Raffles Class for holiday

This year’s Chinese New Year celebrations is almost a whole week long affair, especially when one takes Wednesday to Friday off. Schools are even out for the whole week.

Many take this nine-days or so break for an opportunity to go for a holiday, which include trips abroad. As of press time, North South Highway has been congested.  There is a massive influx of cars at the Johor Causeway from Singapore. PLUS has been issuing advice for motorists to stagger the use of the backbone of Semenanjung Malaysia highway system.

Singapore Airlines Business Class on B777-200s

Seen recently at Changi International Airport a man who closely resembles Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who boarded a flight to Italy. He flew in Singapore Airlines business class with a party which could easily pass of as a family unit.

It is also said this trip and the stay at a 5 star accommodation, is being paid by a Tan Sri. Rumour has it he is in the gaming business.

Of course, this has yet to be confirmed. Sources believed to be persons known to the spitting image of the DAP Secretary General leaked the information out.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng taking a flight on economy class from Penang to KL

If any of this is true, then it is ashamed for people of Penang that their elected leader goes on holiday or business trip with persons believed to be his immediate family in a carrier not the national airlines, but instead a regional competitor. Why he did not insist to support Malaysia Airlines is not too clear, even if the trip is paid by someone else. The choice of airline for this trip very much defies that all of these bollocks publicity relation exercises that “He flies economy class” were just a smoke screen, to depict his DAP led Penang State Government is cost conscious and thrifty.

Anyway, we would like to wish this Lim-look-alike happy holidays for this week long break.

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  1. This is a piece of shit and propaganda trying to defame lim. The purpose is trying spread the lie ten times hopefully that the lie will become the truth. The least this dog can do is to wait till lim take the alleged flight before accusing him. Those who believe this shit especially umno Malay are well qualified as stupid and retard. The Penang folks will not believe this, try harder with better tale next time.

    • The above comment is a piece of desperate attempt to defend an unpopular and detestable opposition party leader who, if true he absconded overseas instead of celebrating Chinese New Year with fellow Penang residents, is so uncaring of tradition and of spreading goodwill among his supporters on a joyous occasion.

      Saying “Those who believe this shit especially umno Malay” is clearly stupid and shit-minded because the article clearly uses words such as “Lim-look-alike”.

      If it’s really Guan Eng cabut lari to Italy, it may be due to his takut kena kasi banyak ang pau or having to spend a lot of money serving New Year Open House visitors. He probably thought that half of Penang residents will converge to his house and serving just kuachi and plain water would cost him a fortune. Presumptuous and
      sengkek fella. Yet he is not free from cronyism and corruption allegations e.g on the Huge sPICE project contract award.

      Pssst, DAP ever organizes Chinese New Year Open Houses ha? Ooops I forgot, they say McDonald Lim is a Christian and may not celebrate Chinese New Year. Hence the alleged trip to Italy, probably dropping by the Vatican, calling on the Pope.

  2. kalau tiada bukti, jgn tulis la. resemble ka look-alike ka, anybody can do the same to you.

    • SO???







    • Betoi.

      Pak turut BN sudah kehabisan modal utk bantai Pakatan. Sekarang “berita” kononnya LGE pergi Rome naik biz class pun nak direka dan dibuat isu

      Sementara cuti cuti politikus BN ke Ostralia, Eropah, Amerika, penyelewengan NFC, PKFZ, etc berjuta2 tidak disebut.

      Big dog ini juga blogger sama yg mencipta Konspirasi Kristian yg sudah disangkal.

  3. hhmm …

    “He flies economy class” reminds me of lee kuan yew wearing a black songkok buying Malay votes in the kampongs in those early years

    • true…true….true…..

  4. Sudah sudahlah!

    Sampai bila org Melayu membiarkan diri mrk ditipu & diperalatkan (cam As-pan-tat/Sang-Monggol/Hatta Wahari!) Cina pro-kominis cam Dinasti Lim ni??

    LGE anak-beranak & pembiaya perjalanan cuti ni tergamak bagi business yg sekurang kurangnya bernilai RM 200k (6 beranak + bodigad + khadam) ini kpd SQ bandingkan bagi kpd MH. Mana kesetiaan Cina yg mengaku ‘warganegara’ spt ini kpd negara & perniagaan milik negara/pembayar cukai?

    Dah la LGE ni beri berlalu byk ruang syarikat headhunter Singapork bertapak di Penang & merekrut/menyalurkan segala gunatenaga & kepakaran yg kita begitu payah bina oleh eko-sistem negara ini utk menyokong industri di Singapork, terutama dlm industri ICT. Bukan jadi pemimpin sykt pun, setakat jadi second/third liner ja!

    Kalau dah jadi talibarut PAP tu, sampai sudah kesetiaan pada Singapork juga!

    P/S: Aku

    • Exactly…..100% true….!!!
      Dont give a dam to LGE…. a big liar….!!!

    • RM 200, 000 worth of tickets is equivalent to 40-50 economy seats. That;s like 16-20% revenue fr EY of the entire flight.That’s half of the operations cost to EU fr KUL.

      Well done, former convict Lim Guan Eng!

      Malaysians esp Penangites must be so sproud of you in the effort to screw Malaysia tighter and giving advantage to Singapore.

      True Singapore lackey!

      • That’s nothing compare to the Rosmah alike shopping spree in Australia IF this is true than the Rosmah alike is a traitor to Malaysia for not supporting Malaysian goods.

