Five years of BigDogDotCom

Today, is the fifth anniversary this blog came into the Malaysian socio-political bloggosphere.

We have posted 1,600 articles since and over 30,000 comments expressed in over 4.3 million visits recorded. The most visits and comments recorded were for posting of Malaysia Today’s Editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin’ s imfamous statutory declaration and the incident at Red Rock Hotel in Penang.

We wish to express our utmost sincere gratitude and appreciation for the support and opinions translated in the comments posted.

Since the flavour of the week here in BigDogDotCom is centered on the remembrance of the fallen gallant 1 and 2 Federated Malay States Regiment warriors in the defense Pasir Panjang and Bukit Chandu, we would like to dedicated this fifth anniversary to the men who fought their last stand at ‘Point 226’ or Bukit Chandu on 14 February 1942. By far, in the 78 years history of Royal Malay Regiment this battle cost the most lives.

Herewith, we list some of the names of the Malay officers and men who made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives at ‘Point 226’:

Lt. Abdullah b. Saad

Lt. Arfin b. Hj Sulaiman

Lt Ibrahim b. Sidek

Lt Abdul Wahid Mat b. Kidam

2nd Lt. Adnan b. Saidi

2nd. Lt. Ahmad b. Nordin

2nd. Lt. Md Isa b. Mahmood

Company Sgt. Major  Abu Baker b. Hassan

Company Sgt. Major Md Hussain b. Long

Colour Sgt. Abdul Aziz b. Hussain

Sgt. Abdual Rahman

Sgt.  Che Din  b. Yaacob

Sgt. Hj Ahmad b. Shaari

Sgt. Ibrahim b. Ali

Sgt. Kassim b. Ghani

Sgt. Md. Hanafiah b. Hamid

Sgt. Md Yussoff b. Hj. Shukor

Sgt. Yon b. Sulaiman

Corp. Abdul Rahman b. Hussin

Corp. Ibrahim b. Maulud

Corp. Md Kassim b. Long

Corp. Md. Noor b. Malim Saman

L/Corp. Abdul Latif b. Kidam

L/Corp. Abdullah b. Sulong

L/Corp. Kawi b. Hj Tahir

L/Corp. Napi b. Ahmad

L/Corp. Rajah b. Md. Som

L/Corp. Taufik b. Othman

Pte. Abdul Aziz b. Kassim

Pte. Abdul Ghani b. Samat

Pte. Abdul Kahar b. Abu Bakar

Pte. Abdul Karim b. Abdul Rani

Pte. Abdul Latif b. Hj. Abu Baker

Pte. Abdul Latif b. Hassan

Pte. Abdul Mutalib b. Hj. Salleh

Pte. Abdul Mutalib b. Mohd. Saaid

Pte. Abdul Rahim b. Jaafar

Pte. Abdul Rahman b. Baker

Pte. Abdul Rahman b. Hj Arief

Pte. Abdul Rahman b. Wanik

Pte. Abdul Rahman b. Yussof

Pte. Abdul Rani b. Muhammad

Pte. Abdul Rashid b. Mat Piah

Pte. Abdullah b. Mat Dom

Pte. Abdullah b. Sabri

Pte. Abu Bakar

Pte. Abu Baker b. Samsuddin

Pte. Abu Hassan b. Aman

Pte. Abu Hassan b. Omar

Pte. Abu Samah b. Hassan

Drummer Ahmad b. Hassan

Pte. Adam b. Ibrahim

Pte. Alwi b. Abdul Rani

Pte. Ariffin b. Abdul Rani

Pte. Ashaari b. Naaries

Pte. Baba b. Bidin

Pte. Bahari b. Mat Ali

Pte. Basir b. Shariff

Pte. Basri b. Kimin

Pte. Bidin d. Arsad

Pte. Bujang b. Ahmad

Pte. Buyong b. Tanjizi

Bandsman Din b. Man

Pte. Hamid b. Man

Pte. Harun b. Hj Kari

Pte. Harun b. Ibrahim

Al Fatihah to them

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  1. See how chauvinistic Singapore and its leaders are. Not bothered to participate in the fallen 1Malay remembrance day. Surely they know that the soldiers were defending Spore where they now prosper? Surely they know their mak bapak nenek moyang were there when the Japanese invaded Spore? What the heck kind of people, man …

    Surely MINDEF informed the Spore authorities thru official channels as the Minister was going and a ceremony on Spore territory was being organized. Is this what you call neighbourly spirit? Is this what you call a shared history, at least as far as the Japanese invasion is concerned.

    That’s why we must always remember with disdain Tengku A Rahman’s giving away Spore to LKY FOC. Don’t let it happen again, ever. Damn it, when they got it, they could’t be bothered about our officers and men who died defending the land that TAR very stupidly gave away.

    Tengku A Rahman must be blamed. Tun Dr Mahathir had said a lot about TAR which I agree. The history taught in schools must mention TAR giving away Spore FOC. So that future generations will not make the same stupid blunder.

    Congrats on your 5th anniversary, BD.

    • Wan

      Law-trained LKY was a thorn in TAR’s flesh. I personally feel that if he had been in Malaysia, the damage to bumiputeras would have been greater.

      The chinese controlled the economy and their wealth can be used as a weapon. Right now only Singapore had been “chinese-sised”.

      With the rise of a chinese-dominated island state, it serves as an eye-opener for Malaysia.

      Many politicians in the early years had been saying that the situation in those early years “adalah saperti telur dihujung tanduk”.

      Perhaps there’s hikmah …
      Just my humble opinion.

      • Got your point, bro. But TAR also law-trained. Spore out of Malaysia, 13 May happened, too. If Spore was still in Malaysia, LKY would have been ligat with Lim Kit Siang etc, he/they could have been ISA-ed indefinitely – the law that Spore had themselves used and never talked about repealing.

