RPK: Anwar don’t tolerate any dissent views

Raja Petra Kamaruddin at Paddington, London 16 March 2012

“Anwar wants to to snub me. It was his way to tell the world that I am not relevant and shouldn’t share the same platform with him”, Malaysia Today founder Raja Petra Kamaruddin said when asked about the Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s request for the latter to be disclosed from the global forum on political scenario in Kent later today.

Even though Anwar’s present in the forum is via Skype instead of Raja Petra’s physical appearance, but he was insistent that the latter shouldn’t share the same platform with him. Wikileaks founder would be in the same forum from his home in Kent via Skype too.

“Anwar is intolerant of any dissent”.

He agrees to the suggestion that this is a form of ‘Gag order’. When asked about this ‘Gag order instruction’ is becoming very prevalent in PKR at leadership level whenever they have to face sensitive issues, let alone controversial, “Its been like that all along. Even when he was in Federal Government as Deputy Prime Minister, he would use all his power and influence to stop anything that does’t suit him from being raised. Everyone knows this. Ask all the editors!”.

Raja Petra was relating his experience with Anwar during his days as the Berita KeAdilan editor.

“I was getting instructions directly from Sungai Buloh. He was telling me what to write and what not to write. When I was critical about the party in my fortnight editor’s column, he instructed that I shouldn’t be allowed to write the editorial column anymore. ‘Someone will write instead of me’. So when that someone didn’t submit the editorial column, we actually printed a blank page!”.

This is not the first time Raja Petra fell out of favour from Anwar’s camp. The one time PKR media co-ordinator was also against PKR top leadership in mid 2006 (after the Sarawak state elections).

Raja Petra on Thursday alleged that PKR leaders in Selangor agreed to sign of RM 70 million for the Phase 1 of old Selayang market construction project plus compensation for the Phase 2 and 3, provided there is a USD 70 million kickbacks for them.

The Star reported this:

Friday March 16, 2012

Pakatan brushes aside RPK’s ‘lies’

KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Rakyat MPs have dismissed allegations by blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin that a senior PKR leader had asked for US$10mil as election funds from a company that had sought the leader’s help in moving its stalled project in Selangor.

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, who is also Selangor senior exco, said the state government refused to acknowledge such accusations and described them as malicious lies.

“My question to him (Raja Petra) is where does he get his information?” she said. She urged Raja Petra to provide evidence to the authorities rather than make false accusations.

“If the Selangor government receive any evidence of wrongdoing, we will take action against the leader,” said Kok.

Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim said he was not surprised of such things happening in PKR.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong expressed shock over the allegation.

“This is a very serious allegation as it involves abuse of power. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should investigate the matter,” he said.

Kota Belud MP Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan said Raja Petra should hand over any proof he had to the MACC.

“If someone says Raja Petra is full of nonsense, then I would like to remind the PKR leadership that this was the very person whom they relied on for information previously,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian refuted the allegation that he had introduced a developer to Batu MP Tian Chua to resolve the company’s problem in return for US$10mil in kickbacks.

Baru said it was the first time he had heard of the developer, Azam andAzan Sdn Bhd (AASB), and claimed he had no knowledge of the shady dealings narrated in Raja Petra’s story.

Referring to Raja Petra’s claims of alleged misuse of state funds as well as recent newspaper reports on illegal sand mining in Selangor, Sungai Pelek assemblyman Yap Ee Wah said: “These anomalies drive up the costs of materials needed for the housing industry which ultimately is passed on to house buyers.

“Additionally, to recover their investment, property developers also transfer the cost of high land conversion premiums in Selangor. The soaring property prices make it difficult for many young people to purchase their first homes.

“Malaysians are being robbed of their tanah air (homeland) through illegal sand mining,” he said yesterday.

He urged the Selangor mentri besar to address the issue and put an end to all forms of corruption.


When asked to comment on The Star report on the denial of PKR leaders for the USD 10 million kickbacks for the Selayang project, Raja Petra coyly said “Who wants to admit to their wrongdoings? I quote YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who said this. You were there!”.

“No one in the company (Azam dan Azan Sdn Bhd) came to deny this. They just said ‘no comment’. Why didn’t they deny this if it was not true? Doesn’t that show something?”.

When asked about how he felt regarding to Dr Hassan Mohd Ali’s sacking from PAS was all about the latter’s opposition based personal issues against Anwar Ibrahim as the de facto Opposition Leader, he agrees. “It is not about Malay Unity. Its about Dr Hassan’s position on personal matter relating to Anwar and for not toeing the party lines for that. If it was on ‘Malay Unity’, why didn’t they penalize (PAS President Dato’ Hj) Hadi, (former Deputy President) Nasaruddin Isa and Mustpaha Ali too?”.

