Pre-medidated attack with malice

Yesterday’s BERSIH 3.0 turned out clear cut what so many anticipated; an attempt to create havoc, chaos and public disorder. It is outright for the benefit of lenses of scheming foreign media and manipulating pro-Opposition new media.

They carefully organized the trump up. They manipulated so called ‘civil society of Malaysians’, to hype their now no longer unsubstantiated ’cause’. Some even resorted to lies, as the means to achieve the end. Decency, was never in their system.

Seven out of eight BERSIH 2.0 demands were either already entertained, taken into consideration, implemented or in the process of being implemented, after the Elections Commission engaged all of these so called ‘pressure and special interest groups’. A Parliamentary Select Committee was formed to look int this. It was part of Federal Government’s transformation policy, plan and roll out program.

The more civil and law abiding amongst the Opposition saw through what their real intentions were. They stood up against their own.

28 April 2012 | last updated at 09:01am

Tunku Aziz sticks to his anti-rally stand

By EILEEN NG | 0 comments
CONSCIENCE CLEAR: DAP senator says he will not support actions which are against the law
The area near Dataran Merdeka was quiet and calm after police and City Hall enforcement officers sealed off the square yesterday ahead of today’s planned rally. Pic by Nik Hariff Hassan

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KUALA LUMPUR:  DAP’s Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim will not apologise for voicing out his views against the Bersih rally despite a public tick-off from the party supremo Lim Guan Eng.

In standing by his statement, the DAP vice-chairman said yesterday that he was merely voicing out his views on something which he believed in.

And at the same time, Tunku Aziz said Lim was entitled to issue any statement.

“I made my point based on my personal opinion, belief and conviction. My conscience in this matter is clear,” he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

The 78-year-old Tunku Aziz said that while he was in full support of citizens’ right to assembly, it does not mean that he supported actions which were against the law.

“I will not apologise for articulating values which I have always held — we must abide by the laws of the land.”

Tunku Aziz stressed that he had no quarrel with his party as his views were made based on personal conviction.

“My quarrel is with Bersih for insisting on a confrontation with the authorities. That to me is a non-starter. The issue is not where it is held but to voice out against unfair electoral practices, so does it matter where it is held? Don’t confuse the issue.”

Tunku Aziz acknowledged that he might have put DAP in an embarrassing light but stressed that he would not compromise when it came to the law.

“I support any movement to ensure free and fair elections but when it comes to breaking law, I draw the line.

“Lonely as it may be to be the lone dissenter, I value my conscience more than anything,” said Tunku Aziz, adding that he was prepared to face any disciplinary action from DAP.

Earlier, Lim accused Tunku Aziz of violating party processes when the veteran politician appeared to break ranks with the opposition by declaring in the Senate on Thursday that he opposed street demonstrations.

“Senator Tunku is alone among the entire DAP central executive committee in his stand on Bersih 3.0,” Lim said yesterday.

He added that Tunku Aziz had not informed the party that he would make his stand publicly and as such, had put DAP in a bad light.


This statement by the DAP Vice Chairman and Senator for Penang came after DBKL disallowed to use Dataran Merdeka for their BERSIH 3.0 assembly and offered the Stadium Merdeka instead. The Police obtained a court order for that.

They were actually civil disobedient.

They defied court order.  They disobeyed the law. They never wanted to assemble, to show they had something to shout aloud. They wanted to create trouble. They provoked the Police. They wanted the Police to act against them, even though after maximizing all restraints (despite Police’s own SOP against public disorder and attempt to create chaos), it is according to the provisions provided by the Police Act (even it enforced together with the newly inacted Peaceful Assembly Act).

Like BERSIH (Nov 2007) and BERSIH 2.0 (July 2011), Opposition Leaders turned up just before hell broke lose. It was a perfectly orchestrated chaos. The Opposition Leaders were right in the neck of the planning, right from day one. They wanted chaos. They wanted havoc. They wanted public disorder. Better still, if they could spread this to other parts of urban Malaysia.

And they actually did that. They prolonged the demonstration. They even attacked the Police and destroyed a Police car.

