Can Anwar explain if Al Quran is still relevant and not “archaic”?

9 January 2012. Much to everyone’s surprise Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has been charged for sodomy has been acquitted by Kuala Lumpur Criminal High Court. Later that evening he flew to Mumbai, as he had planned even though he is now a free man.

This is the BBC interview when he was in Mumbai:

“We will have to review some of these archaic laws. We, Muslims and Non Muslims in Malaysia generally believe and committed to support the sanity of marriage between man and woman. But we should not be seen as punitive and consider the archaic laws as relevant. We need to review them”.

These are the views, supported by specific mentions in the Al Quran and interpretation by the major imams on sodomy, homosexual and carnal intercourse.

So, are these Quranic verses “Not relevant and archaic’?

Could the PAS leaders, who have been adamant in their support of Anwar Ibrahim as the Opposition Leader and the coalition between PAS-DAP-PKR top candidate if they win the next general election as the “Prime Minister of Malaysia”, explain about these “These no longer relevant and archaic laws”?

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