Nurul’s defective radar, again

Lembah Pantai MP AND PKR Vice President Nurul Izzah Anwar’s defective radar systems and poor information gathering about to land her in the same spot she continuously gets herself over and over again into; her foot in her poisonous big mouth. Together, rogue news portal Malaysiakini which perpetuated Nurul’s lies.

Her charge that Advanced Air Traffic System Sdn. Bhd. (AAT) is the joint venture company between Selex Sistemi Integrati SpA (SELEX) and Tirai Variasi Sdn. Bhd. is defective. She also claimed that AAT secured a RM 128 million or Euro 26 million contract for SELEX via direct negotiations, which  is not true either. SELEX did get the RM128.4 million contract was awarded by the Federal Government to SELEX in 2009 and not to AAT as reported.

SELEX was the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the original system that was installed in 1994. This project is an upgraded project and therefore needed to use the same system and the same OEM. The RM128.4 million contract was not solely to install Air Traffic Control system in Subang.  The contract is for upgrading works for radar and system covering many airports in Semenanjung Malaysia and airports in Sabah and Sarawak. AAT was one of many Malaysian vendors supporting this project.

In a statement of clarification, AAT was never involved in the contract negotiation between SELEX and Federal Government. AAT’s role is to provide installation works and technical assistance for the project. The value of AAT’s contract is approximately RM9 million over 3 years period from 2009 to 2012, which effectively is RM 3 million per annum.

In the Malaysiakini report, it stated that AAT was formed in 1994 “With the aim of know-how and technology transfer to Malaysia, especially in the air traffic control systems field”. The report is actually an addendum of the manipulation of facts by Nurul and her cohort of consistently lying PKR colleagues, is designed to rubbish former Ambassador to the United States of America Dato’ Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis via his son Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin.

Fact is that Ikhwan Hafiz, 25, sits in the board of AAT. However in 2009 when Federal Government awarded the RM 128 million to SELEX, it is most likely that Ikhwan Nasir was still slogging buried into his books and laboratory experiment reports as a student in highly regarded world renown London Imperial College of Science and Technology. He could not have been a party to ‘any direct negotiations’ between SELEX and the Federal Government, with or without AAT’s involvement because he had not come onboard the latter yet.

Penang Chief Minister looking through the periscope of KD Tun Razak in a dive 50 nautical miles west of Langkawi 9 Dec 2011

This is typical of politically bankrupt cohort of PKR lying politicians, where Nurul has her fair share in committing a blatant lie against the Malaysian Armed Forces based on a reply in Parliament which has been taken totally out of context and manipulated. The Lembah Pantai MP’s statement to Jakarta-based Kompass on 5 August 2010 claimed that the Perdana Menteri Class Scorpene submarines are defective and unable to dive. It was proven wrong not only with several diving missions carrying His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong and HRH Sultan of Selangor, but also DAP Secretary General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on his dive onboard KD Tun Razak 50 nautical miles west of Langkawi on 9 December 2011.

It is clear that PKR Vice President Nurul and the cohort of political liars needed to have ‘dramas’, to make them politically relevant and trying to deflect the attention from the reality that truly they are politically-bankrupt elected representatives who failed to serve their consitutuencies.

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  1. When a person goes for higher education with the intent of getting a scroll, then a scroll he/she will get. Nothing more nothing less. Education? a politician wannabe needs no education. A little gift of barb can carry him to maybe one term! Such pathetic no class political talk!

  2. Nurul is the daughter of the father – like father like daughter. Sharp tongue, hasty decision making, utterances without proper checking of facts, carried away by the prospects – in her eyes – of the father becoming PM, and she becoming a Minister. No nepotism concern on her part, having in mind Najib and Hishamuddin, even JF Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

    Alas, the info she was fed with, on such matters as the Scorpene and AAT, had made her look stupid, youngish and jumpy. And I seriously doubt whether she can retain the Bangsar Parliamentary seat in PRU13. Her previous opponent Shahrizat may be down and out but Raja Nong Cik, the Minister for the Federal Territories, has been busy winning the hearts and minds of voters there.

    Nurul may attract the younger and low income voters, making shrill noises when her party representatives were stopped on so-called door-to-door voter-verification exercises. But the fact that they were stopped by BN youths show that BN has also been active in that area. And the Middle Class voters of Bangsar who were fed up with Tun Abdullah now know the sleepyhead is PM no more and DS Najib has been trying very hard.

    PKR appears to be in a state of flux now. Rafizi has left Anwar in the Selangor Economic Advisory Office and there has been talk about infighting in PKR, like between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim, the former wanting the MB post given to the latter by Anwar in 2008. I think Nurul is also involved in the infighting, either directly or through proxies. I don’t mind it at all and hope all’s unwell that’ll end up chucked into the well.

