Guinness Malaysia Book of Records for brushing teeth

If the general public having the perception that the Royal Malaysian Police comprises of stiff law enforcement officers who understand little about fun and letting their hair down, then they are mistaken. On Saturday morning, the Police Training Centre (Pulapol) in Jalan Semarak would be hosting a feat to assemble most people to brush their teeth simultaneously, so that they can make it into the Malaysia Book of Records.

They event will start at 0700hrs where participants will arrive, register and take their place. All senior officers at director level, which include IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar and Deputy IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, would attend with their wives.

This event is organized by the Royal Malaysian Police in collaboration with the Dental Division of Ministry of Health. There would be exhibition on dental hygiene all day long at Pulapol. RTM would carry the event  to make it into the Guinness Malaysia Book of Records live on Selamat Pagi Malaysia, RTM 1.

Good luck, tooth police.

*Updated 0900hrs

It was announced during Selamat Pagi Malaysia that they managed to get more than 7,000 people to brush their teeth simultaneously this morning at Pulapol. It seems that they have made a record for Malaysia.

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