He also agrees that Dr Hassan and the likes of Ulama Leaders like him in PAS have a strong following and will affect votes in places like Selangor. He also said as far back as 2004, they are talking about Dr Hassan’s position on many issues which Pakatan Rakyat see as problematic now but ‘They still gave him a chance. He was being very consistent about who he is and what he stood for”.

Commenting on the Malaysian Civil Liberty Movement, Raja Petra said they were not intended to be political or partisan. “We are supposed to fight for civil liberty issues, such as human rights. We want Malaysians to have the right to choose for issues like religion and sexual preference. We are interested to see the changes, not directly to be political about it”.

He was met at a private social event in leading West End restaurant for good Malaysian food.

When asked about Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leadership, he agrees that there are changes. However, he felt the changes weren’t rapid enough. A wide range issues were covered, include current politics and economic issues. Amongst was the New Economic Policy (NEP) and mindset of Malaysians, especially the younger generation. Raja Petra is interested to have “A meaningful engagement with the Prime Minister on civil liberty issues”.

Issues on Federal Government problems in providing for the rakyat, especially under current domestic, regional and global challenges under Prime Minister Najib’s leadership were raised and Raja Petra jokingly said “We shouldn’t be in government. We should remain as Opposition. Easier for us”. He was being consistent about what he wrote earlier today.

*Updated Saturday 17 March noon

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  1. I though RPK is considered a man without credibility or liar. Whatever he mentioned should not be trusted?

    • RPK has spoken up against politicians on both sides of the divide. We cannot choose to cheer him on when he whacks UMNO / MCA / MIC / BN and then call him a liar when he whacks Pakatan / the Opposition / politicians from the Opposition. That would make us hypocrites.

      Corruption is corruption no matter who practices it.

      • That is called man with principle not like BD’s syndrome syok sendiri

  2. Good write up, BD. It now seems that it’s worthwhile to get RPK’s quotes, especially when in London, for work or for leisure.

    RPK has been “famous” for the wrong reasons, when working for or with Anwar. Now that Anwar is his nemesis, do get as much anti-Anwar and anti-PKR information and comments from the fugitive as possible. Politics, after all, is a game of perception. That perception turned into many votes during PRU12. Let’s now have that turn into more votes in PRU13. For the federal Establishment this time.

    Perhaps some people can sponsor him staying in the USA next. On the condition that he meets with, argues and writes in the US against the so-called NGOs for the promotion of democracy that Anwar consorted with and got financial donations by bad-mouthing Malaysia. And the Israeli Lobby that one Harvard Professor and one Chicago University Professor jointly wrote as “having unmatched power” and a huge influence on the Americans and others, in the name of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC.

    There definitely has been and will continue to be a lot of corruption and hanky panky among Pakatan Rakyat leaders at various levels. In Penang alone, the MACC Director said last year up to September there were more than 600 reports received; 50 people were charged in court for corruption and 50 others were pending documentation completion.

    The Chinese papers said Lim Guan Eng “bulldozed” the decision on the nearly RM1 billion Turn-Key sPICE project, which ended up being awarded to his close associate, the Penang Chambers of Commerce President. There can be a wide range of levels and authorities in a Turn Key project of that magnitude where kickbacks can be arranged. RPK can “pasang kaki” like he said he did in 1-2 places before, to get “news breaking” stories.

    LGE claimed to have sold about 100 acres of Bayan Mutiara State land on “open tender” but has not answered specifically the many criticisms leveled at him by various quarters. Statements that came out from those involved include “negotiations” with the Valuation Dept, the Penang Development Corporation and the Chief Minister Incorporated. But, if sold on “open tender”, why the hell were there “negotiations”? And how come with those organizations like the PDC and the CMI? Here, too, RPK can have his “kaki” and let the public have the information.

  3. Because Anwar cannot tolerate dissent, it’s the more reason that he and those so-called organizations for the promotion of democracy that help him be lambasted. What kind of democratic fellow is that who cannot tolerate dissent and allow his own party election procedures such that Zaid Ibrahim bolted out of PKR in disgust and PKR ending up practically as a family party of Anwar, wife Azizah and daughter Nurul Izzah.

