Can The Malaysian Insider do this?

Screenshot of The Malaysian Insider, as of 1400hrs 20 June 2012

The Malaysian Insider has been known as a pseudo-agent of anarchy and a tool for agenda of the minority to go against the majority. However, the extend of what they are willing go keeps crossing boundaries, previously thought they would just stop at fabricating information or perpetuating lies for the purpose of demonizing certain personalities.

The rogue newsportal put up an advertisement or promotion about Christianity, “Amazing Facts About Jesus”. When clicked on it, it goes to this. However, there is no disclaimer ‘For Non Muslims Only’. Shouldn’t this be regarded as professing Christianity aka prosetylizing to majority Malay-Muslim?

A closer look at the same page

Article 11 in the Federation of Malaysia Constitution clearly stated that prosetylization is prohibited.

MCMC and Police should seriously investigate this.

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  1. here comes again! This UMNO dog is trying to provoke the Muslim to go against the non Muslim. If you can easily be affected by this ad then please blame yourself for having no faith in your own religion.

    • This is about the law. If they are doing something prohibited as per stated in the Federation of Malaysia Constitution, then they should be investigated.

    • This Pakatan bloke doesn’t even understand the law. The Constitution, the highest set of laws in the country, that says Islam is “the religion” of the country and must therefore be respected.

      If he understands it but simply disregards it, then we should rightly ask him to move to a country whose Constitution he respects. Canada and Australia has a lot of space and welcome any outsiders to help develop their countries.

    • that particular “amazing facts about jesus” ad, i have been noticing it in other website (malaysian n non malaysian) around the internets these past few days. it belongs to a christian pendakwah website

      i have also seen click ads on tmi promoting islam or refuting existence of jesus, etc.

      usually this is due to web advertising service they use, which can display ads that it thinks related to the current content on website. so it isnt fault of tmi.

      • TMI is not in control of their website, cannot refuse the ad, or cannot add the words “For Christians Only”?

      • It takes some degree of common sense to take a bit extra care on sensitivities of the majority Malay-Muslim and uphold the spirit of muhibbah, by just adding ‘FOR NON MUSLIMS ONLY’ banner, in the bottom somewhere at an obscure corner.

        Can’t they OR won’t they?

      • And what about the MI Editor Jasbar Saddiq fellow? Isn’t he a Muslim?

        One photograph shows him wearing an Afghan Taliban or Patan cap. Is he one of them in origin? If so, they’d skin him alive if the Talibans and Patans know he allows such adverts in a blog in Aghanistan or Pakistan.

        Remember, the Talibans even blew up with explosives the historical Buddha images carved out of the mountain rocks in Afghanistan. Only a few years ago when the Talibans were in power in Afghanistan.

      • then, when you refresh the page, the adspace is showing a different ad, maybe for cimb or celcom with the words ‘for non-muslims only’ at the bottom

        then you guys will whine..

        grow up laa.

        Anti-Idiot said:
        “One photograph shows him wearing an Afghan Taliban or Patan cap. Is he one of them in origin? If so, they’d skin him alive if the Talibans and Patans know he allows such adverts in a blog in Aghanistan or Pakistan.”

        if you wear a european football jersey of man u or real madrid does that make you a european?

        “Remember, the Talibans even blew up with explosives the historical Buddha images carved out of the mountain rocks in Afghanistan. Only a few years ago when the Talibans were in power in Afghanistan.”

        thats why they are no longer in power. karma is a beach. : )

      • Of course it will not make the fella a European lah, Dave. Just like your name Dave won’t make you a European, innit?

        That’s why I asked, man. But if you don’t know the answer, keep quiet lah. Otherwise it’ll make you look like the 2nd part of the name I use.

  2. Hey, hey – it’s kosher for non-Muslims to be converted to other religions, but it’s not kosher for Muslims to be prosetylised to or to be the subjects of attempted proselytisation?

    Let’s see what happens when Mitt Romney gets into the White House and the evangelical wing of the Republican Party calls in it’s dues.

    It may not be possible for countries to resist the pressure emanating from a US that tilts to the right, unless there’s a mutual antipathy towards Commies and Min Yuens!