So for some of the promoters, activists and even organizers to admit that yesterday “turned bad and out of control”, it is all bollocks. Unequivocally, they wanted trouble all along.

Leader Anwar Ibrahim had always wanted to replicate the ‘Arab Spring’ and do a ‘Malaysian Spring’. His ‘Reformasi’ demonstration-tunred-mobstreet violence rolled out the day after the was sacked as UMNO member on 3 September 1998 and two days as Deputy Prime Minister never really got the momentum and result they hoped to achieve.

It was clear since his ‘Reformasi’ days, all of these demonstration-tunred-mobstreet-violence brand of ‘peoples’ power democracy’ were funded by the Neo Con Jews of Washington D.C. and their like-minded ‘tools’ in the form of NGOs. We are willing to bet that yesterday was too, probably with a slight different twist and mode of transfer of funds.

They were systematically playing on previous Police’s reaction to restore order after the provoked demonstration-turned-mobstreet-violence. If they could, they wanted to do a 13 May 1969 all over again.

Unfortunately, they failed. Malaysians should thank the Royal Malaysian Police for their ability to show a lot tolerance and  restraint, against the pressure of sustaining prolonged provocation. It resulted some of their personnel were injured in the line of duty.

Its time to throw the book against these criminals. Malaysian public order, peace and harmony is paramount. Majority of Malaysians decided for this.

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  1. Yes, indeed, the majority of Malaysians don’t support, in fact, don’t like what these fellows have been doing and are continuing to do. They are a real nuisance and must be hit at every available opportunity in any legally admissible way.

    We’ve seen the interviews on TV, on videos and in the printed media of those who came in busloads from Kelantan and Kedah, being given free trips to visit KL, food and accomodation, and some pocket money, too. Some may of course have not expected the water jets and the gas that made this a crying visit for them.

    The funds for these must have come from the Neo-Cons who have the hidden objective of ultimate supremacy in the world. Those Zionists, well-connected and well-moneyed blokes in the so-called NGOs for the advancement of democracy in the US and elsewhere. Hoodwinked by Anwar Ibrahim whose party, the PKR, is among the least democratic of all – even Zaid Ibrahim bolted out due to undemocratic party election procedures.

    They must be stopped. They must not be allowed to reach Putrajaya. This country will suffer if they do. They’ll have no hesitation in letting the Neo-Cons and other foreigners to further their interests in this country.

    • More of the “silent majority” must come out and speak up against “the tyranny of the masses”. One or two demagogues make nasty, fiery speeches, incite the masses, get them on the streets, demos and riots occur. When lives are lost, injuries and destruction to properties occur, they blame everybody else but themselves. Sheer dastardly mentality.

      True, those who started illegal demonstrations long ago were communists and subversives hiding under workers’ unions and other labour organizations, later exploited by the DAP. Now they may operate under the so-called NGOs, the majority of which may not be registered or have a proper organization or even have more than 50 members. Bersih claimed to comprise 84 NGOs. The blog Apanama has apparently checked with the Registrar of Societies and found some 60 of them as not being registered.

      These genuine civic organizations and those purposely but mischievously created to make up the numbers are exploited by such political parties as the DAP, PAS and PKR. True, they didn’t make much headway under strong governments. Now one longs for such a government. The only way possible is to give the ruling party a strong majority at PRU13.

      More must be said, and said as often as possible, to make the masses realize that their rights and interests are being protected and accomodated. The Peaceful Assembly Act is a clear example. It has just come into force. Of course, there are rules and regulations for a peaceful assembly under that Act. Assemblies without any restrictions will lead to chaos and anarchy which the communists, the subversives and those crazy for power always want. We must always counter any criticisms they put out in that regard.

      Remember that although the Malayan Communist Party may have been banished to the Betong Salient in south Thailand following the Haadyai Accord of 1989, hardcore elements may have been trying to come back quietly. Their leader, Chin Peng was reported to be in Bangkok and had wanted to enter Malaysia. The bloke has not renounced communism, has not apologized to the Malaysian public for the atrocities of the CPM and has not been remorseful. Remember also that DAP Lim Kit Siang has spoken for him to be allowed to enter Malaysia. LKS would of course have appreciated the role of the communists in the race riots of 1969 that were triggered by the DAP.

