Hunt for Kamal Hisham, pt V: 25 March or 1 April 2011?

Lawyer acting on behalf of Southern Ads Sdn. Bhd. Dato’ Baljit Singh Siddhu claimed that lawyer Kamal Hisham Ja’afar, who is a director and shareholder of the said company, left the country after Police reports were lodged against the latter on 31 March 2011. On 28 Feb, he called for a media conference alleging Kamal for “Criminal breach of trust, fraud and elements of cheating”.

Baljit said in that media conference, “Very funnylah. Report lodged and he ran away. From that onwards when reports were lodged, he was no longer around. (He disappeared) After the Police reports were lodged against him on 31 March. In April (2011), he’s in Dubaii”.

However, evidence shown here passport believed to be Kamal Hisham Ja’afar’s that he left the country on 25 March 2011 to enter Singapore. On the same passport page, clearly stamped the date he left Singapore.

Did the lawyer representing Southern Ads got his facts right?

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Hanif Omar receives honorary degree from Alma Mater

In December 1983, then Inspector-General of Police, Tun Mohammed Hanif bin Omar, at the age of 45, took study leave to read law at the University of Buckingham, to encourage his officers to continue learning. He graduated with an LLB in January 1984, but never got to stay back for his convocation as he was summoned back for duty amidst sitting for his final exams.

Yesterday, 16 March 2012, he was conferred an honourary doctorate of law by his alma mater, in honour of his contribution in law, not only to Malaysia and the ASEAN, but also in advising the government of the United States, Great Britain, the Interpol, and the UN Crime Prevention Commission in this field. Professor John Clarke presented to the Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Lord Tanlaw of Tanlawhill for the admission of Tun hanif to the Degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa.

In his reply, Tun Hanif thanked the University for the honour, stating that it was in a way a convocation for the one he could not attend back in 1986. He then advised the Law Graduands of 2012 to not be overcome by greed, and not get into traps and pitfalls.

“If it is too good to be true, then trust me, it is too good to be true,” he said. “Keep the friends you have made at the University of Buckingham as they will be valuable to you in your life outside. This is not the end of a journey, merely a beginning. And continue to make friends.”

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RPK: Anwar don’t tolerate any dissent views

Raja Petra Kamaruddin at Paddington, London 16 March 2012

“Anwar wants to to snub me. It was his way to tell the world that I am not relevant and shouldn’t share the same platform with him”, Malaysia Today founder Raja Petra Kamaruddin said when asked about the Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s request for the latter to be disclosed from the global forum on political scenario in Kent later today.

Even though Anwar’s present in the forum is via Skype instead of Raja Petra’s physical appearance, but he was insistent that the latter shouldn’t share the same platform with him. Wikileaks founder would be in the same forum from his home in Kent via Skype too.

“Anwar is intolerant of any dissent”.

He agrees to the suggestion that this is a form of ‘Gag order’. When asked about this ‘Gag order instruction’ is becoming very prevalent in PKR at leadership level whenever they have to face sensitive issues, let alone controversial, “Its been like that all along. Even when he was in Federal Government as Deputy Prime Minister, he would use all his power and influence to stop anything that does’t suit him from being raised. Everyone knows this. Ask all the editors!”.

Raja Petra was relating his experience with Anwar during his days as the Berita KeAdilan editor.

“I was getting instructions directly from Sungai Buloh. He was telling me what to write and what not to write. When I was critical about the party in my fortnight editor’s column, he instructed that I shouldn’t be allowed to write the editorial column anymore. ‘Someone will write instead of me’. So when that someone didn’t submit the editorial column, we actually printed a blank page!”.

This is not the first time Raja Petra fell out of favour from Anwar’s camp. The one time PKR media co-ordinator was also against PKR top leadership in mid 2006 (after the Sarawak state elections).

Raja Petra on Thursday alleged that PKR leaders in Selangor agreed to sign of RM 70 million for the Phase 1 of old Selayang market construction project plus compensation for the Phase 2 and 3, provided there is a USD 70 million kickbacks for them.

The Star reported this:

Friday March 16, 2012

Pakatan brushes aside RPK’s ‘lies’

KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Rakyat MPs have dismissed allegations by blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin that a senior PKR leader had asked for US$10mil as election funds from a company that had sought the leader’s help in moving its stalled project in Selangor.

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, who is also Selangor senior exco, said the state government refused to acknowledge such accusations and described them as malicious lies.

“My question to him (Raja Petra) is where does he get his information?” she said. She urged Raja Petra to provide evidence to the authorities rather than make false accusations.

“If the Selangor government receive any evidence of wrongdoing, we will take action against the leader,” said Kok.

Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim said he was not surprised of such things happening in PKR.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong expressed shock over the allegation.

“This is a very serious allegation as it involves abuse of power. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should investigate the matter,” he said.

Kota Belud MP Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan said Raja Petra should hand over any proof he had to the MACC.

“If someone says Raja Petra is full of nonsense, then I would like to remind the PKR leadership that this was the very person whom they relied on for information previously,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian refuted the allegation that he had introduced a developer to Batu MP Tian Chua to resolve the company’s problem in return for US$10mil in kickbacks.

Baru said it was the first time he had heard of the developer, Azam andAzan Sdn Bhd (AASB), and claimed he had no knowledge of the shady dealings narrated in Raja Petra’s story.

Referring to Raja Petra’s claims of alleged misuse of state funds as well as recent newspaper reports on illegal sand mining in Selangor, Sungai Pelek assemblyman Yap Ee Wah said: “These anomalies drive up the costs of materials needed for the housing industry which ultimately is passed on to house buyers.

“Additionally, to recover their investment, property developers also transfer the cost of high land conversion premiums in Selangor. The soaring property prices make it difficult for many young people to purchase their first homes.

“Malaysians are being robbed of their tanah air (homeland) through illegal sand mining,” he said yesterday.

