Mat King Leather tells off LGE

Lim Guan Eng at KD Tun Razak periscope, 1630hrs Friday 9 Dec 2011

Yesterday, Opposition Leader and Adviser to PKR Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim called up Penang Chief Minister and told him off, for accepting Minister of Defense Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s invitation and later challenge to dive with the Perdana Class Scorpene submarine.

Lim’s dive with KD Tun Razak on Friday 1545-1715hrs on Friday 9 December 2011 60 nautical miles off the cost of Langkawi fully certified that the submarines are operational and debunked all lies, perpetuated by Anwar Ibrahim’s closest politicians which include his daughter and PKR Vice President Nurul Izzah Anwar. On 5 August 2010, Nurul Izzah told Jakarta based newspaper that “The submarines are not able to dive”, which is sinister agenda to perpetuate the hate towards the Government on worthless spending.

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Of submarines and politics

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Zahid outmanoeuvres his critics

KD Tun RazakKD Tun Razak ready to leave port in Langkawi on Friday. Pic by Mohd Yusni Ariffin

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IT was a rare invitation to opposition leaders that was hard to refuse, taking a ride in one of the Royal Malaysian Navy’s two submarines.  Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, sporting a new hairstyle, had flown to Langkawi with his two deputy chief ministers on Friday to go on board Scorpene Perdana class KD Tun Razak to see for himself whether it could dive, as submarines are supposed to do.

After diving to a depth of 30m with the diesel-powered submarine, Lim gave his thumbs up for his 55-minute outing: “There is no doubting it now…it can dive. If we are talking about a submarine, then, of course, it can dive.”

Also contrary to opposition claims that the purchases of the submarines were wasteful and an unnecessary burden on taxpayers, Lim went on to declare that there was the need for the submarines and that he was proud of the crew’s ability in handling them.

“For 32 officers and crew to be able to function and operate in an enclosed space for a long period of time is an exceptional and impressive achievement,” he said.

It was certainly a major public relations coup for Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the RMN in successfully staging the trip for the Pakatan Rakyat trio.

This is especially so since both Mindef and the RMN have been battling intense negative public perception before and after the arrival of the multi-million dollar submarines from France.

The PKR member of parliament from Lembah Pantai, for example, had once told the Indonesian media that our submarines were allegedly defective and could not dive. Ironically, the MP was conspicuously missing from the Langkawi trip.

There is a bigger picture here. We have seen the opposition throwing allegations about certain defence purchases and the capability of the armed forces and their assets and making few apologies, if at all, when they are found to be misleading.

Zahid said Mindef had to defend the good name of the armed forces, especially the navy.

“We do not want to play the opposition’s political game, but we are forced to do so.”

The acquisition of a modern submarine force, after a decade of planning and decision making, is part and parcel of the overall modernisation of the Malaysian defence forces in order to make them more capable and credible in the region.

Malaysia has vast oil and gas resources in the South China Sea. A strong and modern naval fleet, backed by a submarine force, is therefore vitally important in safeguarding our sovereignty.

Still on the issue of security, we seldom hear of the opposition singing praises for the thousands of servicemen and ex-servicemen for their sacrifices in maintaining the country’s peace and security.

Pas deputy leader Mohamad Sabu’s (a.k.a. Mat Sabu) controversial statement that communist insurgents, not the policemen, were the real heroes in the Bukit Kepong incident was a case in point.

Mat Sabu was not the only Pakatan leader prone to making gaffes.

In September, Guan Eng had to apologise to the Sultan of Johor and his subjects over the alleged disparaging remarks Guan Eng made about Johor when he was meeting foreign journalists in Singapore.

The issue then was also about security and how it was “safer” to be in Penang than in Johor if you are a Singaporean.

Someone noted, despite opposition leaders often undermining the credibility of the Polis DiRaja Malaysia, ironically they would be the first to dash to the police station to lodge reports.


The dive off the coast of Langkawi along the northern most corridor of the Malacca Strait basically kill Anwar’s and Anwarista’s evil agenda to use the submarine as a strategic tool in their perpetuated ‘Politics of Hatred‘. Lies and more lies were thrown into the whole scheme of things of the acquisition of the French made submarines and training program that was inked in June 2002.

Before Lim’s dive on Friday, Defense Minister Zahid already brought several PAS Leaders which include MPs into KD Tunku Abdul Rahman when then the lead boat in the submarine squadron was berthed alongside during LIMA 2009. On Wednesday 7 December, several BN and Independent MPs were also brought into KD Tun Razak.

HRH Sultan of Selangor in the PASKAL cap and Deputy Chief of Navy accompanying him onboard KD Tun Razak

The submarines capability have been proven all the while. For example, when KD Tun Razak arrived for the first time on our shores in july 2010 and just before berthed alongside at TLDM Lumut, HRH Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah dived in the Malacca Straits with Deputy Defense Minister Dato’ Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad and Chief of Navy Adm Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Hj Jaafar. HRH Sultan Selangor who is also the Captain-in-Chief of the Navy also dived again with KD Tun Razak in South China Sea, in August.

His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong XIII Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Sultan Mahmood not only dived with KD Tunku Abdul Rahman on 10 March this year, he was also brought to an abyssal depth of below 1,000 ft to prove its full capability . KD Tunku Abdul Rahman also did live firing exercise of launching the SM 39 Exocet missile from the depth of 180 ft on 26 July last year.

This is the checkmate for Anwar and  his Anwaristas, as far as the perpetuated lies about the submarines acquisition is concern. In short, Anwar’s and Anwaristas’ ‘vessel of politics of hatred’ was torpedoed with DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng as the most valuable key witness.

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DAP Vs DAP: Warlords and Godfathers

"Houston, we have a problem!"

Trouble in brewing in DAP Penang, on the eve of their convention. It was said between supporters of DAP ‘warlords and godfathers’. The crack is widening, in a party where Chinese Chauvinists rule.

Penang DAP feud worsens


 Karpal loyalist calls Ramasamy ‘blatant liar’ and warns of further revelations

R. S. N.  Rayer,  Seri Delima  assemblyman

R. S. N. Rayer, Seri Delima assemblyman

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THE feud between Penang DAP leaders has escalated with an assemblyman calling on Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy “a blatant liar” and warned that the latter should be prepared for “all hell to break loose” at the party convention this Sunday.

Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N. Rayer said he would reveal all about who Ramasamy was and also disclose “how effective” the latter had been as an assemblyman and member of parliament.

“If it is a war he wants, tell him to brace for one. We will settle this at the state DAP convention this Sunday,” Rayer said.

The fiery politician also did not mince his words in rebuking Ramasamy over allegations that he (Rayer) was making a lot of noise just to “curry favour” with DAP chairman Karpal Singh.

