Low class operator

The artist impression of KLIA2

It is disturbing for a significant shareholder of one of the world’s most popular low cost carrier, who is also the most arrogant and manipulative airline personality to take airport GLC MAHB down in his own blog. Especially after his newly appointed CEO Aireen Omar did exactly that so well in her first month in office and Fernandes already got The Star doing half of his battles via the mainstream media instead through proper channels, all these while.

Malaysians need to know.

First of all, KLIA2 is about 250,000 sq metres of state of the art low cost carrier terminal in the world, with an annex mall for passengers’ needs and comfort. The RM 4 billion construction would have 68 aerobridges, a brand new air control tower, more tarmac spaces for aircraft parking space and a third 4,000 metres runaway. There would be ample parking spaces and an attached integrated transportation terminal for coaches, taxis and a station for the ERL extended service, that would run from KL Sentral via Main Terminal Building, KLIA.

It is designed to cater up to 45 million passengers per annum, in comfort, efficiency, security and somewhat, style. And that is at the cost of RM 1,500.00 psf.

Secondly, that is the lowest cost of developing and constructing such an airport facility. If only Fernandes could be so fair and professional enough to make an honest comparison to any airports with equivalent facility that has just been built or in the process of being built. Just for comparison, the 350,000 sq metres Terminal 5 in London Heathrow was built at a cost of £4.2 billion. That is without the cost of a third runaway and second air control tower. Squared of to KLIA’ 2’s size, that is £ 3 billion or in today’s exchange rate, RM 15 billion, which is about RM 4,000 psf. Chek Lap Kok’s intention for a third runaway is estimated to cost USD 1 billion.

This appeared on Star Biz as part of the English daily to help Fernandes campaign against MAHB

Thirdly, let us remind about how Fernandes during the ‘Level Four Boys’ dark-reign of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s weak administration (coincidentally, which provided so much room and opportunity for AirAsia to grow to what it is today at the expense of national carrier Malaysia Airlines with specific instructions such as the ‘Airline Rationalisation Plan’ of May 2006), rode on Sime Darby for the ‘Labu Airport Project’.

Resilience and perseverance, the bloggers were lucky to manage to get the project shot down.

Fourthly, AirAsia was actually an integral part of the working committee for the development of KLIA 2. However, Fernandes played ‘rough and extremely unfair’ to use the media which include mainstream media to go after MAHB when his whims and fancies didn’t actually go how he wanted. That is probably include getting rid of MAHB MD Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid and got himself in, just like how he got Khazanah Holdings Bhd. for the eight-and-three-quarter-months short lived and now miserably failed ‘Malaysia Airlines-AirAsia shareswap’.

Fifthly, Malaysians needed to be reminded that the moment Fernandes got his greedy hands into Malaysia Airlines, he started to devour into the national carrier. A month after his entrance into Malaysia Airlines BOD and as a member of the Exco, he got the national carrier to be suckered of RM 18 million for sponsorship of his private venture into the bottom rung of Barclays Premier League, Queen’s Park Rangers.

The AirAsia campaign against MAHB

Sixth point, is Fernandes actually campaigned for Malaysian public to go against MAHB increase on the airport tax last December, short of starting an ‘Airport Spring’. In fact, they actually smeared MAHB. They even got most popular English daily The Star to do part of their dirty work.

Friday December 2, 2011

AirAsia: Stop harassing our staff


PETALING JAYA: AirAsia has issued an official warning letter toMalaysia Airports Holding Berhad (MAHB) for allegedly harassing its staff.

The company’s commercial director Jasmine Lee claimed MAHB had told airline staff to remove the “Say No to Airport Tax Increase” stickers on their uniform. She claimed that the airport operator also removed posters at their sales counters at LCCT.

“They even went to the check-in counters and told our staff not to wear the stickers and to stop sticking them on passengers’ boarding passes.

“We have sent an official warning letter to request that MAHB’s officers stop unlawfully obstructing our staff from doing their jobs,” she said, adding that the incident occurred from around 10am until lunchtime yesterday.

AirAsia is protesting against the decision by MAHB to increase the airport tax by RM7 and RM14 at five airports nationwide which took effect yesterday.

The airports are Langkawi International Airport, Penang International Airport, Kuching International Airport, Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu International Air­port and the low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) at KLIA.

Lee also alleged that MAHB confiscated security tags from some staff working in restricted areas.

“This incident will not deter us. We will continue to wear the stickers tomorrow and will put back the posters,” she said.

AirAsia CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes later tweeted: “Malay­sian airport staff tearing down our posters and taking away airport passes of our staff. And using intimidation. Can someone tell them this is Malaysia and not a police state.”

MAHB senior general manager for operations Datuk Azmi Murad, who was present during the incident, denied any harassment or intimidation took place but admitted they removed the posters.

“They were putting the posters in public areas and we took them down. Imagine if anyone could just walk in and start putting posters everywhere,” he said.

AirAsia has taken a full-page advertisement in The Star, urging the public to call MAHB and give their opinion on the increase in airport tax.

“AirAsia views this increase as not justified as the current airport facilities are not up to par,” said the advertisement.


Malaysians needed to be reminded that AirAsia did at one time owe Malaysia Airports RM 106 million for airport taxes collected from passengers, but they did not actually pay up for services they utilized. When MAHB wanted to take them to court, Fernandes actually used his ‘political clout card’ to stop the process.