He urged the Selangor mentri besar to address the issue and put an end to all forms of corruption.


When asked to comment on The Star report on the denial of PKR leaders for the USD 10 million kickbacks for the Selayang project, Raja Petra coyly said “Who wants to admit to their wrongdoings? I quote YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who said this. You were there!”.

“No one in the company (Azam dan Azan Sdn Bhd) came to deny this. They just said ‘no comment’. Why didn’t they deny this if it was not true? Doesn’t that show something?”.

When asked about how he felt regarding to Dr Hassan Mohd Ali’s sacking from PAS was all about the latter’s opposition based personal issues against Anwar Ibrahim as the de facto Opposition Leader, he agrees. “It is not about Malay Unity. Its about Dr Hassan’s position on personal matter relating to Anwar and for not toeing the party lines for that. If it was on ‘Malay Unity’, why didn’t they penalize (PAS President Dato’ Hj) Hadi, (former Deputy President) Nasaruddin Isa and Mustpaha Ali too?”.

He also agrees that Dr Hassan and the likes of Ulama Leaders like him in PAS have a strong following and will affect votes in places like Selangor. He also said as far back as 2004, they are talking about Dr Hassan’s position on many issues which Pakatan Rakyat see as problematic now but ‘They still gave him a chance. He was being very consistent about who he is and what he stood for”.

Commenting on the Malaysian Civil Liberty Movement, Raja Petra said they were not intended to be political or partisan. “We are supposed to fight for civil liberty issues, such as human rights. We want Malaysians to have the right to choose for issues like religion and sexual preference. We are interested to see the changes, not directly to be political about it”.

He was met at a private social event in leading West End restaurant for good Malaysian food.

When asked about Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leadership, he agrees that there are changes. However, he felt the changes weren’t rapid enough. A wide range issues were covered, include current politics and economic issues. Amongst was the New Economic Policy (NEP) and mindset of Malaysians, especially the younger generation. Raja Petra is interested to have “A meaningful engagement with the Prime Minister on civil liberty issues”.

Issues on Federal Government problems in providing for the rakyat, especially under current domestic, regional and global challenges under Prime Minister Najib’s leadership were raised and Raja Petra jokingly said “We shouldn’t be in government. We should remain as Opposition. Easier for us”. He was being consistent about what he wrote earlier today.

*Updated Saturday 17 March noon

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Biarlah mereka yang mahir jadi nakhoda

Sebuah syarikat tersenarai di Bursa Malaysia Silver Bird Group Bhd. mengalami kerugian dan saham menjunam. Ini akibat kegagalan anak anak syarikat menjelaskan kommitmen kewangan sebanyak RM 5.37 juta, lantas Bursa Malaysia meletakan syarikat ini dalam perhatian.

Laporan Malaysian Reserve:

Silver Bird shares plunge more than 50%, 3 top execs suspended

Friday, 02 March 2012 10:48 John Gilbert & Anuja Ravendran 0 Comments

Silver Bird Group Bhd shares plunged by more than 50% yesterday, wiping off RM81.3 million of its market capitalisation as the share closed the day at 20.5 sen, after investors reacted negatively to the news of posssible financial irregularities of about RM111.5 million.

The news also saw three of its top executives suspended from their duties.

The share price has been on a steady decline for the last five years from about RM1 per share in early 2009.

According to Bloomberg, Lembaga Tabung Haji (LTH) holds the largest stake at 22% in the company while Berjaya Corp Bhd (BCorp) owns almost 21%.

The other substantial shareholders are Koperasi Permodalan Felda Malaysia Bhd (KPF) which owns 12.7%, Silver Bird group managing director Datuk Jackson Tan Han Kook and a private equity firm CVC Ltd who hold 12.8% and 9.1% respectively.

With the current share price plunge, LTH’s investments would have depreciated by RM18 million while BCorp and KPF would see their investments shrink by RM16.7 million and RM10.33 million respectively.

In a press release yesterday, RAM Rating Services Bhd announced that it has downgraded the respective long-term and short-term ratings of Silver Bird’s RM30 million commercial papers/medium-term notes programme for 2005/2012 (CP/MTN) from A2 (negative outlook) and P2 to C3 and NP respectively.

It also placed Silver Bird on “Rating Watch”, with a negative outlook, it said.

“The steep downgrade is premised on the heightened likelihood of default on the group’s CP/MTN following a series of unfavourable developments announced on Feb 29,” it said.

On Wednesday, the company announced to Bursa Malaysia that it has suspended Tan, executive director Ching Siew Cheong and general manager for accounts and finance Lai Poh Mei on full pay and benefits with effect from Feb 24, 2012, to facilitate the conduct of an internal inquiry into allegations of, among others, irregularities in the company’s accounts.

All three involved parties were unable to obtain the relevant supporting evidence and satisfactory explanations over the validity and recording of certain transactions.

The company revealedon Wednesday that Standard Confectionery Sdn Bhd, Stanson Marketing Sdn Bhd and Stanton Bakeries Sdn Bhd, all wholly owned subsidiaries of Silver Bird, were found in default of banking facilities repayments amounting to about RM5.37 billion to their lenders, comprising Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd, Malayan Banking Bhd and CIMB Bank Bhd.

The company officials were unreachable at press time.

Silver Bird is principally engaged in the business of bakery manufacturing, sales and distribution of bakery, and wholesale and logistics of bakery ingredients.

Silver Bird’s board members are Datuk Dr Gan Khuan Poh, who is the chairman and independent non-executive director, Tan, Ching, independent non-executive directors Lim Hock Chye, Richard George Azlan Abas and Datuk Seri Talaat Husain.

Non-independent non-executive directors are Peter John McLoghlin, Datuk Lee Kok Chuan, Adi Azuan Abdul Ghani and Vanda Russell Gould, who is also the alternate director to McLoghlin.

The company posted a profit of RM4.9 million for its fourth-quarter unaudited results in October last year, a 35% jump from the previous year, while revenue increased by only 3%.