Rayer said he made no apologies being a “Karpal loyalist” and would not tolerate anyone showing disrespect to the party stalwart.

“Unlike Ramasamy who only joined the party in 2007, I have been working with and supporting Karpal for the last 15 years.

“I know how to respect senior leaders because I too have been in the party for a long time,” he said.

An opposition-linked news portal yesterday quoted Ramasamy as blaming Rayer and DAP Bagan division deputy chairman A. Tanasekharan, who is also Bagan Dalam assemblyman, for kicking up a storm over the “godfathers” remark he had made.

Ramasamy was quoted as saying that the two leaders were stooping so low to attack him because they may need Karpal’s help (in the coming general election) as both of them do not have grassroots support.

“These YBs (Yang Berhormat) don’t  do much constituency work, so they depend on senior leaders for support,” Ramasamy was quoted as saying.

However, Rayer dismissed such claims and instead blamed Ramasamy for being the one in need of help to regain his seats in the coming general election.

“If there is anybody who has not done any work, it is him. Otherwise, why are there demonstrations being held in his constituencies? It only goes to show that Ramasamy is the one who is not doing work as the state assemblyman in Prai and member of parliament for Batu Kawan,” Rayer said.

On Ramasamy’s denial that he had “begged” for the post of Penang Deputy Chief Minister II after the 2008 general election, Rayer said the DAP deputy secretary-general was a “blatant liar” for not admitting what had really happened.

Rayer said there were several witnesses who saw Ramasamy begging for the post and it happened at the first class ward where Karpal was admitted at that time.

Meanwhile, Karpal, when contacted, said Ramasamy had yet to get in touch with him, let alone apologise over the “godfathers” remark which had rocked the Penang DAP.

“He has not contacted me although he said he would. We will leave it at that for now,” he said yesterday.

The row between the DAP leaders began when Karpal said that the DAP should not have warlords who went around promising and announcing seats for their cronies ahead of the central executive committee’s decision.

Ramasamy responded by saying that while the DAP should not have warlords, there should also not be any “godfathers” in the party.

Read more: Penang DAP feud worsens – General – New Straits Times


However it was reported that Mini Emperor Lim Guan Eng, who is DAP Secretary General and Penang Chief Minister intervened.
10 December 2011 | last updated at 12:43am

Ramasamy gets reprieve for a day

GEORGE TOWN: The focal point in the “anti-P. Ramasamy episode” will now shift to the state DAP convention tomorrow.

A scheduled emergency meeting last night to resolve a potential revolt against the state deputy chief minister and DAP deputy chairman had been cancelled.

The meeting was supposed to have been held at Komtar last night, chaired by party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng. No reason was given.

Furious party members said Ramasamy is now in for a roasting at the state DAP convention.

Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N. Rayer said it was good  the meeting had been  called off as “it now gives us an opportunity to thrash things out at the convention”.

Earlier in the day, Lim was forced to do some damage control and he managed to stop a gathering by 3,000 DAP members who had planned to protest at the state DAP headquarters in   Jalan Talipon hree.

The gathering was called off following Lim’s intervention.

Rayer said he and Bagan Dalam assemblyman A. Thanasekaran received a call from Lim at 10am, advising them to cancel the gathering.

“We accepted the chief minister’s advice.”

He said  Lim had also asked him not to make further comments on the spat involving Ramasamy — who has come under fire for his “godfathers in the party” remark, which has ruffled the feathers of  party veteran Karpal Singh and his loyalists.

Ramasamy may find himself in deeper trouble as a complaint about his outburst has now reached the party’s disciplinary committee.

The complaint was filed by Tan Ah Huat, chairman of the DAP Kuah branch.

Meanwhile, a group calling itself Penang Indian Development Organisation (Pido) has blasted Lim for not defending his deputy.

Pido chairman M. Nyana Segaran said Lim did not  bother to defend his deputy. “Maybe he feels that it is an Indian matter and it is better to let the Indians fight  among themselves.


However, the situation worsened.

It is believed that a threatening call was made to DAP ADUN for Seri Delima Sanisvara Nethaji Rayer from an unknown caller, claiming to be a supporter of Deputy Chief Minister Prof. Ramasamy. The threat is believed about the intention to raise the matter of ‘Warlord and Godfather’ during the DAP convention, which will uncover the practices of nepotism and favoritism in DAP.

Pro-Opposition Free Malaysia Today reported this:

Two DAP leaders get death threats

Athi Shankar

| December 10, 2011

Caller warns RSN Rayer and A Krishnan not to bring up embattled Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy’s name at the party’s state convention tomorrow

GEORGE TOWN: An assemblyman and a branch leader have received death threats for supporting the DAP’s Indian grassroots members’ uprising against Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy.

DAP’s Seri Delima assemblyman RS Nethaji Rayer has been receiving death threats repeatedly from the same unidentified caller since 9pm last night, while Datuk Keramat branch vice-chairman A Krishnan received the same threat at 11.20am today.

Rayer said he has identified the mobile number from which the death threats were made to him by a male caller speaking in Tamil.

“The caller told me not to talk about Ramasamy at the state convention if I wanted to see my family alive,” he told FMT.
Rayer has been vocal against the embattled Ramasamy who recently called DAP national chairman Karpal Singh a godfather.

Krishnan said he received the death threat today while he was chatting with friends at coffee shop in Butterworth for going against Ramasamy.

“The caller told me in Tamil I will be finished if I spoke up against Ramasamy,” said Krishnan, who is also the state DAP Indian bureau vice-chairman.

Police reports

On Tuesday, Krishnan and several other party ethnic Indian grassroots leaders and members called on Ramasamy to make a public apology to Karpal over his ‘godfather’ remark.

Krishnan said the caller used vulgarities on him for teaming up with assemblymen RS Nethaji Rayer (Seri Delima) and A Tanasekharan (Bagan Dalam) to criticise Ramasamy,.

Both Rayer and Krishnan will lodged police reports at the Datuk Keramat police station this evening.

Batu Kawan MP and Prai assemblyman Ramasamy is under fire for his announcement in Tamil daily Makkal Osai on Nov 28 on the party’s Indian candidates for the 13th General Election.

Karpal, the Bukit Gelugor MP, rapped Ramasamy for acting like a warlord and the latter returned fire by calling the party to get rid of godfathers, in an apparent reference to Karpal.

Party grassroots are angry that Ramasamy, who joined the DAP only six months before the last general election in March, 2008, for his insolence.

They also felt that Ramasamy had gone overboard and usurped the power of the party’s highest decision making body, the central executive committee (CEC).

