pivotal role in the inception of the sluggish PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s developed economic region Iskandar Malaysia which was forced down Johor’s throat beginning November 2006. Firdaus one the other hand played the strategic role to implement PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s poorly thought through ‘wet dream’. Needless to day, Iskandar Malaysia failed to brought forth what these ‘Level Four Boys’ then envisaged South Johor to be.

Youngest Shell Malaysia Chairman Anuar Taib

Why can’t MB Ghani bring in Johorean professionals in the likes of property man Dato’ Syed Mohamad Ibrahim (CEO of Iskandar Investment Bhd), proven oilmen Shell Chairman Anuar Taib and Mohd Azha Abdul Jalil or French company Vieola Water Services Malaysia CEO Mohamad Akhir Ahmad instead? If MB Ghani willing to gamble with Zaki, Natasha and Firdaus, then the bet would have better odds with Syed, Annuar, Azha and Akhir.

That notion is not as important as why are these characters are brought in. Not so long ago, MB Ghani summarily dismissed Tan Sri Muhamad Ali Hashim as JCorp Group CEO. So many complaints about Ali, which the high debt of JCorp was the convenient blame. Hence, there were lots of speculation on the sale of JCorp’s of prized vehicles which include from Ali, to realise cash pay off the borrowings.

Liberals would take that approach and allow Kulim and the all QSR brands under it be under the control of Non Malay entities where else crimson-blooded nationalists would defend otherwise and would take very serious effort to alternatively raise sustainable cash to pay off these borrowings. Ali, who had painstakingly build JCorp to what it is now was on that track when he was asked to leave.

The presence of Zaki, Natasha and Firdaus is suspiciously suggesting that ‘slicing JCorp up’ corporate maneuver. They would use ‘the market sentiments’ to justify a dislodging assets move such as that. As people who stood firmly by liberal thinking as they guidance and idealism for better Malaysia, they would not have the feeling of what Ali tried to do with JCorp, which was to develop Malay entrepreneurs. This include the entrepreneur and intra-preneur development programs, where hundreds of aspiring Malay entrepreneurs operate JCorp invested companies.

These Non Johoreans would probably cast a bleaker grim over Johor with their new found roles in JCorp. and soon enough, mess it up further. Within the three of them, they are unlikely to get any of it right.

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  1. Salam BigDog,

    Read about the appointments earlier and was left wondering what is going on. Young as they are, as you state experience comes for any strategic appointments to contribute positively.

    Thank God we have bloggers like your good self questioning such questionable going ons.

    It ain’t no mumbo jumbo but a jumbo mambo.

    Please keep us updated on fthis matter.

    Thank you

  2. usaha untuk menjahanamkan jcorp…

  3. Dear BigDog,

    Wan Firdaus in anti-Mahathir, but he has a high respect for Anwar Ibrahim and PKR. Go visit his personal blog at wmfirdaus.blogspot.com/, all signs of Anti-Mahathir and Pro-Anwar are there. So now Johor Corp will fund PKR’s election campaign? MB Johor is digging his own grave by these appointments. TS Muhyiddin, please do something.

  4. Dear All,

    If you read Wan Firdaus resume in the website of IDEAS at http://ideas.org.my/, he has nothing to write about working experience or what he has achieved after graduation, to the extent that he has to include his school’s name, even primary school, in his resume. How pathetic is that? Oh by the way, isn’t IDEAS organised one event whereby Tengku Zafrul (another Level 4 boy) of Maybank made controversial comment about the appointment of TS Isa as Chairman of FELDA not so long ago? Perhaps now Tengku Zafrul can make some comment about appointment of ZERO EXPERIENCE young punk as Board of Director in public-listed companies in Johor!

    p/s By the way, just in case you are wondering what I.D.E.A.S. stands for, it should be something like M.O.R.O.N.!

    Wan Mohd Firdaus Wan Mohd Fuaad

    Firdaus, Founding Director of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), was educated at SRK Sultan Ibrahim Satu Pasir Mas, SRK Sri Subang Jaya and Sek Men Agama Persekutuan Kajang. He then went on to read Law at the University of Nottingham and Lincolns Inn London (BPP School of Law). He is currently Special Officer to the Chief Minister of Johore, handling the portfolio of Iskandar Regional Development Authority.

    He was a national delegate for Nottingham University to the National Union of Students, and Chairman of UKEC (UK and Eire Council for Malaysian Students) from October 2005 to October 2007. As Chairman of UKEC, he established the first Malaysian Student Leaders Summit (MSLS), which has become a major national event.


      Kepada sesiapa yang ingin bekerja sebagai Pengarah di anak syarikat Johor Corp Berhad, sila pastikan CV anda melampirkan nama sekolah rendah, sekolah agama, dan jika boleh sekolah tadika. Permohonan tanpa maklumat tersebut tidak akan dilayan. Sekian Terima Kasih

  5. I think the real problem is the MB himself. He needs to go and InsyaAllah Johor will be in good shape!

  6. Memang Wan Mohd. Firdaus yg cakap banyak ni secara terang terangan anti-Mahathir. Sama macam Budak Budak KJ lain, terutama ‘Budak Budak Tingkat Empat’. Agenda jahanamkan Melayu jangka panjang!