Keadaan begitu mengancam apabila timbul khabar bahawa kemungkinan berlaku skandal kewangan sehingga berjumlah RM 115 juta. Kedudukan kecairan dan kemampuan modal cair juga diturun-nilaikan oleh agensi penilai kewangan. Akibatnya, nilai saham Silver Bird menjunam sebanyak lebih 50% dari nilai pasaran.

Carta menunjukan nilai pasaran saham Silver Bird menjunam

Antara pelabur yang menerima kesan negatif dari keadaan yang melanda Silver Bird ini ialah Koperasi Permodalan FELDA (KPF). Pengecutan nilai pasaran Silver Bird bermakna setakat ini KPF telah hilang lebih RM 10 juta.
Banyak persoalan timbul:
  1.  Adakah tiga pemegang saham terbesar Silver Bird termasuk KPF berada keadaan ‘alpa dan lena’ selama ini? Apakah wakil mereka dalam Lembaga Pengarah Silver Bird tidak menjalankan tugas dan tanggungjawab sebagaimana yang diharapkan? Yang nyatanya, keadaan tidak akan menjadi parah sehingga tahap ini secara mendadak tanpa berlaku sebarang proses dimana kedudukan kewangan dan kecairan kumpulan makin tiris dan sepatutnya BOD mempersoalkan dalam mesyuarat lembaga.
  2. KPF merupakan koperasi yang mewakili 112,635 peneroka FELDA dan dana KPF merupakan sebahagian dari simpanan dan pelaburan strategik peneroka dan sebahagian dari warga kerja FELDA. Apakah pengurusan tertinggi KPF tidak menimbangkan ini semua dalam urusan pelaburan mereka?
  3. Pelaburan KPF dalam Silver Bird meningkat mendadak dari 1.74% naik ke 8.55% pegangan dalam Silver Bird pada tahun 2009. Ini ialah tahun pertama Pengarah Besar FELDA Dato’ Dzulkilfli Abdul Wahab dilantik sebagai Pengerusi KPF, sesuai dengan kedudukan sebagai Pengarah Besar. Pelaburan dalam Silver Bird ditambah dan sehingga 2011, KPF menjadi pemegang saham ketiga terbesar dengan 13.36% Silver Bird.
  4. Kalau dikaji prestasi dividen Silver Bird, dividen pertamanya diisytiharkan pada tahun 2005 iaitu 4% dan selepas itu, tiada dividen langsung diisytiharkan. Apa yang menghairankan, selalunya prestasi dividen adalah antara faktor utama yang diambilkira apabila melabur.  Tetapi KPF sebaliknya, dividen tiada diisytiharkan tetapi pelaburan ditingkatkan.  Berbanding dengan PNB dan KWSP,  pelaburan pun bersandarkan prestasi dividen.
  5. Sekiranya dilihat  pada penyata kewangan KPF bagi tahun 2010, kos per unit Silver Bird seperti yang dinyatakan dalam Sekuriti Pasaran bagi tahun 2009 adalah 75 sen seunit.  Hari ini saham Silver Bird di Bursa adalah sekitar 22 sen sesaham.  Maknanya, KPF telah kerugian 53 sen seunit saham Silver Bird atau 70.67% dari nilai kos pembelian saham
  6. Sebagai pemegang saham ketiga terbesar dalam Silverbird, KPF tiada langsung mempunyai wakil dalam lembaga pengarah.  Adakah Silver Bird adalah pelaburan yang kurang bijak oleh KPF? Adakah lagi pelaburan seperti ini dalam senarai syarikat dimana KPF melabur?
  7. ‘Khabar dari pasaran’ (market talk) KPF menambahkan pelaburan sebab dijanjikan dengan pulangan dividen dan sebagai timbal balas, Silver Bird akan bantu FELDA dalam program Gedung Makanan Negaranya.  Ianya berkemungkinan atas andaian bahawa gula boleh diperolehi dengan kos yang lebih rendah untuk pembuatan  kek dan roti High Satu lagi ialah hasil minyak sawit adalah bahan asas untuk susu pekat, iaitu kerjasama strategik yang kunun kununnya mampu mendatangkan hasil bagi kedua dua pihak. Hakikatnya, adakah ianya memberikan kelebihan bagi FELDA atau Silver Bird?
  8. Pada tahun lepas, Silver Bird memohon untuk membekal roti dan susu kepada semua sekolah dalam tanah rancangan FELDA yang jumlahnya hampir RM100 juta tetapi berjaya disekat.  Kontrak yang diberi cuma untuk sekolah terpilih dengan jumlahnya adalah lebih RM1 juta.  Persoalan timbul, sejak bila Silver Bird mempunyai produk tenusu?
  9. Difahamkan Dato’ Dzulkilfli semakin rapat dengan pengurusan tertinggi Berjaya Group selepas kerjasama KPF dalam Silver Bird. Lagi satu projek FELDA dengan Berjaya Group adalah dengan Kelab bola sepak Cardiff City telah menandatangani memorandum persefahaman dengan FELDA bagi membawa pembangunan komuniti melalui bola sepak di kalangan keluarganya. Antara bidang utama yang diberi perhatian adalah bagi membangunkan satu kurikulum berasaskan sukan bagi pelajar sekolah menengah tinggi, kemahiran bahasa Inggeris dan kejurulatihan dan pendidikan akar umbi. Perjanjian itu ditandatangani oleh Pengarah Besar Felda, Datuk Dzulkifli Abdul Wahab dan Pengerusi Cardiff City, Datuk Chan Tien Ghee di stadium kelab di sini, dalam masa terdekat.
  10. Pembangkang tidak putus putus menengahkan bahawa pelaburan FGVH rugi.  Bendahari KPF wajar menjelaskan maksud muka surat 6 buku Penyata Kewangan bagi tahun berakhir 31 Disember 2010
Apa yang lebih menghairankan ialah Pembangkang seperti Presiden Persatuan Anak Peneroka FELDA Kebangsaan (ANAK) Mazlan Aliman, yang juga AJK Pusat PAS tidak ikhlas dalam kunun kunun perjuangan membela 112,635 peneroka dan 1.3 juta warga FELDA.
  1. FELDA Trading Sdn Bhd, subsidiari KPF mengalami kerugian terkumpul sebanyak RM 66,147,598 bagi tahun kewangan 2009 sementara KPF Holdings Sdn Bhd dilaporkan mengalami kerugian bersih sebanyak RM 46,439 pada tahun kewangan 2009
  2. Mengapa Mazlan Aliman yang kunun kunun begitu bersungguh ingin menyelamatkan KPF daripada kerugian tidak mempersoalkan isu Silver Bird dan kerugian yang dialami oleh syarikat-syarikat subsidiari KPF?  Kenapa ANAK tidak memperjuangkan isu pelaburan peneroka lenyap?