They called on Ramasamy to publicly apologise to Karpal and the party’s senior leaders. Ramasamy has thus far remained defiant and has not heeded the call.

The fiasco is set to take the central stage at the convention.

Also read:

Karpal hits out at DAP warlords

Ramasamy says he is innocent

‘Apologise or hell will break loose’

‘Penang DAP should also be blamed for mud-slinging’


It is believed that a Police report was lodged yesterday. North East Penang Police is said to be investigating the case.

It is very clear that within DAP, there is no freedom of expression.

That automatically solidify the much talked about the practice of DAP being undemocratic and certain families and cronies are building their ‘dynasty’ within the party. An example is the Emperor Lim dynasty, where DAP Adviser Lim Kit Siang has been calling the shots in the party since the 1960s. With the exception of the temporary interregnum period of the Secretary General under ADUN Durian Daun Kerk Kim Hock, DAP has been under the Lim Dynasty.

Another ‘dynasty’ within DAP is the Karpal Singh. As party Chairman, his son Gobind Singh Deo is playing a more important role in the party and elected representative.

There is a strong rumour about  the planned demonstration would be held in front of Peral View Hotel where the DAP Convention were to be held tomorrow morning. It is believed supporters of Ramasamy would assemble to show of support and protest against Rayer and DAPP ADUN for Bagan Thanasegaran to apologize to the Deputy Chief Minister, for their media conference against the latter recently.

Obviously, trouble is brewing. There is a clear evidence that there is no democracy in DAP and those who are in power, is clinging on for their own selfish interests as well as their close inner circle. Probably this is certain quarters’ sinister agenda to ‘divide and rule’, so that the Indian ethnic within DAP continuously at arms against each other.

Let us watch what transpire tomorrow.

*Updated Sunday 11 December 2011 12oohrs

Deputy Chief Minister Prof P Ramasamy's supporters demonstrating outside the DAP Convention

0900hrs this morning, as the DAP Convention commenced in Pearl View Hotel, Seberang Perai about 120 supporters of Prof P Ramasamy assembled in front of the hotel with banners demanding:

1. DAP ADUN Rayer apologise to Prof Ramasamy

2. Thanasekaran is a non performing DAP ADUN

3. Rayer is traitor to the Indian community

4. Stating full support to Prof Ramasamy

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Apa sebenarnya hala tuju DAP?

Democratic Action Party (DAP) ini sudah jelas tidak demokratik, tidak mengamalkan demokrasi dan tidak mengambil tindakan (taking action), walaupun ianya perkara yang sewajarnya dilakukan (the right thing to do). Terutama jika ianya melibatkan menjaga kepentingan Chauvinis Cina dan mengutamakan nepotism Kepimpinan Tertinggi mereka.

Sifat dan sikap Chauvinis Cina dan keangkuhan mereka amat menyerlah. Terutama setelah berjaya menubuhkan kerajaan negeri di Pulau Pinang dan kerajaan boneka di Perak dan Selangor pasca PRU 12.

Apa dah jadi dengan DAP dulu Manoharan, ADUN Kota Alam Shah hina bendera Malaysia Jalur Gemilang mahu ditukar dengan yang lain dikenakan tindakan disiplin digantung keahliannya walaupun beliau meminta maaf. Bagaimanapun penggantungan keahlian telah ditarik balik oleh Jawatankuasa Disiplin parti diketuai Tan Kok Wai setelah nak disesuaikan dengan kenyataan Setiausaha Agungnya iaitu Lim Guan Eng di Singapura yang menghina negeri Johor didakwa kadar jenayah tinggi bahaya kepada pelabur sehingga beliau tidak dikenakan sebarang tindakan disiplin.

Kali ini pula apabila Nga Kor Ming, Ahli Parlimen Taiping dan ADUN Pantai Remis menghina Dato’ Seri Dr. Zamry Abd. Kadir, Menteri Besar Perak dengan “Hitam Metalik” dan “Perak Darul Kartun” tidak dikenakan sebarang tindakan disiplin walaupun gesaan dan desakan berbuat demikian dilakukan oleh Karpal Singh, Pengerusi DAP Pusat dan Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim Naib Pengerusi DAP Pusat sendiri.

Dikatakan setakat ini Jawatankuasa Disiplin DAP diketuai Tan Kok Wai hanya mengeluarkan surat tunjuk sebab sahaja kepada Nga Kor Ming malah serba salah untuk diambil tindakan disiplin kerana dipengaruhi Lim Guan Eng yang mahu supaya Nga Kor Ming tidak dikenakan sebarang tindakan atas permintaan maaf yang dilakukannya.

Inikah yang dikatakan parti demokratik? Sebarang keputusan dan arahan adalah daripada Setiausaha Agungnya iaitu Lim Guan Eng. Sedangkan beliau sendiri terlepas daripada hukuman disiplin kini rakannya pula Nga Kor Ming diarah dilepaskan. Inilah dinamakan parti “kuku besi” iaitu parti “anak” dan “bapa” untuk buat keputusan.

Bagaimana pula saranan Karpal Singh dan Tunku Aziz pun tidak diambil kira. Jadi bagi kaum India dan Melayu yang menyertai DAP harus sedar suara mereka dipinggirkan dan “tak laku” untuk dijaja dalam DAP kerana ia parti rasis sama seperti kenyataan Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, Presiden UMNO semasa Perhimpunan Agung UMNO baru lalu.

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Lim Guan Eng praise the submariners

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng praised the professionalism of the Navy and agreed the submariners are “Exceptional warriors, dedicated and diligent in their work”.

He said this to media after a diving trip 60 nautical miles off the coast of Langkawi in RMN submarine KD Tun Razak.

“We must agree that the submariners are professional and exceptional warriors. Whether or not we agree the value for money for the acquisition, that’s different story”. Lim refuse to answer the direct question on the wisdom of the acquisition of the strategic asset for ATM.

Lim and Deputy Chief Ministers Prof Ramasamy and Dato’ Mansor Othman were flown by RMN air wing to Frigate KD Lekiu and later was transferred by small boat to KD Tun Razak. They were accompanied by Fleet Operations Commander Vice Adm Dato’ Jamil Othman.

Two TV3 and one Bernama journalists sailed with KD Tun Razak from Awana Porto Malai this morning to the rendezvous point. About 30 other journalists sailed on board of frigate KD Jebat to rendezvous point, to cover the event.

He also explained that he agreed that the submarine had teething problem and sometimes during the early stage, it could not dive for certain faulty equipments.

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Gunting dalam lipatan makin bisa

Dalam usaha untuk mengagalkan rancangan penyenaraian FELDA Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH) yang dipercayai dilakukan dari dalam oleh gerombolan yang diketuai Pengarah Besar FELDA Dato’ Dzulkilfli A Wahab, kini ianya bergerak setahap lagi. Personaliti lain dilibatkan sama dalam ‘rampasan kuasa’ (coup d’etat) yang licik ini.