  3. Now PKR gives a warning regarding the infighting. Vice-president Tian Chua says disciplinary action will be taken against PKR members found to be involved in a campaign to oust Faekah Husin, the political secretary of MB Khalid Ibrahim.

    The Star says a group has emerged expressing support for PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and urging Faekah to resign due to alleged mishandling of the state’s SelangorKu financial grants.

    Differences of opinions between Azmin and Khalid led to PKR splitting its administrative and political leadership portfolios in the state in 2010.
    Azmin got the state party chief post and Khalid retained the MB post.

    No mention of Nurul in the infighting so far.

  4. That’s what happens when a greenhorn thinks he or she can go on an uncontrollable spree of ‘faux pas.’ It does leave behind a trail of comedy of error and eroded credibility. Beyond repair.

  5. Ini keluarga cukup hamsat. Dia orang tak peduli pun buatkan PKR jadi parti keluarga – bapak boss, emak Presiden, anak Naib Presiden.

    Kalau cara pilihan pemimpin parti tu demokratik, lain lah. Tapi beberapa nama terkemuka cabut lari sebab itu. Yang akhir ia lah Zaid Ibrahim. Meletup dia keluar dari PKR menghamun fasal tak adil cara pemilihan jawatan Timbalan Presiden.

    Si anak pulak tembak sana, tembak sini, tak betul peluru, tak betul senapang, tak betul sasaran. Shoot from the hip, kata omputih. Loose gun. Son of a gun.

  6. Surely the important question is why was Jamaluddin Jarjis indirectly awarded the contract and why was his ‘student’ son on the board. Problems have been had with the system separate from the political cronyism/corruption issue here…

  7. Makes one wonder how does a 25 year old son of a former minister to get on the board?

  8. Nurul Izzah ni perangai buruk, seolah pernah dicabul oleh Papa dia semasa kecik

  9. makes one wonder also how kit siang, karpal, anwar and niki aziz son, daughter and wife hold important position at dap, pkr and pas respectively?

  10. If this so called issue of cronism and corruption had been raised by a mon partisan NGO, people would probably want to know more. But allegations coming from a political party which has its own credibility problem and many unanswered ‘gates’, people would likely chuck it to the garbage dump – another tit for tat political brinksmanship.

    • Correction ‘ non partisan NGO’

  11. Nurul and Azizah should have the moral and spiritual strength to lead Anwar back to the right path instead of letting him coerce them into political warpath which is obviously unsuitable for both of them.

    Whatever your circumstances (upholding family’s honour) there can be no justification for spreading lies and intentional distrust of others.

    I have a strong feeling that both Nurul and Azizah know the truth about Anwar.

    • It’s the lure of becoming Menteri on the part of both mother and daughter, otherwise they won’t be blinded by fighting for the posts of Presiden and Vice President, in addition to Anwar being de facto boss, making PKR a family party and laughed at by the discerning public.

      It’s the comfort and the life long guarantee of material wealth from the RM3 billion allegedly amassed by Anwar, a case that is being opened up for investigation again now,

      It’s the case of busying oneself in order not to be consumed by the ravages of daily seeing and hearing words written and spoken about the evils that Anwar did and still does. However much they want to avoid thinking about what are written and said about the man, there must be times when they, in quiet privacy, read the news or the blogs about such things as Sodomy I, II, video sex, alleged screwing of Azmin Ali’s wife and the tons of materials against Anwar.

      Talk about God being great making ALL human beings having problems, Azizah and Nurul must have their own hell from time to time over Anwar, just like we have ours.

      • Hhmmm, material wealth and earthly powers versus peace and tranquility within one’s soul, closer to Allah.

        Well, I guess everyone is entitled to her own life’s choices. And also the consequences that follow.

  12. […] Nurul Izzah now should explain why she is persistent. People in the ATC community now are wondering whether Nurul Izzah has direct or indirect interest with AMCOP, since all her statements are obviously leaning in AMCOP’s favour and intentionally demonizing AMCOP’s opponent, AAT. Her previous statement when she went after AAT was clearly defective. […]

  13. Now you all know, bird of same feathers flock together. Most politician in this country are suffering from multiple illnesses. Integrity,honesty and trustworthiness are not within their personal profile. What they only care for are political survival and nothing less. Just to remind all Malaysian, the next SPRM DUN and Parliamentary area alignment will create more position for ADUN and MP.. All will be up for grab and how intense it will be then – just for the good,easy lucrative and easy life awaiting. Talk all the cock and bull in the dewan, assure them with good emoluments and side kicks. Where power is all that matter most, what to do most Malaysian choose to remains stupid

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