    Akal & jiwa liberal sampai layak dilabelkan ‘Kacang Lupakan Kulit’, sekiranya tidak ‘SiTanggang’.

    Banggang tul Ghani Zapin ni! Worst decision ever since Kumpulan Prasarana Johor fiasco!

    Aku setuju dgn BigDog. Pergi kutip budak budak anti nasionalis utk ganti nasionslis cam Ali Hashim! Tak Kan takda Anak Watan Johor yg boleh isi jawatan jawatan ni?

    Aku yakin hubungan JCorp dgn JCS akan lebih hambar lepas ni

  7. That’s the Kelantanese guy who was so often invited to Astro Awani ‘ sudut pandang’ programme and used the words ‘saya fikir’ on everything even if answers required some empirical back up. I recall he main tenyeh saja about why PAP lost many seats during last Singapore GE and some thought he was brilliant. With that kind of answers he wouldnt get more than a C grade in a university exam. And yes he is the same guy who said he wouldnt mind if Anwar becomes pm.

  8. Liberalists are a bunch of people with unstructured minds. They work on the basis of guesstimate extrapolation of the world thinking that being liberals they are so cool and will open the floodgates of ideologies that they themselves do not understand nor able to handle. Worse if they are weak in terms of empirical knowledge and experience.

  9. nampak sangat orang2 johor anti orang kelantan….secara tak disedari dari tulisan2 diatas…..beri lah mereka2 dilantik berkhidmat dulu , belum apa2 dah buat andaian dan remusan, tolol betul orang2 yang dengki ni… apa macam kalau mereka2 yang dilantik buat sesuatu yang baik untok johor……

    • kusoh, boleh kamu bagitau kami semua rakyat Johor, dengan pengalaman bekerja selama 3-4 tahun tekun menjilat lubang jubor Menteri Besar Johor merata dunia, apakah yang Wan Firdaus boleh sumbang kepada pemegang saham Kulim Berhad dan Damansara Realty Berhad?

      • Kulim/DRealty shareholder,

        What else could someone who is 28 yrs old & WITHOUT any other experience EXCEPT special officer to MB Johor in IRDA, put inside one’s CV?

        Give that short guy a break la!

        Dah la dia Kelantanese!


      • wan mohd firdaus boleh jilat lubang jubor pemegang saham lak…

  10. And for these liberalists to be given easy passage into the corridor of power is bad news for the country esp if they are very ambitious about power.

  11. There is no such thing as dengki in BD’s blog. We are observers and vanguards of good governance and I dont appreciate people who use the word dengki sewenang wenang nya. Dont you have other better term to use? Those guys dont have the credentials and experience compared to other more credible candidates in the corporate world.

  12. Doggie,

    I don’t think Kelantanese are the best talents. At least not for JCorp.

    Look at notable Kelantanese in history; Ku Li, Wan Azmi, Nadzmi Salleh, Khalid Ahmad, Annuar Musa, Mustapha Mohamad, Awang Adek, Husam Musa, Norian Mai, Khalid Ramli. They are not exactly people who really brought upon great success.

    Look at Nik Aziz, for crying out loud!

    How about your own namesake? Where is he now? I heard he is doing good property business in KB privatizing state land BUT lives his modern and metropolitan lifestyle in the comfort of his KL home.

    I am not anti Kelantanese. But do you realise how many Kelantanese are in Johor, doing all sorts of labour level jobs? They even hv their own kampungs! (Just like Indons!).

    Why aren’t these people (be it the leaders or labourers), develop their own state and make it conducive for a good eco-system so that 30% of them don’t hv to be outside their home state to earn a living? After all, they are so parochial and clannish, so they should live in their own state that they are so proud of!

    I see your point why should Ghani Othman appoint a knows-all kuchirat like WMF where else they are streams of Johor born-bred-practicing lawyers or accountants with better and relevant MNC experience and track record could be placed there instead.

    The chances of JCorp being fucked up far worse in the hands of Kelantanese like WMF is far better than a Johor born and bred accountant who has relevant MNC experience.


    • I agreed

  13. Basically all these young and inexperience offiicers are the new team of ‘yes man’ that UMNO (Ghani) brought in to inject their muscle into JCorp. All the while, under TS Ali Hashim, they couldn’t penetrate JCorp because TS do not want any political intervention in the running of JCorp. Now that TS has been successfully removed from the board and management, they are free to put whoever they want to help them to plunder the asset-rich JCorp and it’s subsidiaries. This signals the start of the crumbling of JCorp, the only successful state-run institution in Malaysia. It won’t be long before they start to dissect and sell it’s subsidiaries and in the process make Millions in commissions and profits.
    The only way to stop further erosion in this giant is to stop BN from further plundering our beloved country. Or else, there would be nothing left for our future generation.

    • The alternative to BN will plunder more. The onus is on BN to walk the talk. Merit system among Malays means no recycling of the same group of people from the 4th floor and their circle of friends to fill in powerful and influential positions in GLCs, companies and governmental posts. Be transparent and give that level playing field to all potential Malays.

