In mind to transform Johor to past glory

HRH Sultan Ibrahim of Johor

HRH Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, Sultan of Johor ascended on modern Johor throne upon the demise of beloved father February 2010. He assumed the tradition of modern Johor Rulers (since Sultan Abu Bakar, 1862) where wholeseome development of the state comes into his mind.

A Ruler much loved by his subjects, especially HRH’s personal interests in their welfare and development. This is clearly translated when HRH does his annual Kembara Makhota Johor, roaming and  trotting all over the nooks and corners of the state to personally witness how his subjects are getting along.

His objective is straight forward and simple; Johor comes first. He saw the potential of what Johor has to offer in the nation’s and region’s rapid economic growth and progression and wanted Johor to be in the mainstream of the game. Thus, he wants Johor to capitalise on the progressed Singaporean economy and be a major component on the progressive Malaysian economy.

As such, HRH wants the Johor interest to be preserved in any major economic plan and activities. He welcomes and encourages new projects be developed in the state, especially utilising the abundance of lands in exchange percentage of the  paid up capital. The custodian of all these projects, according to HRH, is the State of Johor. Johor State Government or any of its agencies and GLCs must be part of any major projects being developed in Johor.

His model is simple; state government provide the land or issue the concession. Part of the holdings go back to the state government or any of its agencies and GLCs. To HRH, that is ‘win-win’.

As the Ruler, he has the grasp on all the major projects either already developed and up and running, being developed or being planned. He also has the understanding of all the major corporate deals and play of all the GLCs, including Johor Corp. What is interesting is that HRH also understand the intricacies of value that could be created from specific corporate maneuvres.

Johor is a model of a tripartite symbiotic government relationship; Ruler, elected representatives and civil service. The state government would not work properly if this tripartite relationship is not good. One is very much substantial to the other two. This model has worked very effectively safeguarding the interest of the state, since the inception of modern Johor administration in 1875.

HRH Sultan Ibrahim wants to preserve that, for the sake of Johor.

As such, he wants to have a say in more decisions involving the state. Traditionally, Sultan Johor decides on strategic civil service posts and transfers. HRH Sultan Ibrahim is having personal interests in projects approved and undertaken by the state government. He is also exercising the powers accorded to him as per the Johor Corp charter and state enactment for the formation of the state economic development corporation.

He is also been said to have paid for properties he acquired from the state. Recently, a civil servant confirmed that HRH paid RM 1o million for several units of old state government bungalows.

An avid historian of the state, HRH takes personal interests on any decisions where his powers can be exercised or exerted, as per provisions in the Johor State Constitution. Johor has made wrongful decisions in the past where the state and its people were trapped in certain deals and treaties. He wants to ensure that these political misfortunes wold not happen again.

HRH subjects’ prayer is for God to protect him, enshrined in the state anthem “Allah Selamatkan Sultan”.

Allah selamatkan Sultan

Anugerahkan dia

Segala kehormatan

Sihat dan ria

Kekal dan makmur

Luaskan kuasa

Naungkan kami

Rakyat dipimpini bersama lagi

Dengan Merdeka Baru bersatu hati

Allah berkati Johor

Allah selamatkan Sultan.

Loyal subjects of Johor also pray in the hearts that HRH Sultan of Johor ask for God’s will to lead, protect and serve the state and HRH subjects. Without loyal subjects, HRH’s position would just be academic.

Ibrahim Ismail son of Iskandar son of Ismail, the Sultan of Johor ascended to the Johor throne the year when the former was born. He spent an interesting childhood being a playful schoolboy and there on, his father then Tunku Mahkota Johor insisted that the youth undergo one military training after another. By the time he father ascended the Johor Throne, Tunku Ibrahim Ismail started his carrier as part of the Johor administration.

He spent a lot of time observing how the system works and what are its major flaws. He made notes. Upon the passing of Sultan Iskandar, HRH is now ready to make the necessary  changes on the system. In the whole scheme of things, all these ‘changes’ are effectively ‘Transformation for Johor’.

“I want to bring Johor to its past glory”

Ibrahim of Johor, executive chef du la grille

Needless to say, what HRH Sultan of Johor desires through the expression of his thoughts and instructions or actions must commensurate his position as a Constitutional Head of the State. What ever HRH deem ‘best for the State of Johor’, should be thoroughly discussed and deliberated with the Menteri Besar and State Secretary.

Recently in the confine of one HRH’s palaces, he spoke at length with a group of writers from Kuala Lumpur on a lot of current issues in Johor. The discussion ranged from controversial and negatively perceived issues, politics, administration and his personal affairs. He was said to be sharing his personal business affairs and previous family feud, which is thought to be confrontational and controversial points when his side of the story is expected to be taken out in the open involving a solicitor who has seen sought to seek refuge abroad.

One of the chaps who had the privy of having the audience with HRH sums things up as, “He was being truthful on his side of the coin. It was refreshing that HRH was willing to open up, even on very private issues”. Indeed, HRH Sultan Ibrahim was an easy Ruler to interact with, in private. “He was very eloquent and casual”.