The seventh point is that when AirAsia first started, Fernandes played the ‘victim’ card the rubbished Malaysia Airlines every opportunity he could. That is not withstanding that Malaysia Airlines extended a lot of professional courtesy when they didn’t have too. An immediate example is that this uncouth behaviour made Malaysia Airlines under Idris Jala withdrew inter-airline privilege to Fernandes where the latter could enjoy First Class on Malaysia Airlines at discounted rate.

Then when many Malaysians are convinced that AirAsia is the ‘victim’ and Malaysia Airlines is the ‘evil’, Fernandes trained his guns towards Malaysia Airports. All these consistent ‘demonisation’and rubbishing via ‘playing the victim card’ is no different against Oppositions’ strategy of ‘Politics of Hatred’.

The eighth point is that even though more air travelers prefer low cost and cheaper alternatives to premium air service, that doesn’t mean they want lesser comfort, security and/or amenities. The growth in the demand for these operations only will result to cheaper travels (provided that fuel prices doesn’t go up substantially) where the demand for airport and ground handling operations must correspond to the growth of traffic. Thus, better airport terminals would be required to handle the demand and maintain efficiency.

The ninth point is that Malaysians must know that when Air Asia was sitting with the MAHB team to develop the KLIA 2, they actually wanted a single level terminal and did not want a fully automated baggage carousel system and aerobridge. All of these are necessary for passengers’ comfort, security and airport operations and ground handling efficiency. Especially if they are handling 80% of 68 pier contact points at any one time and making the 45 million passengers per annum operation a reality.

Managing 125, 000 passengers and an average of 20kgs of baggages per passengers require an efficient and fully automated system. That was what KLIA2 was designed towards.

The tenth point is that if Fernandes wants to move AirAsia operations to Jakarta, then it is his prerogative. This is the second time he had this ‘threat’. The first was April last year. The demand for low cost carrier would still be healthy even AirAsia moved its operation elsewhere and KLIA now becomes a service destination instead of a hub. In fact, the void left by AirAsia could be filled by Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia Airline’s own low cost carrier (which Fernandes tried to hard to ‘kill’) FireFly and a third option, liberalize the market and allow for more homegrown low cost carriers to serve domestic and regional routes. Presently, Firefly already started serving PEN-KBR and JHB-KBR routes and making a comeback in certain popular sectors. Then market would get the best and consumers would not settle for “Second best”, if taking Fernandes’s antics all these while into consideration.

Our eleventh point is that AirAsia was taken to court by Australian regulators for failing to make good of its promises, which is actually false and hidden advertising.

Australian regulator files lawsuit against AirAsia

AFP NewsAFP News – Tue, Jan 24, 2012

AirAsia was slapped with a lawsuit by Australian regulators accusing the Asian budget carrier of failing to disclose the full price of fares on its website.

The Malaysia-based airline, which flies international services out of Australia from the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth, with Sydney to be added from April, was named in documents lodged at the Federal Court in Melbourne on Tuesday.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the country’s consumer watchdog, claims some fares sold on AirAsia’s website do not display prices inclusive of all taxes, duties, fees and other charges.

“Businesses that choose to advertise a part of the price of a particular product or service must also prominently specify a single total price,” it said in a media release.

The regulator alleged the fares relate to flights from Melbourne to cities including London, New Delhi, and Hangzhou in China, from the Gold Coast to Ho Chi Minh City and from Perth to places such as Taipei and Phuket in Thailand.

The matter is listed to be heard on March 2 with the watchdog seeking an injunction “to restrain AirAsia from engaging in misleading conduct in the future”.

It also wants a court order “that AirAsia publish corrective notices on its websites regarding the conduct”.

AirAsia could not immediately be reached for comment.


The twelfth point is that all Fernandes’s antics should be lumped into one basket and him and his ventures be taken in a bigger picture perspective. When the directive for the ‘Airline Rationalisation Plan’ of May 2006 was issued, Malaysia Airlines had to surrender most of the domestic routes between Semenanjung, Sabah and Sarawak to AirAsia. Part of that is the Rural Air Service, which Fernandes created FAX to serve the national service. FAX not only cannibalised these services, they took the RM 50 million subsidy and did not deliver. After serious Sabah and Sarawak Governments’ complaints, Federal Government asked Malaysia Airlines to take it back.

All these routes and operations were used to expand market confidence for AirAsia, which it used to expand regional operations and finance for the ambitious A320 acquisitions. After the RAS was taken away, Fernandes used FAX to launch the AIr Asia X where Fernandes wanted to compete for Malaysia Airline’s intercontinental destinations. Part of the original deal for Air Asia was the low cost carrier is allowed to grow and serve destinations and routes previously not served by Malaysia Airlines, be it domestic, regional or international. The greed sets in and AAX set to go for lucrative Malaysia Airlines routes such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and Jeddah.

Tony Fernandes and Sir Richard Branson, at the launch of AAX. Branson then was a shareholder of AXX, along with Riong Kali

The thirteenth point is that Fernandes ventures had not always been without manipulation. Case in point is his Formula 1 team, which he wanted to dub as ‘1 Malaysia Team’ and later ‘Lotus’. After a legal battle, Fernandes had to settle to call his below average Formula 1 team as ‘Caterham’.

The fourteenth point is that after failing to get his ‘Labu Airport’ Fernandes, tried to get Penang International Airport as his low cost carrier hub. That failed too. Ii is believed that they are trying to ride on Perak State Government and get his dedicated low cost carrier airport built in somewhere in north Perak.

Our Fifteenth point is that if Fernandes could in the past had no qualms what so ever to consistently rubbish GLCs like Malaysia Airlines and MAHB to Malaysians using mainstream media, the ‘Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit” question is would he done the same when he got AirAsia nestled elsewhere outside the country?