Ataupun sebenarnya ‘musuh dalam selimut’ bersekongkol dengan ANAK untuk diam dan hanya memberi perhatian kepada isu yang membolehkan Pembangkang menangguk di air keruh, demi politik sempit dan bankrap mereka? Ini amat jelas apabila tumpuan bagi pengurusan tertinggi Lembaga FELDA dan ANAK hanyalah fokus kepada apabila YB Tan Sri Mohd. Isa Abdul Samad dilantikan semata mata.

Untuk rekod, perlantikan Tan Sri Isa sebagai Pengerusi Lembaga FELDA, FELDA Global Ventures (FGV) dan KPF ialah atas keputusan dan arahan Perdana Menteri Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, sebagai rancangan ‘Transformasi dan Plan Strategik Bagi Masyarakat FELDA’. Ini termasuk rancangan penyenaraian FELDA Global Ventures Holdings di Bursa Malaysia.

Pengalaman KPF dalam Silver Bird ini banyak persoalan timbul yang wajar dijawab oleh KPF, terutama Pengerusinya Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Wahab yang telah dengan jelas bersifat sebagai ‘gunting dalam lipatan’. Inilah bahana mempercayai golongan bukan pakar dan mahir (dalam dunia perniagaan dan korporat)  untuk menjadi nakhoda.

Jangan biarkan pisang berbuah dua kali dan ‘Bila dah terhantuk, baru nak tergadah’. Masa depan dan pelaburan 112,635 peneroka FELDA jangan diperjudikan untuk kepentingan peribadi individu tertentu.

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Four months of opportunity cost

Politics is about perception. Perception, not proof, saw the ‘Political Tsunami’ of 8 March 2008 unprecedentedly happened for Barisan Nasional, after eleven plus one general elections. In Malaysia, perception is almost everything in politics.

Two days ago, Women and Family Development Minister Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil announced of her resignation from the Federal Government. That is a day before husband and National Feedlot Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Executive Chairman Dato’ Seri Dr Mohamed Salleh Ismail was charged for criminal breach of trust and corrupt practices, involving a substantial sum of money allegedly wrongfully utilised which derived from his company’s drawdown of soft loan from the Federal Government.

Tuesday March 13, 2012

NFCorp boss claims trial


KUALA LUMPUR: The executive chairman of the National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd has claimed trial at the Sessions Court here to two counts of committing breach of trust and two counts of violating the Companies Act 1965 involving RM49.7mil.

Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail, 64, arrived in court at 2.15pm accompanied by his wife Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, their eldest son Wan Shahinur Izmir and other family members.

The charges were read to Dr Mohamad Salleh at 2.27pm before judge S.M. Komathy Suppiah in a packed courtroom.

The proceedings yesterday marked a new chapter in the NFCorp controversy which arose after the Auditor-General’s 2010 Report highlighted the failure of the National Feedlot Centre to achieve its target, and which grew with revelations that the company had used the government-funded soft loan for purposes not related to cattle breed-ing.

Dr Mohamad Salleh was charged with dishonestly misusing funds amounting to RM9,758,140 through four cheques to partly finance the purchase of two units of One Menerung Condominium in Block B here for the National Meat and Livestock Corporation Sdn Bhd, which he owns with one of his sons.

According to the charge, he committed the offence in his capacity as an NFCorp director entrusted with control over the company’s assets.

He is said to have committed the offence at CIMB Islamic Bank Bhd in Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, here between Dec 1 and 4, 2009.

Dr Mohamad Salleh was charged under Section 409 of the Penal Code which carries a jail term of up to 20 years, a fine and whipping.

He is also accused under Section 132(2)(a) of the Companies Act 1965 of committing the offence without approval from an annual general meeting of NFCorp to gain profit directly.

He is also accused of transferring NFCorp’s funds of RM40mil through a cheque into the National Meat and Livestock Corporation’s account at the same bank from May 6 to Nov 16, 2009.

For this, he faces charges of criminal breach of trust and violating the Companies Act.

Deputy Public Prosecutors Dzulkifli Ahmad, Awang Armadajaya Awang Mahmud and Azimul Azami prosecuted while the defence was led by Badrul Munir Bukhari.

Pleading for a lower bail, counsel Badrul Munir said Dr Mohamad Salleh had given his full cooperation to the police and prosecution, and his client was in court to clear his name. He applied to release the accused on a RM50,000 personal bond for each charge.

Dzulkifli said the prosecution had no objection to the application as they did not see why Dr Mohamad Salleh would flee the country. He, however, said the accused should surrender all his travel documents to the court.

Dzulkifli applied to the court under Section 165 of the Criminal Procedure Code for a single trial for all the charges.

Judge Komathy agreed to a single trial and set bail of RM500,000 with one surety for all four charges.

She also ordered Mohamad Salleh to surrender his passport pending mention of his case on April 13.

Wan Shahinur Izmir paid the bail.

