Hanif Omar receives honorary degree from Alma Mater

In December 1983, then Inspector-General of Police, Tun Mohammed Hanif bin Omar, at the age of 45, took study leave to read law at the University of Buckingham, to encourage his officers to continue learning. He graduated with an LLB in January 1984, but never got to stay back for his convocation as he was summoned back for duty amidst sitting for his final exams.

Yesterday, 16 March 2012, he was conferred an honourary doctorate of law by his alma mater, in honour of his contribution in law, not only to Malaysia and the ASEAN, but also in advising the government of the United States, Great Britain, the Interpol, and the UN Crime Prevention Commission in this field. Professor John Clarke presented to the Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Lord Tanlaw of Tanlawhill for the admission of Tun hanif to the Degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa.

In his reply, Tun Hanif thanked the University for the honour, stating that it was in a way a convocation for the one he could not attend back in 1986. He then advised the Law Graduands of 2012 to not be overcome by greed, and not get into traps and pitfalls.

“If it is too good to be true, then trust me, it is too good to be true,” he said. “Keep the friends you have made at the University of Buckingham as they will be valuable to you in your life outside. This is not the end of a journey, merely a beginning. And continue to make friends.”

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  1. He is a smart man. Said to be so since student days. Din’t have to study much yet could pass his exams.

    Also smart at work. He was the one who presented Tun Dr Mahathir with the main belakang dossier on Anwar. Saying dangerous for a then Deputy Prime Minister because he could be entrapped or blackmailed into betraying the country.

    It turned out that Anwar Al Juburi did betray his country all the same. Bad mouthing the country here and there.

  2. Lets keep politics out of this and just honour the man

    • Why don’t you do the same and talk only about the man? Pot calling the kettle noisy? Haba haba.

  3. He really deserves that Phd even though honorary. Physically he is short yet he is a giant among his contemporaries both within and without the Police Force. He is an avid reader who reads at least a book at night as it seems he doesn’t need much sleep.
    He led the Force for 21 years – without an iota of scandal and that’s a feat indeed. Congratulations to Tun Hanif.

  4. His Alma Mater found him worthy of the honorary PhD. That itself speaks volume of the recognition given to Tun Hanif.

  5. He should be given the licenses to run casinos or 4D. Why should organised gambling be given to ananda, Vincent Tan or MCA only.

    Here is secular Malay who is no stranger to casinos. Who knows he will build bigger mosque from the clean part of gambling like Berjaya or MCA?

  6. Let’s see now – Tun Hanif’s age in 1983 was 45.

    Which means he was 15 years old in 1953, if my math is correct.

    So, was he a product of an all-English-medium education system during the time of the Brits?

    I seem to remember that in the 50s and early 60s, English-medium schools ruled the roost in Malaya.

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