After all, he created the impression in the minds of many that Air Asia today was about his and his team’s handwork and ingenious thinking and other people, especially those who did more than that they were willing to do, were made expendable of and those who were stepped on for Fernandes to achieve his goals, are not part of his success story.

Malaysians need to all these. Fernandes is a marketing man. He understand business psychology. He also understand the power of media and he made no qualms about manipulation facts via mainstream media to achieve his objectives. That is by far, as the British call it ‘sportsmanship’ or ‘fair play’. Probably in his years in England, Fernandes didn’t actually get to play rugby; a barbaric game played by gentlemen. Likely, he didn’t get to play cricket too.

That’s is most probably why we saw and still seeing all these low class gluttony-games on play.

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  1. I think Tony is right.you dont need to spend four billion ringgit to build lbudget airline airport.You only need simple terminal,no airbridge,no frill,just like present LCCt terminal.minimun airport tax so everybody can fly.

    We need more LSE grauate to run MAlaysia airport.

    • Have you tried to board a plane at LCCT during heavy rain? You should try that first before you make comments like this. It not just you and you handcarry bag will be wet, even you checked in bags will also be wet. and this does not take into account the flight delay. LCCT is the worst I have ever used. We are looking for low cost….not cheap

    • well, i guess mahb could build a 4 columned structure and spread a big-ass tarp across… i bet you could build that below a RM2 billion budget. I’d still rather have a nice terminal building thanks.

      and LSE…right…hahaha they brought cambridge danny to help run mas…look how THAT turned out for everyone…

  2. I think Bigdog is right. We do need a better LCCT with all the facilities. Enough with all the complains about lack of facilities at present LCCT. Mind you, current LCCT is placed together with KLIA in Skytrax survey/review and it pulled down the KLIA ranking!

  3. Salam semua,
    MAHB jangan jadi bodoh.Cukai yang di kenakan adalah hakmilik rakyat malaysia semua..org malaysia yang guna airasia adalah golongan berduit..mane lagi ramai..rakyat biasa yang tak pernah naik kapalterbang atau rakyat malaysia yang peroleh duit dr kekayaan hasil bumi malaysia tapi berbelanja di negara luar..untuk local flight boleh lah pertimbangkan..duit tak keluar kemana2..

  4. List of other LCCs:

    Batavia Air
    Indonesia AirAsia
    Lion Air
    Mandala Airlines

    Jetstar Asia Airways
    Tiger Airways

    AirAsia Philippines
    Airphil Express
    Cebu Pacific
    South East Asian Airlines
    Spirit of Manila Airlines
    Zest Airways

    Republic of KOREA
    Air Busan
    Eastar Jet
    Jeju Air
    Jin Air
    T’way Airlines

    AirAsia Japan
    Hokkaido International Airlines (Air Do)
    JAL Express
    Skymark Airlines
    Skynet Asia Airways
    Jetstar Japan

    Jetstar Airways
    Tiger Airways Australia
    Virgin Australia

    AirAsia ?
    AirAsia X ?
    Firefly (turbo prop)?

    So folks, judge for yourself whether Malaysia need two more LCC for healthy competition! Well my answer will be YES…YES…YES!


    • We need low cost carriers.

      Not low class carrier. managed by pariah in prretensious fake British accent but business mentality of no more than a road side roti canai seller..

    • Yes please, more low cost airlines for greater competition. Air Asia is partying at the expense of the “stupid public”! Guess who pays the most fares on AA at the end of the day? Its the villagers, the computer illiterates and the whole life travel one time people. AA is milking the poor folks dry. We need more competition, more accountability and better safety at our airports!

  5. Let’s continue to whack them. Whack them hard. Defend our national interest. They are not bothered about the national interest. They think only of profits for themselves.

    National interest is a terminal that can make low-cost passengers remember of the airports they have been in, so that they’ll think of coming again another time. The money they spend while holidaying here may even be more than the air fares, whatever airline they may use. That’s profit, too, of a different kind, to the country, to a wider range of people providing the holiday facilities.

    Let the terminal be of reasonably good class. Built to last. With as many facilities as can be afforded. The passengers may be spending hours before flight departure. No such thing as running out of cash to spend the last few dollars. These days practically everybody has credit cards. Let the passengers go round the terminal building, do last-minute shopping for presents and memorabilia.

    • Totally concur.

      Malaysians should move forward and get better infrastructure. Get world class facilities. Not be short-changed and settle for ‘Old Puduraya’ level of amenities, so that Greedy Ular can make money!

      Look at LCCT today. Look how passengers suffer, because Greedy Ular wanted his really low cost operation to work (in the manner of saving meagre savings at the expense of comfort!)

      I was told when Slumberjack instructed Malaysia Airports to build LCCT back in 2005, Greedy Ular didnt even want air conditioning & carousels! When Malaysia Airports expanded LCCT to incorporate for the international wing, Greedy Ular didn’t want escalators. Neither did he agree for lifts. But when consumers complaint on the lack of these basic mechanical transporters, Greedy Ular was quick to blame Malaysia Airports!

      This guy is really a SNAKE! Of the worse kind!

      • He must have been given so much face and allowed to dominate in the construction of the LCCT by Slumberjack Level Four that he became so arrogant and wanted to dictate his wishes to others and when the MAS-AA share swap was disentangled, he walked out with his operations HQ to Indonesia. What a bloke.