    • The law is the law. Not happy? move out! recommend go to MinYuenland to live alongside fellow commies.

      Mitt Romney a is mormon, (thats a class above moron like you) hardly get any support from the majority of churces in US.

      • kelambu-San

        First, it’s “churches”, not “churces” (sic).

        Second, although Mitt Romney is a Mormon, an analysis of the US political blogs and commentaries indicate that the Evangelical Christian movements and Tea Party supporters are uniting to support his bid for the US Presidency.

        Third, the US has an official Commission on Religious Freedom, which does not limit itself just to the US.

        If the Evangelical Christian people get their views across to this Commission, then how long before other arms of the US government get involved too?

        And that, k-San, is a tad more serious than MinYuenland throwing it’s weight around any more than it’s doing now!

    • My above comment applies to this Gooberman bloke, too.

      For those who may think that bloke is a harsh word, pls be informed that the dictionary says bloke also refers to the common man, as well as a ship captain. But I don’t mind the other interpretation readers may wish to think of for this bloke.

      • What can I say?

        There must be tremendous insecurity if the adherents of a certain religion (which shall remain nameless) have to be protected by fiat and law against the malign and nefarious influences of those who practise other religions.

        History tells us that adherents of religions were not averse to spreading their faiths through fire and sword…

        Or as Newton postulated – for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

        It’s nevertheless comforting to know that The Almighty sees into the heart of every person, that He has a sense of humour and balance with boundless joy and that He is not constrained by the actions of humourless zealots and fanatics.

      • Yes, zealots and fanatics also include those pretending to take the moral high ground.

        And everybody knows that spreading faiths through fire and sword was done ages ago. Now they even do it thru ads.

  3. This all DAPig stands…DApig will do anything to divide people and achieve their racist stand…..Once verything giving to DApig according to their stand.,than it call democrazy…..Extreme that is DAPig….UMNO so lembek that why DAPig can be racist….that why DAPig can make money in this contry that DAPig called un fair country….DAPig children can hv education and make money in this country and yet can become un thankfull citizen and talking cock opposition….n yet still can scream unfair, and other racist…If UMNO racist…..No chinese school will be around,N no chinese business man can make money here…..but yet…what DApig has not enough…DApig must get all,have all,follow all..than they will be happy….Vote DAPig mean Vote racist party.

  4. I agree with Bigdog on the issue. Malay Muslims are easily confused, and hence they should not read, hear, see anything that its not approved by Jakim, Jais etc.

    Heck, they even need krusus khawin to get married.

    • bodoh.

    • When a comment is not only bodoh but also intended to insult and abuse Muslims, no need to say more than just the single word bodoh, isn’t it?

      • not to be insulting bro. read it any which way you want it though

  5. if the law prohibited it, well they need to be investigated. Perhaps Dapig can abolish such law if they come into power 🙂

    • This is another bodoh comment. Hope the bloke reads my other comments above and learn from them.

      My purpose in replying to such blokes is to let these sons of guns know that these days they cannot just come in and say anything they like without being challenged, not like before.

      • On further reading, I find that perhaps drputera had no ill intention. On that basis, I apologise. It’s the decent thing to do.

        I missed the pig he attached to DAP and the joke about DAP coming into power. I detest DAP so much that the very mention of them coming into power prompted me to say the above.

  6. BigDog,

    That ad is by another party hosted somewhere else, so how do you get them to put “For non-Muslims Only” on their site?

    Besides The Malaysian Insider, such ads are on other sites we visit, many hosted elsewhere, so how does one stop it?

    It’s an issue with mostly issues of the inability to extend legal jurisdiction beyond national borders in a borderless online world, unless The Malaysian Insider blocks those ads but by doing so, they could end up blocking many more ads which do not offend.

    • TMI cannot add a small banner at the bottom of the advert, that proclaims ” For Non Muslims Only”?

      • Yes, that’s possible, depending on how much control they have over the pop-up ad. The same ad popped up on one of RPK’s blogs talking about religion and I noticed the ad changed when I refreshed the page.

