Little (turning) Red Riding Hood

The CEO-talk-of-the-town: Hood bin Osman

The current scandal first brought upon cybersphere debate by someone who now lives 7,000 miles away in North England and eventually now should be regarded as ‘a threat to national security’, is very much the ‘market talk’ of the town at the moment. It was been the last ten days or so.

According to Raja Petra, Hood Osman did ride on the Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s gravy-train then. The Kewangan Bersatu Berhad play, of taking loan from Hong Leong Finance Bhd. back in 1997 was with the intention for then the Deputy Prime Minister’s and Finance Minister’s war chest to topple then Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Anwar already made his moves of a grandiose plan clearly with the infamous ‘Cronyism’ speech at the 1997 UMNO General Assembly by then the UMNO Youth Head Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Most if not a substantial sumnof the RM 445 million raised is thought to finance the ‘political coup d’etat‘ against Dr Mahathir. After all, Anwar successfully toppled En Ghafar Baba as UMNO Deputy President in December of 1993, where the former managed to get 19 Sabah UMNO nominations against the latter. Ghafar was the founder of UMNO’s latest state liaison. A typically of ambitious Anwar, with the US backing (re: the Vice President Al Gore “Reformasi” speech and then US Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur John R. Malott’s stance), thought he could ‘kill’ Dr Mahathir of.

The ‘political coup d’etat‘ play failed and Anwar was sacked. Later, he was tried for abuse of power and exhaustively served his sentence.

Hood is believed became a tool of an evil plot, not just to make Anwar the Prime Minister. It is also about ascending Anwar to power, as part the Neo Jewish agenda to ‘re-colonise’ at the time what seems to be the loudest Islamic nation and champion of the underdogs, especially in international issues like Palestine and Bosnia.

The borrowers of the RM 445 million loan

In 1998 Hong Leong Finance, tried to get their money back. Then started the demand. What is baffling is that how could PNB allowed someone like Hood, who undertook so much loan and personally indemnify such a huge financial commitment be appointed to the CEO seat, without having the full disclosure. That is a corporate negligence. PNB Chairman Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid and CEO Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah should own up to this.

What is worrying, what if someone like Hood who have been proven could be manipulated once in the KBB deal got himself into another compromise position where he is now, as the CEO at the moment. Wouldn’t that somewhat jeopardise Kontena Nasional, which is a PNB company?

Is PNB fully aware of other financial commitments and agreements that Hood participated and be a party to?

At Kontena Nasional level, PNB should do the right thing and do a comprehensive audit on all decisions, commitments and agreements made and participated by Kontena Nasional ever since Hood came onboard.

A system for ‘people due diligence’ should be incorporated soon. PNB cannot afford a financial scandal, especially now 13th general elections is around the corner. Its utter shameful for PNB to allow itself to be dragged into financial scandals, especially when there is obviously a vetting system failure.

The KBB scandal is not a smallish ‘red’. It is a big one. Anwar did ride on Hood too, once. Let us not allow Kontenna Nasional and PNB be dragged down because of his personal problem.

The ‘wolf’ should be chased away.

*Updated 1700hrs

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  1. It’d good if you can come out more posts like the above. Complete with relevant excerpts of reports or write-ups providing detailed information. If the information was obtained from your chats with RPK, it was worth the trip to UK.

    RPK’s credibility may be questioned by some people because of his past association with Anwar but that very association would have made him privy to certain information that’d be good for us to know. Where such information is backed by documentary evidence and/or plausible arguments, they’d be of value to the general public.

  2. RPK seems like a fifth columnist to me, everything he posted should be taken with a grain of salt.
    That said, it’s obvious that these wolves have been in government and GLC for long time already. They only work for their own benefit, misuse their posts to steal money, sell info, lick the asses of people they think would take power.
    Why keep these people around?
    Purge them.

  3. Salam Biggie,

    There are a lot of other alleged Anwar cronies from this site

    I append and

    Does it ring any bells and maybe A Voice may have something to recall.

    Thank you

  4. Salam Biggie,

    This site alleges some other Anwar cronies

    I append and

    Do they ring any bells and maybe yourself and The Voice may have some recollection and comment. Are they stiil around in the context of your article?

    Thank you

  5. Is Hood married?

    • No, he’s not married. But my phone numbers are 4321234456.

      • He was married twice before. Current girlfriend is Tokpa’s daughter, Fxxxx Fazxxnx who now works at Dialog.

    • Sorry.

      Hood’s private life is not an item to be discussed, nor will it become an issue to be debated. We have to respect his privacy.

      Thank you

  6. Well done, Biggie.
    We also need to purge a lot of people here

  7. Aslamualaikum BD;
    The information that you just disclosed is indeed very disturbing to say the least. You should formally submit it to PNB direct to the Chairman Tun Ahmad Sarji. If the information is well supported then PNB is duty bound to all and sundry to take immideiate action to ensure that it is not involved either directly or otherwise in any scandal that may be internationally sensationalised that will undoubtedly tarnish the image of the Govt let alone the PNB.
    The Govt should have an effective vetting system to ensure that those selected to be appointed to such important posts are free from scandal past and present and probably future. The Malaysian SB should be able to assist as it has all the expertise and experience.
    In this case and other cases; the Govt’s ( as well as PM’s) integrity is at stake.
    It is really sad to see that up and coming Malay corporate top executives often get things over their heads forgetting their underlying roles to the Melayu and the Nation. If these people are in China they would be shot.

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