Difahamkan Dzulkilfli kini bersekongkol dengan Mantan Pengerusi FELDA Tan Sri Dr Yusof Nor dan Pengerusi Gabungan Generasi Felda Wawasan Tan Sri Rozali Ismail, untuk menghalang penyenarian FGVH yang melibatkan Pengerusi FELDA Tan Sri Isa Samad.

Sebelum ini, usaha untuk mengagalkan penyenaraian dengan menghalang Isa dilantik sebagai Pengerusi Koperasi Permodalan FELDA (KPF) termasuk mesyuarat Lembaga Pengarah (BOD) KPF pada 28 Oktober dimana Isa telah dilucutkan dari keahlian KPF. Walaubagaimanapun, Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia telah membatalkan keputusan BOD KPF tersebut dalam sebuah tribunal.

Mesyuarat kecil kecilan secara sembunyi ketua ketua peneroka untuk menentang penyenaraian sebagaimana yang dirancang Perdana Menteri Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak dimana Isa dilantik sebagai Pengerusi FGVH masih berterusan.

Ini semua akan melengahkan proses penyenaraian FGVH yang dijangkakan Mac atau April 2012, sebagaimana yang diumumkan PM Najib dalam Ucapan Bajet 2012 pada 7 Oktober. 112,635 orang peneroka FELDA juga akan lambat menerima ‘durian runtuh’ mereka, sebagaimana diumumkan dalam ucapan itu.

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Steadfastness and sacrifices of the submariners

KD Tun Razak, berthed at Awana Porto Malai jetty from Monday 5 Dec till Friday 9 Dec

I was in Langkawi for LIMA 2011 this week. I was given the trust by the Minister of Defense and Chief of Navy, to be given the honour of the first new media practitioner and blogger to go inside the Perdana Class submarine, KD Tun Razak.

I boarded the 1,800 tonnes Perdana class submarine at Awana Porto Malai jetty on the morning of Wednesday, 9 December and was escorted on board by the executive officer of the vessel. I was taken around the ship end-to-end and was shown the workings on how the two Pielstick diesel engines were used to charge the 180 batteries, front and back, which in turn power the electric motors on the back to propel the submarine. I also had the preview of the Blackshark torpedo they carry on board and the brief of the working of the combat system.

It was state of the art conventional submarine and it is fully automated. I must say it is very impressive.

KD Tun Razak’s hull was laid in DCNS yard in Cherbourg, Northern France but was finished at Navantia yard in Cartagena, Spain. The complement of the boat is 32, where there are 12 officers and the rest are enlisted men. These are creme’-de-la-creme’ of Royal Malaysian Navy’s best, where 169 were selected and initially trained in French Navy’s NAVCO, Brest since late 2004.

KD Tun Razak is the sister ship to KD Tunku Abdul Rahman. She arrived on our shores in July 2010, with her first maiden docking in Malaysian waters carried HRH Sultan of Selangor Tuanku Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (who is also the Captain-in-Chief for the RMN), Deputy Defense Minister Dato’ Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad and Chief of Naval Forces Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Hj Jaafar. Awaiting at TLDM Lumut jetty is HRH Sultan of Perak Tuanku Sultan Azlan Shah.

KD Tun Razak calls TLDM Kota Kinabalu at Sepanggar Bay, Sabah as her home and that is also where the Submarine Forces Command is at. The current Panglima Markas Angkatan Kapal Selam was the project team leader when the submarines were constructed in Cherbourg.

The officers’s cabin onboard of KD Tun Razak

Amongst other things that I witnessed in the boat is how the officers and men live and do their daily work and live their lives, as submariners. Spaces are very scarce and confined with great constraint. The officers and enlisted are separated in two different cabins. However, they share bunks because space is so limited and they don’t even have the luxury to be issued a bunk each, even though the bunk space is no larger that the size of a coffin and its stacked up to four levels.

They have a very small space to eat and dine and where they do recreation. The mess table is the size of typical senior manager’s desk where up to 18 men eat at any meal time. As the space is limited, they have to serve every meals in two separate batches, to accommodate everyone for a chow. The full galley to prepare the meals and wash up then onwards for up to 45 persons, is only the size of the forward galley in a typical B737-400.

These brave men have only the space of two shoe boxes to store personal belongings. Hence, they don’t have much luxury to bring a lot of personal items on board, which include clothes. None of them have the luxury to do any washing of clothes on board. There are two small latrines, which dedicated as ‘big’ and ‘small’ respectively for its usage. There are also two shower cabinets. Fresh water is desalinated from sea water. However, out of practice (especially to conserve energy even in peace time), the submariners don’t take showers during their rides at sea. The only individuals who have that luxury are the persons who are serving food; the cook and stewards.

All foods are stored in the freezer, below the galley. This enable the submarine to operate up to 7 weeks, before they need to stock up for fresh supplies.

This is sacrifice the submariners made, who volunteered for this job. They do this job with pride and dedication, and they sacrifice their lives and comfort for the nation. Imagine part of their training is to be in France for a good five and a half years, away from family and friends.

Life is the submarine isn’t really easy. They work all time. At any one moment, at least eight men would be on watch. All systems must be in full working order and their sensitivity and awareness of their surroundings is a critical factor whenever they are at sea. It is much more complex than flying. Whenever they are on the surface, they have to abide international maritime laws. The fact that these submarines are able to dive to depths below 1,000 feet and even brought His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Almarhum Sultan Mahmood for such feat (on 10 March 2011), means that the crew must be very focused in their job to maintain safety and operationalbility.

It took eight days for the officers and men of KD Tun Razak to sail from their home at Sepanggar Bay to Langkawi of a distance of almost 1,300 nautical miles, where they did diving drills in some parts of the journey. Imagine, both ports are within Malaysia. That would be just part of the navy’s theatre of operation.

As a maritime nation, the vastness of body of water around and between Semenanjung and Sabah and Sarawak warrants for the nation to have a formidable navy. The responsibility to protecting our sovereign right in the waters and one of the most busiest commercial waterways in the world, is multiplied. That is on top of the exclusive economic zone where 20% of the economy is dependent on it.

It is very expensive for the Government to maintain a large navy, for the workload requirement to protect all these areas. The decision to acquire the two submarines in June 2002 was strategic in nature, even though it was said to be costing RM 3.4 billion at that time. Any invading naval force would do their evaluation on the strength and capability of their enemy before they launch the strike and engage their adversaries in the sea. The two submarines provide our navy with a ‘multiplier factor’ equivalent of 10 surface ships, for any adversaries considering into direct sea battle engagement.

