Lim Guan Eng praise the submariners

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng praised the professionalism of the Navy and agreed the submariners are “Exceptional warriors, dedicated and diligent in their work”.

He said this to media after a diving trip 60 nautical miles off the coast of Langkawi in RMN submarine KD Tun Razak.

“We must agree that the submariners are professional and exceptional warriors. Whether or not we agree the value for money for the acquisition, that’s different story”. Lim refuse to answer the direct question on the wisdom of the acquisition of the strategic asset for ATM.

Lim and Deputy Chief Ministers Prof Ramasamy and Dato’ Mansor Othman were flown by RMN air wing to Frigate KD Lekiu and later was transferred by small boat to KD Tun Razak. They were accompanied by Fleet Operations Commander Vice Adm Dato’ Jamil Othman.

Two TV3 and one Bernama journalists sailed with KD Tun Razak from Awana Porto Malai this morning to the rendezvous point. About 30 other journalists sailed on board of frigate KD Jebat to rendezvous point, to cover the event.

He also explained that he agreed that the submarine had teething problem and sometimes during the early stage, it could not dive for certain faulty equipments.

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  1. hahaha they have been trapped!!! checkmate…

  2. Well to his credit least Guan Eng took the plunge and was honest about it.

    Now what didn’t the government make a video of the sub submerging including some underwater shots. That would have gone some way to show people that despite initial teething problems, it’s A-OK now.

    Didn’t they do dive tests before they delivered the sub?

  3. Pundek….can you account for the cost and benefit of the sub? If you cant, then stop writig and continue to suck umno balls la

  4. Any negotiator who could negotiate the best price for a Scopene will surely be an asset for any big corporation in the global biz. Unfortunately there will be none. Military assets such as submarines dont come cheap nor easily discountable. The nature of military assets is such that the purchase is for security reason and the term value for money and best buy don’t prevail in such procurement. But it can come with offers for capacity building and training which in the long run benefit the naval force compared to the notion of short term monetary saving .consideration

  5. […] the dive, Lim is convinced that the submarines are necessary strategic assets for the defense, praised the professionalism of the submariners and the Navy as a […]

  6. […] Agong and HRH Sultan of Selangor, but also DAP Secretary General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on his dive onboard KD Tun Razak 50 nautical miles west of Langkawi on 9 December […]

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