  7. Bloody hell, that is obviously a Google Ad, you must be joking about taking this seriously?

    A Google Ad is placed based on certain criteria, usually the web portal isn’t even aware of such ads being placed, it’s placed using a algorithm, not a person choosing the ad.The Malaysian Insider merely rents space to Google.

    Finally there is a huge difference between Proselytism and placing an AD on the page, particular when the ad has a BIG BORDER AROUND IT proclaiming it’s an AD.

    You need to learn how the internet works.

    Everybody else needs to chill.

    God Bless.

    • Bloody goose, you think we must just keep quiet when Google or whoever puts in anything that’s detrimental to our interest?

      Borderless world no doubt, Google may be in control, but don’t they have staff manning whatever they do in Malaysia, Timbuktu or Papua New Guinea? Surely they have the means to adjust to the sensitivities of the citizens of countries from which they gain revenue and make money? I remember reading Google opening a regional office based in Singapore – are they staffed by ultra kiasu?

      Whatever it is, we have a right to state our objections and strong criticisms when what they do subvert our national interest. As the Constiitution states that Islam is the official religion of the country, it hurts our national interest if anybody does things that adversely affect Islam in this country.

      • The blame then rests on Google.

        TMI’s only option is to deny Google ads on its site and lose whatever revenue from any Google ads but TMI needs the money to finance its operations, which I hear is running at RM200,000 per month.

        This also is an example of the monopoly power which has developed in the online world, when back in the 1990s and early 2000s, cyber-utopians believed the Internet would be a level playing field – a perfecr free-market in which big and small players would have an equal chance.

        Well, go tell that to Yahoo!, Alta Vista, Lycos, Excite, etc.

        How many online bookstores besides come to mind?

        What those neo-liberal (or libertarian) cyber-utopians don’t realise is that free markets tend towards monopoly over time, with many failures, merges and acquisitions along the way.

    • those are from internet ad services which pays the website owners a certain amount depending on traffic/clicks/etc. usually the ads will be generate depending on content on the host webpage

      for example, if the website article is about new proton car, you will likely see ad for used car verification service/petrol groupon/car rental to the right

      i sometimes see ads for christianity/buddhism/jewish/muslim/hindu on facebook. should we ban facebook also?

      even utusan once i saw a banner ad for internets gambling.

      • The least Malaysian websites can do is type the words “For Christians Only” above or below such ads. Can they not do that space-wise, etc?

        It’s based on the Court ruling on publications deemed detrimental to the interest of Muslims and on the position of Islam as the religion of the country as stated in the Constitution.

  8. BigDog,

    Dulu kita dikejutkan mengenai ikrar di Red Rock Hotel, Pulau Pinang. Ahli DAP Jelutong Razali tu sampai buat laporan Polis mengesahkan apa yg Tuan BD & Utusan Malaysia paparkan tu adalah benar belaka.

    Kemudian dalam bulan Ramadhan kita semua dikejutkan oleh usaha pengKristianan DUMC, yg cuba di’kabur’kan oleh Kerajaan PKR/DAP Selangor. Exco ugama Islam Selangor Dr Hassan Ali pun mengaku ianya berlaku & menentang dengan keras usaha ini.

    Sampai bila kita harus berdiam atas mereka yg cuba mencabar kesabaran org Melayu/Islam ni?

  9. Saudara-saudara dari PAS apa komen anda?.

    Adakah ini sebahagian dari SIASAH SYARIAH yang dibolehkan kerana ia ‘kurang’ jahatnya berbanding dengan bekerjasama dengan umat Islam lain dari UMNO? Adakah persoalan berkaitan akidah ini kurang pentingnya berbanding dengan soal mendapat kuasa? Sekiranya PAS dan sekutu menang sekalipun, dapatkah PAS melaksanakan usaha mengukuhkan kedudukan agama Islam sedangkan sekutunya terang-terang menolak agenda PAS?

  10. Typical of MalaysianInsider, a ‘newsportal’ bent on perpetuating PR (mostly DAP) view with obvious poitical inclination. Iam fine with it, but at least dont bash other media outlet as bias when you are one of, if not the worst culprit.

