Perception vs Coincidence

Malaysia Airlines B747-400 with PW4056 engines

The loss of No 1 Pratt and Whitney PW4056 engine during flight on MH002 last night over the Malacca Straits was the first for the Malaysia Airlines B747-400s 23 years history. Never before, Malaysia Airlines lost an engine during flight on thus type.

There were 351 passengers onboard, with 21 crew operating which include four flight crew in the aircraft with the registration no. 9M-MPF. The aircraft was in the initial climb out of Kuala Lumpur about 10-15 seconds after becoming airborne when the left hand outboard engine emitted a loud bang and sparks. The crew continued the climb to safe altitude then shut the engine down, dumped fuel and returned to Kuala Lumpur for a safe landing about 90 minutes after departure.

All along, they were glitches on the sensors or any other electrical or electronic system, which include cabin lights and entertainment system. Failure also include hydraulic system. A flight to India was turned back not so long ago. Recently, we personally were delayed from London Heathrow on the way back home on MH001. However, never before an engine failed during flight.

Malaysia Airlines engineering has been noted for their good service standards, even though there are some ‘unhealthy practices’ by a minority of the more errand lot. The 650 odd LAMEs have had aircrafts safe in the air, for the last 40 years of Malaysia Airlines history. The airlines was free from major mechanical mishaps.

Is it a coincidence, that this happened for an aircraft which has been in service for the national carrier?

Regardless, the perception on Malaysia Airlines is really bad. Some people are even simply speculating that all these is happening because of ‘disgruntled employees’, due to issues such as the ‘share swap’ that was inked on 9 August last year and also the CCF, which has yet to materialise and proven to be beneficial to Malaysia Airlines.

The new board of directors of Malaysia Airlines must own up to this more glaring substantially negative attention towards the national carrier, which in the past is known for its service standards and realibility. A flight from Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur was turned back to its origin when the weather radar failed during flight, a day ago.

This is something Malaysia Airlines got to really improve, and has to be done very quickly. Now that the A380-800s is coming in June and operational from July, a lot needed to be done from now. Malaysia Airlines executives should learn from the Garuda experience. Today, perception is the primary importance for the plc which was listed in Bursa Malaysia almost 25 years ago.

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