      Many comments have been made pointing to the communist tactics used by the Opposition political parties like the DAP. Communists no longer use such words as “Imperialists .. running dogs .. lackeys .. etc” because we have been fully independent. But those using such words as “oppressive .. bureaucratic .. Police brutalities .. instilling fear .. etc” on such events as the Bersih rally are likely to be the communist or the subversive kind. Let’s hit them hard.

  2. My personal views:

    1. I support the essence and intention of BERSIH. It is a perennial goal of any democratic society which cherished goals and ideals we shall pass on to the next generations of our beloved Malaysians. Whether or not there is ‘free and fair election’, there should be — always — subject of scrutiny and debate in our civil societies.

    2. Do I support street demos? No. There must be many other ways to push the agenda and conscience forward. I still don’t see why Stadium Merdeka was rejected. Sinister.

    3. What makes me most uneasy is that I see too much ‘political hands’ in this issue. That’s the reason why I would never go down the streets. Cherished ideals have become polluted and tainted. This political meddling is more irresponsible than those street scums who turned violent against our policemen.

    4. OK. Having said that, I have to say one thing: the organizer ‘invited the people’ for a ‘sit-down’. They came on their own accord. Even if some allude that some were paid and so forth, labeled them as ‘monkeys’ in FB and the like.

    I categorically disagree! Come on! Have some respect to the will and reason of our fellow Malaysians. They made their choice as much we made a choice not to join!

    Anyway, in remembrance of my late uncle who was a true-bred UMNO Lama who worked tirelessly for the Malays, I take this small opportunity to say ‘lets kick the hell out those scums in UMNO Baru’ who have created political uncertainties and untold risks to the future livelihood of the Malays ….

    I hope you get the hint.

    • Just be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Bersih is just a front to influence the ignorant to take to the streets.

      When freedom of assembly and speech is allowed, a safe venue that does not impose on the freedom of others to earn a living or to have peace and sanity MUST be accepted by the organisers if their intentions are honourable.

      BS3 is a sham, a deceitful mask to create chaos, unrest and hatred towards the figures of authorities.

      BS2 demands have been carefully considered and agreed upon, so by default there is no longer any need for BS3.

      Unless of course, the real intent is to sow a culture of violent protests thru street demos in order to topple the present government as witnessed in other countries.

      Pakatan sense that the wave of sentiment is against them, so they need to create a perception that the electoral system is presently flawed.

      But this same system saw them winning 5 states – why not demo at that point in time?

      • I totally agree.

        It is not that the current government did not acknowledge and/or had not reacted to the demands. After Bersih 2.0, the PSC was formed and it has carrried out its duties. What else do they want?

        Notwithstanding negative views some may hold against Khairy Jamaluddin, he had ‘represented BN’ and had recently debated with Ambiga. You can catch it on YT. This is more civil than going to run amok on the streets.

        I agree. Bersih 3.0 is totally unnecessary.

        May I coin: a “deceptive illusion”.

  3. HANSARD 1803–2005 → 1950s → 1952 → February 1952 → 27 February 1952 → Lords Sitting

    “This is a campaign carried on by a minority of convinced Communists, supported by a large number of younger men who would be likely to join gangs anywhere….”

    ” …They are trying to force an oppressive Government on the great mass of the people, and their terrorism is designed to reduce the country to chaos, out of which there may come a Communist dictatorship”.

    “…… This is not an army of liberation; it is not a struggle for freedom, but a struggle for Communism and anarchy”.

    “….. recruited, backed, supported and led by Min Yuen, a subversive Chinese secret society …….”

    “They flourish especially under weak Governments”.

    “The Chinese are essentially realists, and they appreciate—none better—the power of superior force”.

    There is nothing new here, except for the fact that many more misdirected Malay joined in compared to member of the CPM 10th Regiment backthen.

  4. you just dont let these people to run riots as they wish.

    we are not lawless, we want peace and security in our homes and streets, and we uphold the law.

    bersih as always been a non-starter.

    time to put a STOP to these yellows fooling around our future.

    yes get the organisers and planners of this sham – they must be put to court.