      • lgl,

        Read up, old boy, read up.

        She already responded to questions on that fielded by pressmen at an Open House. She did not deny the shopping but said the figures were exaggerated.

        Can you get Guan Eng to respond to questions raised in this post? Be democratic lah. You people claim to be Democratic Action Party, what.

        Haba haba.

      • It doesn’t make a person a traitor if he or she buys foreign made goods because that is free market economics principle. But it does make one a traitor with no shame and no precepts, running down one’s country overseas and then return to the country and enjoy its peace, stability and wealth.

      • It is a traitor IF rakyat money was being used for shopping spree. Umno elites had been raping the Malaysian financially for last 50 years through corruption and cronyism and it is time for the rakyat to stand against such dictatorship. The umno had run out of idea and they are desperate to deploy the cyber dog to defame the opposition by using even false news or lie trying to provoke hatred especially among the umno Malay IF they are stupid enough to believe such shit.

      • Aiyoo, ultra kiasu DAP fellow lgl. Lim Guan Eng 3 years only olely raping Penang lah. The Chinese papers said he bulldozed the decision to award the huge Trun-Key project sPICE to be given to his crony, a contractor who is President of the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce. How much kickback there can be from there. People talking about numbered bank account in Switzerland and that’s why berani to declare assets. If longer, the list of raping Penang will be miles long, man.

        DAp not only got crony but also got dynasty, what. And where got democracy in DAP – name only Democratic Action Party. Ask Ronnie Liu, ex Selangor DAP Chief, la. It’s time for the rakyat to stand against DAP dictatorship, get rid of the cakap tak serupa bikin DAP fellas.

        Talk about provoking hatred, you people were the ones who did it soon after DAP was formed in 1966 until you caused the race riots in 1969.

  5. Ha! ha! You should have mentioned LGE flew in his frivate jet instead!

  6. So no open house from the CM in Penang ?
    Can somebody knock on the CM residence today to greet him gong xi fa chai? No?
    He’s not with the rakyat???

  7. Apparently there’s an open house event at PISA , Penang (not italy) today from 10am to 1pm. Can anyone confirm his presence??


    • Read the article carefully.

      No one said he is out of the country on this Chinese New Year’s season.

  8. CM was at the Kek Lok Si Temple at the point in time.

    Dosa betul lah.

    CM was with Uncle Kit, his Mother, his wife n children, his 2 sisters,etc.

    • Butut ka? Amacam mau caya lu?

      Lim Guan Eng pun bohong, lu tau. Dia bilang Penang tak ada hutang, kasi selesei itu RM630 juta hutang dalam 3 tahun, bikin budget positive. Tapi Timbalan Menteri Kewangan Donald Lim bilang itu hutang kapada Kerajaan Federal “water restructuring agreement” melibatkan serahan “land-related water assets” kapada Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang.

      Kerajaan negeri Penang setuju bayar sewa RM14.6 juta setahun selama 45 tahun kapada Kerajaan Federal, berjumlah RM655 juta. Lim Guan Eng tak beri tahu rakyat RM630 juta dari jumlah itu tak di masukkan kedalam kira kira dia masa bikin budget – dia kira sewa tahunan saja, tak kira jumlah semua hutang. Bukan bohong ka itu macam?

      Mau tau lebeh, baca sini:


  9. I guess the writer himself is merely guessing from a source which also guessing that it was someone look like Penang CM…and the rest was further exaggerated by the writer. Give us something more concrete like the Rosmah Sydney thingy…get real la brudder

    • here’s ONE hard fact for you – Lim Guan Eng was an ex-CONVICT

      • Here’s a harder fact for you… Penang is doing better under Pakatan than BN

        Problem? >;|#/

      • zenga2

        Oh yeah, any data and statistics to support your frivolous claims, huh?

        You should read SatD for SOLID evidence that says otherwise. Dipersilakan, that is if you are KEEN on reading non-fiction, that is.

  10. Ex convict fo pointing out that an umno leader having sex with an underage girl.

    • Haiya lgl

      Is that what lge told you? Aisehman, some people are too naive and gullible making them “easy meat” for brainwashing.

      Kesian dia …

      • Haha already expected that you stupid umno supporter will defend that sex maniac. If you think is untrue you can ask him to swear to his god that he never had sex with the minor. I bet he don’t dare. Only in this country that the AG let go the rapist but put the one who defend the minor in jail.

      • Hee Hee lgl

        You must be referring to Anwar Ibrahim who were so TERRIFIED of swearing on the Quran. Videos of him proves he is the sex maniac.

        jangan marah …

    • Ya, continue your cerita dongeng that Anwar was ‘sodomizing’ a healthy young man versus the UMNO leader who prey on underage girl. I guess the UMNO supporter think that having sex with minor is a lesser sin than gay practice.

  11. Padan muka, itu lah habuan bila masuk politik. jadi lah orang kampong macam aku sapa pun tak kisah. makan mi gorang dCerok Tokkun. makan ayak nyok dChai Leng Park .Gulai Plotan dkola Muda.Bawai Goreng dibawah pokok kelapa bali dJuru balik balun mi udang PaK Ngah dSungai Dua, boleh pekena barang dsimpang tiga Maklum.

    • Bawai goreng juru …!!! … itu kemestian singgah terutama apabila ada projek di Penang … Mi Udang? Sg Dua x leh chelen Kuala Sepetang hehe … dok cari gulai haruan, depa kata somewhere batu kurau, kat mana ek?

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