Each of the submarines could be armed either 18 Italian-French made Whitehead Allenia Blackshark torpedoes or 18 MBDA SM 39 Exocet missiles or any 18 combination of both. On 26 July 2010, KD Tunku Abdul Rahman did a successful live firing of the Exocet missile from the depth of 180 feet.

The acquisition and operation of the two submarines placed the RMN at another level, as compared to other navies around the region.

It is unfair for Opposition MPs such as Nurul Izzah Anwar to demean the submarine force and lied about its inability to operate. Moreover, to foreign press when she is abroad. Her intention is very clear; she wanted to politicize the acquisition of the submarines as wasteful spending by the Federal Government.

To prove the Opposition leaders and pro-Opposition skeptics wrong, Defense Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamid this afternoon would fly in Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Deputy Chief Ministers Prof Ramasamy and the Dato’ Mansor Othman along with Fleet Operations Commander Vice Adm. Dato’ Jamil Osman on board KD Lekiu and transfer them to KD Tun Razak, for one and half hour dive around the waters 60 nautical miles west off Langkawi. This is for the benefit these Opposition MPs/ADUNs to see for themselves and dispel the lies about “The submarines are not able to dive”.

The steadfastness and sacrifice of the submarine force and Royal Malaysian Navy should not be questioned.

*Updated 1000hrs

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Now, everyone can get screwed

Spare a thought for Uncle Tony F, Chief Executive of ‘Cheapo Carrier Asia…….

Arriving in a hotel in KL Sentral he went to the bar and asked for a pint of draught Guinness. The barman nodded and said, “That will be one Ringgit please, Uncle Tony.”

Somewhat taken aback, Uncle Tony replied, “That’s very cheap,” and quickly handed over his money. “Well, we try to stay ahead of the competition”, said the barman. “And we are serving free pints every Wednesday evening from 6 until 8. We have the cheapest draught in Asia”

“That is remarkable value” Uncle Tony comments.

“I see you don’t seem to have a glass, so you’ll probably need one of ours. That will be three Ringgit please”.

Uncle Tony scowled, but paid up.

He took his drink and walked towards a seat. “Ah, you want to sit down?” said the barman. “That’ll be an extra two Ringgit You could have pre-book the seat, and it would have only cost you a Ringgit” “I think you may to be too big for the seat sir, can I ask you to sit in this frame please”

Uncle Tony attempts to sit down but the frame is too small and when he can’t squeeze in he complains “Nobody would fit in that little frame”.

“I’m afraid if you can’t fit in the frame you’ll have to pay an extra surcharge of four Ringgit for your seat sir” Tony swore to himself, but paid up.

“I see that you have brought your laptop with you” added the barman. “And since that wasn’t pre-booked either, that will be another three Ringgit” Uncle Tony was so annoyed that he walked back to the bar, slammed his drink on the counter, and yelled, “This is ridiculous, I want to speak to the manager”.

“Ah, I see you want to use the counter,” says the barman, “that will be two Ringgit please.”

Uncle’s face was red with rage. “Do you know who I am?”

“Of course I do Mr F”, quips the barman with glee.

“I’ve had enough, What sort of Hotel is this? I come in for a quiet drink and you treat me like this. I insist on speaking to a manager!” said Tony F, raising his voice.

“Here is his Eemail address, or if you wish, you can contact him between 9 and 9.10 every morning, Monday to Tuesday at this free phone number. Calls are free, until they are answered, then there is a talking charge of only 10 sen per second provided you use Toon Talk using other mobile carriers would incur our normal charges of 30 Sen per second”, the barman answered coyly

“I will never use this bar again!”, exclaim the award winning CEO.

“OK Uncle , but remember, we are the only bar in Asia selling pints for one Ringgit…so that Now everyone can drink!”.

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What about SLA with passengers and minority shareholders?

The ‘rebellion’ that AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes attempted to get his passengers up at arms against Malaysia Airports (MAHB) moved into a new phase. He called for a media conference claiming for ignorance and denials, especially in demand of the baggages handling system and lounge. In something else, over qualified to give opinion where the airport shouldn’t be built.

Tuesday December 6, 2011

New twist to AirAsia-MAHB feud over KLIA2


PETALING JAYA: The spat between airport operator Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) and low-cost carrier AirAsia Bhd has reached a stage where both parties were showing documents to prove their case over the controversial upgrade of the low-cost air terminal KLIA2.

AirAsia issued a press statement to refute claims made by MAHB that it had asked for a bigger airport and said it should not be blamed for the cost of constructing KLIA2 which had nearly doubled from RM2bil to RM3.9bil.

The low-cost carrier said that its chairman Datuk Abdul Aziz Bakar had in November 2009, via a letter, warned MAHB that the current site of KLIA2 was unsuitable and would cause construction cost to soar.

“The site will definitely be more expensive than the planned budget of RM2bil. AirAsia had also estimated for MAHB that the construction cost would increase to between RM3.6bil and RM3.9bil,” it said in a statement yesterday as it wanted to clarify some of the claims made by the airport operator.

Controversial terminal: The completion deadline for KLIA2 is delayed by six months because of the dispute over the fully-automated baggage handling system. – Bernama

AirAsia is also calling for a press conference today on the issue.

Last Tuesday, MAHB announced it was building a bigger airport to cater for the bullish passenger growth projections made by its biggest client, AirAsia.

As a result, the cost of KLIA2 hasgone up and passenger capacity rose to 45 million from 30 million.

The completion deadline was also delayed by six months to April 2013 because AirAsia wanted a fully-automated baggage handling system (BHS) and the request for it was only made in June.

AirAsia boss Tan Sri Tony Fernandes had rubbished MAHB’s justifications for doubling the cost of KLIA2.

AirAsia had also posted a letter from AirAsia X chairman to MAHB saying that it didn’t know that KLIA2 was planned for 45 million passengers and it was only informed of the 30 million figure.

“This figure has never been officially changed by AirAsia or MAHB since Aug 9, 2011,” the low-cost carrier claimed.

The rebuttal by AirAsia came a day after MAHB posted documents on its website entitled “Why KLIA2 has to be bigger” last Friday that showed AirAsia’s passenger growth estimates and that the airline expected to carry 30 million passengers by 2015/16. Hence, the justification by MAHB to build a bigger airport to cater for that growth was crucial.

In a counter claim to AirAsia’s statement, MAHB said last night that “47 meetings had been held between MAHB and AirAsia since April 2010 until now to discuss and address all of AirAsia’s requirements.

“A workshop with all stakeholders including AirAsia was also held in September 2009 where the Needs Statement for KLIA2 was formulated.”