    Yet these “democracy” organizations linked to the zionist Jews may have permeated so many NGOs in Malaysia. Malaysiakini and Bersih Ambiga were said to have received financial donations. Malaysiakini may have expatriates also writing posts that are quite prolific in numbers, tone and anti-government rhetoric.

    Even Google Malaysia may have their people. Look at the Google news page – full of Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider news headings. Even Bernama, the national news agency, often got lower billing and less news headings listed.

  4. Don’t tolerate dissentive views. Mahathir apa kurang? Worse. That said, doesn’t mean I am a fan of Anwar Ibrahim.

  5. Anwar’s intolerance of dissenting views reveberates and echoes loudly, since he is the one who has gone around saying he fights for liberalism, democracy, rights and whatever isms, one can think of. It is better to take a sceptical position on individuals and groups who like to shout the loudest on all these isms,, since that is the way they camouflage their real intentions. Voltaire the French philosopher says ” people use thoughts to conceal their wrongdoings and used words to conceal their thoughts”.

  6. UMNO/BN bloggers’ are now, worse than politicians, they make strange bedfellows and have lost their sense of direction.

    Who would have thought that we would see BD and RPK sitting down for dinner, and Rocky wishing he was there as well, carrying both RPK’s and BD’s bags.

    The only thing that brings RPK, BD, Syed Akbar Ali, Rocky, Zorro, Haris Ibrahim, etc. together, is their admiration for Tun M, and their deep hatred for Anwar, no doubt instigated by Najib, Tun Daim, Tun M, BN, UMNO, etc.

    If you all can pressure the Govt. to set up a RCI to investigate the allegations of the two former CCID’s, including the new evidence implicating the former IGP and the present AG, then you can walk tall, and perhaps, just perhaps, seem a little credible.

    But my guess is that, none of you would do that, as you are afraid that it will put your hero, Tun M in a bad light, and would somewhat vindicate Anwar and all Malaysians would then know that Tun M and his cohorts were behind the framing up of Anwar. RPK has said that much anyway.

    You would rather believe, and live with, the lies perpetuated, than face the truth, and made to eat humble pie.

    RPK and Chandra Muzaffar are alike, they want to impose their will on Anwar, without any discussions, and when that fails, they will say bad things about Anwar.

    These are people who fought alongside Anwar, and thought that Anwar was victimised and framed up by Tun M, but of course they will say different things now.

    They compare Anwar then, and now, and say Anwar was this and that before, and is this and that now. But they too said this and that before, and say this and that now, but that to them is not a condradiction, because, they have seen the light now, as if Anwar cannot see the light now.

    Are there any worse kind of people than these?

    No one can, given what Anwar had to go through for 6 long years’, been poisoned, beaten up, put to shame, humiliated, etc. be quite the same after that.

    RPK hides in the UK, and still wants to challenge everybody here, knowing full well, that the cost of suing him is useless and prohibitive. Even if one wins, there is no way to enforce the judgement on RPK, and he knows that, and so he sounds very brave.

    Even a monkey can seem to be brave, when he is up a tree and throwing stones at the lion below.

    My guess is that BD’s trip to the UK was sponsored by Tun M and Najib, to pass give instructions to RPK, and to pay him some money, I deliberately said “pay”, not give, as, RPK has to be paid for his services rendered to Najib and Tun M.

    Unfortunately Anwar and Pakatan wouldn’t pay RPK, but BN/UMNO, Najib, Tun M, etc. would, and that makes thye difference for RPK.

    He can sit in the safety of UK, and write that he is not a turncoat, and try to convince people, through his ignorant reasoning that he can’t be one, but what he does is completely different.

    If he was in Malaysia, loads of people, including those that supported him with money, will spit on him, now, publicly at that too.

    • So stupid to spit against the wind of Truth.

    • “They compare Anwar then, and now, and say Anwar was this and that before, and is this and that now. But they too said this and that before, and say this and that now, but that to them is not a condradiction, because, they have seen the light now, as if Anwar cannot see the light now.

      Are there any worse kind of people than these?”

      You, timothy, you.

      • Aiyyo, belom habis tulis pun, the arrow was somehow at the Post Comment box and the comment came out unintentionally.

        So, here’s the arguments against timothy:

        You make huge and wild accusations, timothy, like the Pakatan Rakyat goons always do. You began by saying, “UMNO/BN bloggers’ are now, worse than politicians.” What you meaning one, man, where got worse one, what yardstick you use for saying worse? If you use that which is in between your legs, it’s far, far from being a yard, man. Haba haba.

