Work hazzard

Tomorrow is the Labour Day. It is the day where Malaysia commemorate the contribution of the work force, as part of nation building. It is one of four basic factors of production, along with capital, land and plant and machinery.

The element of work force is very significant to the Malaysian economy that the British brought an influx of foreign labour in the 19th and early 20th century, to fulfill the demands of economic activities. That changed the cultural and a major contributing factor of political landscape, which is still debated till present day.

Amongst the 1.3 million persons under the civil service payroll is the Police Force or Royal Malaysian Police.

In all, 103,000 of these men and women, are made resposnible to provide the heavy burden of primary security for the 28 million inhabitants. Their responsibility is factored with highly complex multiethnic, multifaith and multicultural Malaysians inhibiting an area 330,000 sq km in two land mass separated by a large body of water, over 4,800 km of coastline and a domestic economy over RM 1,050 billion (PPP) per annum.

The Police Force responsibility as the premier security agency included:

1. Policing and combatting crimes

1.1. Thefts, robberies

1.2. Murders

1.3. Kidnappings and extortions

1.4. Commercial crimes

1.5. Vice and organised crimes

2. Public order

3. Traffic control

4. Border patrols and anti smuggling

5. Anti internal security

6. Anti narcotics

7. Anti terrorism

8. VIP escorts

9. Support for other law enforcement agencies

10. Anti crime awareness

The deliverables are very demanding. Criminals are getting very sophisticated. Come cover their tracks very well, using provisions of the law. Criminals use proxies, to front their crimes.As the deliverables gets more demanding and their resources spread thinner, the pressure becomes more intense.

On top of that, they are subjected to serious work hazard. Some are exposed to weather and urban hydrocarbon pollution, almost daily. Some are subjected to harms way, as criminals now deploy high powered firearms which include automatic assault rifles and submachine guns. They are number of policemen who are injured and even died on duty, being involved in accidents because of illegal motorcycle racers aka ‘Mat Rempit’.

IGP Tan Sri Abd Rahman Ismail: Gunned down by communist assassins on 7 June 1974

In the past, Policemen have been gunned in broad day light. Two of the prominent ones are Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Ismail on 7 June 1974 and Perak Chief Police Officer Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong 13 November 1975.

The success of the Police Force in 54 years of combat against the ‘Butchers of Malaya’ insurgency should always be appreciated and remembered. Even though the communist terrorism has ended, the war against terrorism in Malaysia did not end. In fact, in the complexity of global diplomacy and terrorism, international terrorism has infected our shores. The threat is clear and present danger, that the Police Force instituted a division known as Federal Anti Terrorism Task Force to work against terrorism activities.

A similar device designed to explode along Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar on 'Millenium New Year'

As the most premier security agency, their steadfastness, diligence and perseverance to maintain the nation’s safety is very much strong, despite all the odds against them. Criminals are getting more sophisticated and their crimes more complicated. The network of criminals transcend across borders, especially with advancement of communications, IT and even transportation. There are more options for mediums of exchange.

In short, the Police Force had already been grossly overworked, under staffed, under equipped and overtly scrutinised, on top of the extra burden the Malaysian public placed on them for the pettiest and sundry issues. Now, the ‘soft approach’ demands that they are more ‘people friendly’.

So they come up with more ways to engage the Malaysian public in the work. One of the approach is to introduce ‘Community Policing’.

However, some irresponsible quarters capitalize on the ‘soft approach’ of the modern Police Force. They use intellectual discourse and new media to belittle the Police Force, even to a point that they spread lies. The irresponsibly accuse the Police Force for many crimes, including murder. One such organization is none other than the Bar Council.

A professional body using 'intellectual discourse' to demonize the Police Force

On top of that, some quarters chose to antagonise, provoke and test the Police Force, especially their professionalism in handling very volatile and high tension incidence, such the chaos purposely created at the recent BERSIH 3.0. Opposition Leaders such as Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Tian Chua and the likes of these politically bankrupt politicians wanted to create anarchy from BERSIH 3.0.

The intense provocation came. It went on for four hours (from 1100-1500hrs). When the Police Force demonstrated a very high degree tolerance and retsraint, they decided to storm the Police line and create the scenario where the Police Force had to act on them.

A policeman in uniform being mishandled by BERSIH 3.0 anarchists

The list of injured Policemen on duty on Saturday’s BERSIH 3.0:



Tempat Tugas


Tempat Rawatan

(i) KONST 165534MOHD FAIRUZ bin ZULKIFLI Anggota Trafik KL Cedera di badan akibat ditendang dan dipijak. HKL.
(ii) KONST 171668NAZRIL AZIZ bin RAHMAN Anggota Bukit Aman Cedera di kepala akibat di baling batu.T.H.S. Lee Rpt. : 15081/12 HKL
(iii) KPL 141269ABU BAKAR bin ABD RAHIM Anggota Petaling Jaya Cedera di mulut akibat dibaling objek keras. HUKM
(iv) KONST 171506AZIZI bin MOHD NOH Anggota Trafik Bukit Aman Cedera di pipi kanan akibat dibaling objek keras. HKL.
(v) KONST 179157MOHD NOR FIRDAUS bin Hj ABU BAKAR Anggota Caw. Khas PUTRAJAYA Retak tulang tangan kanan akibat dipukul dengan kayu.Dang Wangi Rpt:- 16848/12 HUKM
(vi) KONST 175128MOHD KAMIL bin PARIMIN Anggota Bahagian Pengangkuta IPD TERENGGANU Cedera di kepala dan menerima 7 jahitan HKL
(vii) L/KPL 152574MOHD NASIR bin ABU MANSOR Anggota Trafik KL Cedera di Badan dan tidak boleh duduk. HKL
(viii) KONST179689 ZAMAN bin ALI Balai Polis Wangsa Maju Setapak Patah hidung HKL
(ix) KONST 184197 SHUIB bin JAMALUDIN IPD KANGAR Tekanan Darah Tinggi HKL
(x) KONST 171481 BASIRON A/L BAH PELON BALAI POLIS TUN RAZAK Cedera di buku lali akibat disepak. Dang Wangi Rpt :- 16857/12 HKL
(xi) KPL 148646 MOHD ISKANDAR RIMIE BIN ALI PGA Pengkalan Hulu Pengsan HKL
(xii) L/KPL 124962 TUAN RUZI BIN TUAN SENG IPD Machap, JOHOR Luka di bahagian bibir dan lebam seluruh badan HKL
(xiii) L/KPL AMIRUL BIN NAWRI Balai Polis Port Dickson Sesak nafas HKL

Police are the victims on the Saturday Opposition Leaders’ sordid attempt to start the famed ‘Arab Spring’ here, in their strategy to ascend into power via the ‘Politics of Hatred’. Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘Malaysian Spring’ on 27 April 2012 failed. He even attempted to demonize the Police Force, during the media conference at PKR party HQ but he failed miserably too. Even one BERSIH 3.0 participant take out against the Opposition.

Traffic Police beaten up, during BERSIH 3.0

Members of the Police Force did not sign up to be victims of a state of anarchy. They have rights too. None should be subjected to the state of being humiliated and tortured in public, especially by an angry mob which turned anarchists.

Its time the Federal Government do more for them. It is time that they are vindicated, to the limit of the law. It is time for the 388 persons arrested and taken to Pulapol for all sorts of felony be charged in criminal court. It is time for Ambiga Sreenivasen, Hishamuddin Rais and A Samad Said be arrested, for the chaos and all laws broken during BERSIH 3.0. Definitely, it is time for Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Tian Chua, Badrul Shaharin and the likes of them be booked for the chaos on Saturday.

If Malaysians are unable to alleviate the burden and pressure of deliverables of the Royal Malaysian Police, then we should do our bit to champion when they are wronged and victimized. Its the democratic thing to do. After all, Malaysians are dependent on them to provide us with the blanket of security we often take granted of.
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  1. Yes, the British brought the foreign labour but, whereas in the US, the Americans sent the Chinese railway and gold digging labourers by the shiploads back to China, the damn British didn’t.

    The Chinese workers behaved badly in the US and the Americans enacted the Chinese Exclusion Act. In this country, the Chinese secret societies, thugs and gangsters of the Ghee Hins and Hai Sans even caused the Larut Wars and did treacherous acts taht led to British intervention and colonization of Malaya starting from 1874.

    Then the largely Chinese Malayan Communist Party terrorism, heightening in the 1950s, followed by the Chinese DAP subversive and seditious activities leading to the race riots of 1969. Now Bersih 3, and, as a previous post has suggested, those same kinds of fellows played a significant part.

    History must be mentioned repeatedly so that “history may not repeat itself”. The current and future generations must be made aware of the relevant historical facts in order that they get the correct perspective and act accordingly to ensure the dark episodes of history are not repeated. The decision to make History compulsory in schools was a very wise one.

    I have strong reservations about bending backwards to accomodate goons and ruffians. Repeal of ISA etc only serves to embolden the blokes. No such thing as Arab Spring in this country because here are far different from the Arab countries. We have been a democratic country since 1957, general election held every 4–5 years, except for just 18 months after the race riots of 1969. Unlike Egypt where Hosni Mubarak ruled under Emergency laws for 30 years, Libya where Muammar Ghadafi did it for 40 years, Syria where the Assad dynasty has been there for 40 years. No, the masses of this country are not restive and any mention of a Malaysian Spring is sheer nonsense.

    Yes, the Malaysian Police must be given credit for doing the best they can under very trying circumstances. Ambiga asked why the Police shot water canons and sprayed gas at Masjed Jamek. Didn’t the stupid woman realize that when she herself asked the crowd at the very same place to disperse, they didn’t? Didn’t she read or wasn’t she told that even the Opposition blog Malaysiakini Live Report repeatedly stated that the Masjid Jamek crowd had refused to disperse even when repeatedly told by the Police before the water canons and gas were applied? Can’t she get it into her thick head that there was a breach of the Dataran Merdeka boundary line and that the rally must be dispersed before the situation got worse?