        The bugger doesn’t think of profits to the country at all, wanting the profits to go to him. Doesn’t want the few Ringgits to go to MAHB but to AA by way of on-board purchases of food, drinks etc. He’d prefer the Low-Cost passengers to walk rather than use escalators, to face the rain rather than be provided covered entrances to the aircraft. He doesn’t care two hoots about the convenience of the LC passengers – who, with not much money, he probably regards as pariahs – and thinks only of himself. What a selfish bloke.

  6. The point is the public wants a low cost airport and airline, and that what Tony is fighting for.
    Bro , not all of us can fly free on A380 to France.

    • Don’t be fooled my friend. Tony is fighting for his own pockets. Did you follow the interview he gave after announcing his hq move to Jakarta…..he said growth in Malaysia is boring.
      He could not give a damm about Malaysia and Malaysians.

      • Good reply, layman. I support what you say. The bodoh will always remain bodoh. Won’t reach pandai. Loose talking about flying free to France is bodoh.

        He thinks only of Malaysian public. He should also think about the foreigners who can bring in tourism money and benefits to this country.

        He has no clue about how airports can attract foreign travellers even on low cost airlines. LCCT should not be bus terminals. Bus terminals are for passengers who travel because of necessity. LCCT are for passengers who travel on holiday. And spend some money. Foreigners bring foreign exchange income to us.

      • Before budget airlines there were discounted fares on full service airlines such as advanced purchase excursion (APEX) fares which had to be purchased a month or two in advance, shuttle fares such as between Kuala Lumpur and SIngapore and charter fares for students and haj pilgrims.

        Many people could fly back then too and they were not necessarily rich people.

        Once while returning from the UK for my summer holiday in Malaysia, I bought a three leg charter flight from London to Zurich, Zurich to Bangkok and Bangkok to KL.

        When I landed in Zurich, I was told to my horror that the charter flight to Bangkok on Balair, a Swissair subsidiary had been cancelled but in true Swiss style, they put me up at their expense at a Holiday Inn and put me on a Swissair flight to Bangkok the following day.

        As most will know, those super cheap ticket prices on Air Asia are only for a limited number of seats purchased well in advance too.

        It won’t be as cheap if you buy a ticket today to fly tomorrow, so don’t buy into all the media and advertising hype about Air Asia or any other budget airline for that matter.

        As for the A380, well it depends on configuration. An A380 in all economy configuration has the economies of scale to offer lower fares on long-haul routes than on smaller aircraft.

        Such aircraft when at full capacity are a flying gold mine, which is why the Boeing 747 has thrived, while supersonic Concorde which went into service around the same time lost money. Concorde carries about 100 passengers, which is about as many as a sub-sonic Boeing 737.

      • 1. The Airbus A380, able to hold up to 853 passengers in an all Economy layout, would enable true low-cost long-haul service.

        2. While the per-seat costs of such an aircraft would be lower than the competition, there are fewer cost savings possible in a long-haul operation and therefore a long-haul low-cost operator would find it harder to differentiate itself from a conventional airline.

        3. In particular, low-cost carriers typically fly their aircraft for more hours and flights each day, scheduling the first departure early in the morning and the last arrival late at night.

        4. However, long-haul aircraft scheduling is more determined by timezone constraints (e.g. leaving in the evening and arriving in Europe the following morning), and the longer flight times mean there is less scope to increase aircraft utilization by adding one or two more short flights each day.

        5. The business model comes with considerable fiscal risk, as seen in the many companies that have become bankrupt such as Laker Airways and more recent airlines.

        6. Many low-cost carriers show a zero cost for some flights. Most charge additional fees for airport check-in, baggage check-in, ‘handling charges’, seat allocation and credit card processing. These charges are non-refundable even in the case of cancellation by the airline.

  7. There is nothing unusual about Tony asking for an airport that is able to be built at a lower cost (so that his customer can pay a lower airport tax) and deliver on time (as opposed to delay after delay).

    There is no need to attack him .. instead just stick to addressing his concern on the two issues at hand. For those who argue that LCCT should be more comfortable and don’t mind paying more, then go fly any of those premium airlines lah .. you always have the choice .. it is not like air asia is stopping MAS to fly any of the location. In fact, it is the other way around. We as consumer want to pay low fare, and we don’t mind the inconveniences … it is all about choice. why is MAHB forcing the cost down our throat …

    • I do not want KLIA2 to be like the current LCCT. If Tony wants to stay at LCCT then let him. That is his choice.
      I want other low cost carriers to operate out of KLIA2. I want the low fare of the carrier with comfortable terminal. I am not so much concern with the extra RM2 to pay.

      The choice is not between AA and MAS, it about AA from LCCT and other low cost carriers out of KLIA2. Let’s see what will happen to AA if they stay at LCCT. I will start using Tiger airways, Cebu Pacific and not to mention Firefly.

      Tony, as intelligent as he is, is out of touch with Malaysian passenger requirement. RM2 extra (even RM10) will not make any difference to us Malaysian who travels once or maybe twice a year, even 3 times. If you travel everyday…then maybe it will make a diff, but who travel on a plane everyday?

      And by the way, not paying the stupid charges that AA imposed (they now even charge for security services) would more than make up for the extra terminal charges.

  8. Don’t treat your dellow malaysian like stupid fools! Malaysian build their airport on worthless jungle land with foreign workers who are paid below market wages. British build their airport on prime land with minimum wages in POUNDS with full welfare coverage.
    What Malaysian need is a decent low cost terminal not first class full service terminal. It serve no purpose being extorted with expensive airport tax no matter how cheap the airfare. If you want full servie, please take MAS.

    • “worthless jungle land” ? Really? The chineses and other immigrants have been make fortunes upon fortunes on these “worthless jungle land” . Can I have few thousand acres of these worthless land please….