  14. Salam BigDog,

    Please read article below dated May 1, 2011. It is not a secret that Ghani is very kamceng with Dato Lim Kang Hoo of Ekovest/Danga Bay. With the appointments of the 4 PUKIMAKs in Kulim/D’sara Realty, clearly MB is a strong supporter for the acquisition. So Ghani, what did Dato Lim promised you this time? Kantul!

    Ekovest eyes Kulim
    by Gurmeet Kaur
    May 1, 2011

    Ekovest Bhd is believed to be among parties expressing an interest in the purported sale of Kulim (M) Bhd by Johor Corporation Bhd. How strong is its bid?

    THERE has been much speculation of late that Johor Corporation Bhd (JCorp) may be looking to sell its prized assets, including Kulim (M) Bhd, to address its debt woes. As at Dec 31, 2009, JCorp’s debt totalled about RM6 billion, of which RM3.6 billion is due for repayment in July next year.

    When news broke out that various parties were eyeing Kulim, the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia offered to team up with other parties to buy JCorp’s 53% stake in the company to ensure control remained in Bumiputera hands. At this juncture, it is still uncertain whether Kulim is up for sale or who will eventually emerge as the new majority shareholder, if it does go on the block.

    For the record, Kulim recently brushed aside reports quoting former JCorp head Tan Sri Ali Hashim as claiming that the management of JCorp was planning to sell Kulim. It has repeatedly said it would not embark on any `fire-sale’.

    Industry sources say one of the parties interested in bidding for Kulim could be Ekovest Bhd, which is controlled by Johor businessman Datuk Lim Kang Hoo. The seasoned and influential entrepreneur, who is also associated with the plush Danga Bay waterfront development in the Iskandar Region, is said to have put in a bid.

    At one time, according to news reports, his partner in Ekovest was current Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, who sold his interest in the firm when he went into politics in the 1990s.
    Lim, who controls 25.4% of Ekovest, also sits on the board of two other listed companies, namely Knusford Bhd and PLS Plantations Bhd. Another substantial shareholder of Ekovest is one Khoo Nang Seng, who has a direct 10.23%.

    Lim’s bid is likely to raise eyebrows, considering that here is a small company attempting to take over another many times larger. Ekovest’s market capitalisation at the time of writing was RM606.11 million, compared to Kulim’s RM4.43 billion. Malaysian Business emailed queries to Lim but at the time of writing, had yet to get a response.

    More importantly, the question that arises is, how does Lim plan to fund the takeover? It is believed he may have the financial backing of a politically linked investment-holding company. The disposal, if it goes through, would give breathing space to JCorp. A buyer would have to fork out at least RM2.3 billion for its Kulim stake at the current market price of RM3.31.

    Kulim’s prized asset is the listed fast-food operator Kentucky Fried Chicken Holdings Bhd (KFC), which it owns via its 57.5% stake in QSR Brands Bhd, which in turn owns 50.6% of KFC. Kulim also owns 50% of London-listed New Britain.

    JCorp also owns KPJ Healthcare Bhd and Damansara Realty Bhd. For sure, the state economic development corporation is also evaluating other options to address its distressed position, which may involve the overall restructuring of the group.

    In a statement released on April 18, it said JCorp’s board of directors were `confident it could execute a bond redemption scheme immaculately on or before the maturity date’. This optimism stems from its increased earnings for 2010, which it said had placed it in a stronger position to redeem its massive bonds that would come due in July 2012. JCorp’s pre-tax profit and zakat increased 37.4% to RM962 million for the financial year (FY) ended December 2010 from RM700 million previously. This apparently is its highest since its establishment 40 years ago.

    JCorp had recently appointed a new investment committee comprising five members of its board and headed by its chairman, Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, to take an independent look at a possible restructuring of the group.
    Market analysts say this could include a possible debt re- financing that interestingly does not rule out the sale of listed assets. The group is also studying unlocking value through the nine blocks of office building it owns in the prime location of Pusat Bandar Damansara in Kuala Lumpur. JCorp got the buildings in 2002 in exchange for debt owed by its 55.52% subsidiary, Damansara Realty. JCorp is expected to make an announcement on this issue sometime this month.

    As for Ekovest’s Lim, while he may be low-profile, he has not been inactive on the corporate front. When queried by Singapore’s Business Times on his interest, Ekovest’s Lim had reportedly replied, `I’m a businessman and if I see a good investment opportunity, I will invest.’

    Ekovest shares have been actively traded and trending up since late last year, coinciding with the recent developments. On Feb 10, its share price hit RM4.18, its highest level in the past one year. This was a two-fold increase from the low of RM1.36 recorded on May 7, 2010. At the time of writing, its share price closed at RM3.31.
    During the company’s annual general meeting in December last year, Lim had warned that Ekovest’s revenue might decline by 10% to 20% for the current FY ending June 30, 2011. This was because its completion of the Duta-Ulu Klang Expressway had made a significant one-off contribution to the civil engineering group’s earnings in the previous FY, which boosted its group pre-tax profit to RM19.567 million from RM10.694 million in FY2009.
    Not surprisingly then, Lee is said to be on an aggressive drive to secure more projects, say market players.