Shahrizat was impassive in court and declined to speak to reporters after the proceedings.


The thing is that, Sharizat’s resignation should have been four months earlier. When PKR Strategic Director Rafizi Ramli raised this matter in public domain, referring to the ‘irregularities’ highlighted by the Auditor General’s report, Shahrizat who is UMNO and BN Wanita Chief decided to slug it out. She even used UMNO Assembly platform and her capacity of Wanita UMNO Chief to rally Wanita UMNO members and defend her.

Suami says tidal bersalah!“.

Many UMNO leaders were very uncomfortable with that. Some, even said it in the open for Shahrizat to walk away and even quit, “For the sake of the party”.

However, she was vehemently in denial. She went about town and met with Wanita UMNO Groups. After four months, more and more are being thrown against Dr Salleh and their immediate family, as directors and shareholders of the company which was granted Federal Government aid via soft loan to develop the feed meal and contract rearing of cattles for the Malaysian consumers.

The NFCorp issue a chronology of events


Oct 24 – The Auditor-General’s 2010 highlighted the National Feedlot Centre (NFCorp)’s failure to achieve its target of 8,000 heads of cattle that year. The RM74 mil centre in Gemas, Negri Sembilan only achieved 3,289 heads of cattle or 41% of the target.

Nov 1 – PKR piles the pressure on Shahrizat, demanding that she explain claims of financial mismanagement and corruption in the NFCorp, run by her husband and two of their children.

Nov 15 – The MACC hand over investigations into the alleged multi-million ringgit purchase of a luxury condominium in Bangsar by the NFCorp to the police.

Nov 16 – NFCorp executive director Wan Shahinur Wan Salleh said they had used nearly RM600,000 of its funds to pay for credit card expenses, but pointed out that they were corporate cards used for “business development purposes”

Nov 18 – NFCorp executive chairman Datuk Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismaildenied claims that the project was in a mess, claiming they are on track to produce 60,000 heads of cattle by 2015. Salleh also justified the purchase of two luxury condominiums costing RM6.9 mil each, saying the investment would generate an annual yield of some RM900,000 or a 12.9% return of investment rate.

Nov 19 – Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said Bukit Aman had started a probe into the NFCorp

Nov 29 – Shahrizat brushes aside calls for her to quit over her family’s involvement in the NFC scandal, saying that it had nothing to do with her.

Dec 1 – PKR unveil more allegations of financial misappropriation by the NFCorp, claiming that the company ought a luxury car, two plots of land and paid for holiday packages using part of its RM250mil Government soft loan.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Khalid Abu Bakarhowever announces that they found no elements of criminal breach of trust or misappropriation in their ongoing investigation into the NFCorp

Dec 3 – Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein says the probe into the NFC would continue, regardless of the police’s preliminary findings that there were no elements of criminal breach of trust.

Dec 6 – Police say the NFC’s purchase of two RM6.9mil luxury condominiums was kosher as they were registered under a corporate firm and not in the names of individuals.

Dec 24 – The MACC raid the NFC office in Mont Kiara, taking several envelopes filled with documents and a computer, believed to be linked to the various claims levied against the company.


Jan 3 – Shahrizat denies having tendered her resignation, amidst speculation that she had handed over her resignation letter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak over

Jan 13 – Shahrizat takes leave from her official duties to make way for the MACC’s probe on whether or not she had any involvement in the NFCorp issue.

Jan 15 – Najib confirms that the NFC’s assets are frozen to assist into investigations over alleged misappropriation

Jan 16 – Police conclude their probe into the NFCorp, and present their findings to the Attorney-General for further action.

Jan 19 – Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announces the Government’s decision to appoint an accounting firm to carry out a due diligence and project audit on the NFCorp.

Jan 20 – Shahrizat files a RM100 mil suit against PKR Ampang MP Zuraidah Kamaruddin and strategic director Rafizi Ramli for defamation in connection with the NFCorp issue

Jan 26 – Auditor-General Tan Sri Ambrin Buang clarifies his department’s 2010 report on the NFC, saying that they highlighted weaknesses in implementation of the project – but never mentioned anything on misappropriation of funds.

Feb 8 – The police resubmit their investigation papers on the NFCorp to the Attorney-General’s Chambers and are awaiting orders on the next course of action, after beefing up their findings at the request of the Attorney-General.

Mar 3 – The Attorney-General returns the police’s investigation papers on the NFC yet again, ordering the men in blue to carry out further investigations.

Mar 8 – Police reveal they are probing a RM1.7 mil apartment cum office purchase by the NFCorp in Khazakhstan, believed to have been made after the company signed an agreement to help the Khazakhstan government breed cattle.


When they reached this juncture where Dr Salleh had to be charged for CBT, fraud and abuse, then only she gave in. Her Cabinet colleagues lauded this move as “Brave and best interest of the party”. The most important questions that UMNO leaders should ask is, “At what cost?”.

It is a politically very costly for BN and UMNO.

On 28 March 2009 when Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak spoke for the first time as the President of UMNO in his acceptance speech at the final moments of that year’s UMNO General Assembly, he promised of three things. One of it is “To combat corruption”. The Malaysian public erosion of confidence to the ruling party has been marred badly by corruption and abuse of power practices, which saw great increase during five and a half years of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s tenure.

This ‘perception’ issue has actually brought down confidence on Prime Minister Najib’s leadership a few notches, even though he is highly a popular political leader. Example at hand was when we were following a Menteri Besar doing his ‘walkabout’ in three different DUNs In February. This MB went at UMNO/MCA/MIC branch level to understand issues on the ground. We were surprised that one of the top most national agenda that was raised in almost all ‘peti undi’ in these three DUNs was about “NFC scandal”.

We were in London recently. We met separately a handful of Malaysians living and studying abroad, and spoke to them at length over many issues. Some, have been there for over three decades. They follow Malaysian politics very closely. Even the students. They read the blogs. All of them were raising about the “NFC scandal”.