The request for a fully-automated baggage system made by AirAsia in June would push the completion date forward by six months.

AirAsia has denied that it had asked for a fully-automated baggage handling system (BHS).

It cited a letter from AirAsia X chairman to MAHB dated Aug 18 that stated: “AirAsia re-confirmed our request for a semi-automated BHS instead of a fully-automated BHS. “MAHB has unilaterally decided on a fully automated BHS to accommodate 45 million to 60 million passengers which was again, not agreed by AirAsia.”

To counter that, MAHB posted Fernandes’ letter dated June 16 on its website which stated: “our (AirAsia) official response to MAHB is that AirAsia prefers that the BHS system be developed as shown in BSC option 3: dual tilt tray sorter with full connectivity (in short it is a fully-automated BHS).”

The letter added that “because it would be very difficult to implement an expansion to the BHS system within less than five years after opening, this capacity must be in place under phase one system at the onset of completion of the LCCT2 (KLIA2).”

The letter from Fernandes to MAHB cited a meeting held between AirAsia, MAHB and the Transport Ministry whereby the carrier had to decide on the BHS.

The letter also acknowledged a possible delay to the opening of KLIA2 because of the BHS.

On the issue of aerobridges, AirAsia said it did not want them and was told that there would only be ramps installed at KLIA2. However. MAHB decided on Tuesday to install aerobridges “after being pressured by the travelling public to install aerobridges at the new airport.”

On the 4km runway, AirAsia argued that its request for a 3km runway had been according to its original requirement to MAHB, in order to cater for AirAsia X’s wide-body Airbus A330.

AirAsia claimed that it was by chance that it discovered the runway was shorter and asked MAHB to rectify the situation.

“As such, this should not be considered as an additional request or requirement from AirAsia as the original plans have always been to cater for a 3km runway. Therefore, no additional cost should have been incurred,” AirAsia said.

MAHB had maintained that it was AirAsia that wanted a 4km runway.


As the main user for the new KLIA2 complex and exercising their rights, Fernandes also requested that MAHB provide AirAsia with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The funny thing is that, for almost ten years AirAsia has been operating under Fernandes when the airliner was ‘liberated’ from DRB Hicom for a mere RM1.00 and got hold of assets worth RM 700 million and then a contract to ferry arm services personnel worth RM 43 million. He never complained about this all this while.

Fernandes has always been wanting an airport of his own. The increased in cost of the new KLIA2 Complex from a much bare original proposal is very good opportunity for him to gun MAHB down for the ulterior motive to gain control and concession of the potentially high profitable terminal and retail complex.

In response to the demand for an SLA, MAHB explained that they have had AirAsia consulted and worked with them all the way on the new KLIA2 Complex. MAHB also indicated its willingness to have an SLA:

Malaysia Airports’ Brief Comments On Issues Raised by AirAsia

Malaysia Airports wishes to provide a brief clarification on some of the issues raised by our partner at its Press Conference held earlier today.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Malaysia Airports currently has a Conditions of Use (CoU) agreement with its airlines partners as well as the ground handlers at KLIA. The CoU provides guidance on the use of airport facilities particularly in regard to the safe and secure use of the airport, as well as a schedule of applicable airport charges. This is very much in line with the common industry practice.

In regard to AirAsia’s request for a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) and its claim of having SLAs at airports abroad, we have indicated our willingness to have an SLA and are awaiting AirAsia’s proposal on the SLA for further study and consideration. We would also like to reiterate that the airport charges, both current and future, are regulated by the Government and the mechanisms for future increases have been clearly defined in our Operating Agreement with the Government.

Site Selection of klia2

The present site for klia2 was selected based on the National Airport Master Plan (NAMP) after a detailed and comprehensive study involving all our stakeholders including Ministry of Transport, Department of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs and all airlines including AirAsia.  

Joint Working Committee

The weekly meetings held with AirAsia and other stakeholders serve as a platform for all views and requirements to be discussed and addressed. Most of AirAsia’s requests have been complied with. Only issues which have financial implications are referred to the Board. We will continue to engage AirAsia during the weekly meetings.

It has always been Malaysia Airports’ view that in dealing with our partners, issues raised by either party are best resolved through proper consultation. However, from time to time, we are duty bound to make clarifications so that the public receive accurate information and a balanced perspective.

We hope that with the clarifications made above and over the past week on some of the issues raised, we can now move forward and work together with our partners in ensuring the successful development of klia2 for the good of the country.


Now that MAHB sorted that out and willing to take ownership on the service they provide to ensure efficiency and comfort primarily for the passengers, we in BigDogDotCom now ask Fernandes the ‘Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit” question; What about the SLA with the passengers?

1. Would AirAsia own up to their service standards?

2. Would AirAsia own up to their efficiency and punctuality?

3. How about compensation for delayed passengers, which include  accommodation sand meal allowances throughout the delay?

4. How about compensation for lost luggages?

5. How about compensation for missed flights (with other connecting airlines, now that the low cost carrier complex (KLIA2) is linked directly to Main Terminal Building KLIA?

6. What about AirAsia passengers’ rights as consumers, especially the “RM 9.99 tickets”?

Passengers have rights too. All these whole passengers’ rights have been denied because the excuse of ‘no frills’ low cost carrier.

More importantly, AirAsia has the exclusive rights for certain sectors in the region. Would the passengers get to file with the upcoming ‘anti monopoly law’ expected to be tabled in Parliament in January 2012 because they are left with no choices and up to the antics of the ‘no frills low cost carrier’, which well known for its timing flaws.

The rest of Malaysians would also like to know, is this Fernandes’s morbid attempt to divert public attention from the on-going investigation which include Parliamentary public accounts committee (PAC) on the ‘share-swap’ deal inked in early August?

There is a strong rumour about Malaysia Airlines being taken private. This would be made possible if Fernandes & co. were to allowed to continue ‘pillage and plunder’ the national carrier, just like the “RM 18 million sponsorship of Queen’s Park Rangers’ home games”.

There are loose talk about Malaysia Airlines to hive off the cargo and engineering services. These are the profitable arms of the national carrier. Without the two, it would make the airline harder to maintain profitability even though cash position is strong. By then, these vultures ever ready to devour on Malaysia Airlines’ carcass would have the freedom and of course justify taking the airline private.

It was also said in abstract, Malaysia Airlines’ senior managers were let in of this eventuality. It is almost like a primary move to psychologically condition them for this much feared move. Then again, until present moment so many question ‘where’s the beef for Malaysia Airlines in the share-swap deal’.

This is probably the extension of one time Binafikir’s ‘Wide Asset Unbundling’ where strategic assets were sold off, for the excuse of reduce borrowings.