    I have plenty more to say but for now I’ll just add that I support the call for the prosecution of all those mentioned in the above post.

    • how true.

      there are amongst us who cannot think,

      who do not know that the arab springs were the results of decades long oppression by dictatorial regimes….

      while we have elections every 4 years, and the Pakatan are already legitimate government to 4 states….bersih is an evil sham to disrupt our peaceful future.

      i beg to differ with the home office – bersih IS a security threat.

      there were bloodshed on our streets last saturday – isn’t that enough threat to public security?

      why aren’t the organisers and planners rounded up yet????

    • I have often thought that these fellows must be exploiting the weak government since Tun Abdullah’s time. That they’ll never stop until a strong government comes into power and rein them in. Yet that’ll be difficult because they’ll continue bad-mouthing whoever is in power, misleading the voters with all sorts of propaganda, misinformation, slanted reporting, biased opinion pieces, half truths, even deceits and lies.

      The Opposition parties’ newsletters and the Opposition-owned / operated so-called news portals bear testimony to these. Malaysian Insider has been summoned by ex-MAS Chairman Tajudin Ramli, made to apologise repeatedly in mainstream newspapers etc, but appears to be continuing their style of writing and publication. Malaysiakini has been warned by Home Minister Hishamuddin for misreporting what he said. But they carried on Establishment bashing with impunity and continue to be about the most vociferous.

      I strongly support the opinion that we do our part in bashing the Opposition in return. Here, there and everywhere. As often as we can. They are not many. actually, those abominable souls. But being mischievous, daredevil and uncouth characters that they are, they make a lot of noise. We must urge more of the “silent majority” in our camp to come out knocking those fellows’ heads from time to time. And get the undecided voters on our side in the process.

  2. It is clear Ambiga and gang had mischievous intentions. She knew the peaceful assembly laws, refused alternative demo sites, now trying to blame the Police when, as PM Najib himself pointed out, she herself had admitted she could not control the crowd.

    Yes, prosecute her and the others.

  3. DS Najib must award these committed policemen who were injured in the line of duty as heroes.

    Existing laws must be invoked to induce accountability against every single one in the BS3 organising committee.

    Bar Council must be clearly admonished or charged for political interference. They have abused their professional ethics.

    • Was it said by the PM or somebody high up that the Peaceful Assembly Act allows assembly but not marching? If so, Bersih 3 clearly contravened that – they marched from their assembly points to Dataran Merdeka.

      The most culpable fellas must surely be the Organizing/ Steering Committee.

      Book them and get them behind bars.

  4. The opposition parties and the Bersih supporters who acted like anarchists last Saturday can vilify the policy for all they like, but it cannot change the fact that the police responded to situation of rioting and surely using a std.operating procedure for riot control should not now be termed as police violent. Another mischievous discourse by the oppositions and their cohorts. The police acted like a law enforcement unit would. The anarchists and hooligans cannot now give excuses that it was the police that was at fault. They should know that SOP for riot control does not include giving them a jolly good smile or drinks or chocolate bars. They rioted so they must face the consequences, accordingly. Time for us to counter these type of discourses by the opps and their supporters before they screwed up the whole establishments and systems in this country to serve their own motives.

    • No one from Bersih acted like anarchists. Policemen were the culprits. Everybody knows. Don’t spin, lama-lama you akan terspin. Ingat Allah itu maha kuasa dan adil. Ko dan orang2 seperti ko akan dapat balasan.

  5. Bar Council is nothing more than an opposition tool. They should at least have the guts to admit to that.

    Ambiga clearly have political ambitions, she knew and allowed her “cause” to be hijacked by Oposition. We’ve seen her pictures (big fat election posters) and her making frequent appearances alongside Opposition leadership. Obviously they are in cohoot. There is nothing noble here.

    Anwar, his goon and his financier (no prize for guessing which towkay) had failed. Not only that, they should be put on trial for inciting violence and public disorder. I look forward to this day.

    Police clearly is the victim here, there is no 2 ways about it. For that, the police and by extension the government won, Opposition lost.

    As far as the chauvinistic chinkies is concern, it is time to wield the stick, enough carrot have been handed out. I honestly dont see any chance of Ruling party winning their vote. They want blood (UMNO and BN blood – for doing mostly what is right and necessary for this country) and nothing short of that will satisfy them.

    Unless and until PM Najib and Dr M is in prison they will not cease their anti-establishment stand. Question is, is that what the majority of Malay want? clearly the answer is NO. With all this in mind, might as well invest whatever little resources BN have left into trying to win the heart and mind of the Malays and Indian vote. One practical step will be the reaffirmation of New Economic Policy. Since Malaysian Indian is economically a laggard, special consideration can be given for their inclusion.

    Screw the chauvinistic chinkies and their stooges!!

  6. Anggota Amal, berpakaian baju merah dan baju kuning sedang bawa keluar drebar kereta polis yang langgar orang2 Bersih dikawasan jalan TAR. Awak usah ler ‘spin’ story. Ko ni memang pembohong dan kalau betul ko seorang Islam sila keluarkan komen saya ini.

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