Getting the right information

PKR MPs Johari Abdul and Saifuddin Nasution, at the DCNS booth in DSA 2012. The model on the display is the new generation scorpene submarine

The current Defense Services Asia DSA 2012 exhibition and series of forums being held at PWTC is a good platform for military industrialists and practitioners to get together and exchange notes on the current technology and what is to come. This year’s DSA is the largest so far since the first in 1986. The heavy presence of government agencies attending very much proven the Federal Government commitment in the defense of the realm.

Altogether, 826 companies, representatives and agencies of global military industry participated in the four days event. The DSA 2o12 also featured discourses and talks such as the Putrajaya Forum, on top of the usual product and services exhibition and demonstrations.

This is a good opportunity for all interested quarters, which include the Opposition to gather information.

The current Parliament sitting provided opportunity for some PKR MPs to make time and attend the DSA 2012. Seen at the DSA 2012 is PKR Secretary General and MP for Machang Saifuddin Naution Ismail and MP for Sg Petani Johari Abdul.

Amongst the booth they visited is the DCNS, which is the constructor for the Perdana Class scorpene submarines and the originator of the Gowind class frigate. Gowind is currently is platform and closest model for the Boustead Naval Shipyard‘s pitch for the upcoming Royal Malaysian Navy littoral combat ships.

They were seen talking to DCNS representatives. Amongst the queries they made were on the scorpene submarines.

It is good that these MPs come to these exhibitions and enrich themselves with more information. More important, the accurate information and to be taken in the right context. However, one doubts what is the amount of information they could get within a ten minute visit to the booths. Representatives at trade booths such as DSA or LIMA not necessarily the subject matter expert in specific products. Usually, there are specific assigned experts for detailed queries in their head quarters.

For the record, both MPs declined Minister of Defence’s invitation to visit the KD Tun Razak during LIMA last December and see for themselves what the Navy had acquired for the strategic defense system of this nation. Penang Chief Minister and DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng, accompanied by both his Deputy Chief Ministers did respond to the invitation and did dive with KD Tun Razak, 30 nautical mile off the coast of Langkawi. Immediately after the dive, Lim is convinced that the submarines are necessary strategic assets for the defense, praised the professionalism of the submariners and the Navy as a whole.

PKR representatives never responded to MINDEF’s invitation, as far earlier as the arrival of KD Tun Razak on July 2010. And yet, with the minimal or limited information they have, they often choose to spin on military acquisition such as the submarines, with a malice political connotation.

This is not the responsible thing to do as politicians. They should learn to be constructive Opposition and help the nation to go forward. Instead, they tend to use information they can their hands on to spin, manipulate and perpetuate lies, in their sordid agenda of ‘politics of hatred’ to get into power.

Tomorrow, pro-Opposition NGO SUARAM is expected to make the presence here in DSA 2012.

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Looking forward towards strategic partnership

Minister of Defence Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced many ‘first’ in the series of continuous DSA exhibitions since 2006 and this year’s is the most successful. “This year, we have a lot of ‘first’ forums and discourses”.

He also said that this year, the focus is not on the value of contract signed but instead the technology and collaboration spin-off that could be continuously developed for the Malaysian defense industry in years to come.

“Today, we signed 15 agreements. We want to see what will be generated from these. Our focus is on the preparation for future defense”.

A photo download from this blog is being displayed at the DCNS booth

He was speaking to media, whom he described as ‘partners’ in making this year’s DSA the biggest and most successful so far, RM 4 billion amount of agreements and MOUs. Expected value to be signed is RM 25 billion. All together, 826 participating companies, agencies and representatives exhibited their products and services.

The were several forums, talks and round table discourses held for this year’s DSA exhibition. The highlight is the Putrajaya Forum 2012 organized by Malaysian Institute of Defense and Security (MIDAS). The participation was very encouraging.

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