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This video was watched live at circa 0545hrs Malaysian time. This was the three and half hours concert in honouring Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years reign celebrations, now ongoing this week in London. His Majesty and her family joined 80,000 odd crowd to party, in really good style on a purpose built stage on top of the Queen Vinctoria Memorial, which is at the end of The Mall and outside the north gates of  Buckingham Palace.

This is by far probably the most creative way to use the 300 odd years old Buckingham Palace as an entertainment medium.

British pop group Madness performed live from the rooftop of the iconic palace, situated in up market Belgravia area of the 2,000 years old city.

Dame Shirley Bassey rendering her 1971 James Bond title track “Diamonds are forever”.

Aussie pop diva Kylie Minogue doing her bit at the Diamond Jubilee Concert.

Of course, the Diamond Jubilee Concert would not be perfect without Sir Paul McCartney.

Queen Elizabeth II has been residing in this palace since her father King George VI ascended the British throne 75 years ago. The royal family never opted for a safer accommodation dn left the 775 rooms palace even though the Luftwaffe was raining terror with almost everyday bombing over London, during the early days of World War II.

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