Prime Minister Najib should have been very decisive on this matter, even as far back as late November 2011 (just before the UMNO GA). Anywhere, Malaysians talk about the “NFC scandal”. The big picture comes first. We (these Londoners were in touch) communicated when the news of Shahrizat’s resignation and Dr Salleh’s charge spread very fast to their attention. The point they all raised, “How to ‘repair’ the perception damage and is there enough time before the nest GE?”.

Our answer, “Its a political opportunity cost”. Even we are not convinced of the damage done.

Prime Minister Najib must remind his Cabinet, UMNO Supreme Council, BN High Council and UMNO party members at large in strong bold words that he mean business and do not tolerate issues that is potentially scandalous. Nip it in the bud. Kill before the story is even allowed to bloom in the new media. BN can no longer afford anymore scandal, no matter how trivial. It is politically suicidal.

Wanita UMNO must be made to understand. Their Boss is ‘tainted’. They cannot afford to be sentimental and emotional about it. Shahrizat, should leave Wanita UMNO too. Especially after that closing address to last year’s Wanita UMNO Assembly. It should be an unconditional withdrawal and Wanita UMNO must accept this. These four months of opportunity cost could actually take years to recover.

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Terrorism of a sovereign deadly force

A soldier of an illegal US army detachment fired and murdered 16 civilians in cold blood in Afghanistan. Amongst the murdered are nice children.

US soldier’s killing spree puts Afghanistan on a knife-edge

Tensions increase as nine children among 16 shot dead by lone gunman in Zangabad village in Kandahar

US soldier detained over killing of Afghan civilians

Bodies of women and children killed by a US soldier lying in a van. Photograph: I. Sameem/EPA

A US soldier has shot dead 16 Afghan civilians, nine of them children, in a night-time shooting spree in a village outside his base in southernAfghanistan, a rampage the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, said was “impossible to forgive”.

The unprecedented attack on families asleep in their homes came as anti-foreign sentiment was already running high after Afghans discovered US troops had burned copies of the Qur’an at a militarybase.

That discovery prompted days of deadly violence. The killings in the early hours of Sunday morning are likely to fuel more anger across Afghanistan and raise questions in Kabul and the US about the future of an increasingly unpopular war.

About 1,000 people gathered to protest outside the Zangabad military base, in southern Kandahar province, on Sunday as the bodies were prepared for burial and news of the killings spread throughout the area, a ribbon of mud adobe compounds interspersed with pomegranate orchards, vineyards and fields of opium and marijuana.

Among the dead was a young girl in a green and red dress who had been shot in the forehead. The bodies of other victims appeared partially burned. A villager claimed they had been wrapped in blankets and set on fire by the killer.

It is not the first time that US soldiers have intentionally killed Afghan civilians but the toll is unprecedented for a single soldier. He was arrested after the assault, and appears to have made no attempt to cover up the shootings.

The commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, General John Allen, promised a thorough investigation. “I am absolutely dedicated to making sure that anyone who is found to have committed wrongdoing is held fully accountable,” he said, but his response is unlikely to do much to dampen the fury of Afghan officials or people.

Ustad Abdul Halim, who lives in the same village in Panjwai district, said: “It is not the first time foreigners have killed Afghans. Even if the Americans kill Karzai, they won’t be killed.” The district, a former Talibanstronghold, has seen years of heavy fighting between insurgents and coalition forces and is still volatile.

Reports that the soldier, a staff sergeant, might have suffered some kind of breakdown before embarking on his killing spree were rejected. “If the US say this man has mental problems it raises questions for them, as they don’t register anyone in their army if they have mental problems,” said a Kandahar government spokesman, Javed Faisal.

The US embassy warned of “a risk of anti-American feelings and protests in coming days, especially in eastern and southern provinces”.

Karzai, listed the dead – nine children, three women and four men – and described the killings as intentional murders that could not be forgiven. He has long criticised the western military for failing to do enough to prevent civilian casualties.

One family bore the brunt of the losses. When the gunman broke into their compound at around 3am, he killed all 11 people inside, villagers and officials said. The father of the family, Wazir, and one child survived because they were away from home.

Four people from one family, headed by a man called Fahed Jan, died along with one child from another family. Two injured children had head wounds and would struggle to survive, Faisal said.

Some villagers reported that more than one US soldier was involved, but Afghan officials and the Nato-led coalition said they believed the killer worked alone.

A string of abuses has soured attitudes to foreign military. A group of US soldiers killed three Afghan civilians for sport in 2010 in a different part of Kandahar province. In January, a video surfaced showing US marines apparently urinating on the corpses of three insurgents, and in February anger flared over the burning of the Qur’an.

The latest incident, together with the rising number of US and other coalition troops killed at the hands of Afghan security forces, has pushed ties between Karzai and his backers to a low point.

The US president, Barack Obama, and the British prime minister, David Cameron, are due to discuss UK and American plans for Afghanistan at a meeting in Washington on Tuesday.

Obama said he was deeply saddened. “I offer my condolences to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives, and to the people of Afghanistan, who have endured too much violence and suffering. This incident … does not represent the exceptional character of our military and the respect that the United States has for the people of Afghanistan.”

Writing in the Guardian, the shadow foreign secretary, Douglas Alexander, argues that Cameron appears to have abandoned any intensive diplomatic effort to secure a stable Afghanistan before British troops leave in 2014. He claims he “has an end-date, but still no end-state: no clear and realistic vision of what will be left behind”.

“Afghanistan is becoming Britain’s invisible conflict, yet the prime minister came to office promising Afghanistan would be his ‘number one priority’,” Alexander writes.

Mokhtar Amiri contributed to this report


If civilians kill people in small numbers, then they are called murderers. If they kill slightly more than that, then they are terrorists. They are subjected by the usual punitive code against murders. What about professional soldiers who kill unarmed non combatant civilians and children?

