Happy Chinese New Year: Let’s all Malaysian Chinese unite as One Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year, 2012. Its the year of the water dragon.

Its the most important celebration for majority of  seven-and-a-quarter Malaysians of Chinese ethnic for any year. Its the time where the family gathers for the CNY eve dinner and stand united as a family unit.

The next few days are for the remaining Malaysians to stand united as a nation, visit their Chinese friends and associates, to wish them well and have a feast, usually in laughter and the most joyous ambience for a multiethnic and plural but united Malaysia. Malaysians, of different ethnic groups exchange mandarin oranges and pleasantries when they gather within these next few days.

Many corporations whose owners and management are Malaysian Chinese use this season to give away bonuses, popularly in the form of ‘ang pows’.

However, one particular minority Chinese leader who in the past 45 years tried to disrupt that harmony, understanding and unity between races, in his usual tone and brand of ‘politics of hatred’. His wish for the Malaysian Chinese in Twitterjaya:

“Let Malaysian Chinese unite as one Dragon…”?

Dragon is the mythical creature, which is the symbol of the Chinese Empire which has now long gone after the nationalists and after the communists took over, since the past 100 years. Mini Emperor Lim is trying to psyche Malaysians of Chinese ethnic, to re-enact the past of glory of the Chinese Empire here in this tanahair? Isn’t that undemocratic and against the flavour of the majority?

If that is not racism and Chinese Chauvinism, we are not sure what is. Does he and any of his cohorts and Chinese Chauvinist cohorts expect the majority not to react with direct messages like this?

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