Can The Malaysian Insider do this?

Screenshot of The Malaysian Insider, as of 1400hrs 20 June 2012

The Malaysian Insider has been known as a pseudo-agent of anarchy and a tool for agenda of the minority to go against the majority. However, the extend of what they are willing go keeps crossing boundaries, previously thought they would just stop at fabricating information or perpetuating lies for the purpose of demonizing certain personalities.

The rogue newsportal put up an advertisement or promotion about Christianity, “Amazing Facts About Jesus”. When clicked on it, it goes to this. However, there is no disclaimer ‘For Non Muslims Only’. Shouldn’t this be regarded as professing Christianity aka prosetylizing to majority Malay-Muslim?

A closer look at the same page

Article 11 in the Federation of Malaysia Constitution clearly stated that prosetylization is prohibited.

MCMC and Police should seriously investigate this.

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