What laws should they be tried and if found guilty, punished?

What about their superiors, who have the fiduciary duty to the stakeholders, which include in this case diplomatic relationship?

In the past, US soldiers have killed civilians in their military engagements. No Gun Ri during the Korean War and My Lai in the Vietnam War were classical examples. During the illegal Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, US military’s cruelty on civilians were clearly demonstrated with the Abu Ghraib prison tortures.

If the Nazis during 1933-45 were globally loathed for these same reasons, why shouldn’t the world rise against the United States of America? Their acts of terrorism and cruelty have been consistently ‘re-appearing’ since sixty years ago.

There are enough evidence for the  international community strongly  must impose that it is illegal for the US to have any forms deadly force outside their own borders.

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KSN and DG of JPA should resign

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd. Sidek Hassan

The proposed Saraan Baru Perkhidmatan Awam (SBPA) which was supposed to be introduced and come into force this month for the civil servants is now gone. Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak announced to revert to the existing Sistem Saraan Malaysia (SSM) this morning. The SSM would be improved, instead

Published: Thursday March 8, 2012 MYT 10:45:00 AM

Najib: SBPA scheme to be scrapped

PUTRAJAYA: The Public Service New Remuneration Scheme (SBPA) has been scrapped, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razakannounced on Thursday.

He said the existing Sistem Saraan Malaysia will be implemented with improvements.


The SBPA, which is said to have intended for top civil servants be remunerated like top executives in the market, was rejected vehemently by Ceupacs. The proposed scheme is focused to the remuneration only for the stop civil servants, currently from Jawatan Utama Sektor Awam C (JUSA C) and above, with proposed increase in pay and allowances more than 50%. The top job was said to jump from the current RM 20,000.00 band to RM 60,000.00 with retirement bonus in the neighbourhood of RM 1 million.

The middle management and senior officers don’t get that much and worse still, the lower graded personnel which amounts to 80% of the 1.2 million civil service get only a few hundred ringgit increase each, at the most.

What is interesting to the argument why top civil servants should be remunerated like the contemporaries in the GLCs is that civil servants enjoy better job security and even promotion opportunities as compared to their colleagues who are in GLCs. Even their perks are envy of their contemporaries in the private sector. Not to mention their power and clout.

Senior GLC executives are subjected to two or three year contract terms. Most importantly, GLCs like any other corporations need to show record and performance. If it is a public listed company, then they need to comply to strict market and industry regulators. For the shareholders, which is also the government, they have figures presented for measurement.

Ministries and even agencies on the other hand, does not. Malaysian public understand very little of what they do and achievements they get. Unlike agencies like Employee Provident Fund, Inland Revenue Board or Royal Customs where occasionally there are announcements on their revenue collection track record, almost everything else is oblivion. Sometimes, MPs and Senators need to raise in Parliament to get the numbers.

The civil servants never tell the public of their ‘score card’. How much target did they achieve, at what cost and more importantly, how much savings they manage to get achieving their targets were never provided for the tax payers to ponder. The Chief Secretary to the Government and each ministries should do this first before allowing themselves with extra ordinary pay rise proposal.

The only safeguard the rakyat have is the Auditor General report, to highlight all the irregularities. However, there is no good system to measure performance and achievements.

The Chief Secretary to the Government, who is the head of the civil service and Director General of Public Services Department, the department in charge of human capital for the civil service, should step down immediately for their botched-up high stake proposal to the Federal Government and thus created so much stirred up of hostilities and huge of negativities. It is a direct defiance of Prime Minister Najib’s 1 Malaysia slogan where the ‘rakyat comes first’.

In the civil service, the ‘rakyat’ is the majority of the lower graded personnel and not the selected hundred fifty or so in the ‘Club of KSUs and DGs’.

Even when the civil servants within JPA deliberated and processed the SBPA proposal and tabled it for government’s decision, Prime Minister Najib gave a lot of room for Ceupacs to have their say on it. After consultation with Ceupacs, he has proven that civil servants are the planners and executors of Federal Government policies and not the determinant. Prime Minister Najib’s decision today proves the point that the ‘bigger picture’ is still paramount.

*Updated 14oohrs

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak revealed some of the details for the improved SSM. It is more equitable across the board and not as despairing as the one proposed by JPA as the SBPA.

Published: Thursday March 8, 2012 MYT 2:00:00 PM

PM: Civil servants’ salaries to increase by seven to 13%


PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants will get a salary adjustment of between 7% and 13% under the Malaysian Remuneration System (SSM) which will be reintroduced with improvements.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Thursday announced that the SSM would replaced the controversial New Remuneration Scheme for civil servants (SBPA).

Najib said staff in the management and professional group would enjoy a 13% adjustment in their salaries.

He said Jusa grades A, B and C officers would get a 9% adjustment while staff in Grades 2 and 3 by 8%.

Grade 1 staff and the Chief Secretary to the Government would get a 7% adjustment.

Najib also announced that the Cost of Living Allowance (Cola) had been increased from RM200 to RM250 for the B area, and from RM100 to RM150 for the C area.

The salary adjustment and new Cola rates are expected to be backdated to Jan 1, the supposedly effective date of the SBPA.

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Hunt for Kamal Hisham, pt IV

The hunt for lawyer Kamal Hisham Ja’afar moved into another phase, after Kamal appeared on Youtube which he claimed his life to be in ‘grave danger’. Counsel representing Southern Ads Sdn. Bhd. Dato’ Baljit Singh Siddhu came with this Youtube recording, today.

Never the less, strong claims now being thrown against both parties by each other. Baljit says “There are elements of fraud and cheating”. Kamal, who is ready to be investigated and face the Police for all the Police reports made against him claims that are professional hit men going after him. The Police should really investigate these allegations.