        TAR was Mister nice, many times more than flip-flopping and sleepy Tun Dol. Having agreed to citizenship for non-Malays at Merdeka, TAR relaxed the rules for issue of citizenship certificates after Merdeka – dispensed with BM proficiency test. MCA Tun Tan Siew Sin and MIC Tun Sambanthan said in Parliament that “the Malays have been generous enough” – at least on those two occasions. What did we get? Blatant disregard of our rights and Special Position until 13 May occurred. LKY would have behaved seeing the Army patrolled the streets like during the Emergency rule.

        TAR could have declared Emergency rule in Spore, no need to send troops like sent to Kelantan during Tun Hussein’s time, just get the Malaysian Army brigade stationed there to keep law and order, send a civilian Director of Operations – e.g Tun Ghazali Shafie who was said to be prepared to go. Remember, the Malaysian Navy was even headquartered in Woodlands, Spore, at that time.

        A friend read LKY’s biography and said LKY was shivering in his pants when the Malaysian Army boss in Singapore went to his residence after the “Separation” was announced. But the lucky bugger was greatly relieved when the Army chap saluted him and said he was instructed to look after his safety. What luck he had and what misfortune we got.

        Now Spore still a thorn in the flesh, as far as I’m concerned. In different ways.


      • Yes Wan

        We can’t change history but we can surely learn from past incidents. Taking the cue from what had befallen the Singapore Malays, Malaysia can avoid critical political pitfalls.

        To continue regretting historical events will not benefit anyone much.

        What is happening in Penang and other opposition states should be the present worry.

      • Salam ray,

        “To continue regretting historical events” will, in fact, benefit future generations a lot. They will know of and try to avoid the same stupid mistakes in the future. They will know what to do like using ISA and declaring Emergency rule if and when necessary until the nasty fellows respect and abide by the Constitution fully.

        LKY’s so-called Malaysian Malaysia was and is (now hogged by the DAP) not only disrespectful but even subversive to Article 153 – wanting equality without clearly acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak is being subversive to that Special Position. Tun Dr Mahathir has said that there’s no sama rata as long as there is the Special Position. And that Special Position is entrenched in the Constitution, untouchable by the nature of the relevant provisions and protected by the Sedition Act.

        Yes indeed, “What is happening in Penang and other opposition states should be the present worry.” That’s the very reason why “regretting historical events” like the above is necessary, so that no stupid politician will, out of anger etc, not think of so-called “kicking out” another territory again in the future. Not Penang or any other piece of Malaysian real estate, God forbid, and Malays forbid – tiada ma’af bagi sesiapa buat demikian.

        Elsewhere they went to war to avoid losing a part of their territory. In Malaysia, a politician gave a valuable piece free of charge. How can? Cannot. Utterly and absolutely cannot. Not ever again.

      • Yup

        The biggest worry is on the land grab by the local chinese in Penang and other opposition states.

        There should be an active monitoring of any hanky panky in the acquisition of land under the guise of development.

        This is the usual modus operandi of the towkays, who ends up multi-millionaires overnight.

        The majority rakyat need to be aware of this on-goings and I am glad that some kampong folks had the initiative to report to the authorities.

  2. Congratulations on the blog anniversary..5 years and still standing..and years to go! Well done!

  3. cool! and congrats!! Long live bigdogdotcom!! woof!!

  4. Well done, keep it up. Live long and Prosper.

  5. Viva la Kalb Al Kubra

  6. Thank you for 5 years of enlightenment. Much appreciation.

  7. BD,

    Our Sultan was reported to have attended a Singapore Air Force function yesterday.

  8. 5 years of nothing except negative reports

  9. 5 years of negative reports.

    What a waste of time and effort.

    • You have not contributed an iota of good here, Asem. Two comments at one time both talking about negative reports and absolutely nothing else. What kind of a bloke are you?

      Me? I’m here just for the whacking of people like you. And I think I’ve done something good in it, innit?

      Haba haba.

      • Yeah Haba

        Asam Asem is baaaacckkk …

  10. 5 years old reports provoking the Malay against non Malay. 5 years of jaguh kampong syok sendiri but in actual fact napkin and umno are kowtowing to Singapore in return for their money and Singapore had proven gain and again they ate better in managing a country.

    • Another one losing his way here? Won’t dare comment in Singapore blogs because Big Brother always on the wall? You provoking non-Malays against Malays?

      Wild accusations you made without proof, justification or even explanations. So we can do the same to you. Two can always play the same game.

      Not managing a country, man. Singapore is a city state. On top of that you muzzle the population, those who curi-ed roadside landscaping plants you asked them to return them in front of TV cameras then screened them on Singapore TV. Where got law like that? Plenty more cases like that.

      Tak berani talk in Spore blogs, old boy? Aiyoyo.

    • aiya ght

      Really ah? Then answer this: why are the BRIGHTEST and TALENTED Singapore-born citizens tearing their red passports and permanently saying goodbye to the red dot ah?

      The ones who remain don’t have the “wings” to fly lah, so no choice but to stay and grumble …

  11. Tahniah Anjing Besar, bertahan lima tahun dalam kategori blog elit (kata orang lah) bukannya mudah. Semoga bigdogdotcom kekal lebih lama lagi.

  12. Tahniah, semoga terus mendapat ilham dan maklumat untuk menulis.Coretan saudara banyak membantu menjelaskan isu-isu yang dekat dengan hati orang melayu khasnya dan rakyat Malaysia umumnya.

    Look forward to another 5 productive years. Syabas.

  13. Dear Big Dog,

    Giant congratulations on your anniversary. Look forward to many, many more years of blogging from you.

  14. Bma

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