Neighbourhood bully

These are the islands where Defence Minister supposed to visit tomorrow with Malaysian media, which Chinese Ambassador protested to Wisma Putra

Minister of Defence Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s planned visit to the Layang Layang atolls tomorrow with Malaysian media for some ‘rest and recreation’ at the resort island had to be cancelled last minute. It was believed that Ambassador to the Peoples’ Republic of China handed a protest note to Wisma Putra for this visit.

Zahid’s visit was planned to expose Malaysian media on the beauty of one of regional’s most prized sport diving spot, along visitation to the Malaysian armed forces detachment stationed on the island. The island is part of Malaysian sovereignty.

It was believed that China was “Uneasy” with Defence Minister’s visit to the islands.

The visit, although organised by ATM and would be flown into the airstrip on TUDM’s C130Hs, is not military in nature. There is no military exercise will be conducted by any of ATM’s services in commemoration with this visit. Nor there will not be any armed military assets maneuvre planned in the area. Therefore, the protest from China should be considered as ‘diplomatically unbecoming’ to stop a Malaysian Cabinet Minister making a recreational trip to islands which are and had always been part of Malaysian sovereignty.

In short, this should be considered as a ‘diplomatic bully’.

Imagine, what would China’s reaction be had ATM do a major military exercise in the same area involving frigates, submarines, air superiority fighters and as a finale, half a battalion of armed paratroopers being dropped on the islands.

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  1. half past six….as usual…….this is what we Malaysian deserved for having leaders who are corruptible with no backbones. It is our land, our business, they can send whatever notes that they want to send but if the minister deemed fit that he owes his duty to people of Malaysia not of China, then he should proceed with his usual works execution.

    • Half past six kepala hatok kau… Cuba melihat dengan otak dan berpandangan jauh dan luas….

    • Satu lagi jawapan defensive yang typical oleh PTD. Tak mahu terima kenyataan hampir 1 juta penjawat awam dah marah dan menyampah dengan TAK SAMPAI 10,000 PTD yang berlagak macam Firaun dalam kerajaan.

      Kalau tak kerana website macam CUEPACS tu, tak ramailah yang tahu bahawa ada dikalangan penjawat awam yang naik gaji sebanyak RM60, majoritinya tak sampai RM600 manakala golongan PREMIER (yang dimonopoli oleh PTD) naik sampai RM60,000!

      Masuk akal ke? Adakah ini aspirasi kerajaan dalam keadaan ekonomi dan politik semasa? Hanya PTD pandai mentadbir? Masa masuk U dulu nak ambir major dalam bidang yang lebih baik/mencabar pun tak layak.

      Memang betul, kalau kerajaan tak kawal atau kaji semula kedudukan PTD ni, memang parahlah jawapannya semasa PRU nanti. Kalau tak percaya pergilah duduk dan dengar perbualan di kantin mana-mana jabatan kerajaan sekalipun.

      Timbangkan nak jaga kepentingan/hati 10,000 ke nak jaga 1 juta?

      • speak english its an english blog.what r u hiding

  2. Biggie,

    This sounds like typical civil servants’ handiwork. They are very protective on international politics & diplomacy. They are the ‘so called’ experts on these matters. 98% of announcements such as this are their handiwork.

    They have a stream of Sir Humphrey Applebys, to ‘advise’ the Minister. They uses phrases like “Minister, that is most probably not the right thing to do at this point of time” and worse still, “Minister, that would be very bold and irregularly ambitious decision (to do the visit)”.

    They are the spineless bureaucrats that always are the backroom ‘decision makers’ in matters such as this.

    • Conjectures are a product of lazy minds. Why don’t you just lay off your dirty hands on the bureaucrats and blame the political masters directly, for it is they that made the final decision to call the expedition off.

      • Politicians and/or ministers will not able to make the decision, had the bureaucrats presented the options and/or scenario, for the them to pick.

        Usually, leaving the final decision makers very little choices.

        Can you really trust PTDs nowadays?

        Look at their proposed salary scheme. Its all about taking care of their own and other non PTDs, remain in the troff fending out for themselves with meagre benefits that Govt decided.

        PTD is the ruling class in this country.

      • “had the bureaucrats presented the options and/or scenario, for the them to pick …Politicians and/or ministers will not able to make the decision”? I don’t understand why. The bureaucrats jobs’ ARE to present options for the political masters to decide. All the readers in bureaucracy will say that.

        Also don’t understand “Usually, leaving the final decision makers very little choices.”

        And why can’t we “really trust PTDs nowadays”? Just because they proposed a salary scheme higher than the others? If any blame, it should go to the British – they were the ones who introduced the system, administrative (they called it the Malayan Civil Service or MCS at that time), professional, Police, Military, complete with each group’s perks and privileges. From whatever I read, the same system is used in Britain nowadays. Complete with the Humphrey Applebys.

        Yes, the MCS/ PTD has been the ruling class in the country all these years since the British ruled this country. People have to accept the system so as not to feel that “Its all about taking care of their own and other non PTDs, remain in the troff”. But surely the others also have reasonable benefits, only that the PTD may have more, being what the British called “the elite service” of the country.

        Some people have to lead. And the PTD leads in the administration of the country. They draft the Budget, the political masters approve, submit to Parliament, administer the spending after Parliamentary approval. But it’s been a fair process. All branches of the Service – Civil, Police, Military – have to annually submit their requirements, discussed, negotiated against the country’s budgeted income, get their respective Minister’s approval, then compiled as a Budget Draft for Parliamentary approval.

