The Mole under attack

The first online newspaper based on blog postings The Mole is under attack. At press time, technicians are still trying to revive the portal.

The initial attack was first discovered on Firday night. On Saturday, attacks were still on but managed to be deflected. As of early this morning, the hackers spammed the hits onto the portal which crashed the system.

This attack is when The Mole gain popularity to combat lies, primarily issued that would be capitalised by the Opposition such as “PM Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak’s Daughter Shopping Spree” in Perth during Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting.

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  1. That is terrible! Hope it can be reivive soon. Mole is good with that AirAsia story & Kazanah stories.

  2. Fourth floor boys rattled . the case of SIL swindling 80million from Kak Zat’s NFC will be out soon. If Kak Zat doesnt expose SIL, SIL will kill her politically. Follow this game closely .

    Mole attackd coz they investigating tis 4th-floor skandal? dont not give up Mole

  3. Bigdog, this is an extract of an article in “Mind no Evil’ about you.

    ” I have been told that you( Bigdog) are close to some political masters, and this must have given you the audacity to post something that is false without regards as to who the person is. If this is true then you are worse than a roden that scrounges filth and stale foodstuff in stinking alleys and potholes. I do not care who your political masters are, because liars are people that Brig Jen Dato Abdullah and I hate most, and they ought to be taught some manners. I hate telling you this, but that is what you portray yourself to be – a coward and an incorrigible liar.

    My final word to you Bigdog – please do not take retired military officers for granted because we are no fools.

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