Enemies within

Director General of FELDA Authority Dato' Dzulkifli Wahab, deceiving FELDA settlers' representatives in Kuala PIlah in his "Commitment to follow through what has been decided"

The cat is out of the bag. Despite several open denial and in fact ‘strongly committing to the agenda’, the ‘Real McCoy’ in the context of ‘throwing spanner to the works’ has already been discovered.

On 28 October 2011, the board of Koperasi Permodalan Felda met in Kuala Lumpur. In the meeting, it was decided that four members were dismissed as members from the co-operative society. FELDA Chairman Tan Sri Isa Samad, former FELDA Chairman Tan Sri Dr Yusof Nor, FELDA Global Ventures Holdings President and FELDA Holdings Bhd Managing Director Dato’ Seri Sabri Ahmad and President and CEO Dato’ Seri Mohd. Bakke Salleh are the four.

The reason of expulsion is unclear. However, this dismissal means that Isa would not able to be appointed as KPF Chairman. The lawyers acting on behalf of FGVH confirmed this dismissal today.


The appointment of Isa as KPF Chairman is part of the pre-IPO exercise of FGVH being listed, since KPF would eventually own 35% of the plc by March 2012. This appointment is with explicit instruction from Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, who wanted FELDA settlers gain direct benefit from Kumpulan FELDA generated and aggregated businesses, which all be injected under FGVH. During the 2012 Budget Day, PM Najib announced the listing of FGVH sometime in 2012 as part of moving the FELDA community upwards as part of the program to uplift the socio-economic position of the rural Malays, in preparation of the high economic income.

Isa’s appointment is with the consent of Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumerism Dato’ Seri Ismail Sabri, whose powers to appoint is provided in the Co-operative Act. FELDA Authority Board decided on 25 August 2011 for Isa’s appointment.

Last week, Sabri went to see Ismail since Isa’s appointment has been long overdue. To his surprise, Sabri was told of Isa’s dismissal along the other three from KPF. It seems that existing KPF Chairman Dato’ Dzulkfili Wahab convened the 28 October meeting and the decision was made. Dzulkifli is the FELDA Authority Director General. Traditionally, the FELDA Authority DG is also KPF Chairman.

The saboteur who is also a skilled stage actor, demonstrating his fake public appearance and the designated KPF Chairman

The thing is that, Dzulkifli has been lying with a straight face to the public about his moves within his ‘Little Napoleanic Empire’ ever since the ‘Meeting FELDA Settlers’ Representatives Road Show’ which begun in Kuantan on 26 October 2011. Dzukifli vowed that he is “Committed to the program and would give fullest support to realise PM Najib’s mission to transform the FELDA community to the next level” and he repeated this again in Kuala Terengganu the next day. The evening on the day KPF BOD met and decided on the dismissal of the four, he also vowed the same in Melaka and put a straight face even though FELDA settlers asked to explain the rumors about the two was unable to work together for this listing exercise. This fake appearance also was repeated again in Trolak on 31 October.

Over the weekend, he said during the same road show in Kuala Pilah. In fact, he also said “I am a civil servant and ‘implementor’. I just carry out what has been decided. It is not my place to question what has been decided. In fact, I must do my best to expedite the process and do it effectively“.

Clearly Dzulkifli blatantly lied to all these FELDA settlers’ representatives. It is also very clear that not only he committed gross insubordination, he also deemed to be sabotaging a PM Najib’s strategic agenda and Federal Government program for FELDA. The dismissal of Isa and the other three from KPF will definitely delay the listing of FGVH, targeted in March or April 2012.

It is also not surprising that Dzulkifli used his network with FELDA, especially at the 317 schemes to fan the resistance for this exercise and also leaking details to the Opposition. There has been a stream of Police reports made against the appointment of Isa as KPF Chairman and the FGVH listing exercise. Details of the FELDA Authority BOD meeting with regards to Isa’s appointment have also been leaked to the blogs.

It is believed that Dzulkifli acted in this manner is because of personal agenda, more than anything else. At the moment, as KPF Chairman he sits in 34 companies and earning annually more than RM 600,000 in directors fee and meeting allowances, on top of his salary as a Staff 1 Federal Government civil servant. All of this would be taken away when FGVH is going through the stringent listing exercise. This is also good corporate governance.

All 112, 635 FELDA settlers should now feel nothing but betrayed and look at their custodian for community development and Federal Government policy implementor Dzulkfli as a saboteur to PM Najib’s strategic agenda for FELDA and a traitor to the Malay Agenda.

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  1. the guillotine is hungry.

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  3. Maaf! yang berada dalam ‘upper post’/datuk-datuk/tuan-tuan dalam ibu pejabat felda tak payahlah lontar-lontar fail/mengeluarkan kata-kata yang tak sesuai dengan humanity staf bawah.Ingatlah Allah.Anda semua dapat berada ‘di atas’ semuanta dengan ehsan Allah.

  4. Most Government Officers are just that. That’s why not all government’s plan (for the people) not being carried out as desired. Those officers believe they are the “decision makers” and not the Ministers or even PM should make decision concerning their “fortress”.

    And worst still, corruption, mismanagement at the highest level by them have to be answered by the PM to the Rakyat.

    Their slogan, “we are here to stay”….

    • i have seen the same. A second wife (his former PA) of a KSU doing business with her husband’s ministry.

      And at a businessman’s son wedding reception in a six star hotel last year, the vvip’s are two former KSUs, current KSU’s and a KP, all from the same ministry.No YBs, no minister..

      And yes,its the government who answered to the rakyat..

  5. this is all rubbish….

    dosa fitnah lg besar dari membunuh!!! amar makruf nahi mungkar…

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  7. Actually why is Dzul doing this? I mean how does he think he can get away with this? He must have a higher power he could revert to? Could it be Yusof Nor? That greedy old man pulling the strings of his little puppets Dzul? Tarmizi? Sharifuddin? Ismail? The merry band of crooks who have ransacked the Felda treasury?

    Waiting in the wings is Yusof Nor. Waiting to be reinstated as Chairman again if Isa can’t deliver. Swooping in to absolve his gang members so they can continue their looting.

    Think about it.

    • yusof noor is now a special adviser (Felda) to PM..what else is there that he wants..

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