      Dont you think you deserve it?

  9. Money Tony wants to save money as he has to feed QPR and that silly motoring businesses of him. Does Money Tony really cares about passengers arriving late because AA arrives late? Podah….
    kalau dah keling tetap keling – cuma namanya macam mat salleh!
    Id say lets dare Money Tony sell his QPR and all his motoring businesses and build a really low cost terminal and he can do just that by employing a total bangla staff, give every passengers a broom and cloth to clean their own seats too.
    This is 2012 and not 1982….things go up in priceslah….ingat people like us cannot affors to pay RM 2 extra ke?
    Id say….MAS should also create a similar low cost carrier….use KLIA2 if money tony doesnt want to use it.
    If I see a snake crossing the runaway while Im walking to the plane…I know who I would bash up first.

    • And you UMNO puppies will be willing to pay your RM200 to Mat Airlines for services because you can after stealing it from the tax paying other 90%. When you can get your MAS to run on a profit, you can start stepping over the snakes on the runway, else go get a life.

      • What does UMNO got to do with this, asshole!!!

      • I never knew anjing kuraps like you support Money Toney!!! It rained cats and dogs this evening in KL and I guess this anjing kurap Money Toney must be blaming UMNO too ya?
        Kalau tak pandai mau bagi idea….elok diam sahaja. BODOH…. go and cure your kuraps, anjing kurap!!!

      • IDIOT! Stick to the POINT……what has UMNO got to do with this when that PARIAH is SUCKING EVERYONE including you…….IF THIS COUNTRY is so bad…..you can follow that PARIAH to JAKARTA

    • This fake fucker hv made Malaysians suckers for a long time & still continuing to do so.

      Try booking an AirAsia flight. When one factor in all the charges, it comes to almost a premium airline charges. Especially, when booking is done late & flight changes had to be made.

      How about Tune Hotel? Ask around ppl who hv experienced the ‘charge every damn thing’ one possibly could imagine.

      Let us not get into the debate avout Tune Money or Tune Talk.

  10. Since when did airlines staff job description include “protesting” and badmouthing other company/service providers?

    “We have sent an official warning letter to request that MAHB’s officers stop unlawfully obstructing our staff from doing their jobs,” she said, adding that the incident occurred from around 10am until lunchtime yesterday.

    AirAsia is protesting against the decision by MAHB to increase the airport tax by RM7 and RM14 at five airports nationwide which took effect yesterday.

    • what is RM 7 and RM 14 when this snake Money Tony can buy over an english club and pay hundreds of thousands of pounds every week just for kicking footballs?

    • I detest stupid and arrogant blokes like the sane and his underlings. The woman was appointed to the post maybe because she is of the same character as the boss man. Shoots out whatever comes out from her mouth without thinking.

      Who is she to send “an official warning letter” to a Government agency, MAHB? Where does she put her head doing that – in between her legs and below her tail? And what head does she have anyway – saying “warning letter” and in the same breath uses the word “request”.

      Does it not occur to her blasted head that the terminal is owned by the Government and MAHB represents the Government? This is the kind of blokes the pariah wants to represent him. Rude, uncaring, no public relations sense, shoots loose-gun kind of utterances.

      I support the opinion that we shoot them back endlessly.

      • Correction: “sane” = “man”

      • Correction: “sane” = “man”

  11. That snake didn’t get RM50 million subsidy from the Slumber Jack /4th Floor Government for the Rural Air Service but RM250 million ok. That snake is screwing up the aviation industry. He had succeeded in raping MAS under the share swap and placed his macai like Danny, Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan, the fat Zaharah Zaid and Nor Zalida Ahmad in MAS.

    Under the slumber Jack Govt he also got 96 routes form MAS under the name of Air Rationalisation programe. Without the Slumber and the 4th Floor Boys (KJ, Kamal, kalimulah and gang) AirAsia would have been koyaked long time ago.

    The snake better stop being arrogant.

    • Has anyone done any accounting or due diligence work to determine whether the RM250 million subsidy was justified for the Rural Air Service?

      I don’t think I trust this man. If allowed to carry on with his ways, I think he’ll do considerable damage to the national coffers or the national airline industry. He squeezes every sen he can get for himself and leaves the Low-Cost passengers high and dry. Literally, because he doesn’t even agree to facilities that’ll provide shade to passengers boarding the aircraft. More than ruthless, it’s simply uncouth and unprincipled. You do not treat airline passengers, however Low Cost they may be, as pariahs. They’ll look at you as worse than a pariah.

      And why is the Star taking sides? Are they paid to do so? Comments have been written in blogs that the Star has staff who appear to be putting out Opposition views. What is MCA doing about it? Don’t they have share-holding controlling interest in the Star?

  12. Biggie,

    You mentioned about Airlines Rationalisation Plan of 2006, which is a handiwork of then the notorious defacto “EPU” of Slumberjack PM; ‘Level Four Boys’.

    Today, Omar Ong is a director of Air Asia & Zaki Zahid now in JCorp, and will soon be made CEO of the SPV for KFC/QSR.

    In short, like those would help this Greedy Ular to be be where he is today, all are survivors & ‘indestructible’. You should do your homework who are the personalities in the corridors of power who are helping him now. This include those who are telling the ‘rosy’ stories to PM, via lil brother Jay Razak.