        And you make all sorts of statements that appear to have come out between your legs as well. Kamon la fella, give some justification, some examples, la. Not just rattle off worse than a rattle snake. And you know what they say – you meet a snake and a timothy, whack the timothy first.

        It’s alright to “guess .. that BD’s trip to the UK was sponsored by Tun M and Najib, to pass give instructions to RPK, and to pay him some money ..” but when you whack people who want to report on what they learnt or state their views by making wild unsubstantiated allegations here, we have the right to whack you back, don’t we? Have you heard of “tit for tit”? Haba haba.

      • Haba,

        You must have been trained by SAA, BD, RPK, Rocky, etc. because you don’t read before commenting.
        That is probably because you are paying too much attention to what is between your thighs, than what is in your head.

      • Waaa, lu curi my words ha? Lu tak tau ka itu ada copyright ha? Haba haba.

        You justify what you say la, man. Jangan main hantam keromo saja. Aiyyo, lu whack everybody there and not a single attempt at justifying what you say. Apa daaaa lu.

        Me? I assign myself the role of doing the same back on you.

  7. Aku berharap dan berdoa agar Anwar tidak sekali-kali jadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Dia akan menghilangkan Ketuanan Melayu , Hak Keistimewaan Orang-orang Melayu dan Kesultanan Melayu.Dia tidak pernah memperjuangkan ketiga-tiga perkara ini.Dia akan menjualkan Malaysia pada Yahudi dan Amerika Syarikat. Dia banyak terhutang budi pada pendatang-pendatang (kaum Cina dan India), sekiranya dia hendak membalas budi kaum-kaum ini, Orang Melayu akan jadi mangsa Anwar. Hai orang-orang Melayu, bersamalah kita singkirkan Anwar. Dia bukan disebelah kita. Dia disebelah ABU dan HINDRAF.

  8. I gave credit to GOD for waking up my good friend RPK on the great Evil that is AI.How can I ever Trust PR if the leaders in the component parties can idolised a devil [now with the disguise slowly coming off]

  9. “…. Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, who is also Selangor senior exco, said the state government refused to acknowledge such accusations and described them as malicious lies.”

    Dah bosan dengan taktik PR. Kalau tuduhan dibuat terhadap pihak Kerajaan bukan main lagi mereka perbesar-besarkan, spin like hell. Minta Suruhanjaya DiRajalah, suruh polis siasatlah, tuntut orang (walaupun tidak terbukti/berkenaan) letak jawatan dan sebagainya. Sekiranya hasil siasatan mendapati tiada kesalahan yang dibuat, mereka tuduh pula polis buat ‘cover-up’, rasuah atau kata UMNO/PM/BN/…..(fill in the blank)…. beri arahan.

    Kalau tuduhan tu kena batang hidung sendiri, cepat sahaja mereka kata ianya satu pembohongan yang berniat jahat.

    Saya cadangkan semua isu/tuduhan yang melibatkan salah laku PR ini didokumenkan mulai sekarang dan disiapkan dalam bentuk buku/leaflets/cd/blog untuk diterbitkan dan seterusnya diedarkan kepada rakyat sebaik sahaja kerajaan dibubarkan untuk pilihanraya.

    Isi kandungannya boleh dibahagikan seperti berikut:

    1. PAS (Hadi Baba dan 40 Penyamun gila seks),
    2. DAP (LKS/LGE Little Red Book/Perjuangan Komunis yang belum selesai),
    3. PR (Rasputin dan para pengikutnya)
    4. Sekutu mereka yang lain (Pak Pandir, Pak Kadok, Lebai Malang dan rakan-rakan)

    Biar rakyat tahu siapa mereka ini sebenarnya yang konon-kononnya bersih dari penyelewengan dan salah laku. Any Takers??

  10. Cadangan bagus tu, Sdr. Kita individu nak buat tak larat. Saya harap Pegawai Perhubungan/ Penerangan UMNO buat begitu.

  11. Grow up Pete! Stop being a cry baby and sulk just because you did not get invited to “free makan”(oops not that you’re not invited BUT you were specifically mentioned not to be invited…Aiya..so kesian sama you treated like a LEPER!…you deserve it!)

    Why? You miss to rub shoulders and be together with Selangors bigwigs in London aaa? Even the Selangor royalty disowns you…

    Poor Pete…tak dapat free dinner BUT instead got to belanja Bigdog to give this garbage interview! CHEAPSKATE lah Lu ni…

  12. […] we were also reunited with an old blogging brother. It was nice to meet up with Raja Petra our common Malaysian favourite in the heart of West […]

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