Weed killing

That is most probably the best solution for NST and the Group now. That is the solution that we here in BigDogDotCom see, to the problems highlighted by ABITW and commentary by Supremo-Bloggo-Journo Datuk Rocky.

Kill the weed. It is not about just changing the Group Managing Editor. Many in strategic position needed to be weeded out as well. NST Group saw the changing of this post already twice in the past three years post-regime-change with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s patronage of Riong Kali’s dark-years of the English daily officially ended. However, some of Riong Kali’s ghastly dark agents still ‘roam’ freely in the halls of NST news and editorial chambers.

Strong personalities with strategic view on where to take, how and what roles NST could play to assist Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leadership and sending the right messages. The qualifications must include having the necessary mainstream print media experience.

It is glory days, for the common persons on the street NST is the most preferred referral point in English for the right information. More importantly, it is provided not only the right information but the right tone and angle. Then, it was the English daily of choice even for the ‘market’.

During the dark reign of Riong Kali and his disciples, they did a good job to bring the position if not the credibility of NST down. This include using the editorial column to lie. At the same time and space, they did a good job of making many to distrust the leadership of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah and his cronies.

We need personalities is the likes of Col. Nathan R Jessop to do the right thing. Provide strong and respected leadership and tell the right stories, in the right tone and at the right time. Tell the right stories where it matters. Deliver the mandate. Bring back the confidence towards the government and its policies. In the past, we have talked about NST being aimless and should stop reinventing themselves in turfs that don’t really matter and instead, it should bring in the results.

One needs to kill the weed before the right vegetables or flowers on the same bed could grow. Of course, having the right fertilizer is pertinent.

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  1. I thought Jalil was appointed by Najib three month ago.The prolem with Jalil he lack experience working with Newspaper.His previous experience was nly with Bernama and Reuter.I dont by publishing statement by Tan Sri Abu Bakar will undemine Najib credibility.

    If Najib team cannot accomadate different view point than he is a real dictator.ha ha ha

    • No. Jalil Hamid came in Q3 last year.

      The BH interview in question is never about PM Najib is unable to hv dissenting views or for that matter, ‘dictatorial’.

      It is about NST Group editorial not able to understand what are good stories to tell and what are rubbish. Dismissal of Abu Bakar is hardly an interview material worth publishing. The exclusive interview of the new KSN or Dir. Gen. of PSD could hv worth a hell lot more.

      NST Group editorial hv made mistakes in the past. They should own up to it and be replaced with better editors.

      • Why is an interview with him not worth publishing? If the editor wants to give AB a platform to tell his side of the story, then that is his perogative.

        NST Group has printed many rubbish articles in the past months, years, but only because of this you are now getting angry?

        It looks like this is more to do with trying to replace “their people” with “our people” rather than improving NST Group.

      • Zachary,

        If you you have read or watched TV the inquiry into Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers in UK recently, you would have known the extent people go to get and to present views that help sell newspapers and portray a favourable image of the government in power. Ad that’s in the UK, mind you.

        Have you not seen the so many “rubbish articles” in the Opposition papers or newsletters ?

    • Hamid is laughing up there. But this time he said he “thought”, not some Tan Sri big gun told him this and that. Still, his views are to be laughed at, and we’ll have the last laugh any time. Saying Najib “a real dictator” nonsense. He sounds like a small boy, innit?

      But he has no clue about such things as towing the party line. That people like US Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, towed the “party” line and plugged the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” as the excuse to bomb Iraq.

      If UMNO has controlling interest in NST, fellows in NST have to jolly well tow the party line. No two-way about that. Get rid of ALL the Riong Kali appendages that may still exist in NST. The Opposition will not allow any one with doubtful loyalties in their organization. UMNO/BN should also do that. Agree, NST must put the right messages across to the Malaysian public. They must counter the shit the Opposition puts out in the mass media, including the
      alternative media.

  2. Understanding journalism is not enough to be effective editors.

    They must understand how the online medium works too in order to be good communicators.

    Some knowledge of psywar; publicity, propagnda or both is useful.

    In the end, their ability to articulate facts and the power of sound reasoning will outwit any game of deception.

  3. nst is going down because people see it as a government mouthpiece. the english paper has seen its sales decline to below 90000. and much of it is bulk subscription by government agencies & departments.

    sacking jalil for allowing a contrary viewpoint to be printed, like what you people are calling for will not help resolve the problem with nst, it will make it worse.

    • Its never about sacking Jalil alone. Jalil ought to know that he can’t do the job, so he should quit.

      Its more about removing a stream of ppl previously put in place by Riong Kali & Gang. And bring some strong and credible journos in place of them.

      Some of these strong and credible journos are popular and even Opposition leaders respect them. They should be back in NST. Their leadership would provide the recovery of NST to its former glory.

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