Hunt for Kamal Hisham, pt IV

The hunt for lawyer Kamal Hisham Ja’afar moved into another phase, after Kamal appeared on Youtube which he claimed his life to be in ‘grave danger’. Counsel representing Southern Ads Sdn. Bhd. Dato’ Baljit Singh Siddhu came with this Youtube recording, today.

Never the less, strong claims now being thrown against both parties by each other. Baljit says “There are elements of fraud and cheating”. Kamal, who is ready to be investigated and face the Police for all the Police reports made against him claims that are professional hit men going after him. The Police should really investigate these allegations.

What is rather funny why is the counsel for the complainant is speaking on behalf of the Police and making press conferences, when the Police already made announcement that they are is still investigating the case. Shouldn’t the counsel allow Police to complete their work first, before they go to the media? If at all, there is a need to go to the media and make a call for the witness (CPC Sect 1.1.1(2) ) to come forward and expedite investigations, shouldn’t the Police do it instead of the counsel representing the complainant?

Probably this should be investigated too.

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