  13. I get my tooth cut in aviation on MAS for 11 years and now in my 23rd years in aviation. What people don’t understand is that MAS and MAB had invested sooooo much for aviation infrastructure and human resources for Malaysia for decades and they don’t look it at dollars and cents all the time. Suddenly came this Kunta Kinte from nowhere and arrongantly claimed he deserves everything. And Oh,uh don’t forget after the RM50Mil he took for FAX, he left MAS with 4 NON-airworthy Twin Otter with a hefty repair bills despite MAS handing over to them in good serviceable machine, citing it not a profitable business. (MAS engineering are known to do good job)

  14. Part of the escalation of cost on KLIA 2 is attributable to AirAsia. They hv changed their minds or even purposely undecisive on some of the items, like the fully automated baggage handling system.

    Remember the aerobridge episode?

    On the third runaway, AirAsia would hv agreed on 2,500m instead of the 4,000m. Be realistic. If there is a brand new runaway to be build, why don’t go all the way? Why should the runaway be dedicated to A320 type/size aircrafts only & not also operations for A380s/B747s/B777s?

    It is believed that this attempt to demonise KLIA2 with “cost escalation” is all about AirAsia isn’t ready to move into the new terminal, thus making Malaysia Airports the scapegoat & if they can, make them the ‘public enemy’ in the same stroke.

    Good of you to highlight all these points. This fake man & falsehood of everything/everyone but AirAsia, has gone awfully far too much!

  15. The problem with Fatso is that he lacks two essential traits that makes for a gentleman:

    1. Not taking people for granted
    2. Respect

    They go hand in hand. His tirade against MAHB in his blog is an apt reflection of a low-class mentality housed in a low -class personality. It was a villification of more than MAHB for beneath the vitroil aimed at MAHB, he was also taking subtle potshots at the government and the Malays.

    By adroitly anointing himself as the champion of the corporate sector, he corals the moral high ground and uses that vantage position to sling shots at the MAHB blithely ignoring the fact that his success was due primarily to the government accomadating his every desire and forbearing his every childish tantrum. Waht free market corporate champion is he when 90% of the time his success has been at the government’s largesse. Put him on a level playing field and watch him struggle: backpack Caterham, failed AAX; struggling QPR speaks volumes dont they. Why he ven forgets how he cannibalised the RAS in Sabah and Sarawak

    In has been a war of attrition between him and MAHB. What he could get easily via moron Sleepwalker Dollah,the silly SILhoutte, the fourth floor, he could not with Bashir. So a series of bad blood fueled vendetta against MAHB especially Bashir from unpaid taxes, to unwarranted minor security issues, to last December;s open season to this.He seem to have forgotten:

    1. the Labu fiasco (http://www.rockybru.com.my/2009/01/labu-lcct-for-malaysia-or-for-sime.html)
    where the basic cost sans runway amounted to RM 1.6billion. Throw in another 1 billion for runway , another 1 billion for high speed and dedicated transport link infrastructure to Labu and another 1billion or so for fuel lines to transfer the jet fuel etc; u easily have 4.6billion which more than dwarfs the 3.9B (not the RM5b figure that he brazenly bandsies about in his blog as noted here: http://www.bernama.com.my/bernama/v6/newsgeneral.php?id=678382

    the pathetic thing about Fatso is that he is so obese with arrogance tthat he fails to see the obvious: the majority whom he takes for granted are not illiterate, ulu mentality ignoramuses who will do his every bidding with no questions asked.

    I wouldnt bother if he wants to throw empty threats and hurl dire consequences of pulling out, moving etc, Let him be for after all a spoilt kid is at liberty to do anything stupid as he pleases. That will be part of the learning curve.

    But I call on the authorities to give us a choice or choices to teach this scumbag and his fellow carpetbaggers a lesson. Give us FF or open the skies to other operators who understand the notion of competition and CSR. There a many alternative methods available from subsidiary (FF) to joint ventures (anchored by MAS) to outright indy operators. It is not as if we are hard up for alternatives unless the powers that be a blinded by tomfoolery and are still under the thrall of the snake, which I sincerely hope is not the case.

    Warrior 231

  16. BD

    I suggest you list down all the airport tax charges ( international and domestic ) in Asean and some of Asian region ( AK route).

    Attached copy of the airport photo and if possible the facilties provided.

    Then show it to TF and the public.

    ie DPS airport tax is RP 150,000 but what kind of facilties you get ?

    Have TF fly to Phnom Penh and check if ts worth the airport tax paid compare to KLIA2

    • Good of you to come out with those facts and arguments, old man. More of such, please. Anybody, everybody.

      We must shame this son of a gun who has been lining is own pockets and riding rough shots over everybody.

      • if you don’t like air asia, don’t fly with them .. but don’t stop other people like us for asking for lower fare, by paying lower airport tax with a no frill airport …

      • All these arw not about AirAsia. Its about Tony “Frequent Fucker” Fernandez!

        Big Dog came out with this piece after the fucker posted that thoughts of his in his own blog. And all previous statements & antics hv been aggregated so that people are reminded what sort of Fucker this Greedy Ular is!

        Majority of travelers want better services. Its only human they want more comfort & get better deals. Talk to ppl who use LCCT & see how & what their grouses are!

        Like any other consumer goods, better products tantamount to increase in prodn/opern cost. And majority dont mind paying a fraction more as long they get better products.

        This Greedy Ular Fucker’s opposition to this & now instigating consumers to go against MAHB is about his own bottomline. Nothing else!

        If the airport charges go a bit high and coupled with ALL EXTRA CHARGES AirAsia consumers are being charged at the end of the day by this Fucker, soon enough consumers will wise up that AirAsia isnt worth it after all!

