Five years of BigDogDotCom

Today, is the fifth anniversary this blog came into the Malaysian socio-political bloggosphere.

We have posted 1,600 articles since and over 30,000 comments expressed in over 4.3 million visits recorded. The most visits and comments recorded were for posting of Malaysia Today’s Editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin’ s imfamous statutory declaration and the incident at Red Rock Hotel in Penang.

We wish to express our utmost sincere gratitude and appreciation for the support and opinions translated in the comments posted.

Since the flavour of the week here in BigDogDotCom is centered on the remembrance of the fallen gallant 1 and 2 Federated Malay States Regiment warriors in the defense Pasir Panjang and Bukit Chandu, we would like to dedicated this fifth anniversary to the men who fought their last stand at ‘Point 226’ or Bukit Chandu on 14 February 1942. By far, in the 78 years history of Royal Malay Regiment this battle cost the most lives.

Herewith, we list some of the names of the Malay officers and men who made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives at ‘Point 226’:

Lt. Abdullah b. Saad

Lt. Arfin b. Hj Sulaiman

Lt Ibrahim b. Sidek

Lt Abdul Wahid Mat b. Kidam

2nd Lt. Adnan b. Saidi

2nd. Lt. Ahmad b. Nordin

2nd. Lt. Md Isa b. Mahmood

Company Sgt. Major  Abu Baker b. Hassan

Company Sgt. Major Md Hussain b. Long

Colour Sgt. Abdul Aziz b. Hussain

Sgt. Abdual Rahman

Sgt.  Che Din  b. Yaacob

Sgt. Hj Ahmad b. Shaari

Sgt. Ibrahim b. Ali

Sgt. Kassim b. Ghani

Sgt. Md. Hanafiah b. Hamid

Sgt. Md Yussoff b. Hj. Shukor

Sgt. Yon b. Sulaiman

Corp. Abdul Rahman b. Hussin

Corp. Ibrahim b. Maulud

Corp. Md Kassim b. Long

Corp. Md. Noor b. Malim Saman

L/Corp. Abdul Latif b. Kidam

L/Corp. Abdullah b. Sulong

L/Corp. Kawi b. Hj Tahir

L/Corp. Napi b. Ahmad

L/Corp. Rajah b. Md. Som

L/Corp. Taufik b. Othman

Pte. Abdul Aziz b. Kassim

Pte. Abdul Ghani b. Samat

Pte. Abdul Kahar b. Abu Bakar

Pte. Abdul Karim b. Abdul Rani

Pte. Abdul Latif b. Hj. Abu Baker

Pte. Abdul Latif b. Hassan

Pte. Abdul Mutalib b. Hj. Salleh

Pte. Abdul Mutalib b. Mohd. Saaid

Pte. Abdul Rahim b. Jaafar

Pte. Abdul Rahman b. Baker

Pte. Abdul Rahman b. Hj Arief

Pte. Abdul Rahman b. Wanik

Pte. Abdul Rahman b. Yussof

Pte. Abdul Rani b. Muhammad

Pte. Abdul Rashid b. Mat Piah

Pte. Abdullah b. Mat Dom

Pte. Abdullah b. Sabri

Pte. Abu Bakar

Pte. Abu Baker b. Samsuddin

Pte. Abu Hassan b. Aman

Pte. Abu Hassan b. Omar

Pte. Abu Samah b. Hassan

Drummer Ahmad b. Hassan

Pte. Adam b. Ibrahim

Pte. Alwi b. Abdul Rani

Pte. Ariffin b. Abdul Rani

Pte. Ashaari b. Naaries

Pte. Baba b. Bidin

Pte. Bahari b. Mat Ali

Pte. Basir b. Shariff

Pte. Basri b. Kimin

Pte. Bidin d. Arsad

Pte. Bujang b. Ahmad

Pte. Buyong b. Tanjizi

Bandsman Din b. Man

Pte. Hamid b. Man

Pte. Harun b. Hj Kari

Pte. Harun b. Ibrahim

Al Fatihah to them

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