    • Sampai masa blogger cam BigDog ni korek balik ceta Kumpulan Prasarana Johor & hutang hutang yg kerajaan Johor tak mampu selesaikan tu.

      Kaitkan dgn bagaimana tanah tanah Johor nak dijarah oleh PENYAMUN cam Lim Kang Hoo ni!

      Lim Kang Hoo ni pernah tolong Ghani Zapin utk rescue Kumpulan Prasarana Johor yg hutangnya beratus juta tu. Ni bukan kes kamceng lagi. Ni kes dah tergadai jiwa & raga!

      Tu sebab telor Ghani Zapin ni dah kena pegang!

      Nasib baik BigDog & blogger lain ketengahkan isu ni. Kalau tak, ntah apa apa lagi Ghani Zapin ni biarkan harta pusaka Johor diratah & jarah, sepuas hati PENYAMUN PENYAMUN!

      • Big Guy,

        Yes, JCorp’s debts are huge.

        Monday October 3, 2011

        JCorp to raise RM2.5bil

        It plans to issue bonds to refinance debt due by the middle of next year

        PETALING JAYA: Johor Corp (JCorp) plans to issue up to RM2.5bil in bonds in a move to refinance its debt that will be due by the middle of next year, reliable banking sources said.

        “The bond issuance will refinance the bulk of debt that is coming due next year, meaning that JCorp may not need to carry out any big asset sale soon although there is still a small shortfall,” one banker said.

        JCorp has about RM6.6bil in outstanding debt, out of which RM3.6bil is due to be repaid by July 2012.

        In August, one of JCorp’s units, Kulim (M) Bhd, said it was buying RM700mil worth of oil palm estates and mills from its parent, JCorp, a deal partly aimed at helping the latter solve its huge impending debt obligations.

        Prized asset: JCorp has interest in Pusat Bandar Damansara which is estimated to be worth more than RM1bil
        The proceeds from this sale together with the new bond issuance will raise a total of RM3.2bil, leaving a shortfall of RM400mil.

        The debt papers that are coming due in July are mostly held by banks, mainly CIMB Investment Bank and Maybank Investment Bank. It is likely that these institutions will take up the new bond issuance.

        JCorp has a string of other assets to dispose of including its interest in Pusat Bandar Damansara, which by some estimates is worth more than RM1bil.

        JCorp also owns 53% of Kulim, which in turn owns 50% of London-listed New Britain Palm Oil Ltd (NBPO) and 57.5% of QSR Brands Bhd. QSR owns 50.6% in KFC.

        Kulim can easily fetch top dollar in hiving off any of these assets. But it should be noted that if these assets were to be sold, the sale proceeds would be “trapped” at Kulim.

        What that means is that if the money Kulim got from the sale of NBPO or QSR were to be paid out in dividends, JCorp would only get half of that, with Kulim’s other shareholders enjoying the proceeds as well.

        JCorp receives only a paltry amount of dividends every year. Its dividend receipts amounted to around RM10mil over the last 10 years, despite the total revenue figure of all companies in the group hitting billions of ringgit every year.


        Does it mean their only option to get out of this sticky position is to do the ‘Bina Fikir garage sale’ – Monetize assets such as Pusat Bandar Damansara & sell off cash cows like QSR brands to realize cash & settle debts?

        And worse still, to sharks in the likes of Lim Kang Hoo & Peter Lim???

        Do the math. JCorp’s financial results is very encouraging:

        JCorp FY10 net profit up 37.4% to RM962m
        Written by Bernama
        Tuesday, 19 April 2011 14:16

        KUALA LUMPUR: Kumpulan Johor Corporation (JCorp)’s profit before tax and zakat jumped 37.4% to RM962 million for the financial year ended December 2010 from RM700 million the previous year.

        The figure was also the highest achieved since its establishment 40 years ago, according to a Bernama report on Monday, April 18.

        Sales rose 6.1 per cent to RM7.524 billion from RM7.089 billion the previous year.

        At company level, profit before tax and zakat rose 18 per cent to RM118 million compared with RM100 million the previous year while sales came down 22.4 per cent to RM388 million compared with RM500 million in 2009.

        JCorp had said the decline in sales at company level was due to a major transaction in 2009 involving the mortgage of its industrial land to a Europe based company.

        The rise in profit at group level is due to the contribution from excellent performances of companies in the group with the major contribution coming from Kulim (Malaysia) Bhd (Kulim), it said.

        “The rise in crude palm oil towards end of 2010 and increased operational efficiencies helped to bring in good profits for the PLANTATION [] sector which owns estates in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands,” it said.

        JCorp said the performances of QSR BRANDS BHD [] including KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd also improved, enhancing their contribution to Kulim. – Bernama


        With assets valued at RM 14.4 billion, strong group turnover of RM 7.5 billion & almost RM 1 billion profit & JCorp’s bosses cannot convince these creditors to repackage & restructure their loans?