        Greedy Ular Fucker is actually afraid of the ‘Consumer Power’. Thats why he demonise Malaysia Airports!

      • Hear, hear. QED speaks a lot of wisdom there. In support of BD. And I support, too.

  17. Bro a quick survey, If you face this snake and a real snake, which one would you like to ketuk first??

    • I won’t ketuk. I’ll get the expert to trap this snake, put him in a box and, if it turns out to be a flat-headed cobra, get a flutist to make him dance to the desired tune.

      Maybe not easy to trap this snake. Because the “Sleepyhead Level Four boys” remnants are still there. Omar Ong is said to be a Director of AA. Otherwise, the trap via income tax evasion etc the Americans have used effectively against mobsters since Al Capone.

      But there is the proverb: pandai pandai tupai melompat …

  18. This is a problem when a pariah got so much opportunity and wealth. In India they will be shoot down and called the untouchables. In Malaysia they will they will change their name to English name so nobody know that they are PARIAH.This group of people is always cant think well and will always create havoc.Go to hell Tony Fernandez the blood sucker.When they are rich they always think he own this country and do whatever he likes.The biggest manipulator. Cant understand why the government gave him so much room.

  19. During MAHB’s briefing to analysts (29 November 2011) the following requests were apparently made by AirAsia AFTER the initial RM2 billion budget:

    1 – Terminal to handle more than the initial 30 million passengers
    2 – 68 gates as opposed to the 55 gates initially
    3 – Substantially enhanced comfort level for passengers
    4 – Fully automated Baggage Handling System when they had initially wanted a manual baggage system
    5 – A 4km runway instead of a 2.2km one (they don’t need a long runway cause they only operate A320s and no B747s)
    6 – Provisions for A380 aircraft (are they buying 200 A380s ??)
    7 – Tune hotel
    8 – Airside transit hotel
    9 – Premium lounges (isn’t this a full service carrier hallmark)
    10 – AirAsia head office with apron access
    11 – AirAsia staff multi level parking
    12 – Hub for public transport ERL, taxis, bus and future KTM

    If these requests are true (and MAHB is confident that they are) can anyone tell me how klia2 was supposed to be a terminal with ‘simple facilities’?? Sounds to me that Tony WANTED a good, nay GREAT terminal from the very beginning.. Knowing full well that any additional demands will incur additional cost, Tony goes around saying MAHB can’t keep to the RM2 billion budget..


  20. lcct need to more comfortble,if heavy rain that is big problem,aero bridge is suitable way for passanger,i think tax still lowerst maa…AA come on la…think positif for passnger,don`t only focus on benefit..

  21. […] ON JULY 5, 2012 AT 05:58  COMMENTS (41) […]

  22. Hi,

    You forgot to mention the followings:-

    1) How Tony the Conman send 4 plane to MAS Engineering the very next day after the share swap and told that its FOC coz the own part of MAS.

    2) How Tony the Conman cheat the government by telling how bad the Regional Air Service (RAS) done by MAS for Sabah & Sarawak that he was given the subsidy of RM50 million to run in under new license of Fly Asian Express (FAX) of to cannablised the aircraft and return the service to MAS later that the government had to spend money to set up MAS Wings and purchase new aircrafts.

    3) How Tony the Conman cheated the Government by asking MAHB to expand Ipoh and build new terminal in Melaka on later to say that it is not viable for AK to fly there.

    4) How Tony the Conman resulted on the delay of KLIA2 because he was insistent that there is no need for aerobridge.

    5) How Tony the Conman inflated the cost of KLIA2 by insisting on its own runaway and control tower.

    6) How Tony the Conman being the hypocrite he is that he made MAS sponsor ONE jersey for a low class football team for 18m pound sterling whereas Air Asia got two jerseys for FREE.



  23. Another point that I forgot.

    That was ONE year (I forgot the year) that the HAJ contract was given to Air Asia, what happened was the plane broke down In Jeddah and KUL.

    To add matter worse, rotten food was served to the Haj Pligrims!

    All that Bastard TONY cares is sucking money from whoever he can including Haj Pilgrims


  24. FYI,

    It was DCA and MAS in those days that developed the aviation sector.

    I remembered that when Government built T2 @ SZB, the anti slip mat at the terminal and all departure gates were paid for by MAS from its own budget solely for the interest of the public. Tan Sri Aziz can vouch for this.

    What has the BASTARD TONY given back to the PUBLIC? NOTHING!

    All he cares is cheating the PUBLIC and GOVERNMENT n making money from his exploits.

  25. Dear MAHB,

    Collect the airport tax during check in or drop off bags like in Indonesia. May sound a little backwards but this will eliminate airlines collecting RM millions in advance to support their operational costs and yet very difficult in paying the airport operator (MAHB). Even the unflying passengers’ tax will never be returned.

  26. MAHB charges airport tax for usage of facilities, maintenance etc…i think its very fair..air asia wants MAHB to build the airport for it and also maintain it for them, whilst air asia make money…and then the bloody air asia charges 10 ringgit to check in ! what the hell is that? then they say web-check in is free..ok, free, but try to drop off your luggage…mile-long queue, with one unprofessional staff manning the counter…and for web check-in, always prompting to buy insurance…
    Look at how Skypark Subang is turning out to be a wonderful city airport..really great it looks and feels…i hope the government decides to open up Skypark and allow other lcc to operate from there…then u will see how air asia will run with its tails between its legs

  27. One must appreciate the difference between a low cost carrier and an airport. There is no such thing as a low cost airport. Air travel is stressful with possible delays at every process, and as such airports tend to provide ambience that can reduce the stress. The current LCCT – mind the term “low cost carrier” terminal and not low cost terminal is not much help in reducing stress. The design is more geared towards a bus terminal – which is how AA operates, like a bus, operating point to point. It is how Puduraya was. I believe klia2 design was to provide better amenities to the passengers after learning from LCCT experience. Be mindful too that the airport tax is regulated and is not directly affected by the airport costs. This is stipulated in the operating agreement between MAHB and the government. MAHB can request for increase subject to meeting some set criteria. It is not as easy like AA increasing or adding charges whenever it feels like doing so, that is AA is not regulated. It seems that what TF is doing is playing with the public sentiments by stating half truths, spin doctor like. I believe what he wants with all the noises is to own the terminal so that he can freely operate and freely charge anything he wants – after all he is in the business to make money, so he has declared.

