Walking the talk

“Return Penang Port to the people of Penang run by Penang”, in statement issued by Penang Chief Minister’s Office to some of he resolutions send by various parties with regards to the privatization of Penang Port by Seaport Terminal Sdn.Bhd., a Johor based company.

The Edge, Wednesday 11 July 2012

All and well. These are some of opposition, being drummed up by DAP controlled Penang State Government to the privatization of a port which has a lot of potential. The bidding party of this privatization has shown tremendous performance with their Port of Tanjung Pelepas, which has now manage to compete against the Post of Singapore and handle 1/5th operations and TEUs of one of the top five world’s most busiest port.

Our “Thirteen Million Ringgit Plus question” to Penang Chief Minister’s Office and Officials:

Is the Penang Chief Minister a Penangite in the first place?

Isn’t he a Johor Bahru born bloke, whose father hails from Batu Pahat?

So if Seaport Terminal’s bid for Penang Port privatization is unacceptable because “They are not Penang company run by Penangites”, shouldn’t the same principle apply to YAB Lim Guan Eng and other Non Penangites like Prof P Ramasamy, Jeff Ooi too?

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  1. My stand is straightforward.



  2. Hallo Big Dog.

    This is Penang lah not Johore.If you want to pravitise Penang Port give it to Penang Malay la.Why Syed Mokhtar ?

    They have capable people like Ahmad Hajar,Dato Zaharin Hashim both were X PPc chairman.

    • Hamid Hamid, then why is Plaster Lim the CM of Penang?

      • *comments deleted

        Like previously told, this commenter lost his privileges to share his views/opinion in this blog

    • Really…..hah..hah…even Penang Chef Minister not from Penang…even SP setia MD not from Penang…even IJM MD not from Penang…so what the issue…this just simple DAP racist policy..

      • Agreed. Stupid statement from Lim Guan Eng’s office.

    • Hamid,

      I think BD made his case very clear; Syed Mokhtar did a brilliantly great job in developing PTP & managed to challenge Port of Singapore.

      Let me ask you instead:

      Does Ahmad Ibni Hajar or Zahrain Hashim have the money to 1. Privatise Penang Port 2. Invest into Penang Port?

      Let’s not even dwell on either hv the right team with the relevant success story to deliver.

  3. elok bagi kat kompeni cina dari negara China aja uruskan port tu, baru takde kena mengena dengan mana-mana individu di Malaysia. sejak bila kena tengok negeri asal untuk buat bisnes dalam negara ni. macam tu, orang Kedah cuma boleh buat bisnes di Kedah dan sebagainya. Baik pecahkan ikut negeri, tak payah ada negara. Alasan cina yang tak masuk akal, ada pulak melayu yang mengiyakan….

  4. Actually I VERY STRONGLY feel that Penang people are just plain PURE HOPELESS AND STUPID. THEY DO NOT HAVE PEOPLE OF EXTRAORDINARY CALIBER to run their state, their economy and their daily lives. That is why they need to have imported people to organize and administer their daily activities. Also their preference for “imported stuffs” shows their “kiasuness”.

    So along the same lines of argument, why should they grumble when Syed Mokhtar got the privatisation job. Hasn’t he proven enough?? Oh another thing I forgot, perhaps the penang people are also blind. Talk about meritocracy.. they can even stand to see that a Malay/ Muslim can do a good job.

    So penang people go ahead and enjoy your imported stuff for as long as you like and be the butt of jokes going round the country…

    • *comments deleted

      This commenter no longer allowed to share this views in this blog

      • *comments deleted

        Previously, the privileges of this commenter to share his views in this blog has been rescinded. The decision still stand

      • No, Penang people are not “just plain PURE HOPELESS AND STUPID.” Only DAP and Pakatan Rakyat blokes are. And the Johor Bahru?/ Batu Pahat?/ Malacca? bloke is particularly stupid authorising that kind of statement to be released from his office.

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