      • Thing is that, PTD runs the civil service like a private exclusive club. They reserve most top posts for themselves only.

        No matter how there are highly qualified professionals and better strategic thinkers in the civil service (engineers/doctors/academicians/lawyers etc), its only PTDs gets to be some of the DGs and ALL of the KSUs.

        They jealously guard their private exclusive ‘for members only’ club, then, now and ever!

        The thing is that, some of these PTD officers are not degree holders of strategic fields. Just becoz they are PTDs, eventually they get to be propelled into strategic posts.

        In Anthony Jay’s ‘Yes, Minister’ series, the civil service has been described as “Opposition within”. If they don’t agree with their political masters, they could do all sorts of tricks to derail any planned policy.

        Yes, ministers and political masters do the final decision. But decisions are made with advise from the civil servants. Civil servants could present options that could be skewed towards a certain outcome or result, as per what the civil servant wanted it to be. This is very true for international politics and diplomacy. The minister is dependent on the career diplomats and desk experts on subject matter. As cabinet secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby keeps telling principle private secretary Bernard Wooley, “Bernard, ministers come and go. We are here to stay”.

        How many foreign ministers have we had since 12-15 years ago. So, do the math.

    • Do we know the actual reason for calling off the visit? Who actually made the decision?

      I don’t think it’s the bureaucrats. Even if they have recommended, I think it’s more of the politicians in the Ministries concerned who called the shots. They want to tow DS Najib’s line in friendly overtures towards China. Even bending backwards to please China. Or, more specifically, to please Malaysian voters by showing he is being friendly to and would not offend China.

      The whole rigmarole from sending his son to study Mandarin in Beijing.To re-iterating Chinese schools can continue operating. To giving financial grants to Chinese schools – even after knowing the voters of Rasa in PRK Hulu Selangor did not give their votes to BN, he still signed the RM3 mill cheque when the school committee unashamedly asked for the promised sum after the PRK.

      Even the pandas from China he tried to politicize. Calling people to have a panda naming exercise. But it backfired. Many people sudah meluat with such a stand by Najib. It’s in the newspapers the last 1-2 days. I hope he realizes there’s a limit to trying to win the Chinese votes. The MCA and Gerakan should be doing the job. He should be telling them that. He should be ceasing his attempts at courting the Chinese school votes. Those fellows will not vote BN anyway. He should write them off and concentrate on those undecided voters.

      • Q E D, this old posting said it well about PTD.

        For whatever its worth, this whole SBPA fiasco has highlighted the deep animosity between PTD and government servants from other scheme.

        Among the accusation made was that SBPA is meant to benefit mostly PTD without regard to others eapecially the lower ranks. PTD made-up the biggest component of the JUSA/Premier group.

        It is also well known that PTD get to be promoted fastest (thus reaching the JUSA group earliest) compared to any other scheme. Sometime at a ridiculously young age.

        Since most of their promotion is controlled by their own scheme, just about every PTD who decide to stay on get to be a JUSA and above.

        To make thing worst, they increasingly assert themselves by expanding their billet just about everywhere in goverment agencies/department. This of course came at he expense of those from other scheme be it engineer, doctors, teachers, uniform services and what have you.

        In the recent ‘pemutihan perjawatan’ exercise which was conducted under the pretext of cost saving measure, many billets for government servant from other scheme was axed despite the justification and plead by affected department.

        No prize for guessing who ultimately decide on which billet to axed or keep.

        They (PTD) are now infamously seen as a cancer spreading throughout government services. They took over the running of just about every government agencies/department and thereafter its my way or the highway attitude.

        The justification is PTD is the only group that know best how to implement goverment policy. Is it so?

        I hope the government learned their lesson from this episode. ‘Absolute power corrupt absolutely’ – in this case I am referring to PTD.

        In their greed to enhanced their own perks, they abused the trust given by the goverment, so much so that the goverment might have to pay dearly in the upcoming election

        Go to CUEPACS webpage and you’ll see.

      • The last place anyone should check for information on PTD service is CUEPAC website. Of course it will project its own interest. Some CUEPAC members who are PTD officers will some day reach the Jusa level and we’ll see if they’ll sing the same tune.

      • Correction : CUEPACS

  3. I am curious.

    Doesn’t the Minister have the intellectual nous and the political guts to make the call himself?

    Why blame the bureaucracy?

    At the end of the day, it’s “the buck stops here” philosophy.

    Not finger pointing or looking for scapegoats.

    Incidentally, the Chinese Ambassador was representing the interests of his country.

    Should he be taken to task for that?

    • This son of a gun is at it again. He used to be glorifying Singapore and its leaders while running down Malaysia and its leaders. Now he speaks for China when BD is pointing out the big bully of the region.

      This bloke is believed to be in Singapore, likely to be a run-away from Malaysia but has been frustrated there, not being able to take a swipe at anybody in Singapore blogs or mass media. He realized the rule by the iron hand in Singapore, without much freedom of expression, with Big Brother on the Wall always staring at him and listening to what he says even while making love in his bedroom

      So he vents his frustration here and there in Malaysian blogs. Son of a gun.

    • Skilgannon,

      Enough of your endless questions instead of comments.

      If answers you are seeking, then this blog is not it. We tolerate comments from level headed people to share their thoughts and views (based on the article and with the proper context) here. But not to create ambiguity with their endless questions and questioning.

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