    • I like the words “these yellows fooling around our future”. Yes, they are fooling around with our future. Consider these:

      1. The politicos among them cannot be a good bunch to rule this country – they will in fact bring endless fighting and confusion among themselves and the rakyat will suffer, because

      – DAP is Chinese, and is racist, anti-Malay and anti-Islam. They caused the 1969 race riots. They question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak who form 70% of the population of this country. They condone the communists and subversives (who took part in the race riots of 1969) and Lim Kit Siang recently asked the Government to allow the bloody communist terrorist leader Chin Peng to enter this country. “Dear Leader” Lim Guan Eng wants Penangites to look to China by officiating the opening of a building named after Sun Yat Sen. Undemocratic, issues Gag Orders preventing even DAP Chairman Karpal Singh and Deputy Chief Minister Ramasamay from speaking up their grouses.

      – PAS is Malay, has Islamic fanatics, and faces a serious image problem, of reliability and trustworthiness, and of cohesion among their various factions of Ulama, Erdogan, Third Force, etc. Dropped the Negara Islam and Hukum Hudud dream in Jun last year but Nik Aziz picked it up again, supported by PAS Youth, until the top-level PR meeting “agreed to disagree” i.e PAS can promote Hudud but its implementation must be discussed further. Nik Aziz promoted it again, yet the unturbaned Karpal Singh whacked the turbaned old man again and again. PAS President Hadi Awang was even rude and insulting to non-Muslims when his party lost PKR Batang Ai – he said the Ibans were “immature” and “masih pakai cawat”. How can you have a leader like that reach Putrajaya?

      – PKR Anwar has been shown many times of betraying his own country when he bad mouthed Malaysia as undemocratic, yet his own party is the least democratic in its election of party leaders that disgusted even former “Law Minister” Zaid Ibrahim who absconded from PKR. He befriended the Neo-Cons / Jews in the US who arranged funding for anti-Establishment activities, including Bersih. He even publicly said that he would protect the security of Zionist Israel when Muslims in this country, including PAS members, have not recognized Israel since its inception.

      2. So, with this kind of “conflicted group”, having conflicting personalities and opposing political stands, are they not fooling around with our future if they ever get to Putrajaya? No Siree, don’t risk our future by supporting them.


      Ini semua agenda jahat orang luar!

      Kunun kunun untuk gunakan “people’s power” & jatuhkan kepimpinan & kerajaan.

      Untuk orang muda & terpelajar bencikan polis & peguasa undang undang!

      ‘Hak asasi’ dijadikan ‘modal’.

      ‘Demokrasi’ dijadikan ‘modal’!

      ‘Kebebasan bersuara’ dijadikan ‘modal’!

      Orang luar mahukan mereka yg boleh menjadi ‘boneka’ mereka berkuasa. Itu saja!


  5. Unfortunately I have little confidence the Menteri Dalam Negeri has what it takes to effectively handle this.

    The PM just have te replace this person. He is a non-performer.

    Frustrated Malaysian

    • Those using the names Malaysia, Malaysian, Loyal Malaysian and the like have been known to have given Opposition views, sounding DAP-ish, sometimes even communistic. Complex stricken, guilty conscious of their loyalty to the country, hence using such names.

      Now this “Frustrated Malaysian” comes out with the usual wild allegation, saying the MDN cannot handle Bersih, a “non-performer”, he said. Imagine, not an iota of proof, not one single bit of an argument to justify what he says. Son of a gun. I can accuse him all sorts on the same basis, but not worth it.

      Suffice to say such blokes as this one need to be told off each time he comes out with such nonsense as the above. Agree with the view that more members of “the silent majority” must come out to piss off these fellows.

    • Haiya

      When he passionately waved the keris as a symbol of commitment – the chinese were affronted. Now they call him lembek.

      You can’t please greedy people.

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  7. […] it was a pre-mediated attack on the Police barricade and lines. This is clear that Opposition Leaders, especially PKR, instigated Malaysians to topple the Federal […]

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