        What’s next if not monetize assets & hive off cash cows? Do a MAS-AA style ‘share swap’?

        Zaki Zahid’s close associates Vincent Lim & Omar Ong have very strong links with Singaporean. Probably do the ‘share swap’ with Temasek’s companies.

        If Johor MB as the Chairman of JCorp can’t do this right & one of the best ideas they can come up with is to bring in the proven-master-destructor Level Four monkeys, then probably Johoreans should make this issue seriously political.

        Its time Perkasa & DPMM Johor to stand up against this!

  15. Ini 1 lagi tindakan bodoh ghani othman yang akan mendatang musibah kepada negeri johor. Ternyata ahmad zaki adalah budak hingus yag TELAH GAGAL sehingga menyebabkan semua dasar Negara serba tidak kena ketika era pemerintahan PM short term yg banyak memberi kesusahan kepada kita semua.

    Ghani Othman sudah terlalu lama memeganga jawatan sebg MB Johor sehingga beiiau kini sudah tahap tepu, tidak inovativ dan tiada arah tuju yang jelas untuk membawa Negeri Johor ke arah mana.

    Apa yang boleh di bangga kan di Bandaraya JB selain beliau sanggup merendahkan martabatnya menjadi budak suruhan Datuk Lim Kam Hoe Ekovest yang telah bersengkokol dgn Ghani Othman merampas proposal dan tanah projek Danga Bay daripada pemilik asal iaitu Dewan Perniagaan Islam yang diketuai oleh Datuk Syed Ali.

    Jika kita perhatikan di bandaraya JB semenjak Ghani Othman menjadi MB Johor, bandaraya ini tiada peningkatan dan tidak tersusun sehingga bandaraya ini dianggap tempat pelancung singapura tumpang lalu untuk bercuti dan berbelanja di Negeri Melaka.

    Tiada apa yang boleh di lawati untuk membangun industri pelancungan dalam Bandaraya JB selain untuk wagra singapura mencucui kereta damn mencari barang makan yg tidak boleh diperolehi disana serta lebih murah.

    Hakikatnya Ghani Othman TELAH GAGAL membentuk hala tuju pembangunan bandaraya JB yang berintegerasi dan bersepadu untuk kesejahteraan rakyat secara menyeluruh. Inikan pula beliau telah membawa masuk manusia-manusia yang GAGAL dan tiada berwibawa untuk meningkatkan prestasi anak syarikat utama negeri Johor.

    Adalah lebih baik Ghani di singkirkan dari kerusi MB Johor apabila tiba masanya PRU 13 akan datang.

  16. Ghani Zapin ni memang bengap Dato Lim Ekovest boleh arahkan dia dtg ke office Dato Lim untuk discussion. Yang si bengap tu datang mcm bodoh. Ghani Zapin ni dah banyak menjual tanah orang Johor. Kalau dia tak turun masa PRU 13 ni, maka malanglah Johor. Johor akan jatuh ketangan PKR atau DAP. Semuanya dah menyampah melihat muka dia yang dah tepu tu. Dulu mengata-ngata TS Muhiddin jual tanah Johor, sekarang siapa yang pelahap?

  17. Quad Erat Demonstratum, they will definitely do AA-MAS or ECM Libra-Avenue share swap bullshit-style. Definitely not with Temasek, but with………………. E.K.O.V.E.S.T. They will pay their traders to depress Kulim/Damansara Realty shares but push up Ekovest price to the max. As usual, Dato Lim will not even have to fork out even a single sen. The 4 jokers will get their free shares, and of course, Ghani & bossy wife can proudly show off to their no 1 enemy, Muhyiddin Yassin, their new properties in Dubai and London.

    Oh by the way, E.K.O.V.E.S.T. stands for “gua cina makan babi curi tanah orang melayu johor kaw-kaw, lu melayu semua bodoh!”

  18. You said:
    Why can’t MB Ghani bring in Johorean professionals in the likes of property man Dato’ Syed Mohamad Ibrahim (CEO of Iskandar Investment Bhd), proven oilmen Shell Chairman Anuar Taib and Mohd Azha Abdul Jalil or French company Vieola Water Services Malaysia CEO Mohamad Akhir Ahmad instead?

    No non-Malay comes into your mind?
    Go, have a look at how many Indians mastermind the MAS-AirAsia ‘collaboration’!

    Their ideas are ‘gems’ indeed.

    Why not you recommend one or two of these Indians to be on the board of these Johore State agencies?

  19. these melayu barus are fucking up the country

    remind ourself of the mat lembu azlan hashim , chairman of proton who insisted that there was nothing good in mv agusta and sold it
    for 1 euro to a small chingkie outfit ?

    And now the company has probably a stronger business than proton.

    The melayu barus have flexible morality. Just because they have
    a degree from uk universities , they do silly things like giving assets
    to chronies for nothing in return for kickbacks

    Religous background in their cv does not guarantee that these melayus have any notion of shame or semblance of malu or god fearing attributes. Somehow religous education have no impact on the melayu barus behavior!!

