Storming the Police barricade

This is another landmark video footage. PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali clearly instigated the young Malaysians gathered into a rowdy mob and emotions being played up to go over Police barricade and occupy Dataran Merdeka, moments before it happened.

“Sebentar lagi, kita akan masuk Dataran Merdeka. ….. bila jumlah kita sudah ramai, kita akan gempur mereka!”

Undoubtedly, it was a pre-mediated attack on the Police barricade and lines. This is clear that Opposition Leaders, especially PKR, instigated Malaysians to topple the Federal Government and using undemocratic means such as rioting. They continuously instill hatred against the law enforcement agencies, Federal Government authorities and UMNO, as part of their strategy of  ‘Politics of Hatred’ to ascend onto power.

In the media conference at PKR HQ, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim claimed that he had asked Azmin “To negotiate with the police”. Obviously, this footage today proves that it was a premeditated intention to storm the Police barricade.

They have lied to the rakyat on so many things, such as “Taking over the Federal Government by or on 16 September 2008 when 31 BN MPs cross over to support us”. Now, after all that lies have been proven but utter lie, they created more ‘lies’ for the rakyat to hate the Federal Government and all of its law enforcement agencies. The lies then would be taken to the streets as in BERSIH 3.o and another planned demonstration at the end of the month, added with planned intense provocation with the specific  intention of drawing a response from the law enforcement agencies to act against them even though specifically provided by the law.

That would be used for their continued lies of ‘Police Brutality’, Federal Government enforcing a ‘Police State’ and denying the rakyat of their democratic and human rights as citizens. Of course, it would be to instigate further that the rakyat revolt against the Federal Government. Its Anwar Ibrahim’s dream of a ‘Malaysian Spring’, after the success of ‘Arab Spring’ toppling the government of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya early last year.

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