What is rather funny why is the counsel for the complainant is speaking on behalf of the Police and making press conferences, when the Police already made announcement that they are is still investigating the case. Shouldn’t the counsel allow Police to complete their work first, before they go to the media? If at all, there is a need to go to the media and make a call for the witness (CPC Sect 1.1.1(2) ) to come forward and expedite investigations, shouldn’t the Police do it instead of the counsel representing the complainant?

Probably this should be investigated too.

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Hunt for Kamal Hisham, Pt III

The person is this video is believed to be Kamal Hisham Ja’afar. Currently, he is believed to be abroad. According the Johor Police, his assistance is being sought for questioning under Criminal Procedure Code Sect 1.1.1(2) of a criminal breach of trust case involving RM 660,000.00.

He is known in many circles to be connected with a very profile individual in many business deals.

There are some serious claims in this video. The Police should investigate these claims.

*Updated 6 March 2012 1000hrs

Published: Monday March 5, 2012 MYT 9:36:00 PM
Updated: Monday March 5, 2012 MYT 9:44:22 PM

Lawyer wants to return home, fears safety

KUALA LUMPUR: Lawyer Kamal Hisham Jaafar, who had allegedly embezzled RM660,000 from Johor-based company Southern Ads Sdn Bhd, wants to return to Malaysia if the authorities can guarantee his safety.

He said he could not return immediately to answer the allegations for fear of his safety after receiving five death threats since last year.

Kamal Hisham, who is also the company’s director, is now in Dubai and requests help from the government, Royal Malaysia Police and Home Ministry to help ensure his safety.

“I want to come back as soon as possible to give my statement to the police and clear my name, but with the condition that I am safe.

“If I cannot go back to Malaysia, I am ready to go to Thailand to provide a statement. I can also give a statement at the Malaysian Embassy in Dubai so this matter can be resolved quickly,” he told Bernama when contacted in Dubai on Monday.

However, Kamal Hisham, 42, declined to reveal details on the death threats he received.

Last Tuesday, the company’s lawyer, Datuk Baljit Singh Sidhu, urged Kamal Hisham to return and prove his innocence in the case.

“I was supposed to come back to Malaysia yesterday to give a statement as a witness, but how can I do so after I received more than one death threat…I really miss my family,” said Kamal Hisham.

Consequently, Kamal Hisham has uploaded a video on YouTube claiming that he is being hunted by someone from Malaysia who was paid to kill him.

The 10-minute video titled “Rayuan Seorang Peguam” (Plea of a Lawyer) shows Kamal Hisham talking about his difficulty in returning home.

“I am worried, scared and stressed out because this involves my safety and life as well as my family’s,” he said in the video clip.

Kamal Hisham left Malaysia in April 2011 after reports against him were made by the company on March 31, claiming there were criminal element in the way he managed the company. – Bernama

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Hunt for Kamal Hisham, pt II

The ‘Hunt for Kamal Hisham’ is still on. Earlier, we asked parties opposing to lawyer Kamal Hisham to come forward and state their case. Of which, they did. A lawyer Datuk Baljit Singh Siddhu called for a media conference asking Kamal Hisham to answer some really pertinent issues to the case.

Free Malaysia Today report on this:

‘Prove your innocence, Kamal’

Patrick Lee

| February 28, 2012

A company owned by the Johor sultanate wants a renegade lawyer to come back if he wants to clear his name of CBT.


UALA LUMPUR: A Johor royalty-owned company has advised its former director accused of criminal breach of trust (CBT) to return to Malaysia and clear his name if he is innocent.

Southern Ads Sdn Bhd wanted lawyer Kamal Hisham Jaafar to answer for an alleged embezzlement of more than RM660,000 of the company’s money.

Speaking on behalf of the company, lawyer Baljit Singh Sidhu said that Kamal left the country for Dubai, UAE, in April 2011, after police reports were lodged against him.

This, he added, was after Southern Ads conducted an independent financial audit in March last year.

“The company discovered that there was a criminal element with his running of the company, namely… cheating, breach of trust and fraud.”

“Once a report was lodged, he was no longer in Johor Baru. He was alleged to have been in Dubai,” he told reporters at the Shangri-La Hotel.

Baljit found it strange that Kamal had supposedly left the country after police reports had been lodged against him.

He added that Kamal’s law firm, Kamal Hisham & Associates, was not the only one of Southern Ads’ stakeholders, but that it had also been “doing work” for the latter.

Kamal had been a Southern Ads director since the company was formed in 2004.

However, Baljit claimed that attempts to reach Kamal by the police here had been in vain.

This, he said, was despite two police-issued notices requesting for his presence sent to his family.

Baljit had been referring to a press conference called by Kamal’s legal counsel earlier this month.

According to a The Star report, Kamal was supposedly running a “consultancy firm” in Dubai since April last year, after travelling there via Singapore.

Kamal was allegedly fearful of returning to the country as the Immigration Department here did not appear to have any record of him going to Dubai.

The report added that the police had asked for Interpol help to locate Kamal.

Baljit added that Kamal also feared coming back because the police wanted to speak to him. This, he added, did not make sense.

“Just because of that issue, you say your security has been jeopardised? That doesn’t make sense!”

“Nobody forced you to leave the country… You left the country on your own will,” he said.

Baljit added that six police reports had been lodged by Southern Ads gainst Kamal to date.

Denying that Southern Ads had threatened Kamal in any way, he said that all the company had wanted at this point was justice.


These are the video clippings of the media conference:

Datuk Baljit was commenting to the alleged CBT, element of fraud and cheating cases conducted and undertaken by Kamal Hisham. “This press conference was called to put things in the right perspective”.

“Come forward and give relevant information to the six cases. Address the issues relevant to the charge. Notice 111 (Under CPC requiring the witness to be present at police station and give statement) has been served (via his firm)”.

The case is still under investigations by Johor Police Commercial Criminal Investigation Department. It is believed that Police still has yet to take a statement from Kamal, either in this country or where ever he is at the moment. He is believed to be abroad.

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