    Exposure such as the one made by BD will at least warn the
    rakyat what to expect from these penyamuns crop of melayu barus
    among whom-you will find kj or the budak hitam riong kali have a
    few fingers stuck in the pie

    • I beg to differ.

      These ppl are not ‘Melayus’. They’re just born to the Malay archipelago stock.

      True blooded Melayus won’t khianat their own ppl. True blooded Melayus tightly protect the maruah of their bangsa!

      Don’t be fooled by these Brit-educated-wannabe-Melayus. They pretend to be who they’re not but in actual fact, they’re just really kampung in nature. Case in point; Hv you ever heard this WMF speak?

      He talk with a thick Kelantanese twang!

      British educated konon??? Pi belajaq cakap omputih dgn Tony F dulu la! (At least this Keling can pretend to speak thicker than someone from Canterbury!).

      Yes, I so agree with you. These are pirates! It just between them, they hv scrolls from old British universities

  20. Sources close to me tell that Wan Firdaus is employed as Special Offier to MB Johor in IRDA, but he never comes to IRDA office in Danga Bay.He is a shirker who collects a cool RM20k per month at IRDA (SVP) level and this too our tax money.

    In fact, he also parks all his claims at IRDA. He never attends any IRDA functions and a real player. How he can survive in IRDA is a surprise

    • 20k per mth? f*ck, no wonder this fella got lots of money to fund his idiot IDEAS org

      • Irda CEO,

        Please take note that one of your staff, Wan Mohd Firdaus Wan Mohd Fuaad has been frequently absent from IRDA office over the past 3-4 years. Please take immediate action!

        Thank you.

      • jangan tabur fitnah. i am someone very close to firdaus… he never get 20k permonth… do you think working with government is that rich?? he works his ass out for Jcorp and young malaysian people, he doesnt;t even have time to sleep, eat or enjoy his young life…unlike you people who has so much free time to fitnah and kutuk other people who you know very little ..what have you bloggers done to our country. criticizing and condemning .. at least these people has tried their best to do something…stop the hasad dengki mate. give these people chance first….

      • He has no time pasal dia bodoh tak faham kerja dia.

  21. Tok BD.

    Wan Mutha Fucka ni rupanya pemuja puak puak Anwar Al Juburi Wal Zina China Dollie!

    Padan la angkuh semacam.

    Camana la Ghani Zapin boleh layak hempalang cam gini???

  22. Look like…CIA tactic being planted by Anwar Brhem to tarnish or destroy Jcorp from inside…

  23. Dengar cerita di angin lalu, katanya J-Corp dah jual Kotaraya kepada Temasik. Harap bigdog dapat siasat kebenaran cerita ini. Kalau betul, maka habislah peluang orang Melayu untuk berniaga di bandar Johor Bahru. Sudah pastinya cina-cina Singapore akan memenuhi ruang- ruang kosong di situ. Peniaga Melayu semuanya sudah dihalau keluar dan sekarang ni bersepah-sepah di sekitar Johor Bahru. Sedihnya melihat orang melayu diperlakukan begitu. Apa tindakan Ghani Zapin, tak kanlah diam aja? Tak kanlah dia hanya memperjuangkan zapin melayu dan ghazal melayu saja, bagaimana dengan orang melayu….

  24. Oi Wan firdaus pendek banyak jerawat muka macam babi laknak.

    kalo nak kaya pun bior ler cara yang betul. ko patutnya create employment untuk orang melayu. cuba ko tengok steve forbes atau mark zuckerberg, ada ka depa terus lompat jadi director kat US company? ini ko masuk johor corp mcm bapak ko punya kompani. ko tak malu ker? kalo betul ler ko ada maruah, ko patut let-go aje position director tuh. ko pun tahu yg ko memang tak layak. profit & loss, balance sheet pun ko tak paham. kulim dan damansara realty bukan bapak ko punya, atau Ghani Zapin punya, atau Zaki dan barua2 tingkat 4 punya. ko tolong berambus dari johor ler. org johor dah muak tengok muka pukimak ko. ko memang penipu. penat aje mak bapak ko anto ko pegi sekolah agama, ko jadik pukimak rupanya. menate babi mu!

  25. There’s nothing impressive about this Wan Mohd Firdaus dude. A scholarship defaulter from Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC), he was ‘saved’ by Zaki Zahid (at that time a “Tingkat Empat” boy, who also dumped SC previously). No experience, no proven track record, no achievement. And yet, he loves to quote The Economist, The Edge and Bloomberg just to intellectually inflate himself in public with business and financial jargons. Trying too hard to be English, perhaps. Legally trained, but never been legally tested.

    All he has is just a thick-skinned face to meet VIPs and Ministers by pulling other VIPs and Ministers names. When he meets Tony Fernandes, he will mention Najib’s name. When he greets Najib, he will mention Azman Mokhtar’s name. When he intentionally bumps into Azman Mokhtar, he will throw in Tony Fernandes’ name. That’s how he works; connecting dots between Malaysian corporate players when he himself contributed ZERO in the profit making of any business. Mixed himself a lot with guys like Johan Raslan (MD of PwC). Omar Ong (Najib’s Rasputin), Tengku Razaleigh (yup, Ku Li), a Negri Sembilan royalty, Wan Saiful Wan Jan and some other names that come out often in business and politics section of our mainstream dailies. Got to give credit to him for making himself look so damn important in Corporate Malaysia with just blowing hot air without any substance.