Then again, the co-architect of Binafikir’s WAU is now executive director of Malaysia Airlines, Mohd, Rashdan Yusoff. So was Khazanah Holdings managing director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar. His poor ability to handle (or probably rein the leash on Fernandes for his utter uncouth behaviour as a director of GLC and his incessant barks against another GLC) the matter and what public’s perception of his dereliction of duty against the September ‘plundering of Malaysia Airlines’, has been met by the demand for his resignation or worse still, dismissal from Khazanah.

Fernandes must answer all these. If it is not true about ‘some plan’ to take Malaysia Airlines private, then he must deny it, Now that he is also a director of Malaysia Airlines and give an assurance that the minority interests would be protected.

*updated 1130hrs

In a town hall meeting this morning Malaysia Airlines ED Danny Yusoff told the sernior managers on the part of what has been agreed on comprehensive collaboration framework (CCF), Malaysia Airlines does not fly to where AirAsia is serving and AirAsia would be a feeder to Malaysia Airlines’ selected international routes. However, when asked Danny also told the senior managers’ town hall that they cannot stop AirAsia from going into Malaysia Airlines’ lucrative routes, such as Sydney, because it would be “Against anti trust laws”. Basically, eventually AirAsia could come and take away Malaysia Airline’s routes at their pleasure.

What made most of the senior managers leaving the town hall feeling very dissatisfied and displeased is that Danny as the ED failed to explain the rest of the details of the CCF. They are having the impression that Danny would only want to condition them for things that would eventually benefit AirAsia, at the expense of Malaysia Airlines. This is very demoralising to a group of senior managers and professional airliners who have dedicated majority of the working life for the national carrier.

It was also confirmed that what we rumored last night about where Malaysia Airlines is heading, “Working in progress towards hiving off the engineering services and cargo. We just want to keep our airline simple”. Malaysia Airlines as the national carrier would eventually be an airline operating business, without assets and back up services. Probably the ground services would also be hived off at some point of time.

It is so baffling to the senior managers that these two very important support and complementary services are profitable and have huge potential, to propel Malaysia Airlines forward. Malaysia Airlines would lose its competitiveness as a Tier-1 premium airline without its cargo and engineering services. More over, cargo business has been making hefty profits and it is growing steadily, which include new markets.

Danny also gave an excuse that “We have to build our service standards”. What is baffling is that Malaysia Airlines have been maintaining high and world renown service standards, so why is that they have to sacrifice a lot of what have worked for them as a tier-1 premium airline for the benefit of AirAsia?

The other “Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit” questions;

1. Who would benefit from Malaysia Airlines selling opff the cargo and engineering services?

2. Is this about AirAsia’s preparation to have their own engineering services and cargo operations?

3. Is this the second phase of Danny Yusoff’s and Azman Mokhtar’s WAU?

It is clear that Malaysia Airlines is being cannibalised for the pleasure if AirAsia. It just a question of time when the national carrier’s demise would be made final. With open eyes, Khazanah allowed Malaysia Airlines to be devoured.

The rights of minority shareholders which include long serving Malaysia Airlines long serving and dedicated employees is bleak.

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Whipping the master

The 'master' and the rude and dangerous canine

There is a Company’s Act statutory provision of ‘fiduciary duty as a director’. It basically means that a company director must act in the best capacity and utmost interest of the company of the board he sits on and enjoying all the perks. Whatever he do, must reflect the interest of the company and stakeholders, especially the shareholders.

However, that is not so true with regards companies under Khazanah Holdings Bhd.’s portfolio.

This director of Malaysia Airlines Tony Fernandes has gone far too much. Since Malaysia Airlines is a Khazanah Holdings Bhd subsidiary and will fully agreed for the ‘share swap deal’ on 9 August even though then it did not bring any clear benefit for the national carrier, what more at the ridiculous price it was inked for the ‘baseball card trading’. In fact like a marauder, he was crudely but swiftly to ‘pillage and plunder’. Almost instantaneously after having his foot in, he  took out the craving knife and sucked Malaysia Airlines a cool RM 18 million to pay for the sponsorship of all games at the home stadium of Loftus Park, which the acquisition of Queen’s Park Rangers was his private venture.

'Airport Spring': Fernandes's morbid attempt for passengers 'uprising' against MAHB

Then, there is gross disregard and blatant rudeness of an good example of ‘one shitting where one eats’ and biting the hand that feeds. This incessant rabid attacks against Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd. (MAHB) on the excuse of ‘cost overrun’ for the new low cost carrier complex KLIA2. Quickly to follow suit as if part of the Opposition style ‘politics of hatred’, Fernandes rapidly attempted spinning the issue into consumers’ and his supporters’ uprising against the increase in airport tax, ‘Airport Spring‘.

This is very unbecoming of him as CEO of AirAsia Bhd. and director of Malaysia Airlines Bhd. One is Khazanah associate plc where else the other is a subsidiary.

Despite Khazanah Managing Director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar telling some quarters in private that he told off Fernandes, “No grand standing”, the matter has become much worse than anyone could ever imagine exactly four months ago when the latter joined part of Khazanah’s stabble. In fact, many believed that Azman even tried to ‘protect’ Fernandes, with the advice of the former most trust aide Mohd. Rashdan Yusoff who is the latter’s co-butcher in Malaysia Airlines and now attempting to butcher Malaysia Airports.

Azman must act now and he must do it fast and openly. A lesson must be made example of this. Other directors in other GLCs must not misbehave even though their are non independent and must at all times maintain decorum. The must reflect their role of stewards in Federal Government’s investments and corporations.

Eyes are watching, even though in the recent UMNO General Assembly matters involving Khazanah were not raised. It does not mean that the could sweep it under the carpet. Failure of which will result to distrust on Azman’s ability to manage the nation’s investments. There are already streams of online analysts already justified their case why Azman should leave now.

The masters must be whipped too, for failure to leash their mad dogs.

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A GLC director’s ‘politics of hatred’ in ‘Airport Spring’

‘Airport Spring’: Fernandes’s morbid attempt for passengers ‘uprising’ against MAHB

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes behaviour and arrogance is getting very uncouth and overbearing. His incessant morbid and rabid gnarls against Ministry of Transport and Malaysia Airports (MAHB) is getting too far fetched. His blatant gross disregard against civil servants are becoming exactly like the Opposition. Earlier last week, he lambasted the Chief Secretary of MOT Dato’ Loong See Wool in social media.

Unbecoming of a director of GLC rubbishing KSU of MOT in social media

Then, in a campaign against MAHB’s increase of airport tax, Fernandes did the sticker thing at AirAsia’s home for the past six year, the low cost carrier terminal (LCCT).