    • Agree. KLIA is very comforting airport. LCCT mcm stesen bas.

      AirAsia taklah sebaik yg digembar-gemburkan. Mmg murah. Tapi kalau smua nak buang utk cut cost, akhirnya mcm naik bas mini. Sempit. Hapa pun takde. Rasanya kalau kapal terbang tu blh terbang dgn rangka, mungkin semua kapal terbang Air Asia guna rangka saja.

      AirAsia in 2040:
      “Please fasten your seatbelt, our plane will go through a bumpy-ride because we have get rid the wheels. Anyway, pls stay calm and enjoy the flight!”
      “Would you like some drink water? RM40 per bottle. Thank you”

      Sorry to say. MAS still provides the best services.

      • No doubt MAS got better service but how to support MAS if the price difference is so hugh? For example, I am trying to book a return flight to SIngapore for 6 people. Fireflyz (budget airline by MAS) quoted RM 3120 but AA quoted RM 1300 only for the flights on same date and time. A difference of RM1800 doesn’t really leave us any option to choose MAS and KLIA.

  28. http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/7/9/nation/11628101&sec=nation

    Thank you Tony, you made us pround to be malaysian and we will continue to support Airasia!

    • Go give TF a call ~ maybe he’d make you his Publicist! sheeeesh!!

  29. I really don’t like Tony Fernandes greedy atttitude and always complaining. hear he move his hq to jakarta and he move there too. He think Malaysia must give in to him always. I say no way , malaysia deserve true malaysian entreprenuer that love their country and will remain here.
    I use to be a air stewardess with airasia and i know the inside out of Airasia. I am a chinese lady but my husband is an indian man but we do not like tony style.

  30. Helo, nice post. Please just bookmark your site.

  31. […] low class carrier operator Tony Fernandes is getting a real slap of his face, on top of a run for his money. The NADI-Lion Air […]

  32. […] confidence is at stake. This is not about Fernandes, even though he has been very a pain in everyone’s neck for quite a bit. It is about air travel via the most promising and award winning low cost carrier […]

  33. […] AirAsia has been very cunning in the ways and intentions. This time last year, they staged an ‘Airport Spring’ campaign and getting passengers to ‘revolt’ against Malaysia Airports. Indeed, they are a low class operator. […]

  34. You know what happen after Tony gone. The new airasia Malay
    CEO Aireen Omar sucks. The so call free seat offer in Jan 2013 is
    more expensive now. My philippines free seat increase from RM125 to
    RM180 My hanoi free seat increase from RM213 to RM290 The price
    increase around 40% now. There is no more traffic jam when you book
    airasia free seat ticket, because their free seat is expensive as
    hell now, thanks to this Aireen Omar. I know the exact amount
    because i have been a airasia royalty customer for almost 10 years.
    I wish the Lion Air, Jetstar will come to KLIA2 soon, no more
    airasia to me. This Aireen Omar don’t know what budget airline
    mean. In malaysia, you don’t need a talent to run a large company.
    What you need is a strong politic background. You check who is
    behind her, then you know what i mean. The KLIA2 is NOT a budget
    airport. Why you need a expensive airport for budget airline. Why
    you need another modern expensive airport when you have the KLIA ?
    TWO same spec/price iPhone with difference name ? Yeah … give me
    iPhone2 5S. The politician should go to play their candy politic,
    free phone, free money, don’t distrub the economy. They don’t
    appreciate what chinese and indian do for this country. There is NO
    ONE MALAYSIA, indian cannot run our airline, especially when they
    are making lots of money. You don’t want to give the money to
    politician, you are out. Go back to your india. The government will
    send their own people to take care of it. Someone who care about
    their own pocket money instead of our benefit. The politician only
    want to keep the malay poor, so that they can tell them you are
    always have your benefit protected as long as the malay are on the
    top of politic. Is there any malaysia company that is famous and
    respect by the world ? PROTON, Petronas ? You want to be a kampung
    champion forever ? I’m sick of this Car AP, and now the airline
    cost will go higher because the politician are too greedy. I just
    wish i can told anybody in this world, I’m proud of AirAsia, a
    malaysian company. I don’t care who is the prime minister. What i
    care is you do what is truly good for your rakyat. I love this
    country and ………….. pls don’t destroy it.

  35. […] Malaysian public has been hoodwinked all this while  as ‘Low Class Operator’ Tony Fernandes  and all his marketing and PR gimmicks such as getting Virgin Air Boss Sir Richard Branson to […]

  36. […] is expected https://bigdogdotcom.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/low-class-operator/ to be his usual self and taking potshots against MAHB. The Sun has this story on what is […]

  37. […] and services suspended has now slowly morphing as being a characteristic if not habitual by AirAsia and all low class carriers under the group. The very latest is Philippines […]

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