    His appointment to the companies is nothing new; just another proxy of “Putrajaya” to warm the seats of Board of Directors, who collect loads of allowance just to play Blackberry and iPad in meetings, but will not take an iota of responsibility when the bottom line hits the ground. One thing for sure, he is as loyal as a leech; whoever gives him “da monay”, he will stick to that guy. Even BN falls, he will jump ship to PR, and that’s a fact.

    An absolute show off and addicted to publicity, he thinks he commands the voice of young Malaysians. Oh, grow up. From SMAP Kajang to UKEC to YCM to IRDA, all the same story: you only do it for yourself.

    • This wan mother fucker knows shit about almost everything. He can’t even differentiate between gearing and ball bearing, minority shareholder and minority interest, interest expense and interest income, oil palm and palm oil, he thought CAPEX is a sister company of CALTEX, he thought GDV is a new MTV, etc, etc…..basically this guys talks COCK all the time. He likes to BRAG as if he is some big shot in the corporate scene. Yes, he defaulted his scholarship from SC, what a melayu-tak-bersyukur-and-tak-sedar-diri-mother-fucker. Semua mahu free! Although he is paid by IRDA, most of the time he is not in the office. He claimed that he is at Ghani’s office/house doing some official work, but actually he is busy sucking his own dick and sticking fingers into his arse. What do you expect? He is budak Anwar-Homo-Kaki-Liwat! If you bump into this mother fucker in JB, please feel free to spit in his face. Selamat Meludah!

      • I rest my case on this Wan Mutha Fucka’s talentless person, who is suffering from ‘seize mentality’ on two counts; being short & being Kelantanese!

        I dunno why Ghani Zapin is so impressed & gotten besotted with this fake.

        I pity the future of Johoreans. I also can imagine the moral of true blue JCorp guys in their blue shirts, having to stomach a fake like this Wan Mutha Fucka!

  26. wan mohd firdaus is an ass licker, hv met him once or twice but the above comments hv really given me a wider perspective on this tiny midget..thanks every1!!

  27. To littlepeople up there at November 15, 2011 at 23:17,

    Yo littlepeople,

    You are making a couple of assumptions here, that we bloggers don’t know who Wan Mohd Firdaus is, that we did not contribute anything to the country, that we just sit on our backsides and type bollocks in the Net just for fun. You must be one of WMF’s worshippers or little minions to even come out and defend the indefensible. Firstly, we know him and his history. Secondly, we do care about our country by preventing yuppies like WMF from taking all of us for a ride. Thirdly, the fact that you actually replied to us shows how significant we are to you! This is not hasad dengki; this is cyber warfare, virtual politics and internet activism.

    Nevermind that WMF may not gobble up RM20k a month in IRDA (around RM15k after tax perhaps?), but a 28-year old Melayu boy working with the government with an apartment in Damansara Heights and a Beemer is like WOW! He must have been working his arse 25 hours a day! God bless IRDA, JCorp and Malaysia. A director of a public listed company aged 28? No wonder shareholders are pissed off, including the existing directors! Yup, he did try his best… in lobbying for the easiest job ever in any company, i.e. by being a non-executive director. I bet he has never been scolded by any boss because he has a ‘payung’ in the name of Ghani Othman.

    Please, if you are really his close friend, ally or secret admirer (though he is already married), do ask him how he manages to wriggle his way out from SC without getting sued. Taking the cue from his good pal Omar Ong perhaps when he ran away from Petronas without completing his scholarship bond? Or maybe because the upcoming SC Chairman, Datuk Johan Raslan is his good chit chat buddy?

    Before I open up more cans of worms of this guy, why don’t you personally ask him also about the fundings of his IDEAS organisation. Dodgy think tank group, I would say, with even dodgier source of income. You’ll be surprised to find out that some of them may have links to the Freemasons, who will always disguise themselves under the pretext of liberal democracy, free market and globalisation.


    • little people, you said..

      “he (wmf) works his ass out for Jcorp..”

      wow, that’s something new! Care to share what has he contributed to Jcorp? Seriously, i really want to know. b’cos even in IRDA, he has been missing most of the time, in fact, nobody in IRDA really knows what he’s been doing over the past years. And now you are telling us wmf works his ass out for Jcorp? Oh, you also want us to give him chance first? chance for what? Chance to screw Jcorp? You must be an idiot! No wonder you worship wmf so much.