Friday December 2, 2011

AirAsia: Stop harassing our staff


PETALING JAYA: AirAsia has issued an official warning letter toMalaysia Airports Holding Berhad (MAHB) for allegedly harassing its staff.

The company’s commercial director Jasmine Lee claimed MAHB had told airline staff to remove the “Say No to Airport Tax Increase” stickers on their uniform. She claimed that the airport operator also removed posters at their sales counters at LCCT.

“They even went to the check-in counters and told our staff not to wear the stickers and to stop sticking them on passengers’ boarding passes.

“We have sent an official warning letter to request that MAHB’s officers stop unlawfully obstructing our staff from doing their jobs,” she said, adding that the incident occurred from around 10am until lunchtime yesterday.

AirAsia is protesting against the decision by MAHB to increase the airport tax by RM7 and RM14 at five airports nationwide which took effect yesterday.

The airports are Langkawi International Airport, Penang International Airport, Kuching International Airport, Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu International Air­port and the low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) at KLIA.

Lee also alleged that MAHB confiscated security tags from some staff working in restricted areas.

“This incident will not deter us. We will continue to wear the stickers tomorrow and will put back the posters,” she said.

AirAsia CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes later tweeted: “Malay­sian airport staff tearing down our posters and taking away airport passes of our staff. And using intimidation. Can someone tell them this is Malaysia and not a police state.”

MAHB senior general manager for operations Datuk Azmi Murad, who was present during the incident, denied any harassment or intimidation took place but admitted they removed the posters.

“They were putting the posters in public areas and we took them down. Imagine if anyone could just walk in and start putting posters everywhere,” he said.

AirAsia has taken a full-page advertisement in The Star, urging the public to call MAHB and give their opinion on the increase in airport tax.

“AirAsia views this increase as not justified as the current airport facilities are not up to par,” said the advertisement.


Fernandes is a GLC director now, after successfully getting Khazanah Holdings Bhd conned into a ‘share swap’ deal on 9 August. He was appointed non executive non independent director. He also managed to get Khazanah to appoint him into the ‘Executive Committee’.

Then within a few short weeks, he got Malaysia Airlines to pay RM 18 million worth of home games t-shirt sponsorship for his private venture in Queen’s Park Rangers.

After MAHB disallow for his ‘Airport Spring’ posters, he used his car as the poster board instead

This blatant disregard for authority, using conniving sophisticated marketing approach for consumers to hate Malaysia Airports for the airport tax increase is really low. MAHB justified for their increase in airport tax, since there had been no increase since 19 years ago. What Fernandes conveniently did not tell his customers is that AirAsia was a company build on direct subsidies, when their first three years of operation in LCCT was waived for landing and parking charges.

What Fernandes also did not tell is that when the ‘charges holiday’ was over and he needed to pay, he did not pay his dues on time. In fact, at one point of time he owed MAHB for RM 106 million in arrears. When MAHB went after him for the charges, he ran to the political masters for sanctuary, on the pretext of his contribution to the Malaysian economy with the number of tourists his low cost carrier flew in.

Eventually when he was cornered, he insisted that AirAsia be given a discount. Not just a discount but a substantial figure and percentage from what AirAsia owed. He made no qualms about being ungrateful to MAHB, which allowed so much room and consideration for AirAsia to grow and expand to its current position, even market.

Table which displayed KLIA2 specifications, to meet current requirements and future expectations

Monies collected by MAHB either in aerospace charges or airport taxes are meant for revenues to the GLC. These revenues would be subjected to income tax and other excise duties. More importantly, these would eventually be accumulated into funds, which would be used to finance projects such as the KLIA2 complex. MAHB would also use the same funds to upgrade all the other airports since profits from airports like KLIA is used to cross subsidize other smaller airports, mainly for the comfort and benefit of Malaysians at large.

MAHB under CEO Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid made reasonably healthy profits and maintained good cash position with a triple A rating that the RM 3.9 billion 257,000 sq metres brand new terminal complex with 68 aerobridges and gates are funded with borrowings, without Federal Government’s injection.

Growth projection of KLIA

MAHB justified their decision to expand the initial suggestion of 150,000 sq metres low cost carrier complex replacement to the existing LCCT. The growth projected coupled with forecasted demands of air travelers which include low cost carriers is translated to the forward planning seen in the KLIA2. The new complex also would be a ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy for KLIA to be a regional low cost carrier and premium airlines hub, being distinct from other airports in the region.

Even the third runaway, which would complement current runaways 32R and 32L is being manipulated by Fernandes for his case to demoes MAHB. Its 3,960 metre length enable it to cater for the A380s. Natirally, the extra runaway would cater for AirAsia’s need for a fast turnaround, which is a major key success factor in their operations. Fernandes chose to dis-educate his supporters which his strong opposition of the third runaway by conveniently not mentioning how the other major regional hubs are heading towards.

Direction of major regional hubs

Fernandes morbid attack on the airport tax is without him making the responsible comparison against the closest hub to KLIA, which is SIngapore. Airport taxes for Changi and Seletar are SGD 28.00 and 18.00 respectively. Even with the RM 7.00 increase for international flights, the airport tax for KLIA2 is 40% cheaper that what low cost carriers in Seletar is made to pay.

Earlier, Fernandes seemed to be ‘shitting where he eats’ as KLIA2 as all AirAsia group would be low cost carriers which benefitted the most from extension to KLIA and expanding the capacity unto 45 million non premium airline travelers. However, it is fast becoming far worse than that.

Staging an opposition against a GLC in how he is getting the passengers to participate, is almost like inciting hate against the authority. Fernandes is sending unconscious messages for Malaysian to go against the authority, in a rebellious tone. That is should be considered as ‘corporate anarchy’.

Fernandes has been going after Malaysia Airports consistently since his failed bid for the dedicated low cost carrier airport in Labu, shot down exactly three years ago. He has never stop from harbouring the wet dream of his own airport. Now, he is demonising MAHB CEO Bashir Ahmad in his bid to go after the airport business, the terrorist way.

Why Khazanah Managing Director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar tolerated and is allowing all these ‘corporate anarchy’ behaviour by Fernandes is really baffling. Probably, when directors in other GLCs get the consumers to go against the corporatised onetime government services and companies then only they would realise the severity of this. Soon, persons like Fernandes would export their ‘corporate anarchy’ and uprising aka ‘Airport Spring’ abroad and shame the nation.

Probably Fernandes would eventually be remembered for his ‘Airport Spring’ when passengers in other airports revolt against taxes and what ever charges they not interested to pay, even though the refusal is not justified. Viva la revolucion, comrade Che’ Fernandes.

*Updated 1400hrs

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