That is the mark of HRH Sultan Ibrahim. He dared to face issues and consequences. He has the firm believe that unresolved issues would one day come biting him back where it hurts. In a ball park, he is Johor and Johor is part of him. Like how it has been for the past 150 years.

HRH Sultan Ibrahim is also proud that the Johor Government has been around since 1512. That is five hundred years old tradition of power and governance. It had always been Johor in the mind of these past Rulers for all that time.

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  1. Thanks for the nice intro of the Sultan of Johor. While Malaysia are busy with the upcoming election this year things are also busy down south of Johor. FYI,Singapore has expanded their MOU with USA and trade is one of agenda of their new found land (Johor).

    Singapore is making huge inroads into the very heart of Iskandaria with great help coming from good Malaysians. It is not too difficult to imagine that the recipients of the so called “win-win” situation will be the yanks,zions and ah peks and some good malaysians. When politicians talk about “win-win” stuff it is just a mascara.

    • What do you think? Johore will only survive with Simgaporean money as even the middle east so called Muslim brothers are not wiling to come and invest. Johore will forever dependent on Singapore for survival.

  2. Tuanku should query Khazanah the question on dubious land flipping scheme of Medini. These people bring nothing other than useless investors and dubious Sri Lankan character.

    Kick Azman Mokhtar and his boys out of Johor.

  3. Mengapa nama dan identiti Imran Markar tidak dikeluarkan di dalam akhbar tempatan supaya rakyat Johor tahu dan kenal orang yang cuba manipulasikan tanah Johor dengan bantuan orang Melayui. Mengapa semua angkara yang sudah berlaku ini perlu dirahsiakan dari rakyat johor yang telah kehilangan berbillion ringgit kerana kebodohan pentadbiran tanah-tanah iskandar Malaysia oleh IRDA, Iskandar Investment, UEM atau Khazanah. Terlampau banyak sandiwara dan wayang hindustan diberikan…….semua makan gaji buta dan semua pagar makan padi cina bukit…

    • Tutup sahaja IRDA dan IIB. Perabis duit rakyat sambil mengayakan Imran Markar dan kroni-kroni beliau.

  4. BD

    The photos was taken at Istana Muar. If I am not mistake.

    I believe you met HRH Sultan during the Maulidur Rasul in Muo recently.

    Should have asked HRH Sultan why he declared MUAR as Bandar Di Raja and why Ghani spilt Muar and Ledang PBT.

    Ghani should take a leave now.

  5. The guy with the white chef outfit look like Ali Setan…

  6. […] Sultan Ibrahim wishes that Johor benefits at least 30% realisation from all of Johor State Government controlled properties or land being acquired or developed via privatization. Probably more could be realised had Johor GLCs play the leading role instead of allowing individuals like Lim. After all, Johor or for that better Federal Government GLCs have vast experience in development, even via through privatisation. […]

  7. This Mr 30 % is talking cock, he wishes that Johor benefits at least 30% but it is for him not for rakyat, for him personally. In Lingkaran Selatan Project, this Mr 30% is having 32 percent personal interest and MRCB 68% . You can lie to people but you cant lie to what is stated in the side agreement.

  8. Regular income- selling sand to Singapore, Become No 1, took Tanjung Langsat, Kicked Tan Sri Ali and put No ball man, now KFC, and after this ???
    What will happen to Jauhar? If the Leaders are the culprits. Buying cars to show off, paying duty and tax- never, AP-bulldoze, No laws in Jauhar.Kicked Lawyer and framed him because he knew too much and vocal against the ideas. Apa nak jadi kata SM Salim!. Federal Govt kept quite, SPRM hmmm, Police Johor hmmm, Inland Revenue hmmm -Jerung lepas ikan bilis tangkap, Kastam hmmm pasir setiap hari keluar ke Spore, tangkap kena tukar pula. JPJ hmm AP tak ada pun boleh daftar 300 kereta? MALU jadi rakyat Johor

  9. Senyuman Raja Pasir……banyak project semua ada kick back, buat wad diraja di HSA pun ambil bahagian, kontrak kecil sapu, buat lif pun sapu ” No Class ” pun raja.

  10. Dulu ada seorang akauntant kerja dengan sykt Plantation milik VVIP, VVIP ni kaki enjoy belanja banyak duit, bayar sewa hotel, disco, perempuan, arak dan mcm mcm maksiat. Silap akauntant ini ambil overdraf bank utk tampung belanja mewah VVIP ini. Bila VVIP ini tahu ada negative 18 Juta di akaun nya, akauntant di persalah walaupun, VVIP ni single signatory cek akaunnya, VVIP dan puas joli jadikan akauntan “scape goat”. Akauntant kena hina dan dituduh mcm mcm. Bila akauntant rendah diri minta ampun dan peluk kakinya, depan kata ampun. Tapi bila balik hantar gangster baling molotov coktail ke rumah akauntant tu, satu meletup dan satu tak meletup. Sekarang nak aniaya lawyer pula krn tahu banyak rahsia…..BERTAUBATLAH WAHAI VVIP

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