    Another example of ‘choose and pick (selective cut and paste)’ to potray Malaysia economy is so desperate and dependant on China.
    This is MI version:

    And this is the original news as it appears in WSJ.

  11. Dude. Not to point you out, but if you look at the bottom of the advert, you can see that the ad is sponsored by Google. People have voiced concerns (Even Christians, mind you!), and we have pointed out that the adverts are random. That’s it really! Most Google ads on other sites are ridiculous anyway. I suggest you don’t read into it so much 🙂 Cheers.

    • “we have pointed out that the adverts are random.” Who is “we”, pray tell.

      If “Google ads on other sites are ridiculous”, they must be told. Directly or thru blogs, like in this case. No one must make rough shots on others just because they may be in control over certain parts of the media.

      Good that “even Christians have voiced concerns.” The more reason for them to put more thoughts on what they do.

  12. Another ‘news’ by MI that reaffirm their standard of ‘journalistic professionalism and impartiality’.

    So Tony Pua, if you are so concern about the economic well being of this country, why target Syed Mokhtar alone? what about debt accrued by Robert Kuok, Lee Kim Hua, Lee Shin Cheng, Teh Hong Piow, Quek Leng Chan, Yeoh Tiong Lay, Tiong Hiew King, Vincent Tan and many others? These are tycoons that control more if not equal to Syed Mokhtar capacity to impact this country economy.

    Oh I forgot, they all got Chingkies sounding names and at least some of them ‘allegedly’ contributes’ to PR coffer. So that alone exonarates them from MI scrutiny for posing any ‘economic risk’ to this country.

    May be Lisa J Ariffin will be able to explain this discrepancy.

    • Is this the same “POSEIDON” that opines on defence and strategic issues in other blogs?

      Strange bedfellows, methinks.

  13. Keith Rozario

    You start with B****y H**l and you end with God Bless? Multiple personality disorder huh?

    Ok so what happens if a prostitution ring advertise underage girls to potential clients – this OK with you?
    Or a drug lord places a price list for sale of various drugs – Ok with you?
    Or a hitman offers a discount to “eliminate” your enemies – Ok with you?

    May Allah bless us all.

  14. 1 PKR anwar the Malay Muslim face is now a liability
    2 DAP – multiracial is a farce thanks to Tunku Aziz
    3 PAS is now an enemy within – demands HUDUD
    4 NGO ambiga now sued RM122,000

    Sigh, what’s left – christianity lah
    dah takde modal lagi …

  15. Big Dog,

    You are right to highlight this issue. That particular ad on Christianity is inappropriate with the content and purpose of the newsportal.

    The argument that ad space is rented out and therefore they aren’t aware of the ad/s placed there does not work as the portal is ultimately responsible for its contents, now even more so given the recent addition to section 114A of the Evidence Act.

    • Well done, Dave. Thanks for chipping in for the cause of reasonableness, goodwill and harmony among us.

      I’m proud of Malaysians like you.

  16. If you click the now, there is an pop up ad from CIMB and this is paid ad for malaysiakini, does this mean CIMB (where najib’s brother is working) is a big supporter of malaysiakini?

    • Where are you going with that kind of arguments, man?

      For goodness sake, can’t you fellows understand Islam is “the religion” of the country as enshrined in the Constitution? And the Muslims constitute 60% of the population. You need to respect the Constitution at least. Then respect the religion. Then the adherents.

      If not, you need to find a country whose Constitution you respect and live there. Isn’t that fair?

      All the Muslims here are asking is for some words of qualification for the Christian-promoting ad. Is that too much to ask considering Islam is the religion of the country?

  17. Bro,

    Please write a post on the history surrounding the Pangkor Treaty. Prior to that the British were in full gear trying to convert the Malays into Chistianity. But they made a compromise: tin over religion. Religion and adat were the sole prerogative if the Sultan. Part of the agreement was that all missionary work would have to stop. This model was later adopted in other negotiations with the rulers of Selangor, NS and other states. The drafters of our constitution most probably thought why not continue with this unique proposition to appease the Malays.

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