    • Aku rase poyolahkau ni samada die dengki die tak dapat jadi director at age 28, atau die ni kena ‘upah’ dengan tan sri ali hashim untuk condemn wmf ni. Macam la kite tak biase ngan blog2 or commentors yg ‘ditaja’ oleh org2 tertentu untuk jatuhkan org lain kan?Org dalam jcorp tau kenaps tan sri ali tu kena buang oleh MB … Sebab rasuahh gile power la weiii…. Pastu dah hilang power nak bengang kat budak pendek tu padehal budak tu jalankan arahan MB je … Lepas kena buang pastu naikla blog2 mcm ni nak kutuk budak pendek tu…. Nak tagoh simpati org plak… Oi bloggers n commentors duit ko dapat kena upah tuh tak halal la dunia akhirat. Kalo rase dengki iri hati ko tak dapat same pangkat itu naseb korangla tak pandai

  28. budak kecik 28 tahun jadi director kulim, dbhd, dan org luar johor masuk jcorp group

    mmg tak salah, tapi mcm terkejut. ada sesuatu tak kena. berlagak gila. nak semua benda free. sebab tu tan sri ali dulu tak suka politik masuk jcorp, macam ni lah jadi nya.

    tunggu la zaman kehancuran…

  29. Its been exactly 1 month since @WMFIRDAUS updated his twitter. I wonder whats up with him

  30. […] to complicate and makes matters worse Menteri Besar Dato’ Hj Abdul Ghani Othman endorsed the appointment of four personalities, which include the infamous whipping-boy of ‘Level Four Boys’ Dato’ Zaki Zahid […]

  31. […] the fact that recently, one of the significant players within the ‘Level Four Boys’ and strongest advocate of the South Johor Economic Region proposal and principal policy adviser to PM &#…. One of the planned activity of JCorp Group to reduce and ‘manage’ its RM 3.6 billion […]

  32. Projek-projek perancangan awal KPRJ
    Kumpulan Piranha Johor (1997)

    Rumah Rakyat Johor……..16.80juta
    Jalan Kampung…………200.84juta
    Perpustakaan Negeri…….52.84juta
    Perpustakaan Desa……..150.72juta
    JII Fasa 1…………….39.00juta
    JII Fasa 2……………211.00juta
    JB Perdana Highway…….520.00juta
    Lebuhraya KT-Mersing…..300.00juta
    Kg Dlm Kota(Bakar Batu)..500.00juta
    Baiki Stadium Larkin…….5.60juta
    Projek Kota Sukan……..500.00juta
    Baiki Masjid 1…………50.00juta
    Baiki Masjid 2………..100.00juta
    Transport city…………32.00juta
    Gerai Rakyat…………..74.25juta
    Panggung Negeri………..60.02juta
    Port City……………2883.34juta

    MB Johor mahu JCorp Tan Sri Ali buat ini semua kerja tapi Tan Sri Ali kata dia sudah bnyk buat kerja amal buat sekolah agama negeri. MB Johor yang baru ini merajuk dengan JCorp, dia pun buka syarikat baru Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor untuk jalankan projek-projek (non-profit) yang murni ini. Mula-mula di suruh pakar kewangan dari Arab Malaysian, Azlan Abas untuk menjalankan “KPRJ” tetapi penasihat2 MB Johor ini kata terlalu muda terus dibahagi kepada kawan lamanya Datuk Amirullah untuk jadi CEO dan mereka-mereka ini termasuk Azlan Abas pun buka pejabat-pejabat mereka di Public Bank Tower supaya dekat dengan Bukit Timbalan (10minit sampai jika Ghani petik jari).

    Modus operandi nya simple…..semua tanah yang hendak dibangunkan oleh Kerajaan Negeri dibekukan dan di bahagikan semua kepada KPRJ untuk cari JointVenture partner untuk cari Investor untuk membangunkan projek-projek mega supaya keuntungan ini boleh disalurkan untuk membiayai projek-projek KPRJ yang non-profit seperti di atas….

    Olehkerana orang-orang ini semua bekas pegawai BANK, maka semuanya ada idea yang sama iaitu sebelum tanah-tanah ini “LANDBANK” dimajukan lebih baik tanah-tanah ini dicagarkan ke bank-bank dan duitnya boleh digunakan untuk dilaburkan di dalam KLSE. Memang “BIJAK”…..tetapi seperti yang tidak dapat diduga oleh pakar-pakar kewangan ini bahawa saham-saham KLSE ini boleh jatuh merundum selepas September 1997. Maka YPJ Holdings hilang RM45juta, KPRJ hilang RM280juta, JCorp hilang RM2billion dan Renong hilang RM15billion. Semuanya adalah Sejarah Hitam bagi Johor……..x usah d nangis – nasi dah jadi bubur…..

    • Tidak lupa juga Program Balik Kampung untuk menarik semula talent & skilled worker pulang ke JOHOR untuk melaksanakan semua projek kumpulan piranha ini. Bila projek-projek ni semua tak jalan skilled worker ni semula BALIK KL semula dan tak mau balik Johor semula….. raya je balik JOHOR ..

  33. […] of Iskandar Development Region (as it was known when it was first launched in November 2006) Dato’ Ahmad Zaki Zahid who was then the Principal Co-ordinator for the Prime Minister’s …as the Executive Director of Kulim Bhd. He